Pisces and Pisces Compatibility – Water + Water

Are both Pisces signs compatible together in a relationship?

There is a lot of compatibility between these two signs together. They’re both water signs, which just like the symbol itself shows two fish swimming together. That’s a pretty good analogy of this combination.

Since they’re both born under the same sign, they can pretty much understand each other in every way, and connect on an emotional level without too many problems.

The only thing is Pisces usually needs a very strong partner beside them, one that will give them a lot of stability and security. Guaranteed though there will be a lot of love and sensitivity between the two of them.

This combination together can make a really good friendship. A relationship on the other hand is very very possible, but some work needs to be put in to get it to where it needs to be.

As they move together in life as a couple, they need somebody within the relationship that will bring a lot of optimism to it, and at the same time can be the decision maker of the two of them.

If they can delegate that kind of responsibility they’ll find that this relationship can definitely work out.

How are Pisces and Pisces in love ?

In some cases but not all , this can be what would be considered a soulmate relationship, due to the fact that they truly do understand each other during the good moments and the bad ones .

This will start off as a friendship together where they’ll have some romantic moments that sneak their way in. It is at this moment that they will figure out whether or not they want to be a couple or stay as friends. As mentioned previously it doesn’t always result in a relationship between the two of them.

These two together will talk a lot about the future and love, share their fantasies with each other and their deep emotions that they feel for their partner and for where their life is heading .

This is where sometimes things get dicey between them, but if they can have somebody that will pull them out of their emotional sadness that they can feel sometimes and depressive states, then they can make it in a relationship .

So the success of this couple will always depend on the two type of Pisces that are together in this relationship. If one of them brings a lot more energy to the relationship, and the ability to make decisions on the fly then it does bode well for the two of them to be together .

This is due to the fact that Pisces in most cases is better off with a partner that is more realistic, and down-to-earth.  Due to the fact that most of the time Pisces has their heads deep in the clouds.

If they’re able to bring their heads down from the clouds and start living a more realistic, in the moment life, it will give them more stability as a couple, and also help them confront one of their biggest weaknesses which is their sadness that they will both feel at times.

sexually speaking they both will get along very well which will be touched upon below. They will find out when they have arguments between themselves or their feeling down in general, that sex will bring them that dopamine release that they need to feel a little bit better that day.

The thing that they always have to remember is that those problems need to be faced head-on, and sexual release in the bedroom is not going to fix those issues.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: A fine pair for daydreaming and taking care of others, but who will make sure their bills get paid on time?

Celia: Two starry eyed romantics – but no-one’s remembered to buy the milk.

Jenn:  This is one of the few same sign matches that can actually work out.  The romantic notions of these two dreamers keeps the passion alive.  However one of you will have to take over the more responsible role which since you are both dependent creatures.  This in not necessarily any easy task.

Lidia: This is a soul mate relationship as you both see very quickly into your relationship. You will be very in tune with each other, emotionally and physically, which makes all of those in depth conversation and sex truly fabulous! There are not many lovers that pay complete attention to the way you react to the slightest of touches in the bedroom and if there is one thing your partner will be good at, it is learning what you do and don’t want in that department! This over abundance of love can cause some jealousy every now and again, so try to speak about your feelings before you begin to read each other and come up with a mixture of interpretations.

Be prepared to take this slower than you want to and you can make it last a lifetime, rushing will only make you set goals for your love higher and you will get stressed because they are out of your reach within the time frames you set.

Laura: When a Pisces and Pisces enter into a relationship, it’s likely that the sensitivity will be heightened, which only adds to the potential for a strong, deep romance. This pair will be able to read each other with barely a word mentioned between them. Highly intuitive and very mindful of other people’s feelings, they won’t want to bruise each other very often, with hurtful comments or criticisms.

Heidi: Physically these two get along great, however, they have a problem providing emotional stability and fulfillment for the other. They could bring out the worst in each other, permitting negative and depressed feelings.

Keley: This can be a surprisingly successful relationship. These two will have a very romantic time, as they both understand the need for tenderness and intimacy. The only problems could be on the material plane, so one of these two should be fairly grounded.

Marcus: These two will love and cherish each other dearly. Loyalty and devotion is not the problem for the double Fish combination. The obstacles may lie in getting these two moving. Pisces is often so laid back and cool, some may say wishy-washy, that this relationship may be in danger of petering out prematurely. These two gravitate to each other naturally and are very compatible, almost on a telepathic level. Pisces have a great gift of being sensitive to others feelings, and these two will play off each other beautifully.

David: A pair of emotional, dreamy Pisceans can relate in ways that escape others. But who’s going to take care of business? Unfortunately, probably no one.

Pisces Man and Pisces Woman

The love relationship between Pisces women and Pisces men would be exactly like a dream. Both of them have similar thoughts, similar ideas and similar feelings. Both of them like to keep to themselves and would want to have an emotional connection before anything else happens. Both of them have similar ideologies and hence would get along great. There would however be one problem. Both the Pisces men and women live in dreams and are not practical at all. Both might face some problems in terms of practicality in life, keeping in mind the money issues and others as well. 

Pisces and Pisces Friendship

These two as a couple have the same goals when it comes to friendship. Due to this a very strong bond between the two of you will be created.

Pisces and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

As we know relationships take time and work, but with patience this combination can create a lot of unconditional love. The devotion between you both will be real and positive.

Long-term relationship:

Together as a couple you be able to take on the world and all that comes with it.

Short-term relationship:

There’ll be a lot of discussions towards the future and ideas that you both have together or individually. These will be an interesting first few weeks that can grow towards a more long-term relationship if wanted.

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Pisces and Pisces Sex

These two signs together create a very Ying and Yang like narrative. There is no in between with these two signs, either the sex is going to be very hot or can be very cold.

pisces and pisces sexually compatible

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Pisces Compatibility with Pisces Over all Score:

overall score 73%


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
pisces and pisces compatibility


  1. I am a pisces woman i do not like pisces man. They are to much like me or a completely different type of pisces. I do not like the way pisces men are they tend to be very mean for no reason and nagg about a lot of things. Pisces woman and man are very different.

  2. fishmonkey says:

    Well, I am a pisces/monkey, 42, who has been involved with female pisces on several occasions.

    I was with a pisces/rooster, which working reasonable for 18 months or so.. I really think it was the rooster that attracted me in her, but the sexual connection was down to her as a pisces!
    our love just sort of seeped out, going from a strong attraction to emptiness. Weird, ha?
    But it was probably the monkey in me, getting bored, moving on. I still think of her.

    I was later married to a pisces/pig for several years: so sweet, extremely beautiful and petite, I really lost my heart to her on first sighting! Very homey, with a golden heart and being the perfect hostess with friends and family around. But she needed a little drama now and then.
    Stubborn – really annoyingly stubborn, she seemed to lack all logical notions, being the pisces girl she was. I had to ask her to excuse herself when she wronged me or created friction, always being the one to mend after our unreasonable fights.
    So frustrating and tiresome, the monkey in me is guided by logic and reason, not emotional crap!
    Finally, as many pigs do, she got lazy and indulgent with unhealthy vices (fat food + wine) and put on 50 pounds over a period of a year or so, getting depressed in the process.
    Nothing helped, all support and speeches, stimulations or advice where lost on her stubborn self.
    Finally, I warned her of my degrading sentiments, asking her to help me in preserving our marriage, before we went our seperate ways.. Fatalism kicked in, and we got a “happy” divorce.
    I blame the pig in her and the monkey in me, not so much our fishy side, apart from her depression?

    To sum it up, pisces are good mutual companions, but I think other aspects of our personalities and compositions are more decisive regarding this constellation.
    The chinese zodiac seems to be more dominant in me, and for my ex-wife too.
    I am attracted to pisces women, but would need the next to be rat or dragon, for compability.
    And that is probably the monkey talking right now, not the fish!

  3. Pisces123 says:

    I am a pisces female and I spent four years in a relationship with a pisces male. In the beginning, I was amazed at how compatible we were and how it seemed as though we were always on the same wavelength. I had more telepathic experiences with this man than any other before him. But I have to say that after a while I started to feel as though I was looking at myself when I looked at him. While we shared many of the same positive qualities, we also shared many negative qualities which ultimately resulted in a relationship of stagnation. It was surprising because people will assume that two people of the same sign make a good match (everyone but Linda Goodman, it seems). I am not suggesting that pisces people should avoid relationships with other pisces, but I have found that for me there was no balance. Of course other influences such as planetary configurations must be taken into account.

  4. I agree strongly with the first posting i am a male Pisces i dated a Pisces female rooster for 2 years. the first year was lovely and sweet i enjoy it so much but she started to be more controlling and mean. i was so depress the 2nd year with her i wanted to leave but i found it so hard. and when i finally did leave i still found myself going back thinking she has changed. we separated for 3 months and than we started talking and we went out a few times and the last time we dated she made me feel so worth less that i left for good i dint want to relive such pain.she still calls me but i avoid her calls, I am sure that i am doing the right thing. but the first years was fun

  5. These posts are making me sad lol. My Pisces and I have been together for about three to four months. He seems to be everything I have ever wanted in a partner. He is exactly like me and I’m loving it! I would hate to think that our relationship will end in a flop. However, I am a Christian and I believe that, through our faith, we will live happily ever after. He has my heart already.

    1. I don’t know how old this comment is, but I hope it’s working out. Don’t forget, that no matter what sign someone is, life shapes you as well. So this may not be the same relationship for every Pisces-Pisces.

  6. I am a pisces snake and my husband is a pisces ox. We have the same body type, interests, lows and highs…it is bizarre and it would take an extremelly long post to talk about us, but we kind of hold each other up.

    One day he is depressed and angry about something and I support him. The next day it is me. Yes…it can be an annoying but loving relationship. I would much rather be in this situation than in the previous one.

    Being married to a Gemini. We were married for 21 horrible years. We went bankrupt, fought, got in physical confrontations, fought, he had affairs he would confess about, jealousy, fighting and more fighting!! Funny how we can still be very good friends.

    Heck, the pisces man I married is a mutual friend of ours and my Gemini ex-husband re-introduced him to me after telling me pisces was in love with me! Gemini is the father of my kids and we have parties and such with the kids over at our house and his.

    Gemini, pisces and I (pisces too) grew up in the same neighborhood together and I dated them both when we were in grade school. The gemini & I ended up marrying. The pisces used to come over to see my husband as they are best friends. Pisces and I used to have a beer together on the back porch and talk until my husband got home.

    He said he fell in love with me and that was why he quit coming over for a beer until my gemini husband got home!

    I did love him too. We were both going down different roads at the time but we wound up together in the end.

    It is funny how I think back and I was afraid of my pisces husband because I DIDN’T want him falling in love with me for some reason. I was always “knowing” when it came to him. Weird. Just plain weird. Somehow, I knew him a long, long time ago…in a past life.

    But Gemini and the both of us will always be friends.

    Gemini and pisces just cannot maintain a good marriage unless they have other stronger planetary influences, I agree.

  7. I’ve met a few pisces women and although the initial bond is immediate and strong, I always get this sense that getting into a relationship with them would be a very very bad idea. Although it is nice to find someone who is spiritual and intuitive, I think the female pisces is a little too out there for the male (no offense intended). Personally I have sworn off all pisces-pisces relationships because I know it would be just too much to handle.

  8. I am a 45 yr old Pisces/Dragon. When I was 19 I dated a 19 yr old Pisces/Dragon. Funny, I rebelled against his better judgements and boy, did I pay the price, which lead me running away from him and getting really hurt. That hurt I used to sabotage our friendship. We went on with our lives; married other people & had children. 26 yrs later he contacts me & we’ve been talking about what happened and have forgiven each other. We are meeting soon and who knows what will happen! Hopefully a positive, enriching and loving companionship. I’ll keep you posted…

  9. I agree with this post completely. I am a Pisces woman and I had a very short and rocky relationship with a Pisces man, and I never wish to repeat it. It was great at first, with lots of affection and passion. We talked about our future together and all the places we would travel to. But he was so self-conscious and negative! There was always drama with him, and when he was depressed (which was always), I would feel depressed too. He wasn’t emotionally available because he was always so focused on his problems. It got boring because he would always want to stay in and watch movies. I was fine with this, but once and awhile I would have liked him to take me out or make plans for a date (which I always ended up doing). We would hardly speak to each other, but not because I didn’t try to start conversations. He just wouldn’t have much to say. Sometimes I would be babbling for a full 5 minutes and realize that he had not heard a word I said. He was manipulative, stubborn, withdrawn, disrespectful, bossy and was not afraid to use emotional blackmail on me. But on the good days he was sweet, compassionate, loving, and protective. I miss that part of him, but the bad parts completely ruined it for me.

  10. I’m with a Pisces male and me being a pisces female we bond so well. Our sex life is amazing and out of the window sometimes in compassion to other people we know. Sometimes we have our disagreements well not even that often we connect in a very strnage way. This is the best relationship so far 🙂 xx

  11. I think chinese astrology comes into play too.

    Im a Pisces-Dog male and always was attracted to pisces women. but i spent 13 hellish years in a relationship with a pisces-rooster who was over dominating. i did try to break it off but it was a wierd mind f#$k that i couldnt fix or get out of. i finally did though, but it was a very rough parting.

    id advise pisces-dog to avoid pisces-rooster at ALL cost.

    I did meet a pisces/ox that was kinda geeky and intellectual, but at the same time sweet and attractive. a TOTALLY different personality than the rooster, although the pisces i like is in there. i like the ox way better than the rooster.

    this is a word to the wise for pisces dogs – avoid pisces roosters (and maybe roosters in general – they are bossy and over-dominating.

    1. free flying says:

      I too am a Pisces-dog and I spent 16 years in a (very bad) relationship with a Pisces-dragon. I am now dating an Aquarius and quite honestly so far, this is one of the best relationships I’ve ever been in. I keep reading that Aquarius and Pisces are not a very good match, but then again I’ve read that Pisces and Pisces are an excellent match…I think I’m going to just quit listening!

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