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Are Pisces and Capricorn compatible?

When you put these two together in a relationship you have a compatibility that can be considered pretty high.

This is a couple that will pretty much complement each other in every way. Capricorn shows a lot of determination when it comes to facing things head-on, and they are considered to be leaders. This is something that the Pisces will enjoy because they can be often indecisive and need someone to show them the way .

While the Capricorn will bring the Pisces the stability that they need in their life, and the security to feel safe in their relationship, the Pisces will bring to them the ability to learn how to pull themselves back from the everyday grind of life.

They will help the Capricorn be able to shed their world of reality and responsibilities, and pull back into more of a world of fantasy ( even for even a brief moment of time).

This is a very favorable combination, especially when it comes to the financial world itself. it’s been documented that a partnership of these two together can make great business partners.

how are Pisces and Capricorn in love?

These two will be very close in a relationship, since they will have a lot of things in common and find they just click together.

Capricorn is definitely going to be the leader in this relationship, with a Pisces following closely behind.

This is one of those relationships that usually works better as friends than lovers, due to the fact that sometimes there’s just no spark there.

Capricorn is definitely somebody that needs to have everything under control that in their life, and with a Pisces they might find them very indecisive when it comes to thinking and might find them to hard to tame.

Pisces within a relationship needs to be with a partner that’s going to give them the practical skills and stability they need to be safe in their life. In return the Capricorn really needs a partner that has a lot of sensitivity and can bring the romance that they are missing .

In order for this relationship to work out the Pisces needs to do whatever they can to stop themselves from feeling that Doom and Gloom that they feel sometimes, and a Capricorn on the other hand has to do whatever they can to take control of their emotions and not hurt the Pisces with their sometimes insensitive remarks.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: A nice balance for one another – Cap will take care of Pisces material needs, and Pisces will take care of Cap’s emotional needs.

Celia: Pisces’ wistful ways will lighten your heart and bring out your protective instincts. The relationship you’ve secretly dreamed of.

Jenn: This relationship will not take too much to make it work. The two of you together make a fabulous match. As your relationship grows, you will find it easier to open up to the Pisces while the Pisces will be only too happy to make an effort to be more practical. Never a dull moment here.

Lidia: This is a perfect match you seem to come together on so many levels it is hard to believe this could fall apart. You support and cherish each other in a way that nobody else can, with Pisces being the emotional one giving all the romantic tender moments and Capricorn’s sensible head not allowing for anything to get out of hand. You will find you do not have any barriers or secrets between you, which means you can totally relax into this relationship and have as much fun as possible. When you do argue, the whole street will know about it, but just as quickly you will kiss and make up and all will be forgotten.

The only point to really take on board with you two is the sexual side of your relationship. Pisces loves to play and experiment, where as Capricorn can be a bit too rigid. You both need to be able to fulfil your fantasies, as sex between you can be good if you allow the opportunity of trying something new out.

Laura: Pisces will likely feel very secure around the stable and firmly grounded Capricorn. With the fish being a natural born actor — he tends to put himself in other people’s shoes — it can appear that he has multiple personalities. Pisces may often get the feeling of floating without a rutter, Capricorn can help focus the fish, especially through murky waters.

Heidi: Pisces can make Capricorn feel loved and admired, which is what Capricorn needs in a relationship. Capricorn gives Pisces security, which makes Pisces loyal. They each have a way of getting the other one to do things that they normally wouldn’t do. Although these two are so different, their attitudes and personalities compliment the other. It all balances out to form a great relationship.

Keley: This can be a very happy relationship, as both signs complete the other in areas lacking. Pisces can help Capricorn open up to his or her more emotional side, and Capricorn can help ground Pisces a little more in the material world.

Marcus: This combination makes a charming couple. Capricorn has a lovely calming effect on the hypersensitive Fish, who at feels completely calm and safe in the presence of the steadfast Goat. Likewise, Capricorn in the presence of this water sign often feels like he is completely enveloped as if back in the womb. They are as cuddly and cute as two Teddy Bears. Capricorn must remember not to be too harsh or rigid with your dreamy Fish, for they are easily hurt. Treat a Pisces lovingly and kind and they will always be loyal.

David: Hard-working Capricorn can navigate the working world (but can get bogged down with it); dreamy Pisces likes to escaping from hard reality. Believe it or not, these qualities are actually quite complimentary, as each can help in the other’s weaker areas. Thus, Pisces can be a very compatible sign for a Capricorn.

Capricorn Man and Pisces Woman

The Capricorn men are shy and like to keep to themselves. They are emotional in nature and want to understand the feelings of their partners. This is a trait that is perfect for the Pisces women. Both want to have a wonderful love partner who understands and trusts them. The Pisces women and Capricorn men get along together pretty well as they want to be passionate and true to their loved one. It is a good relationship combination that would be full of respect and love. Pisces women and Capricorn men will be passionate about each other and would turn out to be a very loving couple.

Pisces Man and Capricorn Woman

The relationship of Capricorn women and Pisces men are usually very successful and they admire their partner. The Capricorn women love the adaptability and flexibility of Pisces men. And Pisces men love the conviction and strength of Capricorn women.

Pisces men are very loving and gentle people and they believe in making sacrifices for their loved ones, they are very flexible and can adapt to any situation. Pisces people can easily be influenced by other people and are overly sensitive and emotional. This usually gets in the way of their decision making, and they are really quick in trusting other people.

Capricorn and Pisces Friendship

A friendship with a deep foundation is something that can come out of these two signs combining. First though there will be an initial attraction to one another in the romantic sense.

Pisces and Capricorn  Relationship

As lovers:

You both complement each other in a lot of ways. Together as a couple you will bring out alot of qualities that neither of you knew each other had.

Long-term relationship:

If you both work together and keep helping each other strive to be the best, then there’s a very good chance that you will have long-term happiness in your life.

Short-term relationship:

This combination in the short-term sense will bring a good amount of comfort to each other. You both will become cuddle buddies, and share lots of laughs together.

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Capricorn and Pisces Sex


This combination can be quite fickle. It will take one of you to lead the other one to the bedroom and be assertive in your wants and needs. When that happens expect the unexpected.

capricorn and pisces sexually compatible

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Capricorn Compatibility with Pisces Over all Score:

overall score 76%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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  1. WOW… I find this to be scary-true! I know I love being in relation ships, and its amazing to have someone who does as well. I’m the capricorn… my boyfriend is the pisces. So true that I tend to hold stuff in and I notice that it bugs him, so I’m sure to let him know what I’m thinking before he gets too bugged. This is all right on the dot! I was with a sagittarius before… and it was… no good. But I’m super happy now!!!

  2. I am a 21 year old cappy girl. I am generally not into astrology, but I do love reading (I can read anything under the sun, moon and stars!) So, my friend lent me this astro book and thats how my interest grew. And you know what? I have the intution (not very common for me, and not entirely sure I trust it) that I am gonna end up with a pisces guy! Maybe you pisces people will understand!
    AS for Nick’s problem: although I don’t know the solution, I agree the problem exists. I suck at dealing with my emotions too. I either ignore it completely or would analyze it rationally, which is something you can’t do with emotions (results of one of my analyses)
    So maybe (its a MAYBE – no assurance! Remember I suck at dealing with it! But sometimes I hope someone would help me out this way) it would help if you use your intution. Don’t ask her what is wrong. If you feel something is wrong, try to cheer her up in neutral way; maybe dinner out or a romantic, impromptu dance. Make her feel you are there for her and cherish her! She might understand that you know her feelings, if not her thoughts, and might eventually open up and tell you what happened!

  3. This is the first time I have actually commented on a site. I am a male Pisces that has a Capricorn girlfriend. I really am into her but the only thing that I agree was mentioned is the whole notion of my girlfriend not caring. Capricorns bottle everything up and it takes me a couple of minutes to get whats wrong with my Capricorn. It really drives me crazy, something as small as that, that makes me want to say f*ck it(escapist I know). Though, I am devoted to her and want to please her. Is there any other tricks to get Capricorns to open up and share their feelings?

  4. Leslie Ladyfingers says:

    I’m a Pisces and I find something very alluring and very intriguing about Capricorns. They are great at keeping a Pieces grounded. Which is what a Pieces needs and wants.I find also I’m never bored with a Capricorn. They always seem to have something to teach you or have a way of getting you interested in something that you normally wouldn’t be into – lol. The only thing that I find to be difficult to handle is that they appear to be very detached and unemotional at times and it can make it seem like they don’t care. Which isn’t the case at all.

  5. Im a cappy married to a pisces and i couldnt have DREAMED of a better mate! he gives me all the attention that i need and works hard, for his family. Pisces are PHENOMENAL family people and very intuitive…just what a capricorn needs:-) But the question that I find myself asking is “Do I WANT a Pisces in my life long term?” I think the capricorn in me DESIRES more of a challenge, but i think a lot of that has to do with age. My husband is eleven years older than me, so part of me WANTS more chemistry and more similarity in a mate, but honestly NO man can hold a torch to my Piscean husband…hes the Shiet!!!

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