1. It’s so crazy. I was in a 5 year relationship with a male libra. Ugh. I am an Aquarius. I now just met the man of my dreams. A Gemini. He’s so sweet. So caring. This spark we have is crazy.

  2. karma Deb says:

    I’m a female gemini and i was just wondering how my bf and i will turn out together. out of curiosity though. but yeah, it seems like the little excerpt says it all..seriously, we are exactly like the horoscope says and its a bit scary. lols, now i know we are meant to be together and he’s the one. thanks much to this website..Babee i love you. {4.13.17}A&&S

  3. I am a Gemini Female and I am in love with an Aquarian male. He is my partner for life. We both get each other and we never fight, we communicate our shortcomings and misunderstandings. He stimulates me from all avenues, mentally, emotionally…etc My Aquarian has been completely understanding of my commitment issues and he has talked/walked me through it all. You really nailed this compatibility reading.

  4. im so much in love with this gemini and of course im an aquarius. we hav lik never fought but most of the times when we did it was over MSN and it felt lik the world ended and i have to deal with the Gemini & Aries compatibility like everyday and the only time we fought other than MSN was the phone. i think we never fought in person because it will hurt too much. but anyways the last fight was the end but were so much in love with each other its scray its just there an Aries in the way what should i do

  5. Oh how I love this Union as well, but moment by moment he is driving me up the wall with his distance. I too am a Gemini and I know I can be aloof and distance at times, but my Aquarius gives me a dose of my medicine DAILY!!! Pheeeeeew,what a MAN?!

    Oh my we argued last week and I feel like “butter” I just had to get what I needed off my chest because he was acting rather arrogant towards me, nonetheless I love him, I tried braking up with him several times, but in stead some unseen force or magnet keeps drawing me back to him, I just don’t know!

    I’m patient, but he’s testing my patience and my love for him daily, it irks me to the bone!

    I think that whenever an Aquarius as gotten his heart broken in the past, he is more cautious about taking the leap of faith back to LOVE again, but I shouldn’t be paying for another woman’s drama or mistake! What then can a Gem like myself do to reassure Mr Aqua that I too have been hurt and it’s so difficult to just sit there on the fence waiting until he finally gets the hang of things?

    P.S. Oh how i’m dying for some make up sex.. LOL

  6. Melissa Martinez says:

    My first boy-friend, a Gemini, introduced me to Beethoven, Ballet, Rush, Van Halen, the Seattle Grunge Scene, Woody Allen and Russain History. I remember his giving me books of 800+ pages and expecting me to read them with him. I thought it was the most natural thing in the world. When we fought, we fought bitterly, but as we both had Taurus moons, we were able to put things in perspecive and stuck together for over four years until his death in 1992.
    In memory to G.Z. — I miss you!

  7. Lilly Anna says:

    I went in search of the compatibility of Gemini-Aquarius (I’m the Geminin) because I’ve known this interesting (and very attractive) Aquarian for about 11 years. We’ve always gotten along extremely well and there has always been a physical attraction. Only recently though have we actually acted on it. Had a date and ahem… Sex. I was thrilled when I read your assessment of compatibilty between these signs. Everything you said seems to fit. Minus the fights. Haven’t been there yet! I’m a little concerned because there is a 12 year age difference, with me being the older. Still, you never know I guess.
    So just wanted to say thank you for making my day. I love your style of writing and it was just a fun read!

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