1. WOW… I find this to be scary-true! I know I love being in relation ships, and its amazing to have someone who does as well. I’m the capricorn… my boyfriend is the pisces. So true that I tend to hold stuff in and I notice that it bugs him, so I’m sure to let him know what I’m thinking before he gets too bugged. This is all right on the dot! I was with a sagittarius before… and it was… no good. But I’m super happy now!!!

  2. I am a 21 year old cappy girl. I am generally not into astrology, but I do love reading (I can read anything under the sun, moon and stars!) So, my friend lent me this astro book and thats how my interest grew. And you know what? I have the intution (not very common for me, and not entirely sure I trust it) that I am gonna end up with a pisces guy! Maybe you pisces people will understand!
    AS for Nick’s problem: although I don’t know the solution, I agree the problem exists. I suck at dealing with my emotions too. I either ignore it completely or would analyze it rationally, which is something you can’t do with emotions (results of one of my analyses)
    So maybe (its a MAYBE – no assurance! Remember I suck at dealing with it! But sometimes I hope someone would help me out this way) it would help if you use your intution. Don’t ask her what is wrong. If you feel something is wrong, try to cheer her up in neutral way; maybe dinner out or a romantic, impromptu dance. Make her feel you are there for her and cherish her! She might understand that you know her feelings, if not her thoughts, and might eventually open up and tell you what happened!

  3. This is the first time I have actually commented on a site. I am a male Pisces that has a Capricorn girlfriend. I really am into her but the only thing that I agree was mentioned is the whole notion of my girlfriend not caring. Capricorns bottle everything up and it takes me a couple of minutes to get whats wrong with my Capricorn. It really drives me crazy, something as small as that, that makes me want to say f*ck it(escapist I know). Though, I am devoted to her and want to please her. Is there any other tricks to get Capricorns to open up and share their feelings?

  4. Leslie Ladyfingers says:

    I’m a Pisces and I find something very alluring and very intriguing about Capricorns. They are great at keeping a Pieces grounded. Which is what a Pieces needs and wants.I find also I’m never bored with a Capricorn. They always seem to have something to teach you or have a way of getting you interested in something that you normally wouldn’t be into – lol. The only thing that I find to be difficult to handle is that they appear to be very detached and unemotional at times and it can make it seem like they don’t care. Which isn’t the case at all.

  5. Im a cappy married to a pisces and i couldnt have DREAMED of a better mate! he gives me all the attention that i need and works hard, for his family. Pisces are PHENOMENAL family people and very intuitive…just what a capricorn needs:-) But the question that I find myself asking is “Do I WANT a Pisces in my life long term?” I think the capricorn in me DESIRES more of a challenge, but i think a lot of that has to do with age. My husband is eleven years older than me, so part of me WANTS more chemistry and more similarity in a mate, but honestly NO man can hold a torch to my Piscean husband…hes the Shiet!!!

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