1. Well I am a gemini, and my significant other is too, he is a year younger than me. When we first met there was an instant connection, we talked for hours and hours until our butts started to hurt. Eventually our relationship became long distance. We are both very insecure for no reason at all. This makes us have little episodes with each other, but then when we get through it we laugh, because we know how silly it is and we know each other enough to know, its just us being insecure over nothing. We have over come a lot. I think that with the effort, Gemini-Gemini relationships are an unstoppable force, its worth it!

  2. I’m one and so is my other. It took us a long time to get to where we are right now. Probably one of the most frustrating, confusing and unstable ways that anyone has gotten together. However, once we worked out everything, and actually communicated (which I suck at), it works. If anything, he’s more of the stable one and I’m usually the one moving from place to place. The jealousy card does play, but if you just talk it through, trust me, it makes it a lot better. We are both very flirtatious, social and sometimes, it may cause issues. Yet, at the end of it all, I know we’re going home together. There is a lot of emotions in this and I think that’s what makes us both on our toes.

  3. Gemini vs. Gemini. If either of you are mature, either in age or mental development the pairing is the best you will ever find. Don’t be worried you are too alike. I found myself looking right at myself in my Gemini-Girl. The speed dating mentioned by others is completely true. Just don’t be afraid, you’re not nuts! When I met my Gemini-girl decades ago I knew we were meant to be together. We were just too immature. But, we had fun. We were friends. Now decades later we reconnected and let’s just say the sparks of romance from high school are still alive and stronger than ever. So, I say go for it. You will never find a better match in love, compatibility, understanding, communicating, and getting each others jokes. You’ll never have to explain and odd-ball comment you may make because, for partner will ‘get you’ instantly. And, if there is chemistry, you’ll know by the first kiss!

  4. I am a female gemini and my partner is a male gemini. I feel like I’m dating a male version of myself and its great. I know how he thinks but at the same time still don’t know everything about him. Even when we are arguing its great because we know how to handle one another. It’s the best love because he is my best friend. We laugh a lot, we handle money the same, both very versatile, and its always fresh because he is really a friend to me. best match ever

  5. My partner is two years older then me and we r both gemini’s, he told me near the start that i would end up hating him because i would grow up to fast, but in fact its made me admire him and how we work together. I mean sometimes we have little fights but it some how makes us some what closer together, all of the things we wanted to say but never did come out and its like a huge weight lifted off. I do find myself feeling jealous and worried at times as my partner is such a flirt and he knows i know it but i accept it. I knew from the start that’s how he was and so was I, that’s how it all started. I’m at a stage now where i feel protected and i truly am grateful to have some one like i do to love and i think we are now equal or in balance,it all feels right.

  6. I have been with my gemini b/f for 3 years now. We are both in our mid twenties. Sometimes, we lose track of one another because we both have so much going on individually. It can be overwhelming but we always find our way back to each other because we know how to communicate and we understand each other. I LOVE being with another person in my sign. We never get bored, we like all the same things but we still open each other up to new things since we are constantly developing new interests! It can sometimes be hard to anchor each other in reality but we take turns. It works well! dream team!

  7. texas sweetheart Tess says:

    twin lovers
    I feel that I have an amazing connection with my significant other. Its as if we are so in tuned with one another. Its a connection that we both have never felt with anyone before. I feel very good and I know we are going to do well with each other. The best part is that we both know how to handle each other. He deals with my emotions or change of moods and just makes me feel at ease after the fact. Would it be weird to say that he is like my other twin? bc I don’t know if its because we so happen to be both geminis but it feels like he the other part of me. :)

  8. He’s the right one . It’s a most amazing connection. It seems we stayed within each other over the years, and once reconnected – we became whole and alive. There’s nothing like it. Hey, every relationship takes some effort. But this is supernatural in the extreme, fun, loving, exciting, you name…we’ve got it. He’s my best friend, my phenomenal lover and truly the love of my life. Just wish we hadn’t wasted so many years kissing “frogs.”

  9. The relationship i have with my crazy gemini is a growing experience but i love it. Things happened so fast! We skipped the friend stage and jumped right into a relationship. We were definitely in lust (but like fools called it love). I stayed with him thru his deployment in Afganistan. gone thru breakups, cheating, trust issues, ETC. but somehow we can’t let go. Sometimes it feels like there is four people in our relationship but we love that were both geminis (3 days apart, 3 years apart) we have so much fun together. Its been 2 1/2 years since the start of this journey and we continue to grow closer. I can say now that I’m truly in love with my best friend. I feel so lucky.

  10. Katie liveyourlife says:

    Me and my boyfriend are both gemini’s . And man has it been a journey. We’ve known each other for 3 years now and have been dating for a year. We’ve been threw a lot and know matter how much we go threw we can’t forget about each other. We have some trust issues but it doesn’t change how happy we make each other. We can talk about anything and not be judged. Were now in a long distant relationship but it only makes our bond closer. Three years ago not only did I find my soulmate but also a best friend!

  11. Traci Nash says:

    Met my Gemini almost 29 years ago. We were friends, shared laughs, went to the beach, helped each other with BF and GF problems-we were always there and made time for the other. We were born three days apart (June 3rd & 6th) the year of the Monkey and Goat respectively, have pretty much the same personality and share both the good and bad traits of a Gemini. Flash forward two decades and after many failed relationships with other non-Geminis we got married. No dating,…just went from single to in-a-relationship in less than a week.  To say that two Gemini can not share the same house is wrong. We still love each others company. We have our days when we want to kill each other but, no one else could handle the fun we pack into a day! An acquaintance once said that if two Gems get together they can take over the world. I would have to say-I agree. Never be without my Gemini again.

  12. So hear I read all these beautiful stories and ask myself is he worth it? I met a gemini online and we live 5 hrs away from one another me in Canada and him in the states. We are both extremely flirtatious but very jealous of one another. However, when talking to one another it’s like we are unstoppable. I have gone through high ends to meet him and he keeps cancelling because he’s “afraid” and recently had a huge falling out and haven’t talked for 2 weeks. We’ve known one another online for 2 yrs and got very close this year. We were suppose to meet one weekend and had another falling out so our weekend was cancelled and because I’m so “stubborn” i drove right to his place one day. That’s right i drove 5 hrs one way not to see him face to face but to show him how easy it was for me to make it happen. I left a card in his mailbox. Didn’t knock on the door or anything and i came back to Canada. Now since we don’t talk anymore I feel lost and confused. All i do is try and get nothing in return..

  13. I am June 19th and 30 years old. My boyfriend is June 8th and 39 years old. We have so much fun together. Very passionate and sweet. We are both very jealous and see each other a lot. He feels what I feel and knows what I am thinking. We love to eat together and watch movies. He makes me laugh so much it makes me cry. He saved me and helped me get over an evil scorpio man. I love him so much.

  14. Just started dating a Gemini, we share the same birthday, he is exactly 2 yrs older than me. And whoa, I’ll think about something and all of a sudden he texts me about exactly what I was thinking. We’ll text each other at the same time often. It’s a connection like we’ve been friends for lifetimes. We communicate on such a deep level. Every time I see him I am pleasantly surprised by a new side of him. We’ll see if it lasts. I hope it does. This could be the start of a love That’s more than I would have thought possible. Thanks for all your cute stories! They really reflect what I’ve been feeling.

  15. I’m crazy about “my” gemini. He’s funny, sweet, caring, and…basically me in male form. I think he and I will be amazing in a relationship, and he keeps dropping hints that he wants to..but is a Gemini and Gemini relationship worth it? Or will I get heartbroken.

  16. I am a black female in love with a white male Gemini. It’s hard to describe exactly what goes on between us because it encompasses to much. Being bored just isn’t an option. There is always something going on with us and its amazing. He’s extremely intellectual, he communicates well, and most of all he loves me. We don’t “argue” a lot but we are constantly in disagreement about something simply because we see both sides of most all situations. We both have strong personalities that clash often. But no matter what we ALWAYS make it back to our comfort zone of love. He is indeed my best friend, he understands me like no one else does. And sexually passion?? Whoa! The word intense doesn’t do it much justice. I’ve learned that being with a Gemini is one of the best experiences you can have we just have to be careful not to offend/hurt each other.

  17. Gemini and Gemini relationship is just a big adrenaline rush. I met my ex Gem man about 3 years ago and all I can say was it was a great relationship, we completely got one another. We were both kids at heart but we could be logical and the relationship was all giggles and fun. We broke up last summer but it ended on a good note :) Then only con is both Gemini’s could try to manipulate each other and be shady at times and they’re really clever about it too I would now lol other than that it’s awesome

  18. Well i was with my gemini for a year half, known him for about 2/3 years. Our connection was deep and sincere in the start of our relationship but as I got to know him more towards the ending, he turned out to be a Liar, cheater, very flirtatious to other girls, very indecisive as to what he wanted and he could manipulate and “finesse” so perfectly. When I would confront him about things he would act as if nothing happened, had me thinking something was mentally wrong, but it’s just how gemini men are,its in their blood. The good thing about the relationship is that when we were in love it was great & he was a sweet heart, but somewhere along the line our moods were different when they were suppose to be the same & we never seemed to get back on track. I read something that said to keep a gem man faithful shower him with affection not jealousy and if you can get him to be faithful, He’s your forever..

  19. For some reason i felt the need to express my relationship with my Gemini simply because i could relate to many of the other comments. My boyfriend and I are both the same age and his birthday is 3 days after mine (10/13). We have such a weird relationship (mood swings etc.) but it works for us. We meet in high school and never really spoke to one another but we knew of each other. He saw me out and about one day (3yrs later after graduation) and decided to finally approach me. We exchanged numbers and that was all she wrote lol. We could never get off the phone with each other and always found ourselves saying “well im getting sleepy, I’ll talk to you tomorrow” but of course we would continue to go on and on (like Gemini’s do). Later that year we ran into some issue’s that forced us to lose contact. Three years later he hit me up on facebook and asked me to take a trip with him (so spontaneous and adventurous; love that about him). Of course i said ok (YOLO) and we’re still together! but now head over heels in love

  20. I’m very in love with him, he is good in bed, he is very responsible when it comes to our relationship. He is very good looking but we’re fighting always about everything we talked about, but later on we realized that we are both wrong in any ideas we’re fighting for…very funny thing..The last time we fought is also the last time I’ve seen him, he will be back he always is..i was thinking that gemini – gemini are not meant to be… but we always find our way back to happiness!

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