1. just confront him .clear all the confusions by having a clear communication with him.
    maybe he didn’t even know what are you felling ryt now. let him explain and listen to him carefully and then decide what to do .

  2. Nancy marra says:

    I started spending time with a Pisces man that I actually dated when I was a teenager. We started seeing each other a lot for the first 2 months. Then I guess I got a little clingy, he couldn’t come get me like he planned , he had a problem he had to fix. I kinda gave him a lot of shit, and I regretted it , it was stupid of me. Then a week went by nothing two more weeks nothing. Now in this time I did send him a text but when he answered it , it didn’t make sense then I realized he thought he was texting someone else. A month went by I did text him I missed him told him I was sorry for acting like a ass weeks before. I started to accept the fact, that I really made him mad, he never explained anything. Then one month to the day we last spoke he texted me to go out on his boat, I didn’t know what to think, thought he was screwing with me, so I just texted call me. What was weird I had dreamed about him the night before, but the dream was about us being over. He didn’t call, late that nite I text him that I dreamed about him. Truth is I can’t stop thinking about him. Next day he text me again asking if I wanted to go on the boat in the morning I said yes, then he just kept texting about his grandkids he had them for a week. He went on and on, I was so glad. Then he said can I come get you tonight so we can just get up and go. I said yes we had a great night, he’s so sweet and sexy and he makes me feel good, happy . We saw each other the next weekend. Then I left him alone I don’t want to scare him away, but I don’t know how to get him to talk to me about how he feels. It’s confusing. He has his grandkids again I did text him today and he told me he was getting ready to drive up north to get them, I was happy for him. I let him go. I figure I’ll let him have his time with them and maybe I’ll hear from him next week , I really don’t want to get hurt I’m trying to keep distance. I need advice here somebody help me.

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