Pisces In Love

Pisces when they are in love they’re pretty much in heaven. This is a sign that loves to be in love with the concept of love.

If you are any other sign other then Pisces then you’re probably scratching your head at this statement, but a Pisces would completely understand what that means.

They really enjoy the feeling and sensation of blending together with another person in a relationship. This is a person that when they are in love, not just loves the person on a physical level, but they also have a deep mental connection with their partner.

This is a sign that puts a lot of emphasis on their empathy and compassion for other people. This real and true empathy that they feel for others can sometimes cause them a hard time.

If they are in a serious loving relationship, sometimes they have a hard time trying to figure out where they begin and their partner ends. Due to the fact that they feels so intertwined in each other’s lives, or at least the Pisces does.

It’s very important that a Pisces does not romanticize or idealize the other person that they’re in a relationship with. When a partner is put on a pedestal, sometimes they will not be able to live up to the standards that they are held to. In the case of a Pisces if their partner does not live up to what they’re expecting it can cause issues.

An equally dangerous situation for them when they are in love with somebody is that sometimes they can give all of themselves to try and save their loved ones.  They have a tendency of thinking with their heart first, and when that happens (when they are trying to save somebody), sometimes they can lose themselves in the process. It’s almost like the person becomes more important to them to fix or heal , which can cause them to focus less on themselves.

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Best and Worst Pisces in Love Qualities

Pisces are like water and relate to their feelings in all ways. They can sense a connection, on the feeling level, to others and to all of life.

Best qualities: Pisces can be quite the natural romantics, and share hugs, glances, poems and gifts of affection. When balanced, they can be quite loving, nurturing and “merge” with their chosen partner, in all ways.

Challenges: Can be rather less than honest and really be just out for themselves, emotionally. Over time, they can come to measure just about everything in a relationship, for what is in it for them alone.

Love Trait


The key love trait is to be flirtatious and complimentary – but this doesn’t make them easy. They are the chameleons of the Zodiac Signs, adapting themselves to the people around them. This is a great sign for actors. They are loving & moody, possibly the most romantic and sensitive Sign of the Zodiac – some say the sexiest Wink. These people are not afraid to show their affections in public. They can be emotional and moody but this is just a part of their sensitivity.


Pisces Male Love Traits:


The male likes to put himself be in the spotlight – he likes to feel important and enjoys attention. He’s the kind of guy who will be his own boss as he doesn’t like to be bossed around. He can be quite changeable and may hate tomorrow what he loves today. The man knows what he wants and is willing to go out and get it. Sometimes his directness can be misinterpreted as rudeness, but that’s not necessarily his intention.

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Pisces Female Love Traits:


The female tends to be a real attention-seeker yet she is also quite sensitive and can read her partner like a book. She’s generous with friends and family but always knows how to get what she wants for herself.  The woman has the drive and isnt too proud to make her living any way she seems fit. She has the capacity to be a party girl one day and a devoted wife and mother the next. Not everyone can carry that off.

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Things Pisces Needs to focus on when they are in love


they need to be able to embrace the Here and Now

It is no secret that Pisces a lot of the times lives with their heads in the clouds. Due to the fact that they have a very overactive imagination, sometimes they find it very hard to live in the now instead of in the far future. They start to get ahead of things, and they imagine how life will be like in the time ahead.

It is very important that they take the time to really connect with the present moment that they are living in. When they do that they’ll start to realize that beyond the painful and dull moments that life seams to bring ( that makes them dream of better times or the future), that there is much more for them to discover in their loving relationship and in life itself. More so then they think is possible.

They can not underestimate what the present means, since it has a lot to teach them about the future.

They need to find a real love

It is obviously well documented like mentioned previous before that Pisces are quite the dreamers, and sometimes it’s very hard for them to separate their dreams from what is actually happening in their lives.

When it comes to love though they really need to be able to be with somebody that they can relate to in a genuine way. They need somebody to love them for who they are and help them see the world for what it is.

So they really need to give themselves the opportunity to discover the true nature of their lover, because sometimes in life, reality can surprise even the most imaginative of minds.

They need to set limits

These are people that truly love spirituality and creativity, and are very empathetic when it comes to other people. Their love is truly like the depths of space, there is really no limit to how far they’re willing to let their love go for somebody.

But this is a cautionary tale, because it’s very important for them to remember that they have to set a hard limit when it comes to things. Because this can cost them their love or their relationship.

Especially when it comes to being in love with somebody, they need to have a clear limit that allows them not to get lost in the depths of love, but for them to be in a safe and secure relationship in love.

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