Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility – Air + Water

aquarius and pisces compatibility

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Super sensitive Pisces will selflessly support nearly any cause important to Aquarius, but Aquarius’ far-reaching global causes may be a bit too grand for Pisces, who wants to take actions once step at a time.

Celia: You’ll find the Fish clingy, weepy and a slippery customer. But you’ll enjoy the challenge of trying to understand someone so different.

Jenn: With your straight-forward ways, you will probably not have much in common with the Pisces. Even though, they share your idealism and dreamy nature, the Pisces moodiness and intensity will probably put you off. Give each other space. This is easier for you than for the Pisces. Your up-beat nature may end up perking the sometimes moody Pisces but the Pisces will have to learn not to “swim” away when the going gets tough to make this one work.

Lidia: You are well matched with the clingy and emotionally deprived Pisces and the tough, almost abrupt Aquarius! You will both enjoy your time together and Aquarius will have a rare opportunity to be completely spoilt and taken care of by a totally devoted Pisces. The only problem with this is that over time Aquarius may well begin to see this relationship as more of a friendship because you don’t seem to have put very much effort in to make this work well. Little does Aquarius know that if there is one thing Pisces demands in return it is love and complete devotion and that means putting Pisces at the very top of your list.

This is not always feasible with an Aquarian, so you will have to slowly adapt to each others needs for life outside of your relationship. Try to have lots of sex, as it will bring you much closer and for much of the time there is nowhere near enough physical affection between you.

Laura: Friends and family will see the Pisces and Aquarius couple as super friendly types who wouldn’t hurt a fly. At the same time, they wouldn’t hesitate to put in their two cents in, if they encountered a situation where a vulnerable person or an animal was harmed. People should expect a tongue lashing from this normally mild mannered couple if they cross that line.

Heidi:They are each intrigued by the other at the beginning. However, as time goes by, problems could arise. Pisces has a way of putting emotional demands on Aquarius, and Aquarius doesn’t like it. Aquarius has a way of being somewhat cool toward love, leaving Pisces feeling unloved and unfulfilled.

Keley: Aquarius will be fascinated by Pisces depth of emotion, but this relationship will fizzle if Aquarius isn’t able to offer a commitment.

Marcus: Two dreamy horoscope signs together. Aquarius and Pisces have the unique ability to live in a world of make-believe and manifestation. They simply dream a wild dream and it seems to come true. Some believe they have dreamed each other up as an answer to their hearts desires. The Water and Air can create a dreamy, misty fog. The Aquarian could benefit from Pisces patience since they seem to have so very little of their own. I have one word to describe these two astrological signs, Harmony.

David: This pairing is exciting at first, but the thrill can fade, as dreamy, emotional Pisces clashes with detached, intellectual Aquarius. Then again, it worked for Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward – an ideal couple if there ever was one.

Aquarius Man and Pisces Woman

The Pisces women are sort of introverts. They want to keep it to themselves and live a happy life with their partner. But the Aquarius men cannot keep to themselves at any point. They are friendly and joyous and very stubborn at times. They want to be hanging out with their friends and want to experience all the crazy stuff in life. The opposite of which are the Pisces women. This is the reason they would never get along in a love relationship. It is almost impossible for them to be friends too. Since they can never be friends, how can they be in love?

Pisces Man and Aquarius Woman

The Pisces men are sort of introverts. They want to keep to themselves and have a private life sometimes. The Aquarius women are exactly the opposite in nature. They want to hang out with people and be funny all the time. These two different people have difficulty in getting along but if both are very sincere, they might adjust. The Aquarius women want to be set free even being bound in a love relationship but the Pisces men want to keep the girlfriends to themselves. These issues promote misunderstandings and difficulties in a love relationship. It is very rare that both zodiacs get along. 

Aquarius and Pisces Friendship

As friendship develops, and as the days go by you will develop a friendship that will last. At the very beginning though you will be very wary and cautious of each other which with time will grow to a strong union.

Pisces and Aquarius  Relationship

As lovers:

As long as you have trust this relationship has the chance to succeed. Together you make a very reasonable couple.

Long-term relationship:

Together you will grow as one, but don’t let small things or problems hinder your success. If you let them control your relationship it will be doomed to fail.

Short-term relationship:

These two signs together usually take their time to appreciate what each other brings to their lives. So they are looking more for a deeper connection than a quick fling or a one night stand.

Aquarius and Pisces Sex

This couple together in the sex department is the opposite of what you see most days in relationships. The longer they are together and in a relationship, the hotter it gets.

aquarius and pisces sexually compatible


Aquarius Compatibility with Pisces Over all Score:

overall score 38%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.

4 thoughts on “Aquarius and Pisces Compatibility – Air + Water”

  1. I’m an Aquarian, and if the pisces man I’m in a relationship with, does not grow the hell up, stop whinining, being so needy he will drive me away, I dont like being the soul reason he wakes each morning, He does not Need me!

    1. I so agree with You aqua. pisces men are so whiny and get upset so easily for the stupidest reasons, no matter what age they are, be it 19,24 or 30! but even though they are so annoyingly needy and dependant, throwing responsabilities at You hoping You will handle them on Your own, You cant deny that as soon as You look into their soulfull eyes You forget all the bad things.

      It might be the mystery that the pisces men are known for that attracts aquarians, since we love enigmatic and unusual things.

      Its the usual tale heard so many times, aquarius meets pisces, a fairytale story until the pisces starts to be needy and naggy at times driving the poor aquarius away fleeing fo his freedom! but it doenst always have to end this way.pisces can learn to give some space to independed aquarius, and aquarius can always try to be as emotional as pisces and understanding somehow.

      Even though He doenst show it (or shows it too much!) the confused pisces needs You and would suffer if You leave him behind in one of the many predicaments he falls in occasionally.on the other hand You would be free at last, Its up To you and how much You are Into eachother at this point.

      I really don’t know if its a favorable match! But it always facinated me.Hope its another happy ending

  2. I’m an aquarius and I’ve always been attracted to pisces men I dunno first crush was one, ex was pisces and My current love is pisces too we’ve been togtaher for almost 2 years , and this article described us perfectly, from the stuborness part to the annoyance part to the lasting respect as well. But I desagree with the sexual part, we are both controlling and flexible to anything.

    I find it hard to accept that a person can be so insecure in everyway, He constantly needs reasurance and caring, if I miss one thing he’ll go “You are never there for me” But the truth is that I am there only he pushes me away. is it common for a pisces to be selfish and spoild sometimes? I am scared he might be dependant on me forever ,and will find my self caring for yet another baby, not that it bothers me for now that I am deeply attached To him. this is most peculiar since aquarians usually are emotionally detached. Do you think I have other influences that might give me the emotional attachment and the attraction to romatic weak pisces?

    1. Pisces and Aquarius have an interesting chemistry, respect, and admiration that can last forever if worked upon it. What I can suggest that you should check your man’s venus and your moon, venus and mars. If his venus is in water sign (i.e. pisces, cancer, and scorpio), then he may have some temper tantrums and if you have your venus in water sign, although being an aquarius, you can be emotional.

      Being a pisces myself, I am also attracted to aquarius women or otherwise mutual. However, my venus is in aquarius which makes me detached and aloof in relationships. It is also the reason that somewhat weird, outworldly, unconventional, independent, and strage women (such are aquarians) are my choices. Although, pisces men like emotional sorts which is not my case.

      The bottom line is check the detailed natal chart report of you and your man for a much clearer understanding about both of you. Hope it might work.

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