1. In a relationship with a Taurus and man is it hectic. He is aggressive, overindulges, selfish at times but he has a huge heart and really loves me, makes a very caring father and he is very protective of me and our daughter. I am emotional and sometimes let him walk all over me, knowing hes not meaning to. I don’t know why, but we cant let go of each other no matter how bad the fighting gets. We have very different opinions on many things, and often do not understand each other. We are working on it and getting better, but sometimes its very hard to be in this relationship. I love him though, a lot… guess im stuck with a taurus :P

  2. A relationship with a Taurus is a rewarding experience where when we team up we accomplish amazing amounts of seemingly insurmountable tasks in a short period of time. We are really in sync when working together and are “on”. When our timing is “off” it is pretty off, but luckily we love each other and make the effort to open up & talk out the issue when things have calmed down. In the end we usually wind up laughing about the miss-understanding or outburst. The love is very deep, the expressions of love are romantic and tender, there is always good music, great food, and beautiful color. It is good.

  3. I honestly met the love of my life. Pisces and Taurus are a match that can really understand and compliment each-other. My best friend is also Pisces. I think these two signs really get along and can be very compatible if you communicate and keep true to values. Pisces tend to become negative easily if not for Taurus ability to bring them back to reality. He is really great in bed and the sex is better then I’ve ever had! Were both intimate signs but he brings out the whimsical romantic in me. I’m telling you, these signs work! And we’ve been saying that if this shouldn’t work out this is the love we will always compare all of our relationships to this. Try to make it work cause honestly this is the nest relationship and I couldn’t dream of being happier as sappy as it sounds!

  4. I’m a Female, My sign is Taurus, My Boyfriend Is A Pisces. We get along very well, we always love to be together and are always there when we really need each other. Even though we can get into arguments, Its Normal and actually healthy. We actually fight to keep each other.. once we said our true feelings about a problem, we are able to fix it. best thing about it, is we are very much a like, I love him. We even are planning on marriage. I think its a great match.

  5. Pure Bliss says:

    I met my Taurus male in our freshman year of college. Of course it was unexpected, as true love is. But It has been the best two years of my life. I have never met “real” before until I found him. He is caring, loving, supportive and funny. What I love about us is that we are both extremely ambitious people, so we motivate each other. We both have our flaws. I’m very emotional and he can be a little too blunt at times. But he’s taught me how to toughen up and I’ve taught him how to tone it down. We balance out each other. Im very young and i dont want to jinx my future but I can see myself spending the rest of my life with him. Sometimes he can be all over the place with his decision making ( because I am a TRUE planner) but I love him for that. I know that he only wants the best out of himself and the best out of us. Without a doubt, I love this man

  6. Liza Frazier says:

    Taurus woman / Pisces male. It’s almost like we are playing a game. In the beginning, he was always flirting doing little obvious things to show that he was interested in me. After a while I started to like him. We exchanged numbers, hung out a few times. Haven’t slept together. But it feels like most of the effort is from my end. He rarely calls or texts. So I stopped putting forth the effort and I haven’t heard from him.,But when we are around each other there’s just this energy and ppl around us can even sense it. He’s stagnate and indirect with his feelings. I don’t know how he feels and it drives me crazy. I’m wondering how is Pisces & Taurus even considered a good match. I’m thinking I should just accept things as they are and move on. But at the same time part of me feels like something good could come out of it. It’s just a very annoying situation

  7. Well, I’m a taurus girl and I’m crushing hard on this pisces boy. Within the first weeks of meeting him, i told him i liked him. He didn’t give me the most direct of responses in the world. To this day I’m still confused. Weeks after I told him it seemed he gave me the cold shoulder,though I spoke to him every chance I got with a big smile. Recently he’s been acting differently, and I don’t know how to feel about it. All i know is that I see something in him I’ve never seen in anyone else, and when we talk to one another, there’s this synchronicity that I can’t ignore. I just wish I knew how he felt. Well, at the end of the day, I care about him and value his friendship.

  8. Where do I begin? I’m a Pisces/Aquarius cusp (Feb 20) My Taurus male is so incredible that I’ve thought he’s too good to be true. He’s 7 years older than me and we met at a party at our university; I’m in education, he’s in business. He definitely has strong Taurus qualities, when I asked him what his ideal meal was he literally said steak and potatoes! He used to be a financial advisor so he’s great with managing his money and works harder than anyone I’ve met. He has his feet planted firmly on the ground but he constantly looks up towards the sky b/c he is a dreamer, so in touch with nature, meditates, and is genuinely a nice person willing to help anyone. We balance each other out perfectly. And he’s SO sensual, I love touching/being touched and whether we are alone or in public he is constantly touching/kissing me. He is stubborn tho, and I think b/c of our age difference. he can come across as a bit bossy. The good outweighs the bad so much and I consider myself lucky to have met him

  9. I am completely in love with my taurus. We were always mutual friends but when we finally could hang out and were both single we both felt the electricity instantly. Whenever we talked it felt like we’d known each other forever. We are both strong-willed, love the same things, don’t rush each other, and ultimately I know we will both be so successful together. He lets me become the person I’ve always dreamed of being. We have passionate arguments at times, and I can sense if he’s being dishonest, we give each other reality checks, but we both love and care for each other far too much to give up. We’ve done distance successfully twice and we’re four years and going strong. We have a comfortable and beautiful home together. The connection is so spiritual, we think in sync, we dream in sync, this connection is incredible.

  10. Dena Pasis says:

    I’m a Pisces female and Once I had a Taurus I couldn’t get enough. We got introduced to each other by mutual friends. We talked for like 1 year in a half, on and off. And he was the sweetest but i Just wasn’t ready yet. Until I finally gave in. And I fell so deep in love with him. But that same year I gave in, we had our ups and downs. But after a couple months, he started changing. We had 3 breakups and the way he would break up with me is by not hitting me up or anything. The worse! But he would always come back to me and I would just let him back in. Until the 3rd time I finally gave up because I was over it. He hurt me so much and i still love him. And it’s been 2 years since the break up and Im still not over him. He’s all I want :/ I just really believe in and love Taurus and Pisces relationships. Soul mates! Well recently like a month ago we reconnected. And we’ve been texting and I don’t wanna give in because I shouldn’t but deep down I’ve been waiting for him

  11. i had been seeing this Taurus woman. at first i didn’t find her too loving then after some time i totally just hit hard for her. i wanted her to be treated like the princess she is. i wanted to care for her and love her ect.. but then we lost a lot of time together due to work. then over a miss understanding and a friendship i had with a certain someone she broke up with me i miss her so much, she seems angry like so angry with me i can’t handle it. she looks happy with out me she looks like she doesn’t care if i miss her.. it was something i cherished so much. and yet im too scared to pull her back towards me, i miss her and i hope she misses me too. if not then i guess it wasn’t as special as i thought it was. i really don’t even know how to show her i still love her. but i do want her to know even if we never see each other again or speak I’ll keep her in my heart and she’ll stay as a blissful memory

  12. I am a Pisces woman in a long distance relationship with a Taurus man. I am incredibly happy (though of course I can’t wait until we can be together again). We are both loyal and value stability and we’re both in it for the long run. He is able to reassure me and make my insecurities disappear. He brings some practicality to my life and I think I bring some inspiration to his. Sex is very satisfying as we both genuinely care about pleasing each other and we’re both versatile in bed. He is more concerned with material things than I am but I accept that difference. Actually, for the first time, I am able to accept all differences and have no desire to change him or impose any of my values on him. I just let it flow. He makes me feel safe and he and loved. And once I let him know about something I’m unhappy with, he takes steps to correct the problem. We are friends and lovers. This may be the one.

  13. We are living proof that the combination of these two signs (at least the T female and P male) are soulmates. I am also 10yrs older than my Pisces guy, which may help (the bull needs some time to mellow). We met, fell instantly in love, got engaged, and got married…all in 10 months. People think its crazy, until they meet us and spend any amount of time with us. We are “the” couple to our friends. We understand each other, love and adore each other, help each other through the bad times, and know when to give each other space. He is my hero, my best friend, and the sweetest man I have ever met. Sure, we each have our moments, but we have never had a single fight. We do not have to force this relationship… we honestly WANT to make the other as happy as possible, and so our actions correlate with that. This is my dream man, and we will be “the” couple others think of when they think of true love. It is a great cosmic connection.

  14. I have to say I was happy for the most part & I was very much in love. It was slow to begin with, we didn’t rush anything. I waited a year to tell him how much I cared. But he didn’t feel the same way, I realized it a little too late. I dumped him instantly, a hair-trigger moment. I somewhat regret it at times. I enjoyed the intimate dinners & time spent together. I do think he didn’t appreciate me. I would cook for him & try to take care of him …this seemed to annoy him. I gave so much time, energy, and I did try to spoil him with gifts which also annoyed him at times. But he was clever and enjoyed many of the topics I did. He was cultured as well, shame I didn’t break up with him sooner because being heart broken sucks. If he ever was annoyed with me he never showed it, and we never fought. Not a single argument to be honest. But even if we didn’t fight, he did take me for granted.

  15. Everything that you rote about pisces and taurus was right on!! Soo true..I’m a tauruan woman and ive been dating my boyfriend (pisces) for about 4years..We have a great relationship and vey passionate,but our main issue is his jealousy.He gets extremly insecure and jealous from the slightest things for example..an old friend calls me or i go out with a group on my girlfriends and some guy hits on me.This issue has caused us many fights and actually is the main reason to our problems..How can i fix this or stop him from feeling insecure?

  16. I agree with everything except the money. It’s the other way around. Pisces doesn’t care much for money, he’ll shamelessly donate his life savings to charity, but Taurus is usually the one who keeps an eye on their savings account. Of course, this depends on the kind of Taurus since there are those who spend in the blink of an eye (but it’ll be something sensible, like a car or pair of shoes, no matter how extravagant).

  17. I am a Pisces, Gemini-rising and Taurus moon, dating a Taurus/Gemini cusp. As much as I’ve always been warned that Pisces aren’t safe with Gemini’s (he’s May 21) I don’t think I’ve EVER had this kind of connection with another person. He is a triple Taurus (rising, moon and sun-kinda) and is one of the steadiest people I know while still having a bit of a fun side that comes out only around those he’s comfortable with. I find it utterly endearing how he sometimes has to hold his glee inside – to me, he fairly shines when he’s excited about something even though he keeps it very bottled up. Many don’t see what I see, which can get frustrating when they ask why I’m with such a stick in the mud or emotionless guy.

    I love my Taurean (because he’s so much more that than anything Gemini) for his steadfastness, groundedness, and rational thought patterns. I really hope this lasts forever!

  18. Fancyface says:

    hello. I’ve read countless Pisces/Tauran compatibility, and I think I like yours the best. You pick the main parts of the signs, and show how they can help each other out. It’s interesting to see how I (Tauran) and my Pisces man really relate to the things you mentioned.

  19. Melissa Martinez says:

    Right, well it sounds like you have a very good strong marriage, one that perhaps a lot of people would envy. And obviously Water and Mud are very compatible and you are living proof. But meeting with another Water sign will always arouse feelings that you may not even known you had. It happens to the best of us and it is always mind blowingly confusing when it does. It feels right simply because like you said, a cosmic connection occurred. But that is all. It is certainly not a sign that your marriage is doomed or anything else. You can keep it in the secret place in your heart that we are all allowed and enjoy your marriage without guilt.
    I hope this input was good enough.

    P.S You are a Pisces and they are forever seeking spiritual connections. This may be the one thing your Taurus may not understand as well as another Water sign.

  20. I am a Pisces female (15 March) married to a Taurus (30 April) husband for the past 27 years. We have an extremely good relationship and we both love each other dearly. Physically we are still as compatible as a honeymoon couple. I would never want to do anything to hurt my husband but recently a friend who has been visiting us regularly (Scorpio) while my husband was away on a business trip (he goes quite often) came around for a glass of wine. When he left we kissed each other good bye, only this time the kiss was more than a friendship kiss. I honestly felt an explosive rush of passion that was almost uncontrollable and so did he. He now declares that he loves me but knows that I would never cheat on my husband. I also confirmed this with him and said that we must never allow this to happen again. Well it did, and it’s almost as if we can do nothing to stop it. I would never allow this to go further and I already feel so guilty for allowing it to go even this far.
    My point is however how can something so wrong feel so right? Is it just a cosmic connection?
    I thank you kindly in advance for your input.

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