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Saturn Astrology


I represent the areas in your life where you need that extra push to overcome the challenges presented. As the planet of karma and restriction, I am here to remind you that hard work and effort will ultimately pay off and make you a stronger individual.


saturn symbolSaturn is the most distant planet that can be seen with the naked eye. It is the boundary of the ‘natural’ solar system, because the 3 other planets that lie beyond Saturn are in certain respects ’supernatural’. Saturn symbolizes the human being that has learned all his hard lessons from the earthly life and is ready to enter the domain of the mystery planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto). Therefore, Saturn is also known as ‘the Guardian at the Threshold’.

Where Jupiter represents expansion, Saturn represents the opposite: reduction, limitation. Both are indispensable. Limits mark transitions and indicate what the extreme limit is. Saturn is the symbol of those limits in life that cannot be crossed.

When Saturn is well situated in the birth chart, the individual is sparingly, diligent, persevering, reliable, stable, patient and possesses the ability to concentrate. Saturn is also the planet of strict justice. It is conservative and practical and affects the physical life elements; it indicates career and ambition.

When placed unfavorably, one is selfish and stingy; indifference prevails. Saturn represents everything that is old, rigid and traditional and symbolizes materialism, suffering, anguish, setbacks, disappointment and enmity. Also failure, greed, miserliness, oppression, hatred, poverty and chronic diseases belong to its domain. Saturn has a slowing effect on things in general.

Ascetics, hermits, the sober living scholar, the grandfather; old age and older people in general belong to the domain of Saturn. Also all religions which have a god of vengeance; religions that fill the life of men with sacrifices, obligations and penance.


What does saturn represent:


Saturn  characteristics



Tenaciousness, thoughtfulness, perseverance, analytical mind, ability to concentrate. Soundness, thoroughness, control of emotions, a very reserved character.


Egoism, mistrust, pessimism, misanthrope, rancorous and stubborn. Tough, rigid. susceptible to depression.


Other Associations


Zodiac SignCapricorn
Housethe tenth House
Anatomythe bone structure, calcifications, all abnormalities of the skeletal system and teeth
Colourblack, the color of mourning. also: dark green, dark brown
Gemstoneonyx, obsidian and jet
Agefrom 49 to 56 years, awareness of the personal task in this life
Symbolthe mortal cross stands triumphantly over the crescent that symbolizes the soul

Occupation : scholars, researchers, archivists, officials, historians, collectors, speleologists, sewer worker, grave digger, miners and masons. The position of Saturn in your birth chart reveals how you relate to responsibilities. Saturn teaches you to work hard and plays a major role in your work and career.

Basic Astronomy:


The last of the planets, in order from the Sun, that can be seen with the naked eye. It takes the planet close to 30 years to orbit the Sun. Saturn is easily distinguished from the other planets by its striking rings.

In Mythology:


He is The Teacher and the God of Harvest (Cronus) and he stands for power of self-control

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation


The ‘Old Wise Man’ Saturn brings a sense of duty and responsibility to our lives. In the natal chart this planet indicates the direction that will be taken, if we follow our sense of duty and discipline to attain our aspiration. In chart interpretation the position of Saturn by sign, house and aspect indicates what kind of lessons must be learned, hardships and limitations conquered in order to grow and acquire maturity, wisdom and acceptance. By the same token this planet stands for boundaries, limitations and restrictions and on the other end of the spectrum its qualities are stability, practicality, work and economy.

Astro Keywords:


experience, responsibility, order, authority, control, patience, old age, coldness and fear

If you have strong Saturn or some planets in Capricorn in your chart you’re likely to identify your self with this quotation ‘Everybody needs a certain level of misery in his life to be happy.


Saturn In The Signs


Saturn in Aries



Saturn’s influence of caution and restraint may conflict with your innate decisiveness. Discernment is needed to use this influence rather than allowing it to confuse you. Once aware of it, you can cooperate with this influence to modify your tendency to add aggression to your decisiveness.

Good Aspects

  • Ambitious, strong need to achieve something worthwhile.
  • Finding a balance between careful planning and forging ahead may not be easy.
  • May get frustrated with obstacles or delays.
  • Likes responsibility.
  • Strong need for security. Likes to feel everything is under control.
  • Tends to lay down rules.
  • Strong willed. Not easily put off. Strong sense of duty.

Bad Aspects

  • Doesn’t like any form of restriction.
  • Impulsive, seeks shortcuts.
  • Not easy to please.
  • Sense of timing not good.
  • Insecurity results in laying down laws for all and sundry.

Saturn in Taurus


Saturn will soon counter any temptation the usually conservative Taurean might have to over-indulge in the good things of life and is likely to encourage caution and worry. Saturn may be helpful in encouraging a deliberation towards social or business successes. At other times, Saturn may reinforce a rigid attitude to routine, which may be imposed on others, especially partners or children.

Good Aspects

  • Serious purpose in life, seeks to achieve material security.
  • Great determination and endless patience.
  • Prepared to restrict self in order to gain later.
  • Very practical.
  • Slow to display feelings.
  • Loyal and supportive.

Bad Aspects

  • Afraid to take risks or to step outside of self-imposed routine.
  • May be lethargic.
  • Stubborn and inflexible.
  • Feelings are bottled up, gives appearance of being cold or aloof.
  • Afraid to show affection.

Saturn in Gemini


Saturn brings an economy and authority to Gemini’s usual verbosity, and others are more inclined to pay strict attention. There may be an opportunity to ‘tune in’ to the influence of Saturn and attend to the inner voice of authority, rather than being diverted by the more usual ‘monkey-mind’ activities. However, if Saturn adds taciturnity, the individual may have to watch out for a sharpness that can startle or scare others, especially in the absence of humor.

Good Aspects

  • Practical minded.
  • Good concentration.
  • Mind slanted towards success. Serious, long term view of life.
  • Carefully considered views.
  • Could do well in public speaking were facts have to be presented in a logical framework.
  • Sound judgement, impartial.
  • Studious, likes serious subjects.
  • Patient, painstaking attention to detail.
  • May be a late starter.

Bad Aspects

  • Depression. Sad and gloomy outlook.
  • Sees obstacles rather than challenges.
  • Early education may be blighted by adverse conditions.
  • May find learning a chore, may even give up.
  • May fail to rise to the occasion when opportunity calls through being timid.
  • Lets thoughts rule behaviour.

Saturn in Cancer


Saturn positively influences Cancer’s capacity for making shrewd decisions and judgments, but may encourage the individual to withdraw into that shell at other times, especially in a period of worry or tension. There may be a chance to ‘tune in’ to the energy of Saturn at a time when there is a need to make an ethical decision. Saturn’s influence can be a stabilizing force, adding a timely shrewdness to decisions and a quiet determination to succeed.

Good Aspects

  • Ambitious.
  • Has the will power and tactical skills needed to succeed.
  • Good abilities in managing and organizing.
  • Has an air of authority.
  • Honorable, personal integrity.
  • Faith in self and abilities.

Bad Aspects

  • Overcautious, too practical.
  • Inner frustrations, feelings of failure.
  • Feels that life is against happiness and success.
  • May be cold and uncaring. Afraid to express feelings.
  • Shy.
  • Burdens and responsibilities heaped on shoulders.
  • May get little satisfaction or appreciation for efforts.
  • Narrow ambitions.
  • Personal happiness may suffer as a result of endeavors.
  • Dutiful towards loved ones rather than affectionate.

Saturn in Leo


Saturn’s influence brings a serious mien and may dampen down Leo’s infectious approach to life, but this is unlikely to be a serious problem. At times, its influence can counsel caution to the self-aware Leo individual rather than unthinking over-enthusiasm or a dictatorial approach. Saturn’s influence can add to the usually intrepid nature of the Leonine personality, helping to sustain appropriate action when things get tough.

Good Aspects

  • Sad outlook, difficult to find happiness.
  • Inhibited, tends to accept what appears to be ‘fated’ of ‘the way of things’.
  • Feels burdened and unable to make headway.
  • Lacks resolve or courage to take advantage of opportunities.
  • More likely to depend on others than on self.

Bad Aspects

  • Chilled emotions not easy to express.
  • Deep inhibitions and lack of confidence.
  • Worries unduly, dogged by strange fears.
  • Depression.
  • Chained to certain ideals but does not question their validity.
  • Unnecessary burdens accepted out of mistaken sense of duty. Not easily pigeonholed, though.
  • May sometimes try to avoid restrictions.
  • Difficult to diagnose health problems which are probably due to repressed fears and deep-rooted frustrations.

Saturn in Virgo


Saturn reinforces Virgo’s serious approach to life, especially in the area of caution and conscience, and may increase a tendency to expect others to be as hard-working and as meticulous as themselves. A tendency to be hard on themselves may increase, and self-confidence may be severely dented if they are experiencing a period of anxiety. In other circumstances Saturn can have a stabilizing influence on a tendency to become overanxious, lending a balanced perspective.

Good Aspects

  • Liking for structure and form gives ability to deal with facts and figures or the ‘nuts and bolts’ of life.
  • Good practical skills.
  • Very organised, neat and tidy, efficient.
  • Methodical with meticulous attention to detail.
  • Loyal towards co-workers.
  • Doesn’t mind making sacrifices along the way.
  • Precise mind.
  • Ought to be good with facts and figures and complex details. Technical abilities.

Bad Aspects

  • Perfectionist, obsession with details.
  • Problem separating real from unreal or essential from nonessential.
  • Muddles and worries.
  • Inflexible and dogmatic.
  • Unable to trust people to do what is required.
  • May enforce rigid plans and ideas on others.

Saturn in Libra


Saturn may enhance Libra’s innate sense of justice, and sincerity, replacing a tendency towards superficiality in dispensing sympathy and kindness, tact and diplomacy. However, it may encourage sexual or romantic inhibition, preventing the healthy expression of emotion, and a tendency to be self-centered rather than outward-looking

Good Aspects

  • Cautious, takes time getting to know someone.
  • Loyal and supportive for the long-term.
  • Likes steady, reliable people with integrity and honesty.
  • Likes to be able to depend on people.
  • Useful and constructive associations for mutual benefit.
  • Good co-operation in business.
  • Ability to use knowledge to assist others.
  • Patient and reasonable.
  • Sound judgement, impartial.

Bad Aspects

  • Overcautious, never really sure of feelings.
  • High expectations of others may be hard for them to live up to.
  • Not easy to gain co-operation.
  • Lonely and depressed.
  • Overly strong need for security.
  • Fears and self doubts.

Saturn in Scorpio


Saturn’s influence tends to dampen down the proclivity to enjoy sex, pushing Scorpios in on themselves so that they are likely to brood and lose sight of their goals. A cruel or jealous streak may manifest. At other times Saturn may have a needed sobering effect on the tendencies to overdo things or become obsessive, and in facilitating good business decisions.

Good Aspects

  • Deep emotions which are not easily displayed.
  • Likes to be in control at all times.
  • Doesn’t like to feel too dependent.
  • Secretive about aims until time is right to act.
  • Very determined to succeed. Cautious and patient.
  • Good strategist or executive.
  • High curiosity.
  • Endless patience.
  • Good ability to spot opportunities and capitalize on them.
  • Investigative abilities used to check out people or situations for financial gains.

Bad Aspects

  • Inner fears and insecurities make adequate expression of feelings difficult.
  • Can appear cold or indifferent.
  • Tends to brood and be jealous.
  • Hard to get close to.
  • Doesn’t forgive easily.
  • Strong need to control everything in life.
  • Seems to need a great deal yet no amount of material gain brings happiness.

Saturn in Sagittarius


Saturn helps encourage Sagittarian intellectual development and love of learning. Advantage can be taken of the restraining influence of Saturn in situations where the individual might otherwise act without due consideration. Attempts to ‘listen’ hard can result in an amplification of the ‘still, small voice within’ that warns or directs. Saturn can encourage too much hesitation when it is time to make a move.

Good Aspects

  • Generally optimistic and enthusiastic about aims.
  • Balanced patient effort with enjoyment.
  • Personal standing and dignity will increase with age.
  • Capable of long, patient study, can turn this knowledge to maximum advantage.
  • Expansive ideas which are turned into practical reality.

Bad Aspects

  • Find leaning a chore, may give up.
  • Restricted outlook.
  • Bound to negative patterns of belief.
  • Finds it difficult to accept delays or restrictions.
  • Temperamental.
  • Unfinished projects, careless mistakes.

Saturn in Capricorn


Saturn is Capricorn’s ruling planet and enhances proclivities towards shrewd judgment, practical ambition, and patience. At times Saturn may tip the scales, causing a tendency to be careful with money to fall into stinginess, or the desire to become established professionally to develop into a stinginess with the time given to family or friends. Saturn’s negative influence may be felt also as a heaviness that encourages a natural inclination to be pessimistic.

Good Aspects

  • Very ambitious, will structure life around goals.
  • Willing to make sacrifices along the way.
  • Has self discipline, integrity, keen sense of duty and power of endurance.
  • Puts knowledge and experience to good use.
  • Good organizing and managing abilities, would do well in position of authority.
  • Very patient and practical.

Bad Aspects

  • Too wrapped up in ambitions.
  • May deprive self of happiness.
  • Doesn’t like to get to close.
  • Suspicious.
  • Driven to the extent that other people’s needs and feelings are disregarded.
  • Over serious with narrow perspective.
  • Pessimistic.
  • Depression.

Saturn in Aquarius


Saturn encourages the Aquarian determination and individualistic approach, but may encourage clinging on to original ideas long after they have been superseded. The influence of Saturn can act as a prompt for the inner voice of wisdom, especially encouraging balance if there is a tendency to display obsessive behavior.

Good Aspects

  • Can take advantage of social contacts and conditions.
  • Valuable friends.
  • Equates to serious-minded individuals or older people.
  • Considerate and loyal, but likes to remain independent.
  • Strategist.
  • Scientific thinking.
  • Very rational and logical.
  • Likes to think in own way and arrive at own conclusions.
  • Disinclined to change opinions to suit others.

Bad Aspects

  • Wants to socialize but tends to remain solitary or live life within strict confines.
  • May tread a lonely path with fellow idealists.
  • Stubborn and inflexible. Inability to see reason in the aims of others.
  • Unable to adapt to changes in public opinion.
  • Tries to impose opinions on others.

Saturn in Pisces


Saturn can promote a desire for self-examination and be a stabilizing influence on emotionality, or when Pisces needs to hear the voice of reason. It’s influence can also inhibit self-confidence, especially sexually.

Good Aspects

  • Sad outlook, difficult to find happiness.
  • Inhibited, tends to accept what appears to be ‘fated’ of ‘the way of things’.
  • Feels burdened and unable to make headway.
  • Lacks resolve or courage to take advantage of opportunities.
  • More likely to depend on others than on self.

Bad Aspects

  • Chilled emotions not easy to express.
  • Deep inhibitions and lack of confidence.
  • Worries unduly, dogged by strange fears. Depression.
  • Chained to certain ideals but does not question their validity.
  • Unnecessary burdens accepted out of mistaken sense of duty.
  • Not easily pigeonholed, though. May sometimes try to avoid restrictions.
  • Difficult to diagnose health problems which are probably due to repressed fears and deep-rooted frustrations.


Serena Weaver


Saturn, planet of harshness, structure and hard work. It is considered the ruler of Capricorn, and traditionally it was also the ruler of Aquarius. Its natural house is the 10th house.

Notable astronomical characteristics
Saturn is second largest planet in the solar system. It is a gas giant possessing the most distinct and detailed ring system, made up mostly of water ice. It has some of the fastest winds in the solar system. It is the least dense of all planets (considering the average between its rocky core and all of its gases). Its colors are mostly bland, yellowish, but Saturn has a most unique hexagonal cloud structure around its northern pole.

Astrological qualities

Saturn is societal in that it seeks to establish itself within society, rather in consideration of its prevailing winds or closely in tandem with it. It is intrinsic in that its function is more discreet and discriminative by nature.

Saturn is mainly the structural function within society. It is the planet that structures society and upholds it, through organization, persistence and determination, caution and supervision. It tends to identify itself with authority and order. It is managerial by its nature.

It is mainly a planet of hard work and responsibility, maturity. It can also lessen sensitivity to all suffering by crystallizing the emotions, sometimes also having some underlying masochistic psychological twist to it. In a strongly emotional chart it may bring forth a more contorted, problematic nature.

It’s nature is highly critical, sharp and rather elitist. It is more disciplinarian in nature, believes in proper punishment. It can be dictatorial towards its subordinates, especially in a chart that lacks mitigating influences.

More generally, Saturn is the seat of law and order. It has a penchant for societal issues, and often imparts claims of legitimacy to exercise critical power. Those that are born under its rays may be all but too keen to be judge and executioner.

Other influences

In non-natal charts Saturn can reflect difficulties, especially as they rise from lack of tact and sensitivity, lack of consideration, excessive self-interest and other cold calculations, if from the person in question, others in his surroundings, or both. On the other hand, in a good setting it can more significantly reflect itself through organization, hard work at some goal, professionalism and successes through experience and knowhow, all through the house’s domain and sign qualities.

Saturnian vocations

Saturn’s influence in vocation is rather malleable and the exact direction it takes is more influenceable by the other planets, Saturn just makes it more serious, professional, focussed and ambitious. Nevertheless, Saturn tends to push in these direction.
Corporate management or Administration
Business and related entrepreneurship – especially with the enterprising 9th.
Self-employment, in relation to the house focus of the Sun and Mercury. Especially with a strong MarsSymbol of Mars.
Governmental work
Authority or Police – especially with Scorpio influences or those of the lawful 9th.
Education – especially with a strong Mercury and JupiterSymbol of Jupiter influences.
Architecture – especially supported by mixes of influence of the enterprising 9th, of UranusSymbol of Uranus, of imaginative  Symbol of Neptune or Symbol of the sign of Pisces. The managerial 10th may sometimes feature in addition to, or instead of the 9th. Image:Capricorn symbol small.gifCapricorn placements are also common.


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