1. Well,he’s really sweet and im not like most aries because im not spiteful and I listen to what he needs and we make things work.I’ve been with my boyfriend fot about 3 months and nothing bads really happened.We have had arguements but we love eachother so much we forgive eachother and kiss and make up.I have been with him all day and i had to leave and as soon as i left i missed him so much you cannot believe,so if you and your boyfriend or girlfriend are aries and libra it could work out because it has for me.

  2. AlphaAries says:

    With libras I am always fooled. I think I’m so into them at first. The chemistry is wonderful, it’s very easy to get along with a libra. The problem is, the libra starts to get annoying. They either give you too much attention or not enough. If they really like you, you’ll know it, their attentions will be dead locked to you. I had one libra who, after a year, started to care about other things more than me. After we were done he realized his mistake, and I realized mine. I regret the relationship and feel like I was too good for him. The second libra I dated, he was hooked on me, fell in love very quickly. I thought I could love him but eventually I got annoyed with him, realized how dumb he was, and felt like he wasn’t good enough. I never want a libra again (terrible for the long run), but I know they’d make good friends or sex buddies lol.

  3. I am a female Aries and he is a male Libra. We live up to our star signs, i am impatient at times and dominant where he is submissive and patient. He is a very passionate man and that really helps our relationship. He helps me to learn how to be more patient with him and other people. I have to work on being more understanding and less dominant and he has to learn to tell me off when im being like that! The relationship takes work because of our differences but we compliment each other so well.

  4. I met this libra 25 years ago he is my brothers best friend. I have had a crush on him all these years. I was married to a scorpio for 15 years and 3 months after he left I called my libra and things have been hot and heavy ever since. I do notice I like a little drama but he is so kind and nice, I love him to pieces! I feel we will be together forever and could work through anything together, we have been together for 8 months and it was really funny to find out after all this time he had felt the same way about me, something just draws us together can’t explain it. But don’t feel like I need to:)

  5. My girlfriend is a Libra, very calm, very at peace. And although I’m more about being on the go, I don’t really mind it at all. We have a very passionate kind of relationship and we have had so much fun together. We’ve been together for a little over six years now and it still feels exactly like the first time we met. We match in the ways we are passionate about our love. I teach her to live life with a bang and she teaches me to stop for at least a second to appreciate what I have in life; her. We DO tend to disagree on a lot of things and we have our fair share of arguments. We’ve been on the brink of splitting up many many times but I always realize that no matter how much we fight I can’t seem to be without her. She keeps things lively for me, sometimes makes me chase her and her sensual nature attracts me more than anything. She’s sexy and exciting and is up for anything. To be honest, I wanna marry this girl.

  6. I’m a libra male and so shes obviously an Aries. When I first saw her there was instant attraction and when we actually started talking it was even better. She always lifted my mood just being around her. We’ve been dating for a while now and although I do sometimes get annoyed with her selfishness and dominant type personality, it is never enough to break us apart. We agree on all the really important things and I have learned so much about from her. Even if it doesn’t work out I won’t be upset because it was an awesome time and it has made me a better person. If your one of those people who has the false believe that good relationships don’t need work and should be easy cuz it’s so “perfect” then this relationship is not for you. If your looking for an amazing relationship with just a few annoyances, then this relationship is definitely for you.

  7. ariesgirl says:

    I’ve been friends with mr libra for about 6 or 7 years, always got along. I felt attraction for him sexually about 3 years after I met him. We ended up being friends with benefits for quite some time, usually ended with me growing attached and he went away. However we remained friends. I recently ended a relationship which didn’t end well, and mr libra came into my life once more WITH a bang! Sending flowers to me, sending romantic messages, wanting to hold my hand, telling me really deep things. He said what had happened in the past with us was nothing to do with me /who I was he just had things to do, then he realised he wanted me forever. Funny how it ended up, but its early days at the moment. I really hope it works.

  8. Aries woman (; says:

    Me and this libra man have been off and on for a year now,. we actually argue but we End up being together again. he actually broke us up, but then he came back 4 months later, telling me he still loves me(: he a down to earth guy, he so calm. And amazing. he really sweet. Yes he a flirt , but he could be loyal . he so fun to be with, like I could be myself with him, and he could too, we could be on the phone for hours and talk about eachother life. I think this libra man is actually worth it. By the way, we have amazing sex 😉

  9. I am a female aries. The BEST relationship you could ever ask for. Known him for 7 1/2 years and there is never a dull moment. Yes you have to work for Aries/Libra relationships to work out but the reward is beyond anything you can imagine. The sex is greater than anything you can ask for and we understand each other on almost every emotional level. These two compatibility signs are spot on. When it works it works, when it doesn’t it doesn’t. There is no in between.

  10. I was married to a Libra Male for 20 yrs I did everything for him supported him in every way, all I can say is be careful Girls mine cheated from the start I often went to bed in Tears wondering why he didnt touch me I would ask him why he would never really say he was cold and mean and drank every night. What a Sneaky, lying Pos! I finally had enough and people talk about Aries I’m an Aries I’m Honest, hard working and I was a good wife, he married some young girl and feel bad for her because I know for a fact he’s still cheating but Not On Me Close to Dallas Texas

  11. This doesn’t just cover romantic relationships but Libras in general. Apart from one ex-boyfriend who has Moon in Aries, I have never been able to get on with them. They are too worldly (a trait shared with Aquarius), talk for hours about nothing in particular, get others to pick up the lion’s share of the work, and have the most massive galloping egos I have ever come across. I mean, we are talking galactic sized egos here. They can be very patronizing because of this. People do call them out on it eventually though. They’d do themselves a favour if they weren’t so “false” – ging an impression of being sickly sweet / ultra “reasonable” / “nice middle of the road good looking guy” when in fact they are completely the opposite. For some reason my energy just doesn’t work with them, I can find someone really annoying and then find out later their starsign was – guess what? Libra. I wonder why this is as it is such a constant pattern.

  12. Im 22 libra guy me and my gf just broke up after 4 years we were highschool sweethearts and ill be honest I thought I’d found my soulmate she was my everything but apparently she decided that she no longer felt for me and never said a thing during the past month she was being talked to by some guy who started it all. It’s only been a weak since the break up and all I want is to try and understand how this could of happened she was my one and it seemed like everything was perfect between us we liked the same things, did the same stuff, I’m still holding on the hope that maybe she’ll come back but idk all i can say is the 4 years with her were the best of my life she was my first true love. And now that shes gone so suddenly without warning all i can think of is how i miss her so. Just felt like sharing my story thats all.

  13. Guest Libra says:

    My best friend is an Aries. I am a Libra. We’ve been friends for fifteen years and our friendship amazes me! We have a balance that is hard to explain; we are SO different, yet, SO deeply connected. We share a common respect for one another that allows both of us to feel an immense sense of satisfaction in our friendship. We are highly intuitive of each other’s feelings, and, extremely protective of each other. We work so well with each other that it seems like we were destined to be partners. She inspires me to be a better person ever day of my life. I don’t know where I would be without her – my loyal, supportive, exciting, and hilarious best friend!

  14. I am an Aries female and my partner is a Libra also female. We are not so different at all. But at times she teases me and winds me up to cause a row but I never rise to it I just laugh at her and she laughs with me. Generally we get on really well and gel so good and the love between us is amazing. She’s the fourth Libra female I have dated but she is very different to the others I dated. She’s more loving, sweeet , kind and very gentle. But she always thinks she is right but I never challenge her on this I just say yes dear if you say so.and leave it at that lol. I love her too bits and I’d not Chang her for the world she is lovely and always makes me smile when I’m feeking blue. I do the same for her. So Aries and Libra can work its about compromising and love.

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