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Leo is the type of sign that really does feel alive when they’re in a relationship and in love. To some people that may sound counter-intuitive, considering most of the times we talked about how Leo has they’re celebrated Pride in itself.

Leo is more likely to embrace their significant other as a natural or logical extension of themselves. This is why they usually find a partner that they feel as though they can be very proud in. They need to be able to be proud in their partner for what they accomplish, their day-to-day behavior, and how they appear to other people.

They will never be embarrassed or shameful of anything that they might do in life, but would cringe at the thought that their partner may bring them embarrassment. Luckily they’re Partners seldomly do.

Leo is very affectionate and loving, to their very core. With them being very loving, they need to have a partner that gives them a lot of affection in return.

What Leo looks for in a partner

They want somebody that’s just as fixated on them as they are on their lover. They would prefer to be with somebody that shows a lot more interest in them than they do. Not because they wouldn’t love their partner on an equal basis, but because they want to feel even more loved than they love their companion.

Take a look at the link below to see what compatibility there are with other signs when it comes to Leo. In this case and Aquarius might be the best choice. Due to the fact that they have an outward approach which would be good for the Leo, if they don’t absolutely drive the water bearer insane first.

Who is Leo Compatible with?

Best and Worst Leo in Love Qualities

Leos are the actors and actresses of the zodiac, who like to be creative and express themselves with flair.

Best qualities: Can be very passionate in their relationships (in all areas). Leo rules the heart, so they can be very generous, affectionate, giving and “light up” a relationship with their warmth, heart, and presence.

Challenges: Can come to be way too stubborn and self-centered in relationships. Have a tendency to want to always “run the show” with little thought or consideration for the wants and needs of the other person.

Leo Love Traits


Leo’s key love trait is to be completely faithful and loving.  Usually, Leo’s tend to be ambitious and extravagant (Madonna). They like to get their own way and to be themselves – they don’t like to suck up. Leos are also the performers of the Zodiac Signs and like to be the center of attention (Mick Jagger). Leos are born leaders who possess a strong desire for power – they also highly value loyalty.


Leo Male Love Traits:


Leo male is ‘Mr Magnetic Personality’. On top of that he likes to live life in the fast lane – a real dashing hero type. Leo male is bound to hold down a real good job and will surround himself with the luxuries that go with his success. A great guy to be with and around – but beware that he might just take you for granted without realizing.

More About The Leo Man


Leo Female Love Traits:


Leo female wants to be boss – and often is. She is also quite materialistic and will want to be seen at  all the right restaurants, wear the best designer labels, take the most exotic vacations….you know the thing. Leo female is a perfectionist and nothing but perfect will be good enough – including her partners. The good news is that, deep-down, Leo female has a kind heart and will always help out friends in need.

More About The Leo Woman

Things Leo Needs to focus on when they are in love

Take the lead for them every once in awhile

They are one of the fire signs,  who is considered an unstoppable force. They are the ones that take the initiative at all times, and prefer to be the one that makes the decisions.

It’s very important for them just to sit back sometimes and relax though. Their partner has to be the one that makes the decisions every once in awhile and share the burden. Relationships are a two-way street, and even though they like to take the initiative on things it is important to equally share the responsibilities.

It’s important for them not to worry about everything on their own, and they have to let their partner have some say in a relationship as well. They do deserve time off every once in a while and so does their partner.

They have to try and stay humble

As mentioned before they are fire sign and ruled by the Sun. They know exactly what to do to make everyone’s eyes fall upon them, and their attractiveness brings people closer.

Something that they really need to work on is to develop humility. Sometimes in life we tend to put ourselves first, and not really realize the other person we’re in a relationship with is equal to us. They need to understand that their partner is equal, and as important to them in the relationship as they are. Them taking this step will help the relationship become more balanced out.

They need to express their feelings

As the great Lion of the jungle, they have the ability to figure out exactly what their partner needs, even if they don’t express it in anyway to them. That’s just the way they’re intuitive nature goes.

It doesn’t mean that their partner can totally pick up on what they’re feeling though. It might be hard to understand what the Leo is thinking and feeling.

The Leo cant just let their partner figure out whats wrong with them, they need to do what they can to be honest and be clear about their feelings, and express it. They will find out that they will achieve more by not beating around the bush, and the relationship will start to move a lot more smoothly than it was before.

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Melissa Martinez

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