1. Violet Ray says:

    i am a capricorn female and i am so so so in love with this guy that ive known for lets just say ..a very very very long time..and i mean..long! Hes a gemini.We arent together we just “see eachother?” its a complicated type of thing…I really love him because hes the smartest guy that i know and i LOVE intelligent people, he teaches me a lot. hes funny (most of the time) and he loves life!I think hes cool because hes kinda psychic..well not really psychic but he just knows stuff,he always knows what im thinking.sometimes i dont like it because i feel like i have no privacy i guess he can just read right through me..Am i that obvious? hes exciting he actually brings excitement to my life,i like his spiirt ..Now the downfall is just that we dont really agree on what we “should” agree on. We seem to almost be Total opposite the way our brains think and it can be very unattractive at times. I wanna be with him because duh, I love him! but then i always try to fight myself from getting too close to him because he creeps me out He says and does things that he may think is a joke..but i take it to heart and he can really hurt me sometimes..he wont even realize that im hurt i would have to break it down and tell him what he did or said to make me feel hurt and he wont understand… at all..he’ll be so lost or think im weird for even taking his “joke” so serious..Its creepy to me its almost like we really do come from very very different worlds. But through it all i just find our relationship VERY interesting and its strange but im so addicted to him.I cant see my life without him in it.Its strange.:S i have no idea how he feels about me.cant really make him out…:S Who knows , maybe one day we’ll see eye to eye and become one:)We’d be such a power couple if we tried..i love himmmmm:)

  2. hi im a female cap and my bf is a gemini. his birthday is may 23 2980 and mine is jan 16 1983. weve been together for a year and half now…im pretty aware that geminis act like kids.. they seem to be young at heart, funny and very loving. and that the reason why i loved my bf. hes the opposite of my personnality. im the serious type of girl, i always look forward for the future.

    tho. we argue due to our long distance rel., we love each other so much. im just wondering why am i drawn to a gemini person? my bestest girl friend is also a gemini with bday of may 22…we call each other twinstars..

    i guess geminis like long distance relationships. they find it intriguing, exciting and new.

  3. My aunt is a cap. and My uncle is a gemini ( like myself)

    They have one of the best relationships I have seen. Been married for about 18 yrs. However it does seem they do not get to spend as much time together as they would like, due to my aunts workaholic tendencies.

    but they are an example of a Capricorn/Gemini match that has worked.
    Thank god for exceptions right lol

  4. Country101 says:

    i am gemini my friend is capricorn and we get along from time to time we do bicker but we somehow miss each other and come back together thier is an attraction sexually love is defenintly their i can feel it we love each others company honestly capricorn is the true one i feel deeply for before it was leo the part about the sex with capricorn is so true they feel that i the gemini is not good enogh as a good dependent and that is whats unfair. bye bye muah!!! and to add us gemini’s are the best

  5. Me (Gemini-male) and my friend (Capricorn-male) get along with each other very well. We share our secrets, crack jokes and have a ball every time we are on telephone or sitting in front of each other.

    I’ve read that Gemini-Capricorn compatibility is not good but I guess it’s between male and female.

    It’s not a rule that natives of a common sun-sign will always get along with each other and are highly compatible.

    I personally feel if you are good and respect other’s feelings then you can have friends or lovers from any sun-sign.

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