1. Hi all. I’m an aquarius girl and I’ve just started dating a leo guy since the sunday of labor day weekend. I think he is a fabulous creature. He’s very much a gentleman…the type that holds my hand when crossing the street and refuses to light my cigarettes which is both lovely and frustrating at the same time. Since labor day, we have seen eachother about 2-3 times a week and everyday, he’ll text me with a “hi how is you day going?” He is very optomistic like me and we discuss everything from what we find great about everyone to how much we hate camping. We have only made out at the end of our dates but even that is pretty steamy…..I’m hoping to have more and more with him as we get to know eachother better!

  2. UniqueSmarty says:

    I am an Aquarius and I have been dating a Leo for a couple months. I think he is WONDERFUL! Most of the love forecasts predict that this combo will start with a bang and eventually fizzle out. They also say that sexual chemistry does not exist, let me be the first to say, such is not the case.
    They give Aquarians a bad rap, saying we are emotionally aloof and incapable of giving the Leo the attention/love they need. I really appreciate my Leo’s affectionate disposition. I am actually trying to play it safe for fear of moving too fast too soon. I kind of want to feel it out to see where he is coming from since it is so early in our courtship. So far so good, and I’m very excited for the possibility of a future with him. I welcome any feedback/advice from any Aquarius/Leo duos.

  3. I’m an Aquarius, my boyfriend is a Leo. We get along most of the time, but what relationship doesn’t have occasional fights?
    And I guess the thing is Opposites really do attract.
    But seeing as we are both big personalities it will be hard, but we have so much fun doing anything and love being around each other.
    Being able to work on our relationship will make it extra special if we both put in the effort. And their won’t be a moment that we won’t have fun doing it.
    If you truly love each other it shouldn’t matter what star sign you are.
    I don’t really understand what you mean by not being the type to give out adoration. I am a caring person, and I actually believe I give out too much.
    I love him, he loves me. That’s all you need to remember to make it work and be happy. (:

  4. Getchen Lee says:

    I’ve just started going out with an Aquarian guy and already I’m feeling pretty frustrated. We were really into each other at the start, and he was quite enthusiastic but now he just seems cold and distant and I’m finding it very difficult to connect with him at all. I want things to work, I want to like him and get close to him but I’m not going to chase him … Leos do NOT do the chasing … all his mixed messages really are bruising my Leo ego and I’m not willing to take it, especially since I don’t know him so well.

    I just have a bad feeling about it … I should probably stick to Geminis and Arians. Aquarians are just moody and annoying.

    1. No jst a little understand is req…aquas are selfless n not at all money minded..if rgey love u…they consider u above everything…family

      Money profession…..ubhave to show ur care and concern side… n shed a very little money…trust me u will b repayed back with compound interest

  5. peachybottom says:

    i love my leo man…i’m an aquarius. yes, we never had a dull moment: we fight, we argue a lot, we share jokes, watch movie together, tickle each other etc…neither one of us gives up each other. WE JUST SIMPLY FIND EACH OTHER ADDICTIVE.

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