Pisces and Aries Compatibility – Water + Fire

There is deep passion within these signs and much fulfillment can be gained from a relationship together; but they are as opposite in nature as it is possible to be.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Pisces’ evasiveness is fascinating to the Ram, but can also be infuriating. This one works if the desired result is no expectations and no questions asked.

Celia: Pisces seems like a pushover but don’t push too hard or they’ll just disappear one day.

Jenn: You may find the dependant Pisces to be more than you bargained for. With your need to be care-free, the Pisces will probably make you feel a little too tied down with their moodiness and intense need to tame you. The Pisces likewise finds your constant need to prove yourself too much to handle. A lot of communication will have to be done here for a successful relationship to flourish.

Lidia: This is a great combination, especially in the bedroom! Aries are fast paced and eager to get down and dirty, while Pisces use their sixth sense to guide them in the right direction for the best sex. Pisces does have a tendency to feel left out though, when in a relationship with Aries, as the tough Ram rushes along getting everything done, leaving Pisces’ emotions on the sideline.

This can be quite disheartening for the Pisces, as their emotions are quite complicated and difficult to understand without a lot of time and effort. All Aries needs to do is give lots of love and affection, to make their partner feel secure and wanted. Aries can feel left out too, as Pisces can be quite secretive and often they also have an air of mystery around them, that will make the all too open Aries feel something is going on behind their back! Talk about these feelings before you start to get annoyed about them.

Laura: Most Pisces people will feel like they have their hands full with an energetic Aries. However, Aries’ sentimental side may take Pisces by surprise, add in Aries’ impassioned, direct way of expression and Pisces may very well become intrigued.

Tracy: Aries and Pisces constitute a complex match, and the latter often has no desire to change Aries. This can result in a joyous partner, whom is happy to revolve his/her life entirely around the needs of the Pisces. Both can learn a lot from each other and relationship longevity arises when this couple negotiates a balance.

Heidi:Aries will be intrigued by Pisces and Pisces excited by Aries. The two combine very nicely in almost all areas. The differences between the two only enhance the relationship. Aries tends to dominate and Pisces doesn’t mind. As long as Pisces doesn’t mind Aries having outside interests, this will be a happy relationship.

Keley: Aries people are drawn to Pisces sensitivity, as this is an area that they have problems in expressing. Pisces people will have to be easy going within this couple, as Aries will tend to dominate the relationship.

Marcus: Although at first glance, you wouldn’t think so, the Fish and the Fire are surprisingly well suited. If the kind hearted, wishy-washy Pisces doesn’t drive the take charge, full-speed ahead Ram around the bend, it just might work. One big order of tolerance and understanding should see them through.

David: The watery, sympathetic Pisces Fish can relax the high-energy Ram for a time. But when emotional Pisces needs a some nurturing, Aries may be found elsewhere. Be careful, Pisces.

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Pisces Man and Aries Woman

Aries woman has an immature and childish attitude and Pisces man has more mature attitude. This difference is good for both of them as they both consider each other to be complementing each other rather than causing conflicts. Pisces man always tries to avoid conflicts and loves peace of mind and soul. He avoids anything that can cause tension for him and has submissive nature. The Aries woman loves to take control and Pisces man’s submissive attitude allows her to do this which adds joy to the relationship. Qualities of Pisces man are admired by the Aries woman. They both make a good couple. The undemanding nature of Pisces can make an Aries unhappy due to her impulsiveness which can lead to problems.

Aries Man and Pisces Woman

Both the zodiacs are opposite in nature. They might attract each other in the beginning of a love relationship but this attraction would never last for a long time period. The Pisces women are the silent type of people and want to give a thought to everything before making important decisions. This is the opposite of Aries men as they want to make instant and spontaneous decisions. They love to experience all sorts of people in life while the Pisces women want to keep to themselves. These differences make it difficult for both of the opposite people to settle in a love relationship.

Pisces and Aries Friendship

Two different personalities that blend like a good milkshake.

Aries and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

You will stick together like glue on most issues but when you disagree the whole world will know about it.

Long-term relationship:

Very compatible provided you are able to get of your high horse occasionally.

Short-term relationship:

An exciting time for both of you as you discover each others differences.

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Pisces and Aries Sex

Scorchio. Red hot lovers.

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Pisces Compatibility with Aries Over all Score:

overall score 48%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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  1. Despite the fact that I’m not with her (I made my mistakes in that relationship), I still in love with my Aries girl, and I’m a Pisces man. She is the best, to the point that I’m being silly to have her as comparisson factor to other girls who I’ve been dating. I know is not fair to the other girls and I’m probably missing some good ones in the process. The only one to blame is my heart, honestly. Aries and Pisces can work pretty well, like any other relationship, it takes a bit of patience and understanding. At the moment, we are just puting our pride as a priority, we are both very stubborn and strong minded but I have to admit that she left marks in my soul and it means something, and I know that for her, is not being easy to get rid of me in her thoughts. In some ways is good that we are not together, we both need to grow up, go through other relationships and situations in life. If I was supposed to follow astrology, I had to run away from her as far as I could, but the CHEMISTRY is just to hard to handle, I don’t think that any planet alignment or anything like that could explain that. By the way, I think that Aries and Pisces are SO different that in my own astrology, they should be together. They are both very inteligent and I know some Aries-Pisces couples and the kids they brought to this world are just beautiful phisically and mentally, because through their parents experience, they have the chance to learn a bit of everything. By the way, the 3 Aries-Pisces couples that I know are very succesful and love between them always seems fresh and recycled. I truly believe in this match!!!

  2. I am an Aries, dominant, and my boyfriend is a Pisces, easy going. We were really good friends before we got together, and I had been going through alot of trouble with the loser guys I had before him. If it weren’t for him taking a notice in me, and believing we are actually a match, I would have never thought of being with him, But I’m so glad I took the risk, cause it was one of my best decisions I have ever made. I believe he is the love of my life, and I know there are times when we collide, but it’s too hard to stay mad at him for too long when he smiles at me. I believe our personalities balance eachother out. I have only been with him a little over a year, and I know my heart does not belong to anyone else… I have truely found my soulmate!!! So don’t listen to all of the negative things the astrologies say, I told him that we are not really supposed to be compatilbe and his respose was “I don’t care, I’m going to Love you anyway” 😉 PRICELESS!!!! He has changed me, and I have changed him… for the better!!!!

  3. Pisces and Aries can be a fun combination, if Aries is the more responsible kind who doesn’t mind being depended on. Pisces finds not only a fun and energetic friend, but one whom she/he will know will take care of them. Aries will find a quirky spirit who has much of that same childishness and won’t feel so out of place in the world. They truly are like little kids and will even make their love look so serene and fresh, like they’ve fallen in love for the first time. However, Pisces can tire easily and Aries is eternally restless (even as grandparents, which I find ridiculous but amazing).

    To Lance: You’re completely right. The day I start using astrology to determine my relationships is the day I have to step back and look at both what I am using and my partner. Besides, it’s more interesting to let things work out on their own. I have to say, though, astrology can solve some problems in relationships that otherwise I wouldn’t have had any idea how to handle.

    Astrology also explains why I’m attracted to certain kinds of people (like Virgos) and not others (most Air signs, some Fire). But that’s not going to stop this Taurus from taking a chance, say, a Gemini.

  4. I am an aries and my girfriend is a pisces. Sometimes astrology is wrong and sometimes it is right. Specifically with me and my girlfriends relationship we are perfect for eachother. Love is not reading astrology and seeing who your most compatible with. Love is letting love simply create itself. Let me explain, I was taking public transportation for about three months because I was not using my car. The last day I took the bus I met my Pisces girlfriend. The bond was instant and even though I just met her it felt wrong saying bye to her. Fate leads love , love does not lead fate. The more people understand this they will become patient and things will happen naturally. The same way the universe was created or a shooting star appears out of nowhere thats love.. Furthermore, I totally believe in signs. The day I met her it was pouring rain and she had even missed the first bus and me being the manager of my store I just kinda walked out of work early that day cause I felt like it… Hmmm quincidence or fate? In-conclusion, create your own astrology, your own love story and we will live in romantic bliss.

  5. chemistry major says:

    aww i’m an aries girl and my boyfriend is a pisces male.. i am very crazyy too, and my boyfriend often times gets upset with the things i think are ok to do, and he doesn’t, but i am very openminded and i understand that he isn’t ok with it, and i’ll stop, no questions asked. we’re both very good with that. and yes, he has definitely taught me alot. if it wasn’t for him, i’m know i’d get myself in a lot of trouble, he keeps me straight, and i keep him straight. i’ve also read on other sites that aries thinks they’re the “protector” when in all actuality the picses is, SO true.haha it’s very funny.but i love the boy! and our sex life, is absolutely amazing.. gets better and better everytime and we’ve been together for 3 years. we’ve learned alot from eachother. we’re in love.

  6. i am an aries girl…and my boyfriend is an pisces….i was very wild and crazy before i met him…i was very aggressive and less sensitive…but being wit him for 2 years taught me alot…n he taught me alot too.it was kinda like i was da pisces and he was da aries…our sex life is amazing…and we are both very romantic….we write letters and things like that and give romantic gifts…i love him so much and he loves me

  7. well right now I am a taurus and my boyfriend is an aries,I secretly adore his childish ways and his great strength to be able to capture lifes goals as it come by, I do wish to have these traits in mysef, I listen to alternative music and he listens to hip hop. I love beautiful things and he loves to destroy them for fun..uuuggghhh..but our passion is crazy. he is kind of hard to handle,..not only that he is a bit hetic for me and i try to have patience, sometimes i do fear he might be cheating on me but i dont know if an aries is as loyal as i am, well aries do lovee to compete and he does not like to be bored. Well all I have to say is our passion for eachother is crazy, you can tell once you look at eachother that a taurus and an aries has the greatest passion. No matter how hard i run he runs after me. Nomatter how hard I slap him push him he comes back for more…in love yes we are!!

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