Dating an Aquarius and Relationships

Aquarius In Relationships


Friendship is highly important to Aquarians, but sometimes their strong, stubborn personalities can cause rifts in relationships. In addition, their high level of intelligence and desire for logic can, at times, make them seem like a know-it-all. However, their friendly and extroverted nature balances this out, and they usually have rich social lives.

Aquarians’ intelligence and straightforward nature can make them instantly appealing to the opposite sex, but their desire to be logical can both help and hurt in a relationship. Their sensible nature means that they are able to work through problems, and they make dependable and trustworthy partners. At the same time, Aquarians’ reluctance to be open about their inner feelings can cause problems in romantic relationships. They may be uncomfortable relating to their partners on such a level.

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What an Aquarius likes In a relationship


Companionship where they feel wanted.
Friendship, where their partner is like their bestfriend.
Mental Stimulation from their loved one.
Freedom to go out and do things
Emotional security
Feeling understood

What an Aquarius Dislikes In a relationship


Being controlled
Inequality and not respected as an equal partner
Mind games
The small-mindedness
Being thought of as someones property
People take them for granted.
Being mocked

How To Attract Aquarius


Communication is vitally important with this sign. Be sure you stimulate them and their mind and take part in friendly conversations. They want their brain to be continuously exercised intellectually and in eccentric ways. If you fail to do this, they will look for it somewhere else. Communication compatibility is essential for this sign. Be sure the dates you go on have some variety to them. If you cannot think of anything to do, allow the Aquarius to create the plans. Of course, you need to be flexible because they can change their mind midway into the plan. Do not constant nag or complain because they don’t like it.


Dating an Aquarius


The true Aquarius is a free independent spirit often seen as quirky or detached from their surroundings. Not tolerant of displays or emotionalism it is best to focus on this water sign s love of the intellectual or eccentric to capture his/her interest. Try taking your Aquarius to an informative lecture or write a song specifically for him/her. Both ideas will be well received. Or try something totally off the wall to capture your Aquarian s attention. Have them get all dressed up in their best outfit, hire a limousine, and then take them out to a midnight picnic or the local fast food restaurant for dinner. This will definitely make your Aquarius sit up and take notice. Aquarius can also be service driven and idealistic so take them to a charity drive or purchase some tickets for a benefit auction and dance. However do not expect the relationship to become serious overnight as Aquarius love is slow to develop. This sign will take time to settle into the exclusivity of the relationship. Aquarius will usually have to work had to maintain a relationship.

What It’s Like To Date An Aquarius Man


The Aquarius male wants intellectual stimulation. It doesn’t matter if a female is the most beautiful one in the world. Without brains, he won’t look twice. Communication is a necessity to the males of this sign. Although the Aquarius male wants love, he suffers with inner issues due to his inability to comprehend emotion. Thus, it’s important to be patient with the man and not to hold this against him.

The males of this sign can easily fall out of love. If a woman wants to be with him, she must learn to understand he’s not going to change and must be given respect for just the way he is. The Aquarius male needs a partner that is stimulating and can share his adventures in life. He doesn’t want something to emotionally press him or give him demands or commitments, as this will cause him to take off. Jealous is also bad, causing him to run. If a woman provides him with everything he needs and wants, he’ll be entirely faithful. Provide him with respect and privacy and you’ll never have to worry with him being unfaithful.

What It’s Like To Date An Aquarius Woman


The ultimate independent female is the Aquarius female. The female of this horoscope sign is adventurous, smart and funny. She doesn’t come across as envious or insecure, isn’t overly demanding or sensitive. She is not the type to be predictable and loves excitement. The Aquarius woman and the man she wants to be with tend to have an astounding wonderful relationship.

You need to court and woo her – she demands ladylike treatment. The Aquarius lady can be extremely old-fashioned in how she wants to be treated and thinks. And, if she doesn’t like you now, she never will! The female Aquarius takes things slowly in relationships and she doesn’t show romantic affection often. Any man who wants to be with her must give her respect and view her as his equal.

The relationship with this sign evolves with communication. Once trust is established and she grows closer to you, she’s the most loyal person you will meet. She may come across as constantly detached – it’s only because she fears she’ll lose herself in the relationship. This is the case even with a long-term relationship where she comes across as a friend, not a romantic mate.

Never try emotionally tying her down with obligations and demands; she’ll run away. Do not come across as jealous, she’ll walk out. The Aquarius female is a free bird. If you provide her with the things she wants, she’s going to be loyal to you. Don’t worry if she demands some space – give it to her and respect the privacy she wants. This sign adores men who love adventures and challenges.

Aquarius Cheater or Faithful?


An Aquarius native can be unfaithful if they feel as though they are not truly loved in a relationship. They might go out looking for something that is missing in their current relationship and find it and another person. It all depends on the kind of relationship you have with the Aquarius. Communication as a couple is the key.

This doesn’t mean that every Aquarius out there is unfaithful. No one sign is 100% faithful or unfaithful.

If they are unfaithful it’s usually not a one-night stand , it could go on for a certain amount of time. During the course of this they won’t break up with their partner, even though they are lacking something in their relationship they still find value in what they have. This is where they would start to unravel because they’d realize they’re living two different lives.

Reconciling with an Aquarius is very difficult in its own right. As to in most cases they will blame the relationship for being the reason why they were in a situation where they cheated. It’s very hard to forgive somebody that won’t recognize that it is their fault that things happen the way that they did. Without an honest apology it’s hard to give forgiveness. This can complicate matters greatly,and it’s at this time that the relationship will end.

As mentioned before that doesn’t mean the relationship has to end because of infidelity. They can choose to leave their partner amicably without going down the road of infidelity.

It’s important when dating an Aquarius that you must give them the space that they need, and make sure that routine never enters the relationship. Keep them on their toes with fun and happiness.

Quiz: Aquarius lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?


To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

Is friendship more important than love in your life?
Would you get involved in a project that didn’t have a social purpose?
Is loving the work you do essential to your happiness?
Would you be able to forget about sex for at least 2 weeks?
Do you have a tendency to avoid quarrels?
Would you lose your own shirt for a friend?
Are you an idealist?
Would you like to conquer the impossible, especially in love?
Are you independent, a conqueror, and like to keep your feelings inside?
Do you like to make friends or talk to people who can help you to attain your dreams?
Do you think that money is a trap or the tool of the devil?
Do you like intelligent, challenging partners?
Could you have sex with just anyone without attachment?
Are you attracted to fame, power and wealth?
Do you like politics?
Does your lover think that you are selfish in bed?
Are you altruistic?
Do you like to fight for a cause?
Are you always late and forgetful?
Do you feel that what other people think is none of your business?

For Women

Could you go for a long time without having sex?
Are you a feminist?
Do you know the difference between love and friendship?
Do you prefer your partner’s mind than his body?
Do you hate jealousy and possessiveness?
Are you loyal in love?
Are you altruistic?
Do you believe in miracles?
Are you flexible and tolerant?
Can you make love without feelings?
Do you make friends with powerful people who can help you reach your goals?
Are you extremely fussy in love?
Do you find it difficult to express maternal feelings?
Is being stuck home without a purpose, the worst punishment that could happen to you?
Do you like the color purple or violet?
Are you a visionary that is detached from the past?
Could you forget about domestic chores if something more important comes up?
Is the intelligence of your mate more important than his sex appeal?
Deep inside do you aspire to greatness?
Do you believe in your infinite possibilities?


1 – 35 POINTS

The Uranus energy is less powerful, so therefore there is a less need for drastic changes. You can live more in the present than in the future. There is a lot of creativity, sensitivity, and you are capable of expressing feelings. The Uranium element is mellowed down very much by the Water and Air elements.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are a positive Aquarian that possesses most of the higher qualities of the traits. You are quite the humanitarian.

45 – 60 POINTS

You are at the same time independent and capable of commitment. You are a true, true Aquarian with all the good and bad traits.

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