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Are Pisces and Leo compatible?

When this couple first gets together, they have the chance to make this relationship work. Their compatibility is quite average, but if they take the time to work on things together they can make it.

Both of them bring a very diverse and distinctive nature to the relationship, and this is something that works for them because opposites do usually attract. On the other side of the spectrum sometimes their differences can be too great, that a relationship is very hard for them to maintain.

Leo when they are in a relationship with somebody they want to be the center of attention. They truly want to have all eyes on them. It works perfectly with a Pisces in that way because the Pisces can be submissive and will help shine the light on a Leo.

The Pisces on the other hand will be very attracted to the friendliness and strength the leo possesses. They will also be very proud that a person with such a strong and powerful character had chosen them to be their partner.

Both of those things will be what brings them together in the first place. What can cause them to separate a little bit though is that Leo can be sometimes be self-centered which will turn the Pisces off. On the other side of things the Pisces is a very sensitive creature, which is something that the Leo might have a problem with.

How are Pisces and Leo and love?

Leo who has a lot of strength, might not understand how to react towards their Pisces partner because of their insecurities. They might have a hard time understanding why they’re insecure in the first place .

Pisces on the other side of things might be overwhelmed by the strength of the Leo’s personality. They might find that they are too insecure to be able to be in a relationship with Leo, because they will be always be wondering if they’re good enough for them.

Leo really has a very ambitious and energetic plan for their future, and they like to bring this into their relationship as well. The Pisces on the other hand like to almost live in a dreamland when it comes to what they want for their relationship in the future, and this is where sometimes there’s a disconnection between the two of them.

If these two want to form a relationship that’s going to work out, they both have to respect and understand the differences that they have. If they’re able to respect those differences, and incorporate them into their relationship then either they will be able to make things work or they won’t.

Leo is very much attracted to the Pisces due to the fact that they have a lot of compassion for their partner and others. They also love seeing their sensitive side at work.

On the other side of things that Pisces is very attracted to the fact that the Leo shows a lot of empathy, sympathy and their friendship. They’re also known to bring a lot of positivity into a relationship which is something that the Pisces needs.

These two as a couple do have a lot of personality traits that can complement each other and their relationship, how the relationship plays out is really up to them.

For this relationship to make it for the long term they really need to have a lot of love between the two of them. In addition have the ability to understand their differences and accept them. If they’re able to do that and continue working to have higher level of communication between each other they can make things work.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:


Melissa: Leo’s sensitivity and creativity are intriguing to the Fish, but overall, the Lion tends to make Pisces feel more self-conscious than adored.

Celia: Here’s a delicate creature who could flower under your protective guidance. But don’t try to tie down this spirit.

Jenn: You are probably a little too much for the Pisces to handle. The Pisces looks to intuitions and mystery to keep their interest while you have a what you see is what you get attitude. Passion here is definitely not a problem for the two of you and a short term relationship or fling will work out nicely but to make a long lasting relationship the two of you will have your hands full.

Lidia: This is not the best match in the world and you will find it is quite a volatile relationship most of the time. Pisces is a very emotional person and will often hide away what is in their heart and mind, for self-protection. To Leo this can be incredibly sexy and intriguing, but also de-motivating. It is all too easy for Pisces to be swallowed up by how they feel and a mood can turn sour very quickly. Leo likes to ride on the positive waves life has to offer and will feel uncomfortable constantly pulling the atmosphere out of the gutter.

This is a relationship that can get obsessive very quickly, as Pisces has some kind of magnetism that is very hard to resist for anyone, let alone the Leo that thinks they can get whatever they want! Short term, this can be very flirty and sexy. Long-term these isn’t much to build up for the future, as one of you needs constant emotional support and the other space and freedom.

Laura: If there is a good connection, Leo will have to live without some of his high life ways, as Pisces will want to snuggle down more. The very emotional fish will instinctively know how to reach deep down inside Leo in order compliment or praise something about him. Pisces usually won’t mind not being the boss, but they can become lost if given too much authority or control. Instead, is Leo sticks to his usual way of wanting to show his mate just how glorious he really is, this union can turn into a fireball of passion.

Tracy: Leo and Pisces is a combination of two dreamy and romantic souls, and both must work hard on their moods to achieve a happy atmosphere. This could work as Pisces can be intuitive and is able to help provide Leo with what he or she needs.

Heidi: Leo’s somewhat outgoing, and Pisces prefers the quiet life. Pisces may be more sensitive than Leo likes, and Leo more extravagant than Pisces likes. Leo is known to sometimes have outburst, which annoys and upsets Pisces. Pisces is known to withdraw, which angers Leo. Since each is intrigued by the other, not only does this relationship need communication, it also needs give and take, from both parties in order for it to work.

Keley: This relationship can work quite well. Leo enjoys Pisces sensitive, emotional side, and Pisces appreciates Leo’s outgoing, extroverted behavior. If these two can come to agreements on the practical side of life, things should be wonderful.

Marcus:  It is natural that the Fish will always be dominated by the Lion. As long as this is accepted and understood by the Fish, all will be well. For the most part Pisces are a humble, good natured sign that has no desire to be king of the jungle. They are much more preoccupied with swimming dreamily up and down the river. Conquering is not in their nature. These two love romance, kissing, snuggling and all things to do with love. This will be your common ground, and what hold you together.

David:  Pisces loves the confidence of the bold Lion, who in turn is intrigued by the expressive, insightful Fish. Initially, Pisces feels protected by Leo, but in the end, the Fish feels judged. Probably because Leo can’t understand the Piscean mindset. Not an ideal match.

Pisces man and Leo Woman

The relationship between Pisces men and Leo women is frustrating as well as fascinating. Because Pisces and Leo are two very different people in every area of life, but they can make their relationships work by making some necessary adjustments to make their relationship harmonious.

Leo women are very calm, warm and generous, who like to help the underdog and like to defend the defenseless. Leo women also possess an insight and natural dignity, but they also have a bad quality, that is that they are arrogant and egotistical. They also have some good managerial skills, and can control any type of situation.

Leo Man and Pisces Woman

Leo men are very creative and enthusiastic. The love relationship between Pisces women and Leo men might hit off with a great start and they might turn out to be very joyous and loving couple. But since Pisces women are very emotional and sensitive, they might not live according to the Leo men in a long run. They might give up on their love relationship with Leo men soon. Pisces women always need some privacy and time of their own. Leo men are string headed and do not believe in taking time to fix stuff or make decisions. This trait never matches up with Pisces women and so the love relationship ends badly. 

Pisces and Leo Friendship

A well balanced mixture of personalities both with artistic bents.

Leo and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

You two will ooze emotions and sensuality when in each others company.

Long-term relationship:

Such an easy going couple should find no major problems in the long term.

Short-term relationship:

Lots of fun and late nights not to mention yearning for each other when you are apart.

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Pisces and Leo Sex

The sensations, emotions and mental images will be electric.

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The sensations, emotions and mental images will be electric.

Pisces Compatibility with Leo Over all Score:

overall score 14%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.
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  1. Girl with the curly long hair! says:

    I am a female Pisces and my husband is obviously Leo. It has been a trip for sure. Our personalities are complete opposites. Including MOST of our hobbies, likes and dislikes. ODD I know, it gets weirder!! It was instant love though, and we could hardly be apart from each other. I sang and he played the guitar, that’s how we met. We shared the basic fact of our love for music, although we didn’t even like the same music!? From the start he was tender, I felt like he was gentle and careful around me, never had I ever felt the love I feel for this man. His personality is more egocentric sort of selfish most of the time, and I am super sensitive, half full kind of personality. The first 4 years we dated were amazing, we never fought, like at all!! We started having issues when we got married. Those first two years were TOUGH without a doubt. I really thought we were not going to make it. There were other factors that affected our relationship though, his friends circle it was like a cult, we were not living alone, and we had our son… Fast forward 6 YEARS LATER though, we are sooo happy! A piece of advice to all female Pieces, the insecurity thing is a turn off for Leo. Own yourself, work on YOURSELF worry about you, and all else will come together. Stop worrying about if you are good enough for him, you are more than good enough as a person, that is what matters!! Don’t wonder about if he still feels lucky to be with you, he does!! He may not be expressive, but TRUST me, love yourself first and the man you fell in love with, will look at you the same way he again! After I stopped worrying about all these little things, I felt like our relationship reached new heights! We are best friends, we are always together, we raise our 6 year old together and life is awesome!! The secret is really to laugh together, have fun, make jokes. I feel like he is more sensitive to my emotions now, less egocentric while I make an effort not to let everything bother me, or get hurt over everything. We also focus on having a good time together. I don’t mean go out spend money, We prefer to stay in, binge watch shows, watch YouTube or each other’s Instagram funnny videos.. stuff like that!! My point is, its possible to have a healthy relationship!!

  2. Georgette says:

    I’m a Pisces woman and I’ve been married to a Leo man for 3 years now, we definitely have to push through our problems and really communicate but our relationship is great as long as we keep that line of communication open with each other. I definitely agree that sometimes his outbursts annoy me but I know that somethings I do annoy him too. He is my best friend and he gets me like no one else does. As a Pisces I’ve had to learn to not shut down on him and he’s had to learn to have patience with me. Also our sex is great. We both please each other and are very eager to fulfill each other’s needs.

  3. im a leo and my guy is a pisces. we hooked up real quick and ended “real quick” also.. our relationship only lasted for 2 months. i broke up with him recently because i dont feel appreciated. he’s sweet and romantic, he even sings love songs to me but i just feel that its not enough. what i really wanted was his time and affection but he’s so preoccupied with a lot of stuffs.. i really wanted for our relationship to work out but he’s just so coward.i dont know if pisces are like this but my guy completely shuts off everytome were trying to solve a misunderstanding…this relationship is full of jelousy, unresolved fights, misunderstandings and immature decisions.. thats why im thinking twice before i jump back into this “thing” again.

  4. It’s amazing..I’m a Pisces woman and this year one Leo from my past (high school) and one leo from my present have suddenly become very relevant…the one Leo from the past is the “stereotypical” Leo..boisterous, demanding, egotistical, etc…i love him to death but I never get a word in edgewise during our conversations…he is trouble on wheels..lol..the other, more present, Leo is a dream…we’ve had an instant connection..I love his spirit..he’s giving, very nurturing, artistic, outspoken, and yes he like attention (former athlete AND a musician)..but i love to give it..within reason..I’m excited at the possibilities..and while heartbreak is always a “danger”..I guess I’ll have to simply go for the ride on this one…wish me luck~

  5. I am a female pisces and intrested in a male leo and this has just been for the last month or so. He has hooked me hook line and singer but I get this feeling in the pit of my stomach that maybe he is just not the kind of aggrivation I need. I kind already tell he dosen’t care about my feelings. I don’t want this kind of person.NOT SURE WHAT TO DO!!!!!

  6. I am a female pisces and have been dating a male leo for almost 2 years. It has been an emotional roller coaster. I do love him..but I give, he takes and that’s the end of the sotry. I break it off with him and he sucks me back in..promising the world and change and then when I go back, eventually he goes back to being complacent. I love him with all my heart, but I deserve to be treated with the same love and desire back. My leo is just not able to do that. He wants every thing but gives little back. I just need my heart to catch up to my head on this one…..

  7. I have been in a relationship I guess you could say with a Pisces and I love it. With me being a Leo I also like all of the attention I get. But lately I’m noticing that he just wants what all guys seem to want. He claims he loves me but when I don’t give him what he wants, he throws a fit and doesn’t understand why. I’m just not ready for that yet. I’m getting the cues that he thinks our time is a waste, he doesnt appreciate me and doesn’t respect my decisions. But I still love him to death and I don’t want to leave him. I want to work this out but he keeps bringing me down. I’m at a loss of what to do.

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