1. Jacqueline says:

    I am a pisces woman and my love interest is a cancer man and every since we met i have feelings that i haven’t felt in years for anyone, it just feels right we connect on so many levels it’s unbelievable to me, right now we are in a long distance relationship but hopefully we will be changing that soon all in all i am very happy to have met him he seems like my soulmate.

  2. I am a Cancer women and my sweetheart is a Pisces man. He makes me feel more special then I felt in many years.. And the sex…oh my god, the sex that we have is outta this world. It’s like when it comes to me, he knows EXACTLY what to do, with out me saying a word. The connection is unbelievable. And i do agree that trying to get into his head is damn near impossible, the more i dig the more he holds back… He is the sweetest-toughest man i’ve met in such a long time…Even if this doesn’t work . i will be able to say I am glad I met him… and i am willing to be friends.. This is the first time I’ve ever been able to say that…

  3. I also have to agree with combination!! I am a cancer gil who is crazy abot her fish man!LOL
    Which is scary at times cause it just seems too good to be true!!(Coming from an explosive relationship with a leo) Dont get me wrong,it isnt without its faults but we really understand each other and are truly very tolerant people! Very passionate about each other!! From the moment we met there has always been “ELECTRIC” energy between us! We are both vey affectionate which with somebody else may be seen as “clingy”(hate that word)but it work for us!This is a perfect union on all levels! Emotional,physical and spiritually!

  4. My boyfriend is a pisces and I am a cancer woman. I can honestly say we are made for each other. I have never had this connection with any other sign. I love him and I know he loves me:)

  5. The woman that touched my life for the first ever was a cancer and my piscean ways fully matched hers, vice versa. I never communicated better. I never was as open with a person and never felt as close and calm with a woman. All can say is wow.

  6. My partner is a Pisces and and I am a Cancer.
    I just wanted to say how this is very dead on and We both feel completely accurate.

    Were it says Cancer will try to get in to Pisces head, For us it’s the other way around but We do understand that we should accept eachother the way they are and I believe we have done that.

    Anyway. Kudos to those involve in the research for this.

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