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Are Gemini and Aquarius compatible?

When these two meet up and get into a relationship, they might not realize it at the time but they are embarking on something beautiful. The compatibility between this couple can be quite high.

Both of them seem to have a very common outlook when it comes to their life and are able to connect on an intellectual level.

This is one of those couples that really have a great connection with each other. In a lot of circles this would be considered a karmic relationship.

Without a doubt this is one of the most wildly compatible couples within the entire zodiac.

How are Aquarius and Gemini love?

These two tend to have a very rewarding and fascinating relationship with each other. It’s a relationship that is very much based on the communication between them.

Gemini’s looking for the qualities that the Aquarius possesses in a partner. They are very attracted to how clever they can be and at the same time their nonchalant view of commitment.

When you take a look at them if you take a step back you wouldn’t see two people that are very similar. Gemini at times can be the type that would give the cold shoulder easily, and the Aquarius on the other side of things is very compassionate.

The future of this relationship really hinges on whether or not the Gemini can really open up freely and generously to other people without their self-interest being their main purpose. If the Aquarius sees this in their partner then their relationship will be strengthened.

This is a couple that will rarely find themselves living a life of boredom. Every moment that they get to spend with each other they enjoy it.

The Aquarius will be seduced by Gemini’s impulsiveness, and how they are open for constant change. On the other side of things the Gemini will be seduced by the uniqueness and the creativity of the Aquarius.

Both of these signs even when they’re in a relationship like to have a little bit of solitude and relaxation on their own. This is something that they both appreciate and understand. It’s something that they both will respect about each other and honour. It’s a quality that they share together, something that they might not find in any other partner belonging to another sign.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The Twins can overlook Aquarius’ lack of romantic tricks, and the two will see eye-to-eye while exchanging visionary ideas.

Celia: A stimulating companion, a great social life, but Aquarius’ honesty and openness sometimes has you squirming.

Jenn: You two will probably find much comfort in each other. You seem to be drawn to the Aquarius idealistic and easy-going ways and you have no desire to change the Aquarius which is a big plus for them! The Aquarius is not intimidated by your need for freedom like so many other signs tend to be. This is an easy match with a strong friendship base that should last and last.

Lidia: This can turn into something absolutely amazing over time, although there will be quite a few hiccups in the beginning, don’t lose track that this will be worth it in the end though. Commitment is not a popular avenue for either of you, but once you put this on a back burner, to think over later, you can both relax a lot more with each other to form your love into something a lot more concrete. This can hardly be a boring combination as you both crave new things to do, to keep yourselves active and mentally stimulated.

Sexually, there are also a lot of surprises waiting for you. Neither of you will ever be able to predict what your partner has in mind but this adds to the special spark you share. The only major problem you can come up against is the control an Aquarian needs to have from life and this can stop both of you from being completely honest with each other.

Laura: Together, these two could very well make the world better place, in particular if they decide to embark on a charitable path. Inwardly, Aquarius has an immense respect for Gemini’s brainiac ways and Gemini likes the idea that someone can keep up. One of two will need to be the stabilizing force within the relationship and that job will likely go to Aquarius.

Tracy: Gemini and Aquarius may possess similar levels of stamina and intellect. The could also be sociable with highly developed communication skills; making a very compatible match.

Heidi: Although Aquarius is understanding of Gemini’s needs and Gemini tolerant of Aquarius, they will have their fair share of arguments. Both enjoy the outside world and mental stimulation, therefore one thing is for sure, these two definitely get along.

Keley: This couple gets along wonderfully, as they both have a similar approach to life. Neither sign likes to be tied down, and they both like to keep things light and uplifting. The only danger in this is that they tend to make much better friends than lovers, as this union lacks passion.

Marcus: Both signs are very sociable and love entertaining. Gemini’s seem to be the chatty side of the couple, while Aquarius loves intellectual talk, but fails miserably at small talk. These two are hugely compatible. They seem go everywhere and do everything together. Once a couple, you rarely see one without the other. Yin and Yang.

David: A no-brainer. You’re both gregarious, talkative and sociable, and you both have fast-moving minds – though Aquarius wants to discuss what’s wrong with the world, while Gemini may want to talk Hollywood gossip. Nonetheless, Aquarius is a very compatible sign for a Gemini.

Aquarius Man and Gemini Woman

The relationship between Aquarius men and Gemini women is very easy going as they enjoy each other’s company and constantly inspire each other. They have many common interests that they can work on together. They are always steady and fresh in their relationships and they usually are good friends regardless of their real relationship. Gemini women are young at heart and will always be that way. Grown up things like future predictions, suspicions, emotional turmoil and criticism are not among their traits. But Gemini is very good at computers and figures, or when they need to put a twist on a truth.

Gemini Man and Aquarius Woman

The combination of Aquarius women and Gemini men can be very interesting. Both love to explore and are friendly in nature. Both find a lot of common stuff and thus get along well. The Aquarius women are said to be intellectual and so are the Gemini men. The thing about Gemini men is that they are emotionally weak but mentally very strong. They like to be treated with love and friendly behavior and the Aquarius women just provide that. Both turn out to be very good friends even if their love relationship does not work out, which is quite rare. 

Aquarius and Gemini Friendship

You will make great friends who will share many secrets with each other. Your other friends may be jealous of your closeness.

Gemini and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

You will make great friends who will share many secrets with each other. Your other friends may be jealous of your closeness.

Long-term relationship:

A gentle long term affair with your excellent communication skills always nudging the relationship in the right direction.

Short-term relationship:

Don’t push each other away at first meeting as you may be tended to. Time is a great catalyst for this mix.

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Aquarius and Gemini Sex

You pair can make love or have sex. You will be able to be romantic or just enjoy the physical sensations.

aquarius and gemini sexually compatible

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Aquarius Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 85%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. karma Deb says:

    I’m a female gemini and i was just wondering how my bf and i will turn out together. out of curiosity though. but yeah, it seems like the little excerpt says it all..seriously, we are exactly like the horoscope says and its a bit scary. lols, now i know we are meant to be together and he’s the one. thanks much to this website..Babee i love you. {4.13.17}A&&S

  2. I am a Gemini Female and I am in love with an Aquarian male. He is my partner for life. We both get each other and we never fight, we communicate our shortcomings and misunderstandings. He stimulates me from all avenues, mentally, emotionally…etc My Aquarian has been completely understanding of my commitment issues and he has talked/walked me through it all. You really nailed this compatibility reading.

  3. im so much in love with this gemini and of course im an aquarius. we hav lik never fought but most of the times when we did it was over MSN and it felt lik the world ended and i have to deal with the Gemini & Aries compatibility like everyday and the only time we fought other than MSN was the phone. i think we never fought in person because it will hurt too much. but anyways the last fight was the end but were so much in love with each other its scray its just there an Aries in the way what should i do

  4. Oh how I love this Union as well, but moment by moment he is driving me up the wall with his distance. I too am a Gemini and I know I can be aloof and distance at times, but my Aquarius gives me a dose of my medicine DAILY!!! Pheeeeeew,what a MAN?!

    Oh my we argued last week and I feel like “butter” I just had to get what I needed off my chest because he was acting rather arrogant towards me, nonetheless I love him, I tried braking up with him several times, but in stead some unseen force or magnet keeps drawing me back to him, I just don’t know!

    I’m patient, but he’s testing my patience and my love for him daily, it irks me to the bone!

    I think that whenever an Aquarius as gotten his heart broken in the past, he is more cautious about taking the leap of faith back to LOVE again, but I shouldn’t be paying for another woman’s drama or mistake! What then can a Gem like myself do to reassure Mr Aqua that I too have been hurt and it’s so difficult to just sit there on the fence waiting until he finally gets the hang of things?

    P.S. Oh how i’m dying for some make up sex.. LOL

  5. Melissa Martinez says:

    My first boy-friend, a Gemini, introduced me to Beethoven, Ballet, Rush, Van Halen, the Seattle Grunge Scene, Woody Allen and Russain History. I remember his giving me books of 800+ pages and expecting me to read them with him. I thought it was the most natural thing in the world. When we fought, we fought bitterly, but as we both had Taurus moons, we were able to put things in perspecive and stuck together for over four years until his death in 1992.
    In memory to G.Z. — I miss you!

  6. Lilly Anna says:

    I went in search of the compatibility of Gemini-Aquarius (I’m the Geminin) because I’ve known this interesting (and very attractive) Aquarian for about 11 years. We’ve always gotten along extremely well and there has always been a physical attraction. Only recently though have we actually acted on it. Had a date and ahem… Sex. I was thrilled when I read your assessment of compatibilty between these signs. Everything you said seems to fit. Minus the fights. Haven’t been there yet! I’m a little concerned because there is a 12 year age difference, with me being the older. Still, you never know I guess.
    So just wanted to say thank you for making my day. I love your style of writing and it was just a fun read!

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