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One thing that you need to really know about being in love with an Aries is that they love to be the one that pursues their partner. They truly do look at it like a sport, and if you start to pursue them they will lose respect for you. This is truly the sign that invented the idea of being hard to get or playing hard to get.

Part of the reason that they feel this way is that they have this amazingly crazy energy inside of them when it comes to everything that involves romance. They truly do have a lot of enthusiasm and energy. So they prefer to play a more dominant role in a relationship and leave the submissive part to their partner.

They are not known to forcefully hold their feelings back, so you might find that they will blurt out whatever they’re feeling at that moment in time. Not caring whether or not you are both alone together or in front of people. They will just let it all out, dirty laundry and all!

what does Aries look for in a partner?

They usually look for somebody that can handle the fact that they can be very blunt. Somebody that would look at that bluntness as being a breath of fresh air. Somebody that is over the idea of people keeping things a secret when it comes to their feelings.

They’re really looking for a partner that will take more of a backseat to them when it comes to leading the relationship. they don’t want to be submissive to their partner, they would rather their partner be the passive one.

Mentioned in the link below are other signs that the Aries is compatible with, but one that should be mentioned would be that Libra is a good choice. The reason for this is that they are the type of sign that would appreciate the blunt truth that the Aries can bring to their life.

At the same time they can completely be in a position where they can be passive in the relationship. Both signs would play well off each other with one being the aggressive one in the other one being passive.

Who is Aries Compatible with?

Best and Worst Aries in Love Qualities

Aries are the passionate fire signs who really have to “do their own” thing in their own way.

Best qualities: can be very loyal, expressive and affectionate to those they love. (Also, if well aspected, they can have a healthy and balanced attitude towards sex and all outward displays of affection).

Worst Difficulties : Can become too “headstrong” and stubborn. Also can come, over time, to not listen to their partners. There is also a tendency to be very self-centered and not really concerned about the other.


Love traits

Probably the most predominant love trait that an Aries has is passion. This is a sign that truly wants to experience everything that life and love has to offer them, fully and completely. It has to be accepted that the Aries can sometimes be viewed as slightly selfish in their ways. They are also known to sometimes demonstrate a me first attitude.

It’s not uncommon for them to put their own needs in front of their partners. Sometimes they don’t even realize that they’re doing this is just that they know what they want and they know how to get it.

They’re well-known for the energy that they can bring to life and a relationship. When in love with one you’ll notice that they will bring a lot of enthusiasm and passion to the couple. They are also known to be very courageous and love Adventure. This is something that they will bring into their partnership as well.

On the other side of things they can sometimes be very pushy or aggressive. In different circumstances you can find they can become restless or inpatient. But most of all they do have a very big tendency to be blunt about things. So it’s very important to be of a zodiac sign that can handle bluntness. Due to the fact that you are going to see a lot of that.

Aries Male Love Traits:

This guy can be a very sexy tease. Not only will he tease somebody when it comes to trying to get his way, but he’s really good at it.

The good news when it comes to this gentleman though is that he’s not one to want to go and be with every girl he sees. so when you’re in a loving relationship with a guy of this sign he is looking for a relationship that is very secure. If they feel like they’re in a secure relationship they’re not going to go anywhere. Sometimes though if they don’t feel secure one eye will be on you, the other eye will be looking at others.

One thing that should be noted is that that sometimes they can be disloyal when it comes to relationships if that security is not there. That doesn’t mean that every man born under the sign is disloyal. It just means that sometimes he is not going to be the type that you would consider husband material ,he would be more of a fling. Unless that security is there and he knows it.

This is a man that has a lot of energy, and usually prefers to take a leadership role no matter what kind of relationship he is in. His Flair and charisma usually can quite naturally inspire people around him.

This is a man that loves to be complimented all the time. so if you’re interested in keeping this type of guy, you have to continue to bring to his life those compliments. This might have been the way that you attracted him in the first place, but it’s definitely going to be the thing that will help keep him in your life.

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Aries female love traits

 This is a woman that truly loves Adventure. A lady that when she puts her heart into something can be very successful at almost anything that she does.

 This is a woman that really needs a lot of good love and affection. She needs to be in a relationship where she feels as though she’s supported.

 She’s very entertaining and amusing, intelligent as well as very resourceful. She definitely does not have any trouble making friends with people.

 She really does yearn and crave attention, and this is something that she needs by the boatloads.

 When she’s in a relationship with somebody and in love she puts a lot of emphasis on the physical aspects of the relationship. So it’s very important that if you are in love with a woman born under the sign that you are very energetic.

 When she puts her mind to something she puts 100% into everything that she does. That includes her love, she won’t take a partner that will just give a fraction of a percent in their ability to love them. They want to be in a relationship where everything is equal.

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Things Aries Needs to focus on when they are in love


They can’t make it a competition, they have be a partner first

They’re the first sign of the zodiac, and a fire sign to boot. Even though they have a very competitive nature to themselves, they need to put that on the back burner when it comes to a relationship.

This is one of those moments in their lives where instead of being competitive, they have to become a partner or a teammate to their significant other. That is one way that they can make this relationship work or any relationship work for that matter.

It is always better to work as a team, then to fight for things as individuals. If they can overcome this character trait that they have, they’ll find that their relationships run a lot smoother.

They should never take their partner for granted

In the very beginning of a relationship they become very excited and are totally into new ideas and exciting experiences. Sometimes though they have a tendency to let things become a little stale. This is a moment in a relationship that they might start to lose interest in their partner.

That is why it’s very important for them to always make sure that they keep their love for their partner very fresh and new.

At that current moment they have somebody there with them to share their life with, and the last thing that they should be doing is taking for granted that person being there. They should be working together as a team to define common goals and interests, so that they can learn more about all of the different things that they could achieve together and do together.

Within the relationship itself they should always go through it with the mindset that they don’t truly know 100% about their partner likes, dislikes or wants. This makes things more interesting because it gives them the ability to discover new things about their partner that they may not have known about.

This could involve new interests that they didn’t know that they shared together. This discovery can lead to a deeper meaningful bond.

Whatever they do they can’t let it go into just a normal everyday routine.

They need to practice patience when ever they can

It is pretty common knowledge that they know what they want in their lives and they know exactly how to get what it is. That is something that a lot of people in this lifetime will admire about them.

The important thing for them to remember is that sometimes in life there are moments where it’s really important to put that aside.  A loving relationship with a partner is one of those moments where they need to do that. A relationship is not just one person in control, it’s a pairing of two people to become a couple.

They need to do whatever it takes to take things easy, and to remember that things in life need time to grow and be nurtured. Patience is not really one of their virtues, but when it comes to being in love it’s very important that they practice it. Without their patience, there would be a lot of strain on the relationship which their partner might not be able to handle.

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