1. Another not able aaaociation is when aspects are directly related to anything (especially personal planets) from the 10th house to the 4th. This can also highlight occupation, with a slight feeling of “fatedness.”

  2. Michael Lewis says:

    The upside down rotation and inclination of Uranus has a vital (and sometimes difficult) relationship to electron spin in human (and all animal) physiology on a molecular scale. This is so strong that it is one of the causes of human mortality through its 85-year orbit. Of course, life is strongly influenced by all the planets. But the orbit of Uranus is unusual, obscure and slowly lethal. Other heavy planets like Jupiter (22 y), Saturn, and Neptune (165 y) each have their particular influence. Jupiter affects puberty, Saturn influences maturity, Uranus affects lifetime, and Neptune may well be a goal for longevity if these factors are freed of the disastrous (if not understood) influence of Uranus on molecular activity, for instance in metabolism and chromosomes. It may take a long time to develop understanding and adapt to it, to increase human longevity to 150 years, though it looks like that is possible in the long run.

  3. Michael Lewis says:

    The rotation axis of Uranus not only causes its poles to alternate facing the sun each of its orbital periods, as you so kindly present (nobody else said it that I know, probably because it is one of their secrets) but has another aspect that I had to find myself. It turns out the upside down rotation (spin) of Uranus causes a spin inversion in some or many of the complex organic molecules in life. This inversion puts some electron orbits into an inverted mode called “spin down”. It is well worth rooting out the Uranian influence from the normal spin patterns in one’s body. Some time is necessary to become familiar with it. The discharge of the spin-down influence took about two weeks when I found it. I think that upside down rotation is one of the causes for human longevity to be around the orbital period of Uranus.–about 85 years. It certainly is possible to live longer, for persons living over 100 years are famous for it. Just imagine; if the Uranian spin limit on longevity is conquered, human beings may live a period based on Neptune’s 165 years. Live long and prosper.


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