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Neptune Astrology

I represent the rose-colored lenses you wear. As the planet of deception and confusion, I make it difficult for you to tell apart fact from fiction sometimes. I add that magical touch to your life with dreams and illusion.


Neptune is linked to spirituality, extrasensory observations, magic and ritual; daydreaming, fantasy, fairy tales, theatre, ghost stories and sensitivity, but also drunkenness and sexual abuse.

nepneptune symbolizes the spirit in its higher echelons: spiritualism and in particular religion and mysticism. It is the higher octave of Venus. The Roman Catholic Church for example, is a typical Neptune-organization. Theosophy and Indian occultism also fall under its reign.

When Neptune is beneficially aspected, it is a source of creative imagination and intuition. In its highest form, it brings cosmic consciousness in contact with reality. The Neptune-principle is opposed to logic, one sees connections that pass by the ‘normal’ intellect. Neptune-energy isn’t mortal and has nothing to do with the concrete, tangible world in which we seem to live. It has everything to do with the invisible worlds in which our lives are intertwined and includes connections with the ethereal body and the aura that psychics can see around the human body. Opposite of Uranus’s intuition, is the magic of Neptune.

When Neptune aspects one of the other outer planets (Saturn, Uranus and Pluto), it indicates a taste for the occult. It also indicates the desire to escape from reality and to live solely in the ethereal world. In the best case, the individual becomes melodramatic and spends the whole day doing nothing but daydreaming, but it could also be much worse … few people can handle the influence of Neptune.

If unfavorably aspected, chaos can arise. The individual becomes untruthful and fraudulent, is unfair in both spiritual and material matters. Confusion and mental vagueness are both negative manifestations of Neptune. Because the essence of this planet is illusion, the individual is particularly receptive to the use of poisons such as alcohol and drugs. Hallucinations and building castles in the air are common if Neptune is afflicted. The individual ends up in the most dreadful situations and may also put the welfare of others at risk.

In its most sublimed form, It is a ladder by which humans can rise above the limitations of time and space and can acquire a cosmic consciousness (enlightenment)!
In the same way, it represents all these aspects of life where the individual loses track. This may be through drinking or using drugs, spiritual movements (sects) or mental abnormalities such as schizophrenia, and the use of psychedelic drugs.

It further rules all activities aimed at forgetting. It’s an identity solver.

What does Neptune represent:



Neptune characteristics



Empathic, malleable, intuitive, dedication, mental development. Psychologically seen, it has to do with humility, the need to soften its own character traits and to move towards service to others (also a typical feature of Pisces).


Intellectual inertia, possession, fatalism, easily influenced, apatic, lethargic. Sick character, likes to brag, prone to addiction.


Other associations :


Zodiac SignPisces
Housethe twelfth House
Anatomyanything related to the psyche and all abnormalities of it
Colourlilac and violet
Gemstoneamethyst. Additionally, all multicoloured stones, including opal and rhine stone
Symbolthe crescent who symbolizes the soul, enfolds – as a radar screen – the cross of earthly consciousness. Neptune is the 6th sense that makes contact with the sky and the earth, with the unconscious and the conscious! It is the counterpart of Mars, the great ego tripper.

Occupation : all professions that require denial and devotion: a priest, a nurse, foster parent, guardian. Artists, actors, poets, tarot readers, magnetic healers, pendulum readers, dowsers. Also: anaesthetists and all professions which are involved with water.


Basic Astronomy:


Neptune is a vast gaseous planet on the outskirts of our Solar System and is not visible by naked eye however, it can be viewed by powerful telescope. It takes Neptune 165 years to revolve around the Sun. Its bluish clouds and fogish structure of the surface earned this giant the name of the ‘blue’ planet.


In Mythology:


He is the God of the Sea (Poseidon) and he stands for the power to apprehend the unseen

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation


Neptune relates to the deepest wells of subconscious and rules every aspect of our lives that is unseen and mysterious. This planet is associated with those subtle forces of life that dissolve and undermine the artificial barriers of time and ego. In chart interpretation the position of Neptune by house and aspect represents our vision of perfection and the ideal. It rules our dream world and imagination, and its placement in the natal chart describes what we dream or fantasise about and what we truly long for. Individuals with strong Neptune in their charts are drawn into careers associated with the ‘make-believe’ worlds of cinema, theater, art, dance, poetry and of course, religion.

Astro Keywords:


imagination, illusion, glamour, mystique, fantasy, faith, intuition, inspiration, unreality, confusion and weakness

If Neptune is strong in your natal chart or you have personal planets in Pisces, this maxim will probably strike a cord with you ‘To dream the impossible dream … to reach the unreachable star’

Neptune In The Signs


Neptune in Aries:


Neptune may inspire ambition and the use of imagination but may promote restlessness and confusion in periods of impatience or self-indulgence.

Neptune in Taurus:


Neptune’s influence can have a positive effect on the higher aspirations of Taurus, especially in the area of creative potential. However, in some circumstances, it may promote indecision and emotional uncertainty.

Neptune in Gemini:


Neptune in some circumstances provides the encouragement to cooperate with its influence in the area of Gemini’s higher ambitions, but also may promote uncertainty and indecision and self-deception.

Neptune in Cancer:


Neptune encourages sensitivity, including intuition and emotion, but in certain circumstances may draw Cancer towards taking the line of least resistance or increase the tendency to worry. Neptune can inspire a move toward higher goals or towards the fulfillment of a dream.

Neptune in Leo:


Neptune may influence Leo’s proclivity for dramatic expression, and if it features in a birth reading, it can serve to enhance the creative imagination. Neptune is also associated with formulating ideals and dreams, and with spiritual development, but here you will need to take time to be aware.

Neptune in Virgo:


Neptune stimulates Virgo’s imaginative or creative energies, which may be anything from cooking to spacecraft design. Neptune may cause problems in the area of self-belief, especially in regard to past decisions and future plans.

Neptune in Libra:


Neptune’s influence may be felt in the area of long-term plans, dreams, or goals, so that Libra may focus on positive steps towards fulfillment. At other times the individual may need to watch a tendency to be overly optimistic. Neptune may also influence the way many Librans see the world, and thus effect the way in which they approach the living of life.

Neptune in Scorpio:


Neptune serves to increase Scorpio’s emotional intensity and possibly an awareness of innate gifts. When Neptune’s energy is available, individuals may be able to draw on its transformative power to realize these gifts. Neptune’s negative influence encourages self-doubt or indecision.

Neptune in Sagittarius:


Neptune is liable to encourage the Sagittarian’s capacity to take a strong lead, especially in intellectual or spiritual areas of endeavor. However, this could lead to eccentric ideas or ego-centric behaviors.

Neptune in Capricorn:


Neptune tends to reinforce uncertainty or self-doubt, but can inspire Capricorn to move towards higher goals.

Neptune in Aquarius:


Neptune reinforces Aquarian aspirations, especially those that involve desires to contribute to others, whether grand or domestic, but may increase tendencies to be elusive.

Neptune in Pisces:


Neptune, as Pisces ruling planet, can have a negative influence, encouraging uncertainty and indecision and thus can add to a temptation to escape from making decisions. Neptune’s associations with cloudiness and unreality may increase the temptation to remain in the Eden of the imagination, or to avoid the tough decisions. Neptune’s influence can assist a focus on goals or dreams and boost the energies needed to achieve them. The Moon’s aspect to Neptune can provide a solid foundation for job satisfaction and personal growth.



Serena Weaver
Neptune, planet of evasiveness, fantasy and spiritualism. It is considered the modern ruler of Pisces. Its natural house is the 12th house.

General qualities

Neptune is a huge gas balloon of the same family as Uranus, its blue color is more watery than Uranus’ sky blue. Unlike Uranus, its spirited weather phenomena and clouds are more pronounced, and are visible upon its surface. Neptune drives the strongest winds in the solar planet.

General function

Neptune represents a much higher spiritual principle. It is a light that guides humanity, one of the main functions that advances human society and consciousness.
Neptune in itself may rather be lacking in worldly drive, and instead is more emotionally refined and artistic. A well focussed chart is needed to take advantage of its advantages. It tends to be more private in its demeanor, and more retiring and timid.
It is more subtle and highly impressionable, which makes it able to grasp fine, perhaps non-verbal messages and influences, and respond to them in a similar subtle fashion, often having more significant consequences that are more in-line with personal desires.
It is very imaginative, at times too imaginative.
This planet teaches us early on the limitation of our capabilities, and that as much as we may want something, we just cannot have it. So instead we go within and build an internal world as we want the outer world to look like. The rest of our lives deals with the experience of the differences between these worlds, especially on the emotional level, and the desire to enact these fine inner visions. A strong enough, marshalled chart may just find some success in this.

In non-natal charts
A significant influence of Neptune in non-natal charts (horary, return charts, progressions etc) can have the person deal with medicaments or drugs. It can reflect weaknesses and hightened escapistic tendencies, and when afflicted it can reflect psychic suffering and difficult sacrifices. There may be lies, deliberate vagueness and manipulations as well. In a good chart it can highten the imagination and bring muse, and if the chart is well-focussed and active the native may even act on those fine visions. In a weak chart there may be too much passivity.

Neptunian vocations

Although Neptune tends to defocus the person and may cause unemployment, the more Neptune-aware individual often attracts to these fields. Also Neptune’s fine delicate influence can be overrun by other planetary influences.
Social services and fields where one can be of help to people, especially with 6th house locations.
Mysticism and spiritual guidance, especially with strong Neptune contacts and 12th house locations.
Fine arts
Music or singing
Religion – especially with a JupiterSymbol of Jupiter influence
Research and exploration – especially in curious, active charts


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Tracy Roberts

Tracy Roberts

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    Ive been working with neptune for 4 yrs now and im just getting the word out that everything you said about neptune is true but except neptune is a female energy and the god who rules it is female no male at all. So im hoping that this all get right. Other than that all the knowledge mentioned is 100 percent true.

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