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This is a person that when they’re in love with someone they are in it for the long term. They know exactly what they’re looking for, and when they find it,  it’s a decision that is easy for them to make.

If you came here with the goal of trying to decode or crack the behavior of a Scorpio, I am very afraid to say that you might as well give up now.

This is a sign when they are completely in love with you it will be obvious to you. They will give you some pretty clear and natural signs for you to know exactly what they’re feeling.

If you feel as though they’re in love with you but you are oblivious or not picking up any signs, then that means that you don’t understand the way that they are capable of showing love ( show it differently then most) , or the worst case scenario they just don’t have love in her heart for you. Blunt but true!

Scorpios are very powerful and passionate people. Even though they come across as being impatient, they are pretty resilient partners when it comes to love.

This is a sign that really does have the ability to love intensely. Sometimes it’s so profound that they may have a hard time putting words in their own mouth to describe their feelings for someone else. That’s why a lot of the times their feelings are presented in a more physical way.

What Scorpio looks for in a partner

They want somebody that can bring some stability to their life and is very dependable. They want somebody that understands that the emotional swings or shifts that a Scorpio has is something that is one of their traits. So they need somebody that would be able to handle the intensity of that emotional side of them. Somebody that wouldn’t think twice about leaving them because they were upset or disturbed buy those emotional swings.

In a lot of cases people View and believe that Taurus could actually be the most ideal partner for this sign.You can follow the link below which will show you what other signs the Scorpio is compatible with.

Who is Scorpio Compatible with?

Best and Worst Scorpio in Love Qualities

Scorpios like intensity, deep emotions and also “the secrets” of life.

Best qualities: Expressive, loyal, loving and sensitive (and can be expressive and quite passionate with their partner, sexually).

Challenges: Tendency to dishonesty in relationships (and can be rather ruthless, as well). Can become too secretive and lack communication skills with their partner also, over time. (Need to learn a balance between the self and the other).

Love Traits


The main Scorpio love trait is a need to love and to be loved. For a Scorpio true love is essential in life and family is more important than anything else. They are determined and dedicated people who know what they want in life and are able to make the commitment to achieve it. When a Scorpio’s mind is set on something it stays set – some consider them obsessive! They are generous in the extreme and will give you their last Cent, but sometimes they will display signs of jealousy – and a near-possessive nature.

Scorpio Male  Love Traits:

A perfectionist who wants to be recognized for his achievements. He needs to think he’s always in control and taking the lead in relationships. Scorpio man is passionate, possessive and jealous. He is also very serious about work and his career. When Scorpio man marries he will be making a lifetime commitment – he does not make this commitment lightly. This man never does anything by half-measures so you need to take him seriously. Direct by nature, if he doesn’t like someone they will know it straight away .

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Scorpio Female Love Traits:

Treat the Scorpio female right to get the best from her – or be prepared to suffer the consequences! If you cheat on her she will repay you big time, but if you are loyal she will give you all the support and love you could need. The Scorpio female has magnetism and will have many friends who are all important to her. Not likely to marry the wrong person as she can work out someone’s character really quickly.

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Things Scorpio Needs to focus on when they are in love


They need to become a more positive person

Sometimes this is a sign that starts to feel as though something eventually is going to go wrong in their love life. When they start to feel that way, things won’t flow naturally the way that they want them to when it comes to being with somebody.

So what they really need to do is take the time to think more positively about their love and their relationship. They really need to be exactly who they are meant to be without changing too much, but at the same time they really need to relax as much as they possibly can.

They need to relax to the point that they don’t act upon a thought or an action impulsively, that could possibly ruin the happiness that they have found.

They need to open up themselves to their partner, and give them a chance to release all of those feelings that they have in their heart. This is their way of being able to feel safe and secure in a relationship, and to continue feeling as though it’s a healthy and happy one at the same time.

They need to take the time to live life.

This is that moment for them to reach out and do something new that they never thought they would ever try.

As we will touch on in the very next section they have a tendency to like to be in control of everything at every moment. Sometimes though it’s very important for them to let their partner take the wheel for a bit. Because they always want to be in control, that brings a little bit of stress to their life at the same time. By letting their partner have a say in things they will become more relaxed in their love, and they will be more interested in going ahead and trying new things with their partner.

They need to be convinced to go out on adventures, to get out of their comfort zone and start enjoying the life that is out there for them. This will help strengthen that love that they share together, and at the same time their partner will feel as though this relationship is equal. By them taking the time to relinquish some of that control that they have over the relationship, they will find that when things are equaled out they will have a more enjoyable lasting love.

They need to know how to release the control

This by far and large is something that they really need to work hard on. They are a very passionate sign and this is something that everybody out there knows about, but sometimes their passion can get right out of hand. It doesn’t take very much to flip the switch, and that jealous and possessive or even obsessive streak can come out.

They bring a very intense energy into love, and sometimes this can be very overwhelming to the person that they are in love with.

It is in this moment that they need to take the time to sit back and relax a little bit. They need to give themselves permission to release the control of the relationship, and let their partner make some moves.

They’re going to find that if they give their partner a little bit of space or a little bit of rope, and their partner is able to do things without having somebody over looking every move that they make, then this love will be better than anything they’ve ever had before.

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