Mercury – Meaning and Influence in Astrology

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Mercury Astrology

RulesGemini and Virgo

symbol for mercury It represents the spirit, reasoning, logic, public speaking, a writer or a journalist. Its characteristics are thinking, communication (travel, letters) and movement. It is also the planet of the intellect and in that capacity it dominates education. It grants a wide range of knowledge, when positioned in the ninth House.

If unfavorably positioned in the birth chart, we often tend to mood, to be untruthful, contradict, quarrel (an unfavourable aspect of Mercury and Mars) and a general inconstancy that will endanger the more balanced qualities of our character.

The position of the planet is invaluable in business life. It is advisable never to buy anything important (like a house or a car) when Mercury (buy, trade) makes a malefic aspect with Neptune (cheating!).

Additionally, It itself rules all young persons and to some extent younger brothers, cousins and all individuals who act as an intermediary, such as brokers and salesmen.

What does Mercury Represent:

Mercury characteristics


Intellectual adaptability, eloquently, mental flexibility, easy integration of knowledge, diplomatic.


Inconstancy, fragmentation, difficulties in concentrating, forgery, lying, stealing, cunning.

Other Associations

Zodiac SignIt rules two mutable signs, Gemini and Virgo
Housethe third and sixth House
Anatomythe lungs, the central nervous system, blood, arms, hands
Coloursaffron yellow, colour of the mind, sun and light
Gemstonecitrine, topaz and in particular for Virgo: carnelian, which emits a warm and friendly energy
Symbolthe central circle (the spirit) and the half circle (the soul) in contact with the Cross (everyday reality).

Occupation : journalist, writer, linguist, salesman, broker, official, tour leader, lawyer. In addition, all professions related to traffic and transport, postal services, the press and education.

(this planet rules the sign of Gemini and Virgo)

Basic Astronomy:

Mercury is the smallest planet in the Solar System and the one that is closest to the Sun. It takes Mercury 88 days to complete its orbital journey around the Sun and those two planets are never more apart than 28 degrees from each other.

In Mythology:

He is The Winged Messenger of the Gods (The Hermes) and he represents the power to understand

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation

Mercury stands for the mind, perception, learning and intellect. It rules our thought, reason, reading, writing, speech and communication. Position of the Mercury by the sign, house and aspect indicates your type of mentality and the way you express yourself. Mercury is the messenger through whom the brain/will (the Sun) and the inner world (the Moon) are connected with outer world, your rational mind. The astronomical closeness of Mercury and the Sun indicated that … ‘intellect must be linked with a sense of direction and will’ …

Astro Keywords:

dexterity, your sense – impression antenna in the horoscope, direct intelligence, mental acuity, information, logic, wit and sarcasm

If Mercury plays a significant part in your chart or you have personal planets in Gemini and Virgo communication ‘runs wild’ with you and this phrase by Oscar Wilde possible rings a bell ‘Conversation should touch everything but, should concentrate on nothing’


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Serena Weaver
Mercury is the nearest planet to the sun and the most in-tune with it. Inspite of its small size, it is the most dense planet in the solar system. It is a very metallic planet as well – iron levels in his soil are the most elevated. It has the unusual behavior of completing only two revolutions around his axe for every three revolutions around the sun. At his nearest point to the sun (perihelion), the sun seems almost still in the planet’s sky.
From our vantage point, it never goes farther than 28.3 degrees (approx. one sign) from the sun.

Psychological function

It is very significant in its representation of the qualities inherent in a person’s communication style. For example a Cancer sun would appear much less shy and retreating with a Leo Mercury.

It functions as the bridge between the person and the world at large. It is the Sun’s messenger, and “feeds” it information as is perceived through his quality and aspects. Even a more tranquil sun can be upset by negative messages from a shaky Mercury. Nevertheless, it does not presume to dictate any personal values.
It represents our pure, mental capacity and our ability to understand the world around us. That said, it is important to consider that if the Sun fully believes in something (eg. spirituality or skepticism) it will be very difficult for it to undermine that, no matter what aspects it makes.

It is the main ruler of intelligence and speech. Good speakers and writers have a well-disposed Mercury, but also an accessible Sun. However, It on its own is a comparatively weak planet and is less disposed to rein a person very strongly, unless it contacts the Ascendant. A Sun-Mercury conjunction is common, because of their adjacent movement, and is less impactful than other conjunctions to the Sun.
It also plays a main role in education, reflecting learning capability, ability to understand and the native’s general approach to knowledge and information.

Other functions

It rules over information in general, and is reflective of the ability of people to understand each other. As such, it has also been associated with contracts and deals. In fact it has been considered a ruler of any calculated exchange, communicative or otherwise – such as trade. Its retrograde (backward) movement has been associated with difficulties in mundane affairs of these domains.
It is said to rein over the nervous system (i.e the body’s messaging system).


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