1. The Mrs A says:

    in my experience, being with a fellow piscean has been the best choice I ever made. Believe it or not, we keep each other grounded and our extreme empathy intensifies our love. He keeps me sane in a tumultuous world and he calms my soul. I do not know if I subscribe to the belief in soulmates, but if this is the person who makes you laugh, comforts your tears, screams with you in frustration, sends you over the edge and brings you back to an ethereal existence and every thing in between, then maybe I have met mine. Perhaps we work because he’s not 100% Pisces and I am Pisces who was born in the year of the Tiger. I do not know for sure, but I do feel that out of all the zodiac combinations I have tried to date, this one is the best.

  2. Well, what I mean about bad fate is, me and this woman was talking on the internet, and we had soooo much in common. We chatted for hours. Unfortunately she lived so far away. But things were going good anyway. EVERYTHING, we talked about we liked. She was gorgeous! She seemed so.. PERFECT. When we were chatting, I didn’t have a car.. Later, when I finally got my car.. Things went down hill.. Work hours was overwhelming, and I had less time to myself, and for my online girlfriend. Alot of circumstances and situations happened, and bad events tore us apart, with no fault from either of us.. It’s like, nature didn’t want us to be happy. I felt guilty, and thought, if I did anything different.. I might be with her today.. Sob! Sob! Sob!

  3. Matty Matilda says:

    I dated my Pisces boy. That all was SO romantic and so real. I remember how we laid in his bed, hand in hand,looking into each other eyes,listening to calming music..that was so good. After 7 months together I went crazy about everything he do.(in bad meaning) he smoked cigarettes and weed, he drank a lot. I went crazy about EVERYTHING. even about his friends and hobbies. Then he started to put all those things in front of me, like I’m nothing. (that’s my fault though)..my friends kept saying to me that i need to leave him before its too late, but i didn’t. i just couldn’t made a decision. I left him so many times but we always went together again. i cried a lot. after a year i was so damaged, i went to one party and made out with one other guy. i was so in love with him, and all the love with my bf was gone. I was afraid to tell him that.. so then passed one more year. We broke up. 2 years. Now when he is alone,he realizes how much he needs me. he’s sweeter than ever..but my love is gone.

  4. These relationships are the best ever. In fact, I’m in love with one now. But the bad thing is, we live in different places. We do know what the other person looks like; he’s a real beauty. I’m only 18; but hey, you can fall in love any age. It’s like through the phone, I’m looking through the depths of his eyes and all i see is love. He doesn’t really know too much about the zodiac or in fact our sign (which we both are) but i always tell him that the reason why we have such an inspiring relationship is because of our signs and our sensibility between each other. He’s all the good in me and that’s one of the reasons why I’m alive today. He’s my best friend and i just cant wait until we meet so we can make it official and I’ll actually REALLY look into the depths of his eyes and say “this is the guy i know is now officially mine.” Thank-you

  5. Right off the bat we fell. things where great we always seemed it be in touch with each other’s feelings and dreams… however this ended up being our down fall. we wanted the exact thing right down the line. we knew right off the bat when one of us was down. but with wanting the same thing we where always up set that neither would give it, not the fact it was a power thing no how can you give someone something when you want it so bad your self. also we needed time apart and being a Pisces we need time with the each other we are two fish and will always need that other fish around. it just wasn’t a great match. was great at first but was so bad at the end. i wouldn’t recommend this to anyone.

  6. RyanMichael says:

    My experience of this relationship. The other person worked hard at a job and we lived a hundred km away from each other. He was not good at swimming against the current and wanted something typically codependent. How irresponsible! Problems that would otherwise be manageable turned into massive snowballs very quickly, even with my good communication skills. This stemmed from him having a need to feel nurtured by someone else because he was hopeless at nurturing himself. The emotionally neediness and confusion just fed back into the relationship arena and caused him to slip away. Instability caused confusion which caused mistrust and the cycle of instability perpetuated itself in his fragile little brain. At first my belief was that it was going to be fantastic and I would be right if I had chosen a more emotionally responsible, mature and switched-on Pisces Which is why I am going to do it again! Without his shortcomings I’d say this is instant win material..

  7. Austin ' Frozay" Beck says:

    My girlfriend is originally from Germany, and about a year and a half ago moved here for a foreign exchange Au pairs (basically an in-home nanny) program. 3 months later there was a huge Halloween parade in my town, where we happened to run into each other. We were both with a few of our friends who were all drunk, but the two of us were (mostly) sober and couldn’t stop staring at each other. She lives about an hour and a half from me but I love her so much the last year has been amazing and its only getting better. She’s the first person I’ve ever met that I can just completely open my mind to, I’ve never felt so close to anyone.. its almost scary its like were 2 halves of a much more functional whole.

  8. I don’t think you should sit and let your zodiac do the work…you must put forth effort to make it last…. I met my male fish a little over a year ago through mutual friends. He is an emotional person, which I am not use to having tolerance tho–but I have an odd pull towards him, and understanding of his needs that it doesn’t bother me at all. I’m not sure it is my nurturing side that makes me more interested or his ability to show and express his feelings with me that I love… We are not in a relationship due to current distance, but we have discussed moving towards a more serious relationship in the near future. I believe things could work out for us eventually. We’re both born on the Aquarius/Pisces cusp and seem to be understanding of the others feelings. Instead of being quick tempered with him, I sense his anger/current emotion and quickly adapt to it…It’s almost as if we are already one…Only time can tell where this will go in the near future….

  9. miss unfinished says:

    I am a Pisces female, and have had a very close bond with my dearest and best friend who is only days apart from my age and also a Pisces. The connection we have is crazy… i swear he understands and knows me inside and out better than anyone i have ever known. I have known him since childhood and he has liked me ever since. I inspire him he says, He is a musician and has recently become a celeb in the eyes of the public. He always has been in my eyes, now he travels the world and his music is heard everywhere. I am now dating someone else… regretting never giving my best friend the chance.. even with all his fame he still tells me we are meant for each other.. give him a chance or not.. i have not decided yet, i guess my story is left untold.

  10. Scared Kitty says:

    i am a female Pisces dating a Pisces, we have been talking for over a month now..we know what each other look like, but have yet to meet in person…he keeps me interested, keeps me laughing, and keeps me smiling. hes very respectable, and i love his sense of humor…..we click so well, everything’s going good so far, but idk what the future holds, we shall see.

  11. We were drawn together like magnets, just by talking on the phone we both felt an instant chemistry. Once we met in person it all happened so fast, way too fast. It was scary and exciting at the same time. He told me he loved me too quickly, moved in almost immediately. The relationship seemed wonderful, he was kind,sweet and loving towards me every day. Unfortunately he had lost his job and seeking employment without much luck. I worked a lot. He apparently was spending his free time cheating on me every time my back was turned. The craziest part was I had no idea, would have never expected it from someone that acted so caring and loving to my face. Once I found out he cried, begged and pleaded for me to give him another chance. Swore up and down he really does love me and would never do it again. I’m intelligent enough to know once a cheat always a cheat. Its over and hes gone but that connection is a feeling I don’t feel like I will ever be able to replace!

  12. Shansgirl says:

    I have been with my boyfriend for nearly a year now. We both are Pisces only days separating our birthdays. Finding very similar traits in both of us we are typical fish I have to agree with most on here we were drawn to each other instantly. It is like he knows me better then anyone as do i. I really believe this is the greatest love of all. Most say Pisces need a stronger partner. But i disagree this is the best partner i have found.

  13. bob Castro says:

    I met this young lady and instantly we were attracted physically and mentally to each other. Our love for anything artistic was great, we talked about music, art, and books. She fed my interests in being understanding and sympathetic. We value spirituality, which, i believe keeps us even closer and healthier. I do not know if i would have been so loving and willing to give my all if it wasn’t for my previous relationship with the oh so unsatisfied Gemini. We had been through a lot before we met each other. We have the exact same expectations, we know how to communicate above all things. She listens, doesn’t assume anything and hardly ever hurts my feelings. We have a common understanding of what a healthy relationship is, we go off of what is found in Corinthians in the bible. Mostly what i adore about our connection is our need to satisfy one another, not in a lying destructful way but in a way that we accept our human part, not being perfect. Fish belong together

  14. I’m a Pisces female. Once upon a time I met a Pisces man. He was so beautiful. We fell in love at first site. We don’t have any addictions. We are best friends, lovers, and both of us are entrepreneurs and help each other out with our business. We are extremely attractive to each other and have a hard time staying away from each other. We are heading into our 4th year and it still feels like our first date. We laugh all the time and still stare at each other like we are so in love. We support whatever is said. Is like we know what each other are thinking. We love our children beyond. We are true soul mates and will forever be that way. And they lived happily ever after down by the water.

  15. I gave my first kiss to a Pisces male, which was very memorable. He was such a good kisser. Unfortunately, we broke up after four months dating.

  16. I agree with this post completely. I am a Pisces woman and I had a very short and rocky relationship with a Pisces man, and I never wish to repeat it. It was great at first, with lots of affection and passion. We talked about our future together and all the places we would travel to. But he was so self-conscious and negative! There was always drama with him, and when he was depressed (which was always), I would feel depressed too. He wasn’t emotionally available because he was always so focused on his problems. It got boring because he would always want to stay in and watch movies. I was fine with this, but once and awhile I would have liked him to take me out or make plans for a date (which I always ended up doing). We would hardly speak to each other, but not because I didn’t try to start conversations. He just wouldn’t have much to say. Sometimes I would be babbling for a full 5 minutes and realize that he had not heard a word I said. He was manipulative, stubborn, withdrawn, disrespectful, bossy and was not afraid to use emotional blackmail on me. But on the good days he was sweet, compassionate, loving, and protective. I miss that part of him, but the bad parts completely ruined it for me.

  17. I agree strongly with the first posting i am a male Pisces i dated a Pisces female rooster for 2 years. the first year was lovely and sweet i enjoy it so much but she started to be more controlling and mean. i was so depress the 2nd year with her i wanted to leave but i found it so hard. and when i finally did leave i still found myself going back thinking she has changed. we separated for 3 months and than we started talking and we went out a few times and the last time we dated she made me feel so worth less that i left for good i dint want to relive such pain.she still calls me but i avoid her calls, I am sure that i am doing the right thing. but the first years was fun

  18. These posts are making me sad lol. My Pisces and I have been together for about three to four months. He seems to be everything I have ever wanted in a partner. He is exactly like me and I’m loving it! I would hate to think that our relationship will end in a flop. However, I am a Christian and I believe that, through our faith, we will live happily ever after. He has my heart already.

    1. I don’t know how old this comment is, but I hope it’s working out. Don’t forget, that no matter what sign someone is, life shapes you as well. So this may not be the same relationship for every Pisces-Pisces.

  19. I am a 45 yr old Pisces/Dragon. When I was 19 I dated a 19 yr old Pisces/Dragon. Funny, I rebelled against his better judgements and boy, did I pay the price, which lead me running away from him and getting really hurt. That hurt I used to sabotage our friendship. We went on with our lives; married other people & had children. 26 yrs later he contacts me & we’ve been talking about what happened and have forgiven each other. We are meeting soon and who knows what will happen! Hopefully a positive, enriching and loving companionship. I’ll keep you posted…

  20. I’m with a Pisces male and me being a pisces female we bond so well. Our sex life is amazing and out of the window sometimes in compassion to other people we know. Sometimes we have our disagreements well not even that often we connect in a very strnage way. This is the best relationship so far :) xx

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