1. I am a Libra woman and have just entered into a relationship with an aquarius man. So far everything above seems true. We did connect on an amazing level the very first time we met. We have what seems to be the perfect relationship! We don’t get sick of seeing each other although it is true that he spends time alone the odd night which is fine with me. Physically it is also perfect. I’m hoping that this will last a long long time and that it is true that this is a perfect match for me.

  2. I had the same problems described by Ronny. I am an aquarian woman who shared seven years of my life with a libra man. He was extremely jealous, narrow minded and became extremely violent. Sex also prudish. No reasoning with him whatsoever. Disasterous match and I will forever avoid getting into a relationship with any libra!

  3. i am a libra girl and a few years ago i was w/ an aquarius guy for about a year. everything described in this article was true. even the part about him being odd and me being nutty – we made eachother laugh a lot and enjoyed one another’s company. but we were kids, just about 19 and being so young i didn’t yet understand his independence and felt very insecure about where i stood with him. in hindsight i now see that aquarius men can seem rather flighty and non-comittal. i just wanted to respond to offset “ronnie’s” comment that his aquarius/libra relationship was the worst he ever had. it was one of the sweetest i ever had. and had i hung in there i think it would have been one of the best. and btw, physically it was fantastic, we were such a perfect match, like i have yet to find again. and i know he felt the same way :)

    1. Hi! i completely agree with you wendyy! im a libra, currently in a relationship with an aquarius and i’ve never been happier! since the first day we met we have been inseparable!.. we never have a dull moment and very rarely get into any arguements! I guess my only comment to whoever is curious about this Aquarius/Libra topic is.. Dont knock it til you try it!

  4. My libra girlfriend was the worst relationship i ever had…everyone says Aquarius/Libra is a great match but none of the things described about that match was true in mine. Sex was bad and very prudish not to mention unheard of. Diplomacy was non existent. Compromise was a promise to lie. Nothing about this relationship was what I have heard. Horrible match! Years of frigid Libra has left me with a bad taste for this match.

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