Dating an Aries and Relationships

Aries In Relationships


The Aries individual has a very charming manner and can win over the opposite sex quite easily. But they also may come across as too strong and overwhelm a potential love interest. Aries is a masculine sign and, whether male or female, likes to take the lead. They can be competitive in love and relationships. But they are also very enthusiastic and adventurous in love which can come out in their need to express their burning sexual drive. The problem here is that this can make them seem emotionally selfish or having no regard for their partners emotions and needs. They do have a romantic side however that can help temper any sexual egotism.

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What an Aries likes In a relationship


Receiving gifts.
The romance and glamour.
To be active with each other.
To be number one.
Being seen.
A companion who loves life.
A mate who is stylish or a looker.
A very positive attitude

What an Aries Dislikes In a relationship


Everything mundane.
Recklessness in a companion.
To be bored.
Display of self-doubt.
To lose.
The feeling of inadequacy.
feeling undervalued.
Being hounded.
To have to do things over again.

How To Attract Aries


If you want to attract the female or male Aries, you need to make them aware that you admire them – they thrive on it. Be sure you make them aware that you adore their enthusiasm in and for life. Tell them that you find them fascinating, as they thrive on compliments.

Be sure you compliment both mentally and physically, and engage in intellectual conversations. When you ask for advice, you make them aware that you admire them.

They are the first zodiac sign, which means they are fairly straightforward and love followers. You should never be a pushover and never keep opinions to yourself – the Aries can become bored quickly if you’re always agreeing with them.

Never try controlling them since they don’t like over-domineering people. If you go with the Aries’ plans, a good time will be had. If they suggest things to do, go along with it, as they love being control of things that go on!

Dating An Aries


Dating an Aries will not be easy. Aries thrive on challenge and difficult goals, emotionally as well as physically. The dates must be high energy such as dancing, hiking, or snowboarding.  Or you need to take the Aries to the hot spots in town where all the action is.

Even an out of the ordinary date will get Aries attention.  So try going to an indoor football game, or the local car races.  The more unusual, the more Aries will like it.  Sexy Aries will be more attracted to the person who is up to date on all the latest news and is not afraid to have an old fashioned debate about political or social issues.

In addition, don’t expect Aries attention if you are not the type who likes to get right to point.  Aries prefers sincere, straightforward conversation and loves a date that is very energetic and confident.   As a matter of fact, Aries tend to fall in love with people they see as stronger and more powerful than themselves.  They like the feeling of being protected by their mate.

Aries love is like no other as they are very passionate.  In addition their commitment is strong and the relationship with an Aries will be quite an adventure.

What It’s Like To Date An Aries Man


The Aries man loves adventure. Thus, if you have a desire to be with a Aries man, you must prepare yourself for the excitement and adventure. He’s ever so enthusiastic to try new things especially when it comes to relationships.

Not all Aries men are the same but it’s generally true for most of them. If you are the kind of woman who likes taking the lead, your Aries man is likely to stay around.

The Aries man loves challenges – if you’re the kind of woman who can do this, he’s more likely to stay around for a longer period of time. Keep in mind that this type of man loves the chase but you need to act like you do care about him.

He’s the kind of man who wants to sweep you off your feet. If you come across as hard to get and innocent, the Aries man is yours. Don’t take him for granted though, as he has a short temper that will cause him to leave and never come back.

What It’s Like To Date An Aries Woman


When you date a female Aries, you’re never in for a dull moment. She’s influential and hot-tempered and you better be the type of person who can take the heat on. She is the kind of women who is self-driven and independent; someone who can take care of herself and doesn’t cling to her mate. This woman demands freedom.

According to an Aries woman, the beginning is felt as the best part of a relationship. After all, the spark is present and she’s doing what she can to catch you for herself. Her happiness is in long-term relationships, as she enjoys sharing anything and everything with her mate. She looks at her mate as her best friend.

The Aries woman has no desire to become dominated by her mate or be the dominator. Rather, she views her mate as being an equal. She is faithful and demands the same from him. Jealousy is a possibility of her mate does not give her his undivided attention. This jealously can be rooted into possessiveness; she wants to be considered number one.

She always provides strength and encouragement to her mate, which is why she is so wonderful during times of need and despair. For her happy ending, she must feel that you love and appreciate her.

Aries Cheater Or Faithful?


It’s important to note right off the bat that an Aries isn’t known for their infidelity. It’s just not one of their traits that stands out.

These are people when they give their heart, they give it for life. They are known for their patience, and are very loving people.  So the majority of Aries relationships don’t end because of infidelity. They will usually end for some other reason. So in that sense it’s pretty difficult to break up with an Aries over cheating.

If the Aries person does decide to be unfaithful, it’s usually because their relationship has hit such a low point that they feel like things are becoming hopeless. This doesn’t happen that often though.

The idea of infidelity might creep into their head as well if their partner has been unfaithful to them. Almost a thought of an eye for an eye. Revenge is a dish best served cold.

If they have been unfaithful to their partner, their partner usually won’t find out right off the bat. They have a tendency of keeping it to themselves until they want it to be known.

If they find out that you’ve been unfaithful, you’ll be able to tell by the way that they start acting towards you. Their change in Behavior will let you know that they’ve caught on to you.

If they’ve gone and done the dirty deed, they usually don’t hide it for long and they do the act without shame. Their view is that as soon as they can find somebody to do it with they will, they will carry out their revenge against you, explain that it happened, remove the issue from their lives and move on.

It should be noted that all Aries don’t react in this way. When they’re truly are in love with somebody they actually are able to have a long and stable relationship with them. They’re never out to hurt one person in particular, and they won’t destroy two lives for the purpose of making their own life better.

Quiz: Aries lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?


To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Scores:Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

  1. Do women’s changing moods upset you?
  2. Are flowers, love notes and romantic presents a waste of time and energy for you?
  3. Do you worry about your appearance?
  4. Is it difficult for you to take a break away from work?
  5. Do you live more in the present than in the past?
  6. Are you attracted by fast cars?
  7. Would you make love to your mate even if you were tired?
  8. Are you possessive in love?
  9. Do you like children?
  10. Do you have problems being rejected by a woman that you find attractive?
  11. Do you think of yourself as a pioneer?
  12. Is it easy for you to tell others what to do?
  13. Do you hate when people tell you what to do?
  14. Are you considered a rough, spontaneous, passionate kind of lover?Is it hard for you to say how you feel when you make love?
  15. If your mate is talking to someone you do not know, does it annoy you?
  16. Do you believe that you are always going to have money in the future?
  17. Do you consider men who cry as being weak?
  18. Does it bother you if another man flirts with your lover?
  19. Are money and material things essential to your happiness?

For Women

  1. Do you own an expensive wardrobe?
  2. Does it bother you if your lover does not want to share his opinion?
  3. Are you attracted to more sentimental kinds of lovers?
  4. Do you like an exuberant or show-off kind of man?
  5. Does it bother you when other women talk about their childbirth?
  6. Do you feel that you are a leader and good at organizing and planning?
  7. Can you do more than one thing at a time?
  8. Do you believe that a wife gives power to a successful man?
  9. Are you the kind of woman who would make the first advancements, even sexually?
  10. Do you think that being sentimental is being childish?
  11. Are you the type that would pick up the phone to ask a lover to take you out?
  12. Do you believe in the feminist movement?
  13. Do small children get on your nerves?
  14. If you are not happy and content, do you express your feelings openly?
  15. Do you keep all love notes and romantic gifts preciously?
  16. Is sex very important to you even if you are married for a long time?
  17. Does the idea of working only for money bore you?
  18. Do you find it difficult to open up your heart and express your feelings?
  19. Do you consider yourself a passionate, aggressive lover?
  20. Do you find romance foolish?


1 – 35 POINTS

You are a softer type of Aries. The Mars influence is tempered by the Water elements. You do not mind sharing your power with others.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are considered a positive type of Aries. It is tempered by the element of Air, which is a very likeable quality.

45 – 60 POINTS

You are the true Aries that has all the Martian characteristics

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