1. We just met, Not a fully week yet, & ever since we’ve been hanging out everyday with each other. It is like, you’re dating yourself. Is so awesome, because even by the look in his eyes, i already know the message he’s giving me..I always wanted to date one,since I’m a Virgo, i wanted to challenge myself and see how strong we can stand by each other,and now I’m going to put it to the test.

  2. I’ve been with him almost 3 years. Hes an awesome person! We bring out the best in each other.. But because hes a leo/virgo cusp & I’m a complete one we tend to differ. I have a libra moon I’m really fun to be with, & am kind of a lazy person.. He helps me become a better person. I Believe much in loyalty & two virgos will be bring Much loyalty. He’s my best friend, I’m never bored. I feel that if you’re a fun person, then you simply can’t be bored. Hes my dream guy, I feel like I love him. We’ve had our ups & downs but it made our relationship so great. Be careful though, two Virgos can sometimes bring the very worst in each other if they’re too much alike. :) Hope this helped .. xoxo Peace

  3. We met by chance, at a fundraiser in my hometown. After a few intense hours together, we began texting non-stop. During that first morning of texting, we found out that we share a birthday! Although we live 2500 miles apart, we have text/talked/Skyped everyday since. We have plans to see each other a few times in the coming months. :) I have never felt this strongly for someone in my entire life. He is incredible and I am so thankful for him. We are so affirming of each other and supportive of everything, it is so refreshing. I love him after only 2 short months. He truly is the most important person in my life.

    Top it off same Birthday!

  4. Precious1 says:

    I met my man 4 years ago; we started off as friends. We’ve been together for 3 1/2 years and our chemistry is AMAZING! Our communication is very good, we even like the same things. You know, when you know what each other is thinking.. It’s crazy. Hearing wedding bells in future, might set the date in our “big” day, our birthday, September 17.

  5. Gabriellla says:

    We were together for two years, we broke up for a year and we got back together 6 months ago. We get on like a house on fire. Because we’re both virgos, we both have ALOT of similar taste, there our sex life is brilliant! We encourage each other in day-to-day life. I can honestly say I never thought I’d end up with a Virgo but it is by far the absolute best thing I have done. It’s great to have someone so close to share alot of interests and thoughts with. At times we do clash but I guess that’s just part of being in a relationship. An the great thing about both being virgos, we resolve arguments so easily as we have mutual opinions! But because we’re so much alike we don’t really tend to have many arguments. I love my boyfriend to death and can proudly say he would be my best friend, and I wouldn’t know what I would do without him. Thumbs up to same star sign relationships! Xo

  6. Our B-days are 4 days apart and we were apart for 20 yrs and found each other again.. We know each other like on other people can know us… we connect in a way that is hard to express.. he is my great love and I am his… after all these years of being apart.. when we reunited it felt like we were never apart.. it was like letting go of the pause button. We don’t have to speak… we just look at each other and know what is on the inside.. We were each other’s first EVERYTHING… I am the luckiest woman in the world… I have been given a second opportunity with my great love… not a lot of people can say that..

    Finally my great love

  7. margarita says:

    my husband is a virgo,so am i but honestly its the best. we balance eachother out and we have great communication. we are very young, been together for 4 yrs. best years of my life and many more to come!

  8. I’m with this guy named (redacted) and him and i are both virgo’s. Our birthdays are 6 days apart his on the 1st mines on the 7th and we have so much in common. He’s like my best fiend and my lover, yes I said lover even though we have only been going out for almost 3 months. I fell quick and it’s something that I have no control over cause in my eyes he’s everything I’ve ever wanted. Never had such a caring guy in all my life. I’m truly blessed to have met him. At times we disagree we have already been in 4 arguments in 3 months cause were both hard headed virgo’s and like to prove we’re right all the time but as the day goes on we drop the argument as if it never happened lol and in my other relationships like with a Capricorn the argument would go on for days but with a Virgo longest it will go for is a day. We can’t stand being away from each other I love him :) he loves me

  9. For me it was a guy I met through a friend nearly 4 years ago, we began dating pretty quickly, we got on amazingly well but realised we were too young to commit and went our separate ways. A year passed without us speaking and he finally got in touch with me, we arranged to meet up again and absolutely nothing had changed. He understands me better than anyone, he listens to me, makes me laugh and goes out of his way to make me happy. I imagine a future with him like I have always been unable to do with anyone else, we are now dating again in secret and I’ve never been happier, we share the same birthday aswell one of the many things we have in common with each other, I can only hope this is the start of something special between us.

  10. I met him thru online and at first I was ignoring him no matter how many times he calls or text me. But when I decided to meet him in person I feel like I was already in love with him and known him for a very long time. He is the type of guy that I want to date and spend the rest of my life for so long because he is sweet, caring and very loving person. Even though we only dating for a week he always treat me like a princess. And I think having the same birthday and zodiac sign make it difference. It feels good to be happy and be with someone that your compatible with.

  11. GirlNLove says:

    My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 months now and its been the best 5 months of my life. I always knew we would be perfect together cause i liked him for 3 years. We don’t ever fight and have a very loving caring relationship. He’s not really critical of anyone and I’m only critical of myself. I know we are going to be together for a long time and to me a virgo-virgo relationship is an amazing romance.

  12. Perfect for me says:

    Me and my boyfriend have been together for the best 3 months of our lives, today!(: we were friends before dating. We have so much in common and when we fight we are both mad and both apologize same time! I love him so much! We both want the same number of kids. Same number/types of animals. Want to live in the same place later in life. Both want to be actors and so much more!(:

  13. Crazy Diamond says:

    Amazing match up…. I have never been so happy. We are so nurturing to each other and level headed. After 5 months of talking everyday and a couple months of dating we are so very happy. We are in paradise around each other and don’t mind that we are an hour away. We are focused on work and college but keep a very healthy relationship :) We had known each other forever but never really got to know each other. I love every minute and am the luckiest lady alive! I am so glad to be a Virgo and was so curious and excited when I found out he was one to! Love it!

  14. friendship

    We met at work. He visits every so often. He told me most of his life story in our first meeting. I was in awe! Although it’s a slow process I’m so willing to be patient. I believe we’re just trying to figure each other out. Emotionally it has been a world wind of fun for me. I get so nervous and excited at the same time. Praying he’s the one. It just feels right!

  15. I wouldn’t trade our relationship

    Its the greatest thing this relationship. its never ended that’s the best part and we been threw it all together. Hes my best friend, my world and we where born on the same day but 10 yrs apart. He tells me im his present god made me just for him. Its great give it a shot

  16. i think virgo-virgo relationship is a blessing ! we spend more than a year together and it was a journey of a lifetime! its a long distance relationship .. i miss him like hell, whenever he comes to me my world changes and when he leaves it becomes so hard to lead a daily life. that’s why we r going to get married! we almost don’t argue because we share same likes and dislikes. He gives me love, makes me feel safe, special and happy. we are not workaholics, but yes when it comes to work we are sincere. Our sex life is just awesome! i think virgos arw really passionate people . my friends think that we are a perfect match but i must say sometimes(very rarely) we hurt each other unknowingly and we feel so much pain for that! love, respect and commitment is the base of our relationship. i feel blessed to have a virgo man in my life.. so if u like another virgo , go for it,. you may never regret in your life! love.best wishes :)

  17. We started out as sex buddies (incredible!) then fell completely in love. We hardly ever fight, and we always make up and feel awesome immediately. I’ve never felt so connected to anyone, and I’ve only known him for a year. When I look in his eyes, I’m speechless and out of breath. No matter how much we see each other, text, and talk online, it still feels so new and exciting. I can see us being together for a really long time, despite my sometimes feeling that we’re too different to last. I know it’s just me being self conscious and nervous, and I act out and he tells me to grow up and get over it – and instead of getting mad, I relax and trust him. We’re honest with each other, no matter what. When we’re stressed, we calm each other down. We don’t have to talk, we just look at each other and understand. I have such overwhelming emotions with him, I can’t possibly describe them with words. It’s like a fairy tale, I really can’t believe he’s real. (P.S. Our birthdays are 3 days apart.)

  18. shinetiger says:

    This is a tough one. I felt an immediate connection with a Virgo man three years ago. I had to be careful, though, because he’s married – a long term one to . . . another Virgo, whose birthday is the day after mine. I watch them together and see the kind of relationship I want. Sigh. Rather than walk away, we’re becoming friends. I feel lucky to have that much.

    Ill happily take the friendship and leave the other thoughts in the past!

  19. Kelly Marie says:

    I Met This Virgo Guy Through A Mutual Friend . He Did Most of the chasing at first (liking & commenting on all of my pictures on Facebook) lol .. anyways once we started talking it was so exciting for me cause this Virgo made me feel like we had so much in common! Although he never ever wanted to text/call me first I always had to make the first move. We have so much in common and really never run out of things to talk about.

  20. Soulmates

    Fell deeply and magically in love. Fought so passionately, best sex ever, deepest conversations, so much that I had constant déjà vu from dreaming of him before we met, drugs were bad, and he shot himself on the phone with me. We are very crazy after all. Any female virgos are my best friends. And any male I fall in love with.

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