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Are Gemini and Gemini compatible?

This is one of those couples that just clicks. In a majority of cases the compatibility between these two is pretty high.

They both enjoy going out and having a lot of fun, and they can literally sit there the whole night having a conversation without ever getting bored.

They like to go out and socialize with friends and family, in addition to always up for having a good time. This is one of those couples that will barely find themselves in a situation where they’re bored. They will keep each other entertained.

Due to the fact that they’re both born under the same sign, they’re basically dealing with the mirror version of themselves.

Both of them have to be very cautious when it comes to their desires for changing things in their lives at times, due to the fact that if their partner is not on board with it, it could very well destabilize the partnership.

This is a couple that also has to really work together to tackle serious issues that come up in their lives. Generally neither of these people really like to get very deep, and talk about significant or meaningful issues that might be affecting the couple.

How are Gemini and Gemini in love?

These two love to talk, so it’s really important for them right off the bat to be able to give each other ample time to speak, or else they might end up speaking over each other. Let the other have a turn!

This is a couple that together will do a lot of smiling and laughing. They will enjoy every moment together. They will also enjoy unleashing their scintillating imagination and experiencing a new ideas with each other. This will allow them to satisfy their limitless curiosity that they both have.

They will get along perfectly on an intellectual level, but sometimes they need a little bit of a push to get the emotional things flowing. The passion and the romance in the bedroom will need to be amplified a little bit.

If one of the partners can communicate their feelings a lot better to the other, it could actually push them closer emotionally. Usually when one of the partners does this, the other will follow them and form a very attractive / beautiful couple.

For this couple though it’s extremely important for them to really think about how they’re going to deal with the day-to-day issues of life. Gemini’s are usually the type that will do what they can to shy away from these kinds of matters, so that they can live more of a life that is full of entertainment and leisure.

One member of this couple really needs to take a step forward for both of them, and for them to address / deal with these issues so that this couple does have the potential to create a beautiful relationship that spans to the future.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: With a pair of Twins, too many needs have to get satisfied, and they end up spending more time analyzing what to do and how to do it than having the fun they need so much.

Celia: There’s not enough time for all the talking the pair of you want to do!

Jenn: What a fun pair the two of you are! So much in common but look out when the two of you have a disagreement. It will also be hard for the two of you to have a long-lasting relationship with real commitment.

Lidia: This relationship has great potential and can turn into everything you have dreamed of. The good thing with two Gemini’s is that you tend to copycat each other’s moods, therefore knowing what you are both going through and making it simpler to see what to do, to make everything ok. This type of relationship seems to be quite free and it is unlikely you will make unreasonable demands of each other, knowing how that feels yourself.

Gemini’s do have a trait of giving up on life and walking away from problems and it is vital that you both keep letting each other know how you are made to feel when disagreeing in something. Sex should feel different than it has with anyone else and you will find discussing your fantasies come with ease once you have practised airing your sexy thoughts! After a few months you will find sparks flying all over the bedroom!

Laura: Two sets of twins should have more than an abundance of things to do and to talk about, even if one of them is a more quiet type Gemini. Romantically, each one may try to outdo the other with pleasant surprises, or quips with both enjoy the others antics. Socially, they can easily take command of any room with their combined verbal power.

Tracy: A Gemini-Gemini combination is likely to be a meeting of minds and they may be extremely popular socially with their charismatic personalities. The relationship may seem to consist of four people as astrology defines them as being dual-natured. This could be a fun match though they may be too fickle to make it last.

Heidi: Both will mentally and physically stimulate each other. They’ll share in fascinating conversations, however, although they have quite a bit in common, the chaotic pace that they keep together, over time, could grow to be a problem. If one, or better yet, both, doesn’t compromise, things could become restless.

Keley: A very good match… they will both understand each other, and their emotions. If this couple makes sure to do plenty of socializing, they will have a happy life together.

Marcus: This relationship may seem very crowded to the casual passerby. What with two sets of twins in the same room, each jockeying for their share of attention. These two (or four if you prefer) will have loads of conversation, ideas, dreams and double-talk to last them a lifetime. There will be no shortage of fun and outlandish escapades.

David: There’s plenty of nervous energy here, but you engage one another well. And you never have to deal with those awkward silences – the conversation will never stop.

Gemini Man and Gemini Woman

When a Gemini man and a Gemini woman get together, their relationship is very interesting and lively. As both of them need similar things in a relationship, and they enjoy various cerebral moments in their relationship. But as the interests and moods of the Gemini people change constantly, due to this they can experience some rough patches in their relationships. 

Gemini always loves independence and large audiences, it doesn’t matter if it comprises of females or males. They are very smart and intelligent people, but they can have some mood swings that need to be controlled. And Gemini people are good conversationalists and are naturally glib.

Gemini and Gemini Friendship

You will feel as though you are looking into your own ego, which is something you both love.

Gemini and Gemini Relationship

As lovers:

Things may feel a little tedious after the first few years.

Long-term relationship:

A stunning start but hard work keeping up the initial momentum.

Short-term relationship:


Gemini and Gemini Sex

You will need clean sheets every night for the first six months, after that you may save considerably on detergents.

gemini and gemini sexually compatible

Gemini Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 83%

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