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BY Tracy Roberts

Mars Astrology


mars symbolMars is the planet of energy. It reigns over willpower and the urge to violence or wild activity. The Sun symbolizes life and the Moon maintains it. Mars on the other hand brings energy into living matter and grants an enterprising spirit, stamina, courage and daring. The energy of Mars is primarily focused on the existence. Mars is the counterpart of Venus: war and peace, hatred and love! The energy of Mars, however, cannot be missed, it gives the energy to tackle things in order to continue. Coffee for example, is a typical Mars drink, it energizes.

A malefic position of Mars in the birth chart could lead to restlessness and recklessness. Egocentric behaviour is emphasized, a Mars-type speaks his truth without thinking. Aggression, each incident is an opportunity to argue. This may turn out into cruelty. Rudeness, brutality.

Additionally, Mars symbolizes movement, freedom, vitality, masculinity, struggle, action and war. It is the personification of the male, lover, soldier, the pioneer, the captain. Everything that sticks, cuts or penetrates belongs to Mars, syringes, surgical operations, surgeons.

What Mars Represents

Mars characteristics


Sincere, straightforward, courageous, enterprising, perseverance. The Mars-type is more suitable for practical assignments than for spiritual reflection. Talent for strategy; dynamic, but he easily dominates other people. Very sportive.


Incautious, impulsive, indiscreet, reckless, brutal, jealous, rancorous and cynical. A tendency to break, destroy, primitive evil.

Other Associations

Zodiac SignAries
Housethe first House
Anatomyspeech and movement, blood, muscles, the male genitals. Fever.
Colour(blood) red
Gemstoneruby, garnet and jasper
Agefrom 28 to 35 years, development of desire by Mars
Symbolworldly power above spiritual power. The medical symbol for the male.

Occupation : all professions associated with action, initiative and a certain risk. Soldier, officer, gunsmith, surgeon, butcher, demolisher, whitesmith, mechanic. But also: explorer, fireman, athlete.

(this planet rules the sign of Aries)

Basic Astronomy:

Mars is the fourth planet in order from the Sun in our Solar System. It takes the planet close to two years (687 days) to complete its journey around the Sun. This planet is famous for the intense orange – red colour of its light and for that reason Mars is often called the ‘red’ planet.

In Mythology:

He is the God of War (Ares) although called by his sister Athena ‘a thing of rage’ he eternally stands for a fighting spirit

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation

Mars is the energy principle in the horoscope. This planet rules our initiative, drives and action. The position of Mars in the natal chart by sign, house or aspect describes ‘how’ and ‘where’ you direct your energy and what motivates you as well as how aggressive and competitive you are. The analysis of the planet Mars illustrates how the Sun (ego) and the Moon (desire) express themselves in ‘action’. This planet also rules our sex drive, the ‘male principle’ and its position in the horoscope reveals your appetite for sex and your attitudes about it.

Astro Keywords:

masculinity, your driving force, bravado, enthusiasm, action, challenges, impulsiveness and impatience

If you have strong Mars or some planets in Aries in your chart this saying will probably appeal to you ‘I want what I want, when I want it’

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Serena Weaver


Mars, planet of aggression, action and sex. Mars is considered the ruler of Aries, and the traditional ruler of Scorpio. Its natural houses are the 1st house and the 8th house, respectively.

In the astrological chart, Mars is considered a personal planet, reflecting basic psychological functions in the personality.

Notable astronomical characteristics
The red planet gets its color from iron oxides covering its surface. Mars bears the deepest known canyon and the highest known mountain in the solar system. Mars knows the largest sand storms as well, sometimes covering the entire planet! Mars has a very thin atmosphere and no clouds, which makes its underlying surface very clear to the observer’s eye.

Astrological qualities
Mars is super-personal in that it is fundamentally concerned with itself, its own preservation and perpetuation (procreation). It is proto-whole in that it is the function that enables the self to exist as a separate whole. Mars is the son of the moon as it is instinct beyond conscious will and thus more closely related to the moon than to the sun (contrasted with Venus).

Psychological function

Fundamentally, Mars is the competitive drives in the personality, the desire to advance oneself in a competitive world. Mars brings in the intense feelings and the subconscious desire to advance one’s genes, however lacks the will to stay. It complements VenusSymbol of Venus, which brings in the attachment principle. Without Mars, Venus will stay on a superficial level. It is lust as the desire to mate with another, and envy as when its competitive drives seem thwarted.

Certainly, it is the libido in its broader sense – it is the motivational force and the more intensive drives of the personality, as well as the root of all passions. Similar to Venus, it is actually superfluous to the basic personality, and can push the person to excessive expressions of self-worth through sexual value. It is the place where we seek to prove ourselves, how we prove our worth through doing and succeeding, which subconsciously really serves to prove our sexual prowess.

Mars’ function further divides in two ways – the irritable / reactive side which acts as an extended protective mechanism, and the general pool of energy and drive which allows for intensive, sustained effort in areas that are not necessarily associated with pleasure, eg. hard work for whatever purpose. Accordingly, a listless Mars can do much to take the edge off of the personality.

In a sense, it is part of the irritable side of the personality, the part that deals with anger and the immediate self-protective response, although it is mostly superfluous to the function of the MoonMoon in this domain, as an extra self-assertive mechanism to better one’s strength, as it will reflect in the eyes of potential mates.

In general, Mars is more in-tune with the lower, most basic self-preserving drives in the personality, the parts that deals with the most burning needs. It mostly concerns itself with sex, sexual image and self-protection. It reflects the hard, sexual appetite. Mars is also associated with the inner warrior in every person.

Mars does things in a more riské, sexually insinuated, forceful and rough way. It does not seek to beautify itself or “make nice”, instead seeking to bask in a more sexual light, exhibiting personal strength (domination) and skill as a seductive mechanism, however it may often get the opposite result in modern times. Mars is associated with low energies – sexual drives, anger and resentment. Whatever planet touches it may suffer from these rough energies. It adds a lot of restlessness and impulsivity, a quickness to jump to conclusions. It makes it more competitive.

It is associated with the androgenic hormones, testosterone being one of these. Further distinguishing it from VenusSymbol of Venus, Mars is actually more minutely associated with gratification than the venusian pleasure, the difference being that gratification here is more immediate, “burning” and “orgasmic”, crude and more closely associated with ego, where pleasure is much more refined, steady, retaining and continuous.

Dynamics with the sun and moon
When “ignited” (irritated), a strong Mars can cause serious strain on the Sun if she is positively principled, and on the Moon if it reflects compassionate emotions. If these are more negatively inclined, the person will more readily act on these aggressive drives.
Mars’ influence on the Sun is making it more assertive as a proof of sexual potency through expression of personal power. It also drives it to be more able.

By house location

The house where Mars is located is where the personality’s excess energies naturally seek their expression. It also reflects how and in what direction one goes about reaching his desires. It shows the direction one pushes through, in the subconscious bid to better his sexual worth through these libido drives.

Other functions

In non-natal charts (horary, return charts, progressions etc) a prominent Mars can show the onset of conflicts, especially when afflicted. In a good set up, it may represent undertaking projects or putting out constructive effort. Oppositions to Mars can reflect a more subdued conflict causing strain, but with not much in damages.
In political charts, Mars can represent The Army.

Marsian occupations

People strongly influenced by Mars tend to find themselves in such fields:
Sports and competitions – especially with a strong, buoyant focus on the 5th house
Entrepreneurship – especially with Image:Aries symbol small.gifAries
Administration – especially with Image:Capricorn symbol small.gifCapricorn and SaturnSaturn influences, although Marsian people often try to distinguish themselves or dominate in any social setting.

Police, army – especially with mixes of SaturnSaturn and Symbol of the sign of ScorpioScorpio
Technical work – especially with Symbol of the sign of VirgoVirgo


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