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Love relationships or Partnerships maybe one of the areas where Aquarius seems to be more concerned about their own love life then the world going around them. They still give their energy to others, but more so for true world problems. When it comes to their partner they come first.

In reality it would be very hard to find somebody that is more willing to lend a more sympathetic and patient ear.

If you’re in love with one, your best bet is to never try and pull the wool over their eyes . If you try to lie to them you will get caught, and then you would be in for it. These people rely and live on the truth in their relationships. The fact of the matter is they can’t live without a truth telling partner.

They have very little patience or tolerance for people that are seeking attention. If you can show them that you are very generous, not financially but more so with your time and your energy, you will have a partner in an Aquarius.

what Aquarius looks for in a partner

They are really looking for somebody that’s able to communicate with them really well. They want somebody that’s going to be able to open up and bear their soul, and tell them exactly what’s in their heart. Somebody that bears their emotions is going to be at the top of their list. Because they don’t want to spend their time trying to decipher whether somebody really cares about them or not.

They want to find somebody that’s independent. Somebody that will want to be in a relationship with them but also have time alone to themselves, on both sides of the spectrum.

if you take a look at the link below you’ll see what other signs Aquarius is compatible with. for one reason or another, Virgos seem to create a great tandem with the Aquarius.

Who is Aquarius Compatibile with?

Best and Worst Aquarius in Love Qualities

Aquarians really relate to their “peer group” and are the humanitarians of the zodiac, who like to relate to “the new”.

Best qualities: Very bright, fun and intelligent company who always knows the current trends. Fair in everything, they can be very generous, loving and respectful to a love partner, in all ways. (Also they are innovative company, and very open to change).

Challenges: Can become upset and somewhat “jaded”, over time, about any short-comings” found in the relationship. Then they can be quite distant, sad, and non-communicating overall. Need to always keep their minds to the positive and to also remember to go with the flow.

Love Traits


Aquarius love traits include great self confidence and natural sex-appeal – meaning Aquarians will never be short of partners Wink. They possess strong and attractive personalities  that help attract other people to them almost magnetically.They are known as extroverts and for being forward thinking. They can be inventive, highly original, idealistic and work well in groups. In relationships, Aquarians tend to be loyal and loving with a caring, open-minded approach. Sometimes they can be a little flirtatious, which helps make them an attractive personality. Aquarians like a little bit of mystery so they don’t always respond most positively to a full-on assualt from a potential partner.

Aquarius Male Love Traits:

A ‘Mr Smooth’ who likes to be – or feel like – the boss. He can be a heartbreaker but makes great company and will always have a good circle of friends. Career-wise, the Aquarius male has both the talent and the charisma necessary to climb the career ladder so he can be a good provider. He’s a great listener who doesn’t judge people too quickly. Mr Aquarius isn’t one who likes to stand still so he will always be thinking about the future and making plans – prepare yourself for a bit of a ride.

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Aquarius Female  Love Traits:

Flippant and helpless-looking on the outside yet sensible, self-controlled and honest within – the Aquarius female appears to be a paradox. She has great charm and loves her friends – laughter and friendship are a most important part of her life. Maybe not the most natural homemaker but great with people and can easily become the hub of the social circle. Ms Aquarius places great emphasis on trust and honesty within her relationships. She’s not easily impressed by talk; actions are far more important.

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Things Aquarius Needs to focus on when they are in love


They need to not overthink things

They are the type of person that has a tendency to idealize everything, this is one of the traits of an air sign, but they have the inclination to overthink things which can end relationships and love pretty quickly.

They are known to rationalize everything, and when faced with an issue in love they try to find a reason for why things are going the way that they are, at the same time pushing away their own validated feelings.

It’s very important for them to give themselves a chance to listen to what their heart is telling them to do. Doing so in a way that they come to a conclusion on their thoughts / feelings but not over thinking it and putting themselves in a state of worry.

Don’t just build a love, build an everlasting friendship

A lasting love is not built on looks or the superficial, so it’s very important for them to lay down a powerful foundation in a loving relationship that is built on friendship first.

In order for them to become true life partners with their significant other, they need not just a partner that is a lover, but they need somebody that is like their best friend as well. They need to be loving somebody that they know that they can trust with every fiber of their being. They have to have the ability to be able to talk to their partner about everything and anything.

They need to be with somebody that will respect their ideas

Now this is a person that is very idealistic in their thinking. With that they have the ability to change the world around themselves and their partner. Ideally they would love to have a partner that would be able to do all of those things with them.

Or at the very least a partner that respects their ideals and wishes, at the same time giving them the freedom to exercise them.

They need to be in a loving relationship with somebody that will value who they are and their uniqueness. On top of that they need someone that will stimulate and them intellectually.

If you are in love with an Aquarius, these might be things that you might want to address.

aquarius lovers

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