1. my aries tries to be controlling, but is also a beer drinker which makes it worse. When he is like that I get pissed and become more dominant (macho as he says) and then he says sorry and everything is okay again for awhile.

    1. I am a gemini and my “someone” is an aries. I must agree, that we really attract each other. Our relationship is exactly how it was described in one of the articles about love match for aries-gemini. My “someone” really wants to dominate me all the time and I myself always find humor it it=)

  2. Aries Subdued says:

    My dear significant other is a Gemini and an artist in every way. She is creative, unexpected, flexible, bright, passionate, and deeply caring. And, she puts up with me, so add tolerant and long-suffering to the list… Our relationship is a joy, filled with laughter and mutual understanding. We have some difficult situations to face at present, and it is the laughter that allows us to soar above the clouds. I simply can’t imagine life without her…

  3. During my relation with an aries ive been angry and dead jealous the whole time.. Yet whenever ignored he comes back trying his best to win me, i guess aries r very attractive to us geminis we can have conversations that are interesting for both cuz we both love to compete n challenge but to me i cant see my self in a serious relationship with an aries..

  4. AlphaAries says:

    I’m the Aries and I have always been in love with a certain Gemini. I’m not sure if its because they show such a lack of interest in me or not, but I want that one thing that I can’t get. We never run out of things to talk about. Everything needs to be discussed or debated about. I love it and it keeps me hooked, since I have never been able to do that with anyone else. I want to tell my Gemini everything. There are fights, but once we make up, it’s stronger than ever. Gemini can be too much of a trickster sometimes and knows exactly what to say to undo me. Depending of the circumstance that undoing can be amazing or heart shattering. He really brings out my fiery emotions and makes me want to better myself. I could see forever with him, but I don’t think he could see that with me since he gets bored easily.

  5. BestAngelFace says:

    I adore and Love my Gemini man. For a year he has kept me at bay & not made me his # One Love Partner. We are intensly connected & talk twice per day “BABY, SweetHeart” while he works out-of-town He refuses to “let-Go” of a prior relationship. I gave him the ultimatum last Saturday – wrong thing to do with a Gemini.. an ultimatum, But Gave ultimatum that I MUST be his number 1, or nothing at all. He at this point, will not return any of my calls – and I blocked him from my phone. If in future his heart overcomes his stubborn nature, he knows where I live. I actually have a hope that he will return to me in the future. I would Marry him and take good care of him for the rest of my life. Our year together? He has been verbally abusive and jokes cruelly. I also think he is Bi, and in the closet. I would have agreed to Poly – but only if I were treated fairly and with LOVE and in the open with the other (male) partner. So Sad. Intense attraction, My Heart Must Heal

  6. Still In Love says:

    I am an Aries woman and I had a Gemini male best friend. He always kept me laughing and he was extremely sweet. At first he had a kind of wall built up. My fiery nature and easy smile are what attracted him, I think. We also ‘got’ each other on an intellectual level. At the end of that year, my parents divorced and he helped me through that. Then, I was forced to change school districts. I was falling more and more every day. Now, I realize what could’ve been.

  7. My Aries is a perfect match for me in almost every way. We set the bedroom on fire. We have been together 3 years and have 2 daughters and it just keeps getting better!!!!!!

  8. I’m the Aries f, and he’s Gemini. 4 years ago, I developed a huge crush on him. I loved everything about him. I got closer to him as a friend, and eventually one of my friends told him that I liked him. We stayed friends. Some days he treated me like we were buddies, and others he gave me the cold shoulder for no reason at all. He would pretend like I didn’t even exist, and he’d flirt with other girls right in front of me, knowing how much it would hurt. I mean, just being downright cruel for no reason. I never clung to him or overdid things, I just tried to be there as a friend, and when he treated me this way it really killed me. He moved across the country, and I had a hard time getting over him. 2 years later, when he moved back, it was like he’d never left. This time, I think he showed slight interest, but then out of nowhere he was gone again. It’s been 2 years since, and deep down I’m still intensely attracted to him. I don’t think I could ever be with him. It would kill me.

  9. GeminiToHisAries says:

    I am a gemini woman, Ive been with my Aries for 3 years. We have fun sometimes, but mostly we sit in the house for weeks at a time. He is very boring to me has no real hobbies, interests, and friends of his own. It annoys me because he wants to spend all of his time with me. He has no sense of boundaries. He will share any and everything on his mind, whether appropriate or not. He is also not very financially respondsible so lets just say i pay majority of the bills. I often just want to end the relationship, but he is very sensitive, and after i mention it, he trys very hard to convince me to change my mind. This man needs too much attention. More than i am willing to give. Im ready to have a life again.

  10. Combustible says:

    Short-lived – I’m an Aries and I have more fun with Gemini individuals than I do other signs for some reason. It is a little difficult to dominate them, but when you do, the relationship becomes a little dull. There are no longer two (or three lol) heads with fun ideas, but one head determining everything. I usually get bored and leave these individuals, but I find it amusing when they try to dominate me after the relationship is over as an attempt (in my opinion) to show you they are worth respecting. Even if I can’t dominate some of these individuals, I still have fun with them for a short amount of time, and then we just part. I don’t get emtionally involved with Gemini, but I do remember a fun fling.

  11. juliogoaway says:

    Im an aries woman he’s the gemini. Im always in a relationship when he expresses his passion for me. We’ve been in positions to be in a relationship before. But he never wants me when im single. I’ve known this man 13 years. Hes oh soooo bad for me but the connection we have is just incomparable. We are mentally and physically bonded. This man frustrates the hell out of me! I just wonder if he will ever go away or if it will ultimately be me who cuts the ties that bind us

  12. I’m gemini girl, and have been with my aries man for 2 years more. He is younger 2 years than me. We know each other by online site. It’s little bit embarrassing since my friends complain about us. But I’m always on my way going with my Aries man. We both have fun all time. He is like to tease me with some funny joke when some people will think it’s real cruel joke. But we make fun. We make fun of everything. My aries is little bit naughty, he flirts some girls but it’s all I know and he stop everytime I told him to stop. Well, we are bestfriend at all. I’m so in love with my arian. He is lovely and dynamic, sometimes childish and cry like baby. But he give all of him total for me 🙂

  13. I’ve been 2 years 2 months with an aries guy. We are in LDR and never met yet. Planning to meet her this june but I think the plan is cancelled. I’m so in love with him. We find all time is not boring and always happy and fun. He loves teasing me with his rudeness stubborn and he is also honest to me since I don’t give limitation too much to him. As a gem, I’m a talker.. Always talk and talk. sometimes it will annoy my aries. My aries just tell me to stop blabbering, but the way he talks always like it’s just easy funny thing, not a serious. My aries is real possessive. He got jealous even if i’m going with my friends. He said he is going to jail me in home when we marry, i know it’s just a joke. Well, I do love him with unlimited love. I love teasing my aries guy. as a free spirited gem, i think i’m ready to settle down with this aries guy.

  14. shallow? No, you're wrong! says:

    Relationship between gemini and aries maybe looks shallow because we are a living moment couple and a thinker, not a feeler. So we both naturally avoid such heart deep feeling, but we both enjoy our company together as partner.

  15. Heartlocked says:

    everything about my aries guy is so perfect. Even it’s been years we have spent together, but everyday it’s always a new experience. My aries just asked me wondering yesterday, ‘are we really 2 years?’ he thought it’s less than 1 year and everything is always new and interesting. I love my aries. Sometimes my gemini bad side comes out when i have problem. I will just call him then crying without telling all of my problem. He understand me and treat me gently. He knows everytime I need him even he doesn’t know what was happened. I just want to marry him, even it will take 10 years more for a marriage since we plan to finish our education until we are stabile in finance and mature enough for experiencing new world of family. But still, my heart is attached to him 🙂

  16. im gemini and he is aries. we have long distance chat relationship. we chat and talk abt many stuff and it’s going so well & intense. after one month i know him , he came to my city and we almost had sex. at the day before he left,i ask him to be my bf. but he said ” i don’t want relationship at this moment and i don’t knw when i want to be in relationship”. he had bad relationship abt 2 months b4 he knew me (last relationship is long distance also and not last long). after he left we still chat like we used to be. we always passionate. and then i came to his town & ask him again to be my bf, but he still has the same answer. & now i move and live in his town, i think makes me closer to him and i still chase him now. do u think its good idea or not ? i don’t know what he wants? all aries please tell me what to do . by the way im a guy too . we are in kind of gay relationship im gemini guy who’s more on top (M) and he is aries guy who’s more bottom ( F)

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