Dating a Pisces and Relationships

pisces in relationships

Pisces in Relationships


Honesty and trustfulness are what you will find in a Pisces. They are helpful and giving and will be truthful whether or not you want to hear it, which may cause problems in relationships. Often they may not be able to hold back their honesty which can be their downfall if not careful. Their honesty can often lead them to be over cautious and sometimes gullible making them easily taken advantage of. Piceans should be aware of that trait and try to guard it.

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What a Pisces likes In a relationship


To share thoughts/dreams
To feel like their contributions are charished
Romantic getaways and showing of love
Being loved
To be appreciated
Knowing they are needed and wanted
Being encouraged to dream
Having a plan to follow along with

What a Pisces Dislikes In a relationship


Rough and tough behavior
Noisy scenes/spectacles
Not having goals to strive for with their partner
No sense of structure, or chaos in their relationship
Not having dreams to make true
Feeling invalid and not appreciated by their lover
Feeling lonely/unloved
Feeling vulnerable
Being ignored by their partner


How To Attract Pisces


Pisces can easily get lost in conversations – especially good ones. Pisces are often attracted to folks who have severe problems – a person who is often in need of help. This often doesn’t do them any good. While a Pisces will do everything possible to make things right, you should never overload them with your problems. Doing so means losing themselves in your circumstances.

They need a positive and powerful person that will encourage them to be stronger. Pisces men and women love adventures, social events and new situations…make suggestions because they are sure to take part.  Do your part to keep them laughing; this sign is usually depressed. If somebody can make them laugh, they are impressed with them.

The sign isn’t too conservative so impress with odd jokes and strange topics. They love to be flattered and given compliments so tell them that you admire them. Be sure you’re gentle and sensitive and that they’re comfortable with you. Do what you can to make them feel good about who they are. If you do that, everything else goes smoothly.

Dating a Pisces


Pisces is the most romantic sign in the zodiac. Full of imagination and fantasy, this sign thrives on intimacy and sensual gestures. Take the Pisces to a meditation class or a science fiction movie. If you give a gift make sure it is of a very personal nature, as this will delight the dreamer inside Pisces. Pisces love is very gentle and spiritual and knows no bounds. No other sign will every love as strongly as a Pisces does. Do not get jealous if a Pisces directs their affections towards others, as they are the natural lovers of the universe. The Pisces nature is very artistic so focus on a museum or play to delight the Pisces senses. Pisces will react positively to just about any zodiac sign that shows them interest as they have a deep seeded need to love and be loved.


What It’s Like To Date A Pisces Man


The male Pisces is sensitive and romantic; it’s the perfect zodiac sign for women who often complain men are insensitive. After all, he’ll prove her wrong. This sign often has an idea of romance that is often unrealistic, and when he realizes the woman he is with cannot meet that ideal, he’ll leave her. He often lives in his dreams and a woman can ensure he is grounded.

He’s the kind of sign that picks the wrong woman or a woman he’s not able to have – married women. This way he doesn’t have to become emotionally attached. He wants a woman to subtly dominate him. She must make sure he doesn’t think bad thoughts or have bad habits. He is overly sensitive, generous and compassionate. If the lady he is with nurtures him, he’ll return in kind.


What It’s Like To Date A Pisces Woman


The female  is both mesmerizing and entrancing. A man can really feel like a man with a Pisces woman because of her constant need for a leader and protector.  The lady of this horoscope sign is regarded as the ultimate enchantress – feminine, delightful and soft. She has the ability to see through men and she’s not the type to be easily fooled. Thus, a man is best to be straight with her from the get-go.  If not, he may find that she’s no longer there.

The woman is a nurturer and will bark orders to her significant other but only for his good. She’s the type to ensure he is eating right and getting plenty of sleep – similar to a mother supporting a child. What she demands from a man in return is protection and cherishing. She wants to feel needed and loved.  She may appear clingy and reliant but never domineeringly.

The Pisces woman wants persistence and understanding. Thus, she demands gentleness from her mate. You should never make fun of or tease the female and don’t harshly reject her because she can’t handle it. She is the sign that is very romantic and, when it comes to relationships, she can lose herself in one. If a man wants a nurturer, this female is the one to give it to him.

Pisces Cheater or Faithful?


These are people that love their family and being a couple more than anything in the world. Being unfaithful is pretty much the last thing they’d want to end up doing.

They know that this is something that would hurt them if it happened to them, and wouldn’t want their significant other feeling the same pain.

They are faithful and loyal, and truly do ask for the same thing in return from their partner.

Any of the 12 signs are susceptible to unfaithfulness.

Why might they be unfaithful if they are:

It’s not normal for them to do it for this reason, but revenge for being cheated on could be one of them. It’s not out of the question, but normally they would be more likely to end a relationship then to put themselves on the same level as the person that hurt them.

Another reason could be that they are missing something from the relationship, and somebody came along and showed that they could give that missing item to them.

It has to be stated that if they are unfaithful you will definitely find out about it. They will be the ones that tell you about it, and will try their hardest not to lie about the details behind it. No matter how hard they are for them to say.

Once they have been unfaithful though, they’ll realize that there is no turning back from what they did, and will have no other option than to end the relationship. They will know in their heart how they would feel if the tables were turned, and wouldn’t feel right staying by your side. They would know that they are not a suitable person for you to be with.

As a couple It’s always important for you to both take the time to communicate with each other so that these issues don’t arise.

Quiz: Pisces lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?


To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

Would you call yourself mysterious?
Do you like to share secrets?
Does lovemaking help you forget your troubles?
Do you have a tendency to be paranoid?
Do you like order?
Do you feel you have to work harder than everybody else?
Are you a sentimental person?
Does hearing about your partner having an affair turn you on?
Do you have problems making decisions?
Are you capable of defending yourself?
Do you often feel afraid or insecure?
Does masturbation bother you?
Do you like sex?
Do you need others to be happy?
Do you have long years of depression?
Do you believe in true love?
Do you believe that having fewer children is better because you will be able to take better care of them?
Do you like when your lover wears the pants in your relationship and in bed?
Do you like alcohol or drugs?
Do you like to dream?

For Women

Are you very creative?
Are you very artistic?
Are you proud of your femininity?
Do you like to be submissive in love?
Sex, love, and sentiment are essential to your happiness.
Does the thought of not being able to be a mother make you sad?
Is your mind full of fantasy when you make love?
Does the occult attract you?
Do you like alcohol or drugs?
Do you like to talk a lot?
Are you able to defend yourself under attack?
Do the beach and the ocean appeal to you?
Are you the jealous, possessive type?
Do you like to wear Satin and Silk clothing?
Are you highly influential in love and in other things?
Are you the type that believes in soul mates?
Is romance important to you?
Do you enjoy exotic cuisine?
Are you the generous type?
Are you able to forgive easily?


1 – 35 POINTS

The element of Neptune and Jupiter is definitely mellowed down by the element of Earth. This gives you a practical element that makes you capable of materializing your dreams.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are the positive Pisces that is very capable of looking at the positive side of life and making a big difference in the world, helping the less fortunate, and having a natural protection. You are very lucky.

45 – 60 POINTS

You have the true, true characteristics of a Pisces, both good and bad.

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  1. Nancy marra says:

    I started spending time with a Pisces man that I actually dated when I was a teenager. We started seeing each other a lot for the first 2 months. Then I guess I got a little clingy, he couldn’t come get me like he planned , he had a problem he had to fix. I kinda gave him a lot of shit, and I regretted it , it was stupid of me. Then a week went by nothing two more weeks nothing. Now in this time I did send him a text but when he answered it , it didn’t make sense then I realized he thought he was texting someone else. A month went by I did text him I missed him told him I was sorry for acting like a ass weeks before. I started to accept the fact, that I really made him mad, he never explained anything. Then one month to the day we last spoke he texted me to go out on his boat, I didn’t know what to think, thought he was screwing with me, so I just texted call me. What was weird I had dreamed about him the night before, but the dream was about us being over. He didn’t call, late that nite I text him that I dreamed about him. Truth is I can’t stop thinking about him. Next day he text me again asking if I wanted to go on the boat in the morning I said yes, then he just kept texting about his grandkids he had them for a week. He went on and on, I was so glad. Then he said can I come get you tonight so we can just get up and go. I said yes we had a great night, he’s so sweet and sexy and he makes me feel good, happy . We saw each other the next weekend. Then I left him alone I don’t want to scare him away, but I don’t know how to get him to talk to me about how he feels. It’s confusing. He has his grandkids again I did text him today and he told me he was getting ready to drive up north to get them, I was happy for him. I let him go. I figure I’ll let him have his time with them and maybe I’ll hear from him next week , I really don’t want to get hurt I’m trying to keep distance. I need advice here somebody help me.

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