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Are Libra and Aquarius compatible?

when you take an Aquarius and Libra and you put them together in a relationship magic can happen. The relationship compatibility between these two is usually quite High.

Both of these people are very independent in the way that they like to live their lives. So they tend to give their partner freedom to be able to do what they need to do to be happy, and in return their partner does the same. This is a fact that both the Aquarius and Libra appreciate coming from their partner.

Even though they do love to have Independence outside of the relationship, that does not mean that they don’t value what they share with their partner.

These two signs are very friendly, and will have no problem as a couple making friends with other people.

This isn’t a relationship that is purely based upon love, there is actually a deep-rooted friendship that is the base of everything that they share.

These two when they’re together are never at a loss for words, because their conversations are very interesting and thought-provoking.

Even though they do share very similar thoughts, both of them have very different ways of expressing themselves.

How are Libra and Aquarius in love?

This is one of those relationships that usual is guaranteed to be considered a success. That is usually what happens when you have a relationship that has a friendship foundation. It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a very good foundation when it comes to a happy relationship.

This couple is definitely matched up pretty well, due to the fact that they have a lot in common and their Styles seem to mesh perfectly.

These two will share a very special life together that is quite unique, and their relationship doesn’t really fit into what you would normally consider the traditional couple.

They both together are very clever, and very generous towards each other. The fact that they have common taste in a lot of different things will always make sure that they have something to share.

These two will fall in love without being overwhelmed or stressed at all. The love that they share together will feel like it was meant to be.

There is one thing that could possibly cause problems for this couple in the future, and that revolves around feelings. Libra is able to easily show what thoughts and feelings they have in their heart, and they will want the Aquarius to be able to do the same for them. This is something that might upset the Aquarius as they’re not as open emotionally as the Libra is.

At the same time Aquarius really needs to be able to dial things down a little bit when it comes to how they treat the Libra. The Libra can be very sensitive at times, and sometimes the Aquarius can have a very critical side to them, even sometimes a cruel side.

In order for this relationship to work they really need to be on the same page when it comes to feelings. At the same time for them to know that when they are in an argument with each other, to really take it easy on each other knowing that the future is at stake if the wrong words are said.

Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Libra’s active social life is fine with Aquarius, who is happy to stay behind, but may be able to provide Libra with all the excitement they need at home!

Celia: Peace and harmony reign most of the time. But just when you think you’re winning the argument, Aquarius gets and and leaves …

Jenn: With the Aquarius and their straight-forward ways, it will seem that the two of you do not have much in common.  Even though the Aquarius shares your idealism and dreamy nature, your moodiness and intensity will probably put them off.  Give each other space.  This will be easier for the Aquarius than for you.  The Aquarius has an up-beat nature that may end up perking you up out of your moodiness.  You will have to learn not to “swim” away when the going gets tough to make this one work.

Lidia: This will be a relationship that is incredibly magnetising to everyone around you. You have amazing sexual energy flowing between you and the amount you are both attracted to each other will shine out. You do tend to have a lot of ideas than don’t seem to come to anything, but you both love to plan and have aspirations, no matter how much they seem out of your reach. When you pull together you are able to achieve anything you set your hearts on. The only major problem you may have is to decide who is in charge. You are both very determined and bossy people when you feel the need and there will be a power struggle if you don’t watch it.

Libra is the more likely of the two of you to give, as Aquarius is too stubborn to see sense sometimes! You will find you have many laughs and a lot of special memories shared between you over time, keep each other laughing this will work out long-term.

Laura: The Libra and Aquarius couple can ebb and flow with the world effortlessly. Both are very people oriented and quite comfortable in many different social situations. Libra especially loves that Aquarius wants to be out and about with people and Aquarius is more than eager to oblige. Romantically, they would feed off each other through their social encounters, each being proud and turned on by the other’s social prowess.

Tracy: Libra and Aquarius may share a love of exploring art and culture with similar emotional needs. They can learn and achieve so much together than alone and this match can be highly successful.

Heidi:  Friendship and romance from the start. With many mutual interests, and respect for the other, they combine well. When Libra is being indecisive, Aquarius doesn’t mind making the decisions. When Aquarius is being stubborn or persistent, Libra has ways of getting around Aquarius. If they decide to settle down together, it would make for an exciting and loving relationship.

Keley: This relationship can work, but only if the Aquarian can temper his or her desire for freedom. Libra needs to function within a framework that they can count on, and unless Aquarius can do this, there will be friction.

Marcus: Both of you are great listeners, and of a gentle kind nature. An Aquarius being the more quirky of the two. Aquarians thrive on the weird, while Libra’s like things more graceful and picture perfect. You both also love to talk, although a Libra tends more toward a give and take dialogue while Aquarius will talk in ideas and concepts, but cannot be pinned down with an opinion. You can’t really blame these poor souls, after all they are Air signs. Libra will do best not to dwell on this, or try to change it. One thing about Aquarians, they are “as is”, and trying to change them is as useless as trying to catch a handful of air.

David:  The conversation never stops. The connection on a mental level is outstanding. But the less cerebral parts of love may well be lacking. If you go for it, try to stoke the passion any way you can.

Libra Man and Aquarius Woman

This is a zodiac combination that seems to balance each other out and stay happy. The Libra men are very melodious and enthusiastic people. They communicate well and try to understand the thoughts of the other person. The Aquarius women adjust well with Libra men. The reason is their similarity in terms of having a melodious and fun life. The Libra men are genuine people and want to keep stress out of their lives. Similarly, the Aquarius women want the same. They love to have fun but want to avoid all stressful situations. This is the reason why their love relationship flows smoothly and they cooperate with each other at all times.

Aquarius Man and Libra Woman

The relationship can be a successful one as both the members share similar traits in their personalities. Both value relations and both are supportive and accommodating in their nature. Sensitive nature of Libra woman can make her Aquarius man feel good and at home. He gets the support that he requires and the love that he craves for. They both differ in how they view life so they need to understand and tolerate the ideas of each other for a balanced life. Both of them give too much importance to love and this is among the positive aspects of their relationship. At times, there can be troubles and conflicts but solutions will be available for them.


Libra and Aquarius Friendship

An instant attraction and admiration for both being able to think imaginatively will ensure a strong friendship.

Aquarius and Libra Relationship

As lovers:

Laughter and fun will be the saving grace of this match as lovers.

Long-term relationship:

You may both be running at different speeds but as long as you are in the same race you will succeed.

Short-term relationship:

A very instant click revolving around anything spontaneous.

Libra and Aquarius Sex

Can be hot or cold but rarely in-between.

libra and aquarius sexually compatible




Aquarius Compatibility with Libra Over all Score:

overall score 68%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

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  1. I am a Libra woman and have just entered into a relationship with an aquarius man. So far everything above seems true. We did connect on an amazing level the very first time we met. We have what seems to be the perfect relationship! We don’t get sick of seeing each other although it is true that he spends time alone the odd night which is fine with me. Physically it is also perfect. I’m hoping that this will last a long long time and that it is true that this is a perfect match for me.

  2. I had the same problems described by Ronny. I am an aquarian woman who shared seven years of my life with a libra man. He was extremely jealous, narrow minded and became extremely violent. Sex also prudish. No reasoning with him whatsoever. Disasterous match and I will forever avoid getting into a relationship with any libra!

  3. i am a libra girl and a few years ago i was w/ an aquarius guy for about a year. everything described in this article was true. even the part about him being odd and me being nutty – we made eachother laugh a lot and enjoyed one another’s company. but we were kids, just about 19 and being so young i didn’t yet understand his independence and felt very insecure about where i stood with him. in hindsight i now see that aquarius men can seem rather flighty and non-comittal. i just wanted to respond to offset “ronnie’s” comment that his aquarius/libra relationship was the worst he ever had. it was one of the sweetest i ever had. and had i hung in there i think it would have been one of the best. and btw, physically it was fantastic, we were such a perfect match, like i have yet to find again. and i know he felt the same way 🙂

    1. Hi! i completely agree with you wendyy! im a libra, currently in a relationship with an aquarius and i’ve never been happier! since the first day we met we have been inseparable!.. we never have a dull moment and very rarely get into any arguements! I guess my only comment to whoever is curious about this Aquarius/Libra topic is.. Dont knock it til you try it!

  4. My libra girlfriend was the worst relationship i ever had…everyone says Aquarius/Libra is a great match but none of the things described about that match was true in mine. Sex was bad and very prudish not to mention unheard of. Diplomacy was non existent. Compromise was a promise to lie. Nothing about this relationship was what I have heard. Horrible match! Years of frigid Libra has left me with a bad taste for this match.

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