Pisces and Taurus Compatibility – Earth + Water

taurus + pisces

Compatibility between Taurus and Pisces is a fine balance. They make a comfortable, sensual and long lasting relationship, provided differences don’t drive them apart.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The Fish and Bull can spend hours happily day-dreaming together, or exploring the latest art festival. Just make sure Taurus holds onto the checkbook.

Celia: If you can tolerate Pisces’ world of illusion, it will bring sparkle into your life. There’ll be disagreements about money and how to spend it.

Jenn: You will find the mysterious and charming ways of the Pisces to be a big turn on and the fact that you are willing to take care of the Pisces makes the Pisces feel right at home with you. Both of you are naturally romantic dreamers and with the two of you together romance will always be in the air. This is another Astrologer’s favorite. Only minor adjustments on each party will have to be made for a success here.

Lidia: Friendship is what keeps you two together, as you bond naturally and give love and support at all times. Money causes great difficulties as Taurus is very materialistic, but Pisces doesn’t care where the next penny is coming from, as long as there are some to spend now! If Pisces can allow Taurus to control the money, but keep some for spending, then you are not going to have many arguments over your finances in theory!

There is nothing that frightens a Pisces away then a confrontation, so be careful Taurus as you have a habit of throwing a tantrum! Sexually you can be sure that you will have all the little things that are important when making love. You both pay attention to what you know works and are eager to stick to the same plans. Pisces will not open up very well when discussing matters in the bedroom though, so Taurus will have to pay close attention to any reactions given to learn!

Laura: This is an earthly, sensual and dreamy combination. When Pisces shows its intelligence and a softhearted nature, Taurus will be hard-pressed to resist. With Taurus being quite a sensitive creature itself, getting drawn into a hypnotic Pisces will be a natural evolution.

Tracy: In order for a relationship with Pisces to work, Taurus will have to learn to accept any shortcomings in Pisces. Pisces will usually try hard to keep Taurus happy. Pisces can be dreamy and unfocused while Taurus is realistic and practical, yet both are both nurturers who value stability in a relationship. Taurus can become weary of Pisces’ emotional unsteadiness while Pisces may find Taurus is insensitive to their needs. Generally this is a good combination when each partner keeps a careful watch on his or her emotions.

Heidi: Pisces may not completely grasp the fact that Taurus is hardworking and dedicated, and Taurus may not completely understand the Pisces attitude toward life. However, they create balance in each others life which makes them good for one another. Once this relationship is off the ground, they will share a devoted and passionate connection.

Keley: This combination can work out very well, as Pisces enjoys Taurus’s stability, and Taurus appreciates Pisces sensitivity and emotions.

Marcus: This is a sweet and happy union. The stead-fast Bull provides grounding and solidarity to the Pisces who is usually swimming around dreamily in the world of illusion. They both like to eat, however the Pisces also likes to add “drink and be merry” to this mix. The Fish can help the Bull lighten up.

David: Earthy Taurus is primarily physical; watery Pisces is dreamy and spiritual. Nonetheless, these two share similar rhythms and tastes, and Pisces can be a compatible sign for a Taurus.

Taurus man and Pisces Woman

 The Taurus men are very sensuous and practical. They usually make a good couple with Pisces women. The only thing that could really piss of Pisces women is the fact that Taurus men are very materialistic. They always think a lot about money. Some Pisces women might get used to it but those who don’t usually get pissed off and break off the relationship. If a Pisces woman gets used to this habit and thinking of a Taurus man, she would get a lot in return. The woman would get much deserved attention and love from her partner just by compromising at one trait.    

Pisces Man and Taurus Woman

Taurus woman and Pisces man are strongly bound to each other when they are in love relation. They are conscientious to each other. In many cases Pisces is very sensitive internally but Taurus women are hard and stubborn so she can handle him with great ease. Although the Taurus woman do not trust any man easily but due to Pisces man’s simple personality she is fascinated towards him. Pisces man likes the simplicity of Taurus woman and is very comfortable to know that he can lean his head on her shoulder whenever he needs. Sometimes he makes promises of her which he is often blistering to follow that breaks her heart.   

Pisces and Taurus Friendship

A bond stronger than steel will encompass you both.

Taurus and Pisces Relationship

As lovers:

What a passionate pair you make.

Long-term relationship:

You both have lots of energy to give to this relationship.

Short-term relationship:

You will paint the town red.

Taurus and Pisces Sex

In bed, out of bed, in fact you two rabbits will have a go just about anywhere.

pisces and taurus sexually compatible

Pisces Compatibility with Taurus Over all Score:

overall score 88%


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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. Everything that you rote about pisces and taurus was right on!! Soo true..I’m a tauruan woman and ive been dating my boyfriend (pisces) for about 4years..We have a great relationship and vey passionate,but our main issue is his jealousy.He gets extremly insecure and jealous from the slightest things for example..an old friend calls me or i go out with a group on my girlfriends and some guy hits on me.This issue has caused us many fights and actually is the main reason to our problems..How can i fix this or stop him from feeling insecure?

  2. I agree with everything except the money. It’s the other way around. Pisces doesn’t care much for money, he’ll shamelessly donate his life savings to charity, but Taurus is usually the one who keeps an eye on their savings account. Of course, this depends on the kind of Taurus since there are those who spend in the blink of an eye (but it’ll be something sensible, like a car or pair of shoes, no matter how extravagant).

  3. I am a Pisces, Gemini-rising and Taurus moon, dating a Taurus/Gemini cusp. As much as I’ve always been warned that Pisces aren’t safe with Gemini’s (he’s May 21) I don’t think I’ve EVER had this kind of connection with another person. He is a triple Taurus (rising, moon and sun-kinda) and is one of the steadiest people I know while still having a bit of a fun side that comes out only around those he’s comfortable with. I find it utterly endearing how he sometimes has to hold his glee inside – to me, he fairly shines when he’s excited about something even though he keeps it very bottled up. Many don’t see what I see, which can get frustrating when they ask why I’m with such a stick in the mud or emotionless guy.

    I love my Taurean (because he’s so much more that than anything Gemini) for his steadfastness, groundedness, and rational thought patterns. I really hope this lasts forever!

  4. Fancyface says:

    hello. I’ve read countless Pisces/Tauran compatibility, and I think I like yours the best. You pick the main parts of the signs, and show how they can help each other out. It’s interesting to see how I (Tauran) and my Pisces man really relate to the things you mentioned.

  5. Melissa Martinez says:

    Right, well it sounds like you have a very good strong marriage, one that perhaps a lot of people would envy. And obviously Water and Mud are very compatible and you are living proof. But meeting with another Water sign will always arouse feelings that you may not even known you had. It happens to the best of us and it is always mind blowingly confusing when it does. It feels right simply because like you said, a cosmic connection occurred. But that is all. It is certainly not a sign that your marriage is doomed or anything else. You can keep it in the secret place in your heart that we are all allowed and enjoy your marriage without guilt.
    I hope this input was good enough.

    P.S You are a Pisces and they are forever seeking spiritual connections. This may be the one thing your Taurus may not understand as well as another Water sign.

  6. I am a Pisces female (15 March) married to a Taurus (30 April) husband for the past 27 years. We have an extremely good relationship and we both love each other dearly. Physically we are still as compatible as a honeymoon couple. I would never want to do anything to hurt my husband but recently a friend who has been visiting us regularly (Scorpio) while my husband was away on a business trip (he goes quite often) came around for a glass of wine. When he left we kissed each other good bye, only this time the kiss was more than a friendship kiss. I honestly felt an explosive rush of passion that was almost uncontrollable and so did he. He now declares that he loves me but knows that I would never cheat on my husband. I also confirmed this with him and said that we must never allow this to happen again. Well it did, and it’s almost as if we can do nothing to stop it. I would never allow this to go further and I already feel so guilty for allowing it to go even this far.
    My point is however how can something so wrong feel so right? Is it just a cosmic connection?
    I thank you kindly in advance for your input.

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