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Sun – Meaning and Influence in Astrology

Sun Astrology


A planet in its own Sign (Ruler), unless retrograde or seriously afflicted by the malefics, is as one who is master of his own house and goods. In its Exaltation it is strong, but less so than were he his own master. In its Detriment it is weak, as one in his neighbor’s house and not master thereof. In its Fall it is as one who is poverty-stricken and without power.

Your birth sun dominates your personal strength and ego. This aspect of your personality takes over the characteristics of the zodiac sign that corresponds with your birth-sun. It is the I-maker, the donor of individuality. As life evolves, a person becomes more and more associated with his solar sign or birth sign. You become who you are meant to be.

The sun represents the spirit of life, creativity, energy, vitality and vigor. In the horoscope of a woman it  indicates a father figur and to a lesser extent, the spouse. The power of the sun creates a personality full of warmth, self confidence and spontaneity. When the sun in the horoscope is unfavourably aspected, these qualities lack and it also means the individual lacks vigor. The person in question often has plans but fails to put them into practice.

what does the sun represent :

sun characteristics


Talent for organisation, will to take initiative, leadership, sense of self-esteem, generosity, enthusiasm.


Arrogance, vanity, smugness, selfishness

Other Associations

Zodiac Signthe influence of the sun is at its purest in the sign of Leo
Housethe fifth
Anatomythe heart, the eyes and the spinal cord channel
Colorgolden yellow and orange
Gemstonediamonds, chrysolite, chrysoberyl, peridot
Symbolthe shield of Helios, the sun god

The dot in the circle represents the unity in the center of all experiences, the vitality of which the universe is made of. It is our inner light. As a point can spread to a contour, so a man can broaden his consciousness and get a divine consciousness (enlightenment).

Occupation : all professions who find their purpose in an atmosphere of leadership and organization. The influence of the sun is very strongly reflected in people who have leadership positions such as kings, popes, heads of state, directors of large companies and banks.

(this planet rules the sign of Leo)

Basic Astronomy:

The Sun is the center and the heart of our Solar system and all the planets revolve around it. The heat and light it generates is responsible for all life on our planet and beyond.

In Mythology:

He is The Sun God (The Father) the source of all life and power

In Astrology – Chart Interpretation:

The Sun stands for the psychological basis that determine your identity, actions and who you truly are. It shows the prime energy pattern of your psyche and body and it also describes your consciousness, individuality, ego, creativity and self-image. The position of the Sun in the natal chart by sign, house and aspect will describe your potential creativity and the way you should ideally seek to express yourself.

Astro Keywords:

your selfhood, ‘core identity’ of the self, purpose, self-esteem, vitality, confidence, warmth, will-power and arrogance

If you have a well aspected Sun or planets in Leo in your chart you’re likely to identify yourself with this saying ‘Grab your coat, and get your hat … leave your worries on the doorstep …Just direct your feet to the sunny side of the street’


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Serena Weaver



Core of our solar system and entire point of reference in space, the Sun is considered the source of our energy and vitality. Unlike the moon, there are no shadows here and things are quite clear, although its excessive brightness often blinds us to the more intricate details. It is the central and most prominent element in the system, visible from many light years away.
Although for symplicity’s sake it is considered a planet in astrology, it is of course not really a planet, but a star. Even so, it is considered one of the most important elements in the astrological chart.

Psychological function

It represent the main guiding light in our personality. It reflects the basic values which we seek to embrace, the light in which we want to be seen (or not to be seen), however Mercury reflects our natural communication style. Accordingly, there may sometimes be a conflict between those two drives.

It refects our purified conscious will, and our self-consciousness as in the ability to look at ourselves as a whole. It represents our self-image and as such, our self-confidence. It is our identity, all that we identify our personality with.

Other functions

In non-natal charts (horary, return charts, progressions etc) a prominent sun can reflect the thrusting of the subject into the limelight. A person can get the opportunity to express his personality and skills in a wider forum. There are often significant decisions to be made, and often these impact the life of the native (and sometimes those around him as well). Squares to the Sun can show conflict or frictions about values and what is right and wrong. Oppositions can show much strain and resistance in such issues, or that the decisions made create strain.


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