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Sun Astrology

I represent the primal life force in everyone and I’m here to remind you to keep yourself centered and be true to your innermost goals and drives in life.


A planet in its own Sign (Ruler), unless retrograde or seriously afflicted by the malefics, is as one who is master of his own house and goods. In its Exaltation it is strong, but less so than were he his own master. In its Detriment it is weak, as one in his neighbor’s house and not master thereof. In its Fall it is as one who is poverty-stricken and without power.

Your birth sun dominates your personal strength and ego. This aspect of your personality takes over the characteristics of the zodiac sign that corresponds with your birth-sun. It is the I-maker, the donor of individuality. As life evolves, a person becomes more and more associated with his solar sign or birth sign. You become who you are meant to be.

The sun represents the spirit of life, creativity, energy, vitality and vigor. In the horoscope of a woman it  indicates a father figur and to a lesser extent, the spouse. The power of the sun creates a personality full of warmth, self confidence and spontaneity. When the sun in the horoscope is unfavourably aspected, these qualities lack and it also means the individual lacks vigor. The person in question often has plans but fails to put them into practice.

what does the sun represent :


Sun Characteristics



Talent for organisation, will to take initiative, leadership, sense of self-esteem, generosity, enthusiasm.


Arrogance, vanity, smugness, selfishness

Other Associations


Zodiac Signthe influence of the sun is at its purest in the sign of Leo
Housethe fifth
Anatomythe heart, the eyes and the spinal cord channel
Colorgolden yellow and orange
Gemstonediamonds, chrysolite, chrysoberyl, peridot
Symbolthe shield of Helios, the sun god

Occupation : all professions who find their purpose in an atmosphere of leadership and organization. The influence of the sun is very strongly reflected in people who have leadership positions such as kings, popes, heads of state, directors of large companies and banks.

Basic Astronomy:


The Sun is the center and the heart of our Solar system and all the planets revolve around it. The heat and light it generates is responsible for all life on our planet and beyond.

In Mythology:


He is The Sun God (The Father) the source of all life and power

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation:


The Sun stands for the psychological basis that determine your identity, actions and who you truly are. It shows the prime energy pattern of your psyche and body and it also describes your consciousness, individuality, ego, creativity and self-image. The position of the Sun in the natal chart by sign, house and aspect will describe your potential creativity and the way you should ideally seek to express yourself.

Astro Keywords:


your selfhood, ‘core identity’ of the self, purpose, self-esteem, vitality, confidence, warmth, will-power and arrogance

If you have a well aspected Sun or planets in Leo in your chart you’re likely to identify yourself with this saying ‘Grab your coat, and get your hat … leave your worries on the doorstep …Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street’

Sun In The Signs


Sun in Aries


The sun adds to Aries already considerable reserves of energy, both physical and emotional. Large reserves of energy need to be used wisely, so Areans may need to guard against stepping on others in their hurry to achieve, or acting on dangerous or risky decisions. Overwork may also be a problem – with all that energy, discernment is needed to know when to stop.

Good Aspect

  • Assertive. ‘What you see is what you get’ type of person.
  • Pushes hard to succeed, very determined.
  • Thrives on action and activity, likes a challenge.
  • Shows courage in the face of difficulties.
  • May actually seek out danger.
  • Almost boundless enthusiasm.
  • Will not back down easily.
  • May persist to the point of exhaustion if not careful.
  • Good leader, can inspire others into action. Prefers to lead from the front.
  • Strong pioneering spirit.
  • Shows initiative.
  • Ambitious, not content to rest on success, needs new goals.

Bad Aspect

  • Over assertive, abrupt, possibly aggressive.
  • Pushes self and others too hard.
  • Likely to make enemies.
  • Easily angered.
  • Impatient and intolerant.
  • Disinclined to listen to the opinions of others, forces own ideas instead.
  • Arguments highly likely.
  • Impulsive.
  • May push too hard overlooking important details along the way.
  • Tends to fight through life.
  • Scatters energies, may not complete projects.

Sun in Taurus


The Sun enhances that intrepid Taurean vitality and may, together with Venus, increase the capacity for love and affection, love of the good things of life, and an appreciation of music

Good Aspect

  • Possessive, attracted to the material side of life.
  • Natural sense of value.
  • Ought to do well in life through financial success.
  • Has the ability to attract wealth.
  • Practical common sense, down to earth nature.
  • Cultured, likes the good things in life. Artistic leanings.
  • May have a singing voice or the ability to act.
  • Capacity for hard work.
  • Power of endurance.
  • Naturally cautious, doesn’t like to be rushed.
  • Patient.
  • Deliberate and highly focused.
  • Resolute and determined, will keep going when others would give up.
  • Dependable, reliable and trustworthy.
  • Makes a good friend, loyal and supportive.
  • Outwardly quiet and restrained yet capable of affection.
  • May assume that material gifts are a substitute for affection, though.

Bad Aspect

  • Life dull and in a rut.
  • Slave to routine.
  • Too cautious to change.
  • Overvalues the practical side of life.
  • There never seems to be enough regardless of how much is owned.
  • Possessions don’t bring the pleasure they ought to.
  • Inflexible and too wrapped up in the material side of life.
  • Basically insecure.
  • Life may seem like an uphill struggle.

Sun in Gemini


The Sun is a positive influence on the famous Gemini sparkle and enthusiasm and promotes the determination to succeed. The Sun can boost stamina at those times when reserves are low. It may add to mental tension if the Gemini propensity for multi-tasking gets out of hand

Good Aspect

  • Highly communicative.
  • Intelligent and witty.
  • Lives on nervous energy.
  • Very adaptable and versatile.
  • Intelligent, clever, informed.
  • Easily educated, learns quickly.
  • Likes to communicate.
  • Travel and getting about will appeal.
  • Has the gift of humour and wit.

Bad Aspect

  • Nervousness gets in the way of self expression.
  • Not easy to make self understood or to express opinions adequately.
  • Opinions change rapidly.
  • May chatter endlessly.
  • Misunderstandings likely.
  • Learning not easy.
  • Too many ideas.
  • Unfinished projects.
  • Imitates or borrows ideas.
  • Problems with early education.
  • Too many things on the go.
  • Nervous, excitable, restless.

Sun in Cancer


The Sun serves to increase the positive Cancerean characteristics, such as loyalty and sensitivity to others, and adds much of the energy needed to use them well. In some circumstances, the Sun may influence emotional disruptions such as the sharp verbal attacks Cancerians are prone to when stressed.

Good Aspect

  • Protective. Defends interests and loved ones.
  • Defensive if threatened, can make a formidable opponent.
  • ‘Hard shell – soft interior’.
  • Will first try to avoid confrontations.
  • Very tenacious.
  • Highly emotional and sensitive. Actions governed by feelings. Cares deeply, shows sympathy, likes to help. Tends to collect things for sentimental reasons. Needs to feel secure.
  • Instinctive and intuitive. Wonderful imagination. Good memory.
  • Home and family very important. Immersed in domestic life.

Bad Aspect

  • Ruled by emotions.
  • Moods change quickly.
  • Broods.
  • Touchy and defensive, soon puts up barriers.
  • Just as likely to be timid.
  • Insecure.
  • Tends to cling to things and to people.
  • Daydreams, worries endlessly.
  • Careless mistakes.

Sun in Leo


The Sun, as Leo’s ruling planet, will always have the dominant influence for Leo. The influence of the Sun includes creativity, warmth, affection, self-esteem and the capacity to enjoy life, as well as the immense vitality, stamina and magnanimity that is traditionally associated with the classic Leonine personality. At times, natural self-esteem may turn into pomposity.

Good Aspect

  • Impressive personality.
  • Dignified.
  • Likes to be centre of attraction.
  • Can be good fun to be with.
  • Creative.
  • Likes to organize and manage, seeks responsibility.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Seeks a life of pleasure.
  • Reliable and dependable.
  • Very loyal.
  • Tends to overlook people’s faults and avoids holding grudges.
  • Kindly and generous nature, seeks to bring happiness into the lives of others.
  • Broad minded and tolerant of other people’s opinions.

Bad Aspect

  • Overvalues own importance.
  • Can be conceited or snobbish.
  • Aloof and patronizing.
  • Upsets people by pushing too hard and being overbearing.
  • Unaware of other people’s needs in determination to succeed.
  • May tend to overlook details and so make mistakes.

Sun in Virgo


The Sun encourages Virgo’s determination to succeed and an enthusiasm for the task. The influence of the Sun can boost self-belief and openness to others.

Good Aspect

  • Life governed by precision.
  • Neat and tidy.
  • Cautious and down to earth.
  • Very practical and organised.
  • Reliable and trustworthy.
  • Modest and unassuming.
  • Prefers to work in the background in a supportive role.
  • Tends to dress conservatively, giving the impression of efficiency.
  • Health and hygiene important, likes cleanliness.
  • Analytical mind, good at details.
  • Likes to be of service and to be appreciated for efforts. Reliable and trustworthy. Efficient. Works tirelessly and to high standards. Skilled, may be a craftsman or have definite talent. Takes pride in work, seeks to achieve perfection.

Bad Aspect

  • Fussy.
  • Workaholic.
  • Health may be affected by overwork.
  • Expects too much of self and others.
  • May be used by others.
  • Unappreciated for efforts.
  • Health and hygiene over important, may have health fads.
  • Obsessive over cleanliness.
  • Perfectionist.
  • Worries.
  • Remote and stand-offish.
  • Gives the impression of being cold and uncaring.
  • Critical.
  • Expects and demands high standards.

Sun in Libra


The Sun heightens the capacity Librans have for expressing warmth and affection and enjoying the luxuries of life. Stamina, especially physical stamina, is boosted by the influence of the Sun, and this increase can be used to engage in the physical exercise Librans need.

Good Aspect

  • Life governed by need for harmony.
  • Sense of fair play and justice is strong.
  • Seeks peaceful solutions but will fight injustice.
  • Exhibits natural charm.
  • Good manners, courteous.
  • Refined nature.
  • Natural sense of grace and poise.
  • Artistic leanings.
  • Good dress sense but may adopt the opposite role of being something of a dropout.
  • Seeks to make fair and balanced judgments.
  • Tactful and diplomatic.
  • Values and understands what relationships really are.
  • Sees them as an honourable contract.
  • Likes closeness in romance and friendship.
  • Seeks to cherish and support.
  • Shares easily. Trusting. Openly affectionate and loving. Seeks compromise rather than conflict.

Bad Aspect

  • Unhappy alone and too easily attracted, may become involved in unsatisfactory associations.
  • May not take relationships seriously.
  • Flirts.
  • Peace at any price.
  • Hard to get motivated, can be lazy.
  • Misdirected fighting for justice.
  • Overly concerned with appearance.
  • Hard to make decisions.

Sun in Scorpio


The Sun exerts a potent influence on the famous Scorpio capacity to produce an almost constant stream of restless energy. This needs to be channeled positively into physical activities such as sport or hard physical work. The Sun can increase emotional energies, which may mean trouble in relationships unless an awareness of personal needs is made conscious and shared appropriately. Undirected energies can draw Scorpio into emotional overreactions, and also into ‘workaholic’ habits.

Good Aspect

  • Intense, puts a great deal of emotion and passion into living.
  • Sees everything as black or white – no grey areas.
  • Secretive, doesn’t give much away.
  • Fixed opinions.
  • Once a decision has been made is unlikely to change it.
  • Great insight.
  • Very curious, often determined to get to the bottom of things.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • May have interests in the mysteries of life and death or the occult.
  • Very resourceful, can make the most from the least.
  • Should excel in financial matters.
  • Plays power games.
  • Likes manipulating.
  • Can detect insincerity.
  • Powerful emotions.
  • Passionate.
  • All or nothing.

Bad Aspect

  • Emotions difficult to control, may indulge in emotional excess and dramatic displays.
  • Moods change suddenly.
  • Highly charged emotional relationships.
  • Likes or dislikes with equal intensity.
  • Can be jealous or resentful. Knows how to hurt people.
  • Not able to trust people and suspicious.
  • May try to dominate people.
  • Has little respect for weakness.
  • Expects too much from life and gives very little.
  • Something of a loner.
  • At war with self.

Sun in Sagittarius


The sun serves to increase the already considerable Sagittarian energies, and may boost stamina considerably. The Sun increases the desire to explore the bigger questions of life, as well as the expansive approach Sagittarians have to most things. In certain circumstances the Sun encourages an expansive overview and an effort will be needed to take in the detail necessary to make wise, rather than poor, decisions

Good Aspect

  • Lives life to the full.
  • Likes to spread happiness.
  • Freedom-seeker.
  • Loves to travel.
  • Generous and kindly.
  • Makes a good friend.
  • Likely to do well in life, has a lucky streak and seems to attract wealth.
  • Thrives on knowledge and likes to learn.
  • Intellectual and philosophical. Deep thinker.
  • Sound judgement.
  • May have interests in morality, religion, or law.
  • Could have a prophetic mind.
  • Wonderful sense of humour.
  • Generally optimistic.

Bad Aspect

  • Prone to excess.
  • Very restless, always on the go, unable to settle down.
  • Goes to extremes.
  • Has one law for self and another for other people.
  • To many irons in the fire.
  • Unfinished projects.
  • Insufficient attention to detail and carelessness leads to mistakes.
  • Opportunities may go begging.
  • Numerous interests, may not finish what is begun.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Exaggerates.
  • Extravagant.
  • Falls prey to users and hangers on.

Sun in Capricorn


The Sun serves as a positive modifying influence on Capricorn’s well-known pessimism, caution, and tendency to be rigid. In certain circumstances, the cheering influence the Sun can bring, may be obscured by Saturn’s primary influence. Here other positive solar influences may help to lift the spirits.

Good Aspect

  • Cautious and deliberate.
  • Highly principled and trustworthy. Reliable and dependable.
  • Values honesty and straight dealing.
  • Aspires to be a success in life and to have a position of responsibility.
  • Enterprising and keen to get on.
  • Can see the greater picture and plan a way to succeed.
  • Endless patience and determination.
  • Businesslike, professional, highly efficient.
  • Takes work and responsibilities seriously.

Bad Aspect

  • Rigid outlook.
  • Far to conventional.
  • May have to live within strictures dictated by others, afraid to break free.
  • Insecure.
  • Rules and regulations dominate life.
  • Expects much but gives little.
  • May tend to hoard, afraid to spend though a sense of insecurity.
  • Never seems to be enough.
  • Gloomy and pessimistic.
  • Sees obstacles rather than challenges.
  • Narrow view of life.

Sun in Aquarius


The Sun strengthens the classic Aquarian magnanimity towards others and helps to maintain the vitality required to serve them. The Sun also strengthens self-esteem and the ability to be affectionate. At other times a failure to focus outwardly may mean that the Sun’s influence is channeled into the tendency to be rebellious, unpredictable or eccentric.

Good Aspect

  • Very much an individual. Goes own way. Likes to be different.
  • Values freedom and independence highly and doesn’t like to be tied down.
  • Not easy to find the right partner who will allow the freedom needed. Humanitarian.
  • Very friendly.
  • Popular.
  • Inclined to socialize and get involved with people. Knows a lot of people.
  • Free thinking, attracted technology or science.
  • May also have interests in unusual subjects such as metaphysics, astrology, new age thinking, alternative philosophies.
  • Advanced and progressive thinking.
  • Capable of coming up with novel solutions to problems or inventive and original ideas.
  • Socializing may dominate life or get in the way of freedom.

Bad Aspect

  • Eccentric with strange mannerisms.
  • May dress oddly.
  • Rebellious and unpredictable, will not conform.
  • Hard to understand.
  • Hard to settle down or even rest.
  • Stubborn and inflexible. Resists taking in ideas or learning unless the mood suits. Addicted to the unconventional.

Sun in Pisces


The Sun assists by firing the vivid Pisces imagination further, and by increasing openness to others. If there is a failure to use this energy positively, and to focus on and deal with problems, Pisceans may find themselves drawn to addictive behaviors

Good Aspect

  • Responds easily to people and their needs. Genuine need to be of service.
  • Sacrifices own interests for others. Seeks no reward. Gives totally.
  • Highly impressionable and receptive.
  • Vivid imagination.
  • Highly intuitive.
  • Likely to have interests in religion, mystical and psychic matters.
  • May have genuine inner gifts and hidden abilities.
  • Great compassion and sympathy. Deep understanding of the human need.
  • Profound love.
  • Delicate and sensitive.
  • Artistic leanings. Sees beauty in everything.

Bad Aspect

  • Over sensitive,
  • easily swayed, gullible.
  • A soft touch.
  • Taken advantage of.
  • Tries always to see the best in people but this idealistic approach often results in disappointment and letdowns.
  • Unable to say no.
  • Lacks practicality, gets confused and in a muddle.
  • Extravagant.
  • Losses through deception.
  • Worries unduly.
  • Easily upset, suffers greatly.
  • Buries head in sand rather than face problems.
  • Easily swayed. Prone to accept ideas without due consideration.
  • Needs to be careful in religious or mystical matters due to high risk of idealism or deception.


Serena Weaver



Core of our solar system and entire point of reference in space, the Sun is considered the source of our energy and vitality. Unlike the moon, there are no shadows here and things are quite clear, although its excessive brightness often blinds us to the more intricate details. It is the central and most prominent element in the system, visible from many light years away.
Although for symplicity’s sake it is considered a planet in astrology, it is of course not really a planet, but a star. Even so, it is considered one of the most important elements in the astrological chart.

Psychological function

It represent the main guiding light in our personality. It reflects the basic values which we seek to embrace, the light in which we want to be seen (or not to be seen), however Mercury reflects our natural communication style. Accordingly, there may sometimes be a conflict between those two drives.

It refects our purified conscious will, and our self-consciousness as in the ability to look at ourselves as a whole. It represents our self-image and as such, our self-confidence. It is our identity, all that we identify our personality with.

Other functions

In non-natal charts (horary, return charts, progressions etc) a prominent sun can reflect the thrusting of the subject into the limelight. A person can get the opportunity to express his personality and skills in a wider forum. There are often significant decisions to be made, and often these impact the life of the native (and sometimes those around him as well). Squares to the Sun can show conflict or frictions about values and what is right and wrong. Oppositions can show much strain and resistance in such issues, or that the decisions made create strain.


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