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Capricorn when they are in love really cherish what they share with their partner. This is due to the fact that when they start to get to know somebody they are realistic with themselves and their partner as to whether or not this relationship will work out.

Usually from the very start they can envision what the most perfect relationship is from the moment that their eyes meet with that special someone. A few of them can even picture this picture perfect relationship in advance like they’re psychic.

As they do in most endeavors in their life, they really do have very high expectations for what their live life needs to be and should be.

Thankfully for their partner they are able to devote every single fiber of their being to them. This is a sign that is unbelievably trustworthy and reliable. They are a sign that really takes a lot of time, and they’ll usually think things through in their mind before they accept a date with somebody. This is due to the fact that they really want to know that the person that they are ending up dating, is going to not just meet their expectations, but could also be the one they can settle down with.

This means that before they find the love of their life they might end up in multiple relationships.

Once they are truly in love with a partner that they’ve chosen, these individuals are able to and will stay with their partners for years to come. Occasionally this could be a disadvantage to them, because sometimes even when they’re in relationships that they feel might have gone off the rails, they will still not give up on them.

What does Capricorn look for in a partner

They’re obviously looking for somebody that they can believe in and Trust. They’re looking for somebody that they know is worth giving a chance to. They’re looking for somebody that can meld into their lifestyle and adjust and adapt very easily. Overall they’re still looking for that perfect relationship.

You can take a look at the other signs that Capricorn is compatible at the link below. One of the signs that could be a good combination for them is cancer. As the Capricorn is out winning over the world, their cancer partner will be taking really good care of them and provide them with a lot of love.

Who is Capricorn Compatible with?

Best and Worst Capricorn in Love Qualities

Capricorns feel most connected to the “things” of this world, as a symbol and sense of their connection to life.

Best qualities: Very loyal, responsible, and can be counted on to “be there”, no matter what. Also enjoy an earthy sensuality and like to share affection with their partner. (And also like to exchange gifts, as well).

Challenges: Can become selfish and way too materialistic in the relationship. (i.e.; “cheap”). Can become very distant and not really be open to communicate feelings (or to ever try anything that is fun or new). Overall can become way too

Love Traits


The love trait of Capricorn is to be very romantic and marry only for true love. They are faithful to family and loved ones, are naturally humorous and ambitious yet inclined to be a little on the shy or reserved side. However, no challenge in life or career is too big for a Capricorn and that’s why so many of them end up as the boss! They have a strong will combined with an independent streak which can make them hard to handle. They are, though, conscientious and sincere with plenty of stamina to make things happen.

Capricorn Male  Love Traits:

This man needs a career – it’s one of the things that defines him. He is likely to be a success, though. The  male is quite a traditionalist in the home and also is not the quickest to show his emotions or affection. Sometimes can appear a little too serious but actually tends to have a good sense of humor – it’s just that he doesn’t show it readily as he doesn’t want to lose control.

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Capricorn Female Love Traits:

This female is strong-willed, hard-working and sincere. She is also cautious of new people and doesn’t take criticism well – my, she can be hard work! She isn’t interested in someone superficial, she wants a deep, hard-working person to share her life with. Someone who will be an achiever in their career just like she is. The Capricorn female is very demanding and will not accept anything but the best so you better have a good bank balance.

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Things Capricorn Needs to focus on when they are in love


They have to learn to have a little bit of fun

It is well known that they really need to have everything perfect, but it’s also very important in life to forget about things for a little bit, and enjoy living life in the moment.

They really enjoy work and love accomplishing things in their life. It’s not that working hard in their lives is a bad thing, since it brings them closer to the goals that they have set for themselves. The problem comes when they don’t take the time to enjoy life, especially when it comes to love and romance. When they don’t take the time to enjoy things they lose the joy that is within that love itself.

It’s very important for them to lay back and have some fun, and enjoy the time that they get to share with their partner.

They need to allow themselves to be vulnerable

If having a lifetime love is very important to them, it’s paramountt for them to take the time to open up their heart and express their feelings to their partner.

Sometimes they have to as they say “bare your neck to the lion”, and allow themselves to be vulnerable. They also have to remember that being vulnerable does not mean that they are showing weakness.

Putting it simply, it means that they need to allow their loving partner to take care of them when they need it, and to be accompanied in situations where they need somebody to be there for them. By being more vulnerable in this case, it will continue to create a stronger bond with their partner. In return their partner will feel more involved in the relationship than ever before.

They need to let things happen

they are the type of person that loves to really work hard and create a stable life not only for themselves but their family as well. They like to believe that they can control everything that happens in their life, but this is a trait of the earth sign. The truth is that nobody can control every aspect of their life to the point as though they feel like they are in fully control.

So they need to take the time to let life happen. They have to realize that fate is something that happens, and it’s not something that can be controlled. If you push against fate, you are only prolonging what could be something that is either good or bad. This is where they need to let life surprise them, because in that eye opening moment they might find that it’s an unexpected happiness that takes place.

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