Mercury – Meaning and Influence in Astrology

Mercury Astrology


I represent the mental processes of your logical, reasoning mind. You will find me in the thoughts, words and phrases of the way you speak.

RulesGemini and Virgo

symbol for mercury It represents the spirit, reasoning, logic, public speaking, a writer or a journalist. Its characteristics are thinking, communication (travel, letters) and movement. It is also the planet of the intellect and in that capacity it dominates education. It grants a wide range of knowledge, when positioned in the ninth House.

If unfavorably positioned in the birth chart, we often tend to mood, to be untruthful, contradict, quarrel (an unfavourable aspect of Mercury and Mars) and a general inconstancy that will endanger the more balanced qualities of our character.

The position of the planet is invaluable in business life. It is advisable never to buy anything important (like a house or a car) when Mercury (buy, trade) makes a malefic aspect with Neptune (cheating!).

Additionally, It itself rules all young persons and to some extent younger brothers, cousins and all individuals who act as an intermediary, such as brokers and salesmen.


What does Mercury Represent:


Mercury characteristics



Intellectual adaptability, eloquently, mental flexibility, easy integration of knowledge, diplomatic.


Inconstancy, fragmentation, difficulties in concentrating, forgery, lying, stealing, cunning.


Other Associations


Zodiac SignIt rules two mutable signs, Gemini and Virgo
Housethe third and sixth House
Anatomythe lungs, the central nervous system, blood, arms, hands
Coloursaffron yellow, colour of the mind, sun and light
Gemstonecitrine, topaz and in particular for Virgo: carnelian, which emits a warm and friendly energy
Symbolthe central circle (the spirit) and the half circle (the soul) in contact with the Cross (everyday reality).

Occupation : journalist, writer, linguist, salesman, broker, official, tour leader, lawyer. In addition, all professions related to traffic and transport, postal services, the press and education.

Basic Astronomy:


Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and the one that is closest to the Sun. It takes Mercury 88 days to complete its orbital journey around the Sun and those two planets are never more apart than 28 degrees from each other.

In Mythology:


He is The Winged Messenger of the Gods (The Hermes) and he represents the power to understand

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation


Mercury stands for the mind, perception, learning and intellect. It rules our thought, reason, reading, writing, speech and communication. Position of the Mercury by the sign, house and aspect indicates your type of mentality and the way you express yourself. Mercury is the messenger through whom the brain/will (the Sun) and the inner world (the Moon) are connected with outer world, your rational mind. The astronomical closeness of Mercury and the Sun indicated that … ‘intellect must be linked with a sense of direction and will’ …

Astro Keywords:


dexterity, your sense – impression antenna in the horoscope, direct intelligence, mental acuity, information, logic, wit and sarcasm

If Mercury plays a significant part in your chart or you have personal planets in Gemini and Virgo communication ‘runs wild’ with you and this phrase by Oscar Wilde possible rings a bell ‘Conversation should touch everything but, should concentrate on nothing.


Mercury In The Signs


Mercury in Aries


Mercury promotes decisive action, clear and rapid thinking, and a confident, direct approach. The facility for rapid thought needs to be tempered with an effort to accommodate others who may need time to take in or consider these ideas.

Good Aspect

  • Alert and quick thinking.
  • Makes immediate decisions.
  • Good at debate.
  • Instigates ideas.
  • Confident and assertive in speech and writing.
  • Generally quick to learn.

Bad Aspect

  • Restless and impatient.
  • Hard to keep mind in focus.
  • Makes miscalculations and wrong assumptions.
  • Unrestrained speech and writing causes problems by upsetting people.
  • Argumentative.
  • exaggerates.
  • Seeks to win debates though sheer force.
  • Disinclined to listen to views of others.

Mercury in Taurus


Mercury tends to consolidate the steady, reliable and often methodical approach to life typical of the Taurean individual. If Taureans find themselves in a rut, it may be helpful to look to other astrological influences to assist with moving forward

Good Aspect

  • Sensible and realistic.
  • Slow, deliberate thinking.
  • Practical minded.
  • Fixed opinions.
  • Adept in business and finances.

Bad Aspect

  • Thinks within narrow confines.
  • Overvalues the conventional, tradition colours mind.
  • Overly cautious in considering ideas.
  • Fear of failure.
  • Unlikely to be satisfied with efforts.
  • Missed opportunities through being overcautious.

Mercury in Gemini


Mercury, as Gemini’s ruling planet, has a considerable influence on the mind, especially in the area of relationships and stress, tension and nervous anxiety. While the influence of Mercury in encouraging an already strong desire to communicate with others may be advantageous, its influence in the area of tension and nervousness can promote the lows that cause trouble

Good Aspect

  • Lives on nervous energy.
  • Always on the go, needs variety in life.
  • Easily stimulated.
  • Highly adaptable and versatile.
  • Lightening-quick intelligent mind. Learns easily.
  • Good at debate, never stuck for an answer.
  • Good sense of humor.
  • Gift of mimicry.
  • Top rate communications skills.

Bad Aspect

  • Difficult to concentrate, too easily distracted.
  • Restless, always on the go, at the mercy of conditions.
  • May be a mine of useless information.
  • Seeks shortcuts rather than face problems.
  • Temperamental studies.
  • Excess communications, tend to chatter endlessly.

Mercury in Cancer


Mercury’s influence is on the mind, where it increases Cancer’s determination to think more positively, often supplying the extra boost of energy to do so. At other times, Mercury’ influence may be felt as an increase of negative or catastrophic thinking, or nostalgic sadness. It may be beneficial to look to other solar influences to help restore a positive frame of mind

Good Aspect

  • Communication skills linked to emotions.
  • Good imagination and memory.
  • Could be talented at teaching, has a way of presenting the facts in a clear, understandable way.
  • May have ability to influence the public mood.
  • Receptive to ideas.
  • learns easily.
  • May function better at home or in a ‘homely’ environment.
  • The past or family matters may be of great interest.
  • Intuition and instincts ought to be good.

Bad Aspect

  • Communication skills depend on moods, which change frequently.
  • Inherited thinking may lead to rigid outlook.
  • Clings to the past.
  • Daydreams.
  • Collects information but may not use it effectively.

Mercury in Leo


Mercury can serve to enhance Leo’s emotional energy, organizational skills and powers of concentration. However, in other circumstances it may combine with tendencies towards stubbornness and encourage a dictatorial stance.

Good Aspect

  • Cheerful and optimistic mind.
  • Broad minded and tolerant of the views of others.
  • Fixed opinions which are not easily changed.
  • Confident in communications skills. Interests in the arts and theatre possible.
  • Good at organizing and planning.

Bad Aspect

  • Lacks humility.
  • Outspoken and dogmatic, cares little for the views of others.
  • Inflexible and set in ways.

Mercury in Virgo


Mercury, Virgo’s ruling planet, is the major influence, especially on the mind where it increases innate analytical abilities and understanding of how things work. In less favorable circumstances Mercury can reinforce mental anxiety, a tendency to get bogged down in detail and an inability to see the bigger picture

Good Aspect

  • Systematic and businesslike.
  • Practical and precise mind, would make a good craftsman, accountant, analyst, or statistician.
  • Good critical faculties.
  • Orderly mind, likes things neat and tidy.
  • Systematic approach to learning.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Witty and humorous.
  • Sensible attention to health.
  • Neat and tidy.

Bad Aspect

  • Fussy over details, perfectionist. Faultfinding.
  • Worries.
  • Prone to nervous complaints and health fads.
  • Too involved with work.
  • Concentrates on faults rather than virtues.
  • Critical of people. Can be sarcastic.

Mercury in Libra


Mercury influences Libra’s mind and can act as a buffer against the tendency towards procrastination or laziness. Mercury can enhance the communication skills of the Libran, especially in the area of objectivity which many Librans find so difficult. At other times, Mercury may combine with a proclivity for indecision and laziness and result in fence-sitting rather than tackling an issue.

Good Aspect

  • Likes close one-to-one contact and discussion.
  • Fair minded, tends to make rational and balanced judgement.
  • Natural charm and power of persuasion.
  • Diplomatic and tactful.
  • Negotiating skills, could do well in law.

Bad Aspect

  • Problems making decisions, tends to veer one way then the other.
  • Agrees with people just to keep the peace.
  • May be seen as unreliable.
  • Prone to mistakes and misjudgments in contractual or legal matters.
  • Fails to see full implications.

Mercury in Scorpio


Mercury combines with Scorpio’s intuition to boost rationality and the ability to apply logic or common sense to a situation, as well as increasing a sense of purpose. The influence of Mercury can also push the Scorpio towards obsession about a goal, though if details are considered fully, and emotional health monitored, things tend to work out well

Good Aspect

  • Emotionalized, intense thinking.
  • High curiosity.
  • Secretive, doesn’t give much away.
  • Strong instincts, intuitive.
  • Would make a good detective.
  • Resolute determination to get to the truth.
  • May take an interest in the mysteries of life and death or the occult.
  • Good eye for an opportunity with the ability to take advantage.
  • Financial skills.

Bad Aspect

  • Inflexible mind.
  • Skeptical and intolerant of other people’s views.
  • Obsessive thinking.
  • Broods.
  • May be jealous and resentful.
  • Suspicious.
  • May seek to exploit.

Mercury in Sagittarius


Mercury influences the mind and encourages intellectual stimulation, although Sagittarians should watch the tendency to get carried away with their own ideas. It is best to avoid making decisions when the mind is very active and to wait until the dust has settled before leaping into action. Things often look very different in the morning, especially if the details are properly taken into account

Good Aspect

  • Intelligent, adaptable, adventurous mind.
  • Learns easily.
  • Deep thinker.
  • Possible prophetic dreams.
  • Languages may appeal.
  • Dignified mind with liking for social justice and moral behaviour.
  • Capacity for wisdom may increase with age.
  • Liking for travel.

Bad Aspect

  • Restless and always on the go.
  • Takes on too many tasks, may leave some unfinished.
  • Flawed judgement, makes mistakes.
  • Collects facts but may not make full use of them.
  • Keen to learn but may not complete the course.
  • Tends to skim the surface rather than dig deeply.
  • Exaggerates.

Mercury in Capricorn


Mercury influences the mind and helps strengthen Capricorn’s well-established disciplined and methodical approach, especially long-term planning, as well as increasing the capacity for shrewdness. However, in other circumstances, Mercury can combine with the proclivity for the expression of pessimism which increases the possibility of being emotionally cut off from others

Good Aspect

  • Naturally ambitious with well defined aims.
  • Cautious, patient and disciplined approach to goals.
  • Very practical.
  • Professional.
  • Likes responsibility.
  • Mind suited to business.
  • Strategist, good at planning.
  • Serious, studious mind ideally suited to long periods of concentrated, painstaking effort.
  • Cautious, sow to start but resolute once on course.

Bad Aspect

  • Inflexible and unresponsive to change.
  • Depends too much on duty and tradition.
  • May have had to shoulder responsibility early in life, Restrictive upbringing.
  • May find it hard to make decisions through being overcautious or afraid of making mistakes.
  • Sees obstacles as insurmountable rather than as a challenge.
  • May raise imaginary obstacles to avoid responsibility.
  • Fearful.
  • Difficulty in expressing feelings.
  • Too rigid in ways.
  • Suspicious.
  • Worries what others may think.

Mercury in Aquarius


Mercury’s influence may dampen your tendency to be disruptive in certain circumstances and assist you to regain perspective or bring a balance to your tendency towards extreme reactions. Unless indicated in your birth reading, Mercury is not likely to have a negative influence.

Good Aspect

  • Likes to share ideas.
  • Thinks unconventionally.
  • Independent thinking, unlikely to change opinions easily.
  • Inventive and original thinking, can come up with novel solutions to problems.
  • Progressive and advanced.
  • Liking for science, technology or the unusual.
  • Intuitive with flashes of inspiration.

Bad Aspect

  • Entrenched and stubborn thinking, although highly likely to suddenly change views to baffle or upset people.
  • Winning the argument more important than who is right.
  • Resists ideas of others, challenges alternative views.
  • Adopts strange ideas which seem to appeal in a freethinking way.

Mercury in Pisces


Mercury can have a positive influence on the Piscean mind and may increase objectivity enabling a focus on practical outcomes, which is likely to involve enhancing the lives of others in some way. In other circumstances, Mercury may combine with proclivities to worry, or to take the line of least resistance and become inconsistent in dealing with everyday matters. The position of Mercury in the birth reading must be carefully observed so that Pisceans can take advantage of its positive influences on the mind to strengthen their ability to be assertive

Good Aspect

  • Highly impressionable with possibility of occasional confusion.
  • Boundless imagination.
  • Visions or other psychic experiences are possible.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Thinks about the common good.
  • May use communication skills to help others.

Bad Aspect

  • Emotions tend to rule thinking. Difficult to equate to practical issues.
  • Confused and hazy thinking.
  • Not easy to make decisions.
  • Forgetful and prone to mistakes.
  • Should avoid psychism or escapism.
  • Alternations of elation and depression.
  • Easily used. Soft touch.
  • Can see potential problems but unable to avoid them or say no.


Serena Weaver
Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun and the most in-tune with it. Inspite of its small size, it is the most dense planet in the solar system. It is a very metallic planet as well – iron levels in his soil are the most elevated. It has the unusual behavior of completing only two revolutions around his axe for every three revolutions around the sun. At his nearest point to the sun (perihelion), the sun seems almost still in the planet’s sky.
From our vantage point, it never goes farther than 28.3 degrees (approx. one sign) from the sun.

Psychological function

It is very significant in its representation of the qualities inherent in a person’s communication style. For example a Cancer sun would appear much less shy and retreating with a Leo Mercury.

It functions as the bridge between the person and the world at large. It is the Sun’s messenger, and “feeds” it information as is perceived through his quality and aspects. Even a more tranquil sun can be upset by negative messages from a shaky Mercury. Nevertheless, it does not presume to dictate any personal values.
It represents our pure, mental capacity and our ability to understand the world around us. That said, it is important to consider that if the Sun fully believes in something (eg. spirituality or skepticism) it will be very difficult for it to undermine that, no matter what aspects it makes.

It is the main ruler of intelligence and speech. Good speakers and writers have a well-disposed Mercury, but also an accessible Sun. However, It on its own is a comparatively weak planet and is less disposed to rein a person very strongly, unless it contacts the Ascendant. A Sun-Mercury conjunction is common, because of their adjacent movement, and is less impactful than other conjunctions to the Sun.
It also plays a main role in education, reflecting learning capability, ability to understand and the native’s general approach to knowledge and information.

Other functions

It rules over information in general, and is reflective of the ability of people to understand each other. As such, it has also been associated with contracts and deals. In fact it has been considered a ruler of any calculated exchange, communicative or otherwise – such as trade. Its retrograde (backward) movement has been associated with difficulties in mundane affairs of these domains.
It is said to rein over the nervous system (i.e the body’s messaging system).


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