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Especially when it comes to the topic of love, there’s probably no zodiac sign better suited to write self-help books. These people are the ultimate troubleshooter is when it comes to life and love. In no place is this more evident then when it comes to their own relationships.

The Libra is represented by the scales, which ultimately is the symbolic meaning of balance.

The partnership that they form with their loved one, provides the lens by which they are able to view the rest of the world. It’s through those relationships that they’re able to explore themselves, and discover more about their inner workings. Also at the same time they represent themselves through those Partnerships.

Libras may therefore be a little bit over demanding when it comes to everything involving their love and relationship. They’re on a continuous and never ending crusade to change up their relationship. This isn’t something that their partner should take personally at all. The Libra just really needs to be able to have change in their lives to be able to stay interested.

Even though this kind, loving and romantic sign will hardly admit this, but their actually doing this to make things work between them and their partner.

What Libra looks for in a partner

They’re looking for somebody that is as much a talker as they are. They want somebody that is able to converse with them on many different topics. They want somebody that is able to go out and do a lot of things and be very active. They want to be able to date somebody that will take their advice, and be able to use it to better their lives.

The link below has more information about the compatibility that is best suited for Libra . An Aries would typically be a good one for this sign. They might not be the sign that takes everything a Libra says as advice, but at the same time they won’t let that advice slip away from them. they will keep it in the back in their mind just in case it comes in handy.

Who is Libra Compatible with?

Best and Worst Libra in Love Qualities

Libras love the beauty of ideas, ideals, and also all things related to “the intellect”.

Best qualities: Libra rules all “partnerships”, so they really know how to blend and merge with the other. Ruled by Venus, they are also natural romantics, as well, that really love to “be in love”.

Challenges: Can tend to avoid making decisions and be too much in their heads (. . again, they are air signs). Need to really make an effort to invest themselves emotionally in their relationships, in a real, on-going and tangible way.

Love Traits


The Libra love trait is to be romantic and charming but to keep their hearts at home. They are sociable and refined, yet enjoy to flirt. Librans are usually peaceful by nature and love to have romantic relationships, although they can sometimes be self-indulgent. They are good talkers and good listeners and tend to make good parents.

Libra Male Love Traits:


A ladies man by nature who is looking for that special person he can have his lifelong relationship with. Libra man is a bit of an action man who enjoys life and who also has the potential to be very successful in his career. He’ll always have lots of friends – of both sexes – but the most important person is his ‘other half’, who makes him complete.

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Libra Female Love Traits:


Love comes before everything else for Libra female, although family life comes very, very close. When she is in love she is completely in love and is happy to let everyone know about it. Libra female knows how to charm and she will always have potential partners waiting in the wings. She doesn’t like to be criticized so think twice before you say something that could upset her .

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Things Libra Needs to focus on when they are in love


They need to understand that sometimes they have to disagree

Libra is truly a sign of balance, and as such they find themselves trying to balance everything in a relationship. In doing so sometimes they leave their convictions to the side, so that they won’t get into a huge argument with their partner. In love this would be considered a huge no no, because if they feel as though the relationship is one-sided they won’t we want to be in it very long. Sometimes in life one of their biggest faults is that they have to reach an agreement with their partner, that they truly are not comfortable in fulfilling.

Even though it’s quite admirable that they would want to do everything that they can to preserve peace in a relationship, they really need to take the time to realize that arguments and discussions are a part of relationships. Also these arguments and discussions should not be looked upon as a bad thing, but something that can be productive to bring the love between them to the next step.

So they really need to allow themselves to have heated discussions with their partner. This way when an agreement is made with their partner, it is considered a mutual decision between the two of them. Loving someone is all about compromise. If they completely give in without giving their two cents on what their thoughts are on the matter, then they will truly not be happy with the outcome of the decision.

They really need to practice self-care

Now this is a sign that is considered to be a great partner to have in a relationship and in love, because they will not give a second thought about giving themselves to their partner fully.

The only problem with giving themselves fully to their partner all the time, is that in love they truly don’t take the time to take care of themselves. They have to realize that not only does their partner matter, but they and their needs due to.

They need to listen to what their body is telling them and their inner voice, and if they are being told internally that they have to take care of themselves first, then they need to do that. When they are truly not their best, they cannot give everything in their love and relationship.

They need to get to know what they are wants and desires are

When it comes to being in love they are able to mold themselves into their situation with their partner quite easily, as they are considered a people pleaser. Never the less from time to time people born under this sign do not have a lot of confidence within themselves, and are uneasy about who they are. So occasionally they are not truly pleased with the person that they are. This is especially true when they’re starting a relationship or falling in love with somebody new.

So they really need to take the time to understand exactly who they are as a person on the inside and out, so they don’t risk losing their identity. If they don’t become more confident in themselves, then they will mold into the relationship and that will become their identity. Basically they need to become their own person!

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