Gemini and Cancer Compatibility – Air + Water

Cancer + gemini

A genuine emotional connection can help Gemini and Cancer’s compatibility; but ultimately differences must be understood or the relationship will not last.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Gemini’s mental energy and Cancer’s emotional energy actually balance one another quite well. The Crab needs to remember not to be so sensitive to the Twin’s natural wit.

Celia: When the Crab’s gone into a silent withdrawal, you’ll find plenty to amuse you. But you’ll grow restless at the emotional agonisings.

Jenn: It would be very hard for the two of you to have a successful relationship since you both tend to be so moody and unpredictable. There would be constant conflict in this relationship. You both are restless and long for variety that it would take a lot of compromise and work to make this relationship a success. It sounds hard because it is.

Lidia: This is a relationship that can last, but not without a lot of hard work. Cancer can be smothering sometimes, while Gemini likes its freedom, which will cause quite a few tiffs if you don’t watch out. Situations between these two star signs can become intense very quickly, which can cause a drift between the two of you in a matter of minutes. You need to take time with each other and build up the trust properly to make this work.

Gemini must ensure to give and not just take from Cancer, as they will feel threatened or lonely, being left to their own devices. Giving each other your own space is very important to allow each other times to breathe. To begin with take the sexual part of your relationship slowly, as the Gemini confidence to try all things new will frighten Cancer and make them feel as if they are unable to keep up. Over time, you will both learn what you need and want sexually and it will be incredible!

Laura: Gemini, with his quick wit, may have to learn to hold his tongue more than usual, around the ultra sensitive Cancer. Gemini’s quick observations, even if presented in a comedic manner, can make Cancer squirm. Cancer on the other hand, can very well show Gemini how to make sense of all those inner emotions.

Tracy: A Cancer and Gemini may operate differently with Cancer being ruled by emotions and Gemini the mind. With little common ground it may be difficult to sustain a long commitment

Heidi: Cancer’s passion intrigues Gemini and Gemini knows how to brighten Cancer’s day. However, Cancer probably won’t feel completely secure because as time will prove, Gemini doesn’t like to be tied down. Cancer’s self esteem can become wounded easily and Gemini knows just how to do it. This couple will have difficulty understanding one another, making a long term relationship really difficult, but not completely impossible.

Keley: This combination can be excellent, but only if the Gemini is ready to settle down. Cancer is all about family and security… if Gemini is still in the flighty stage of romance, it will drive Cancer crazy.

Marcus:The Twins and the Crab usually eye each other warily. Gemini senses that a Cancer may be too brooding, gloomy and serious for their light hearted ways. A Cancer does not like the fact that a Gemini always seems to be hard to grab on to, (crabs do like to latch) and that they seem to always have one foot out the door. If the Crab could let go and Gemini could come in for a landing once in a while, it might work out.

David: The Twins are easily distracted and capable of denying their feelings; while moody Crabs become emotional at the drop of a hat, and look to their relationship to connect on that level. Generally not a perfect match.

Gemini Man and Cancer Woman

A Gemini man loves freedom and independence while a cancer woman wants to hold on to her partner. Gemini man has a nonchalant and carefree attitude but he loves his partner. On the other hand, a cancer woman has a possessive attitude which can be irritating for a Gemini man sometimes. Both have different tastes in love. Gemini wants freedom and Cancer wants close relations. Even with so many differences, most of the time they are happy with each other. Their relationship is quite a mysterious one. The times they spend together are always great for both of them, mostly. A cancer woman should try to gather his maximum attention to make him attached to her.

Cancer Man with Gemini Woman

The relationships between a Cancer men and Gemini women are very interesting and fascinating. Because they both complement each other in what the other one lacks. But Gemini women are very playful and fun loving and Cancer men have a nurturing personality, so Cancer men can sometimes be hurt because of this.

Gemini women are impossible to be pinned down to one thing. They are very intelligent but their theory is that they should be jack-of-all trades, as being a master at only one thing would mean doing that particular thing forever. And Gemini women want a constant change in their life.

Gemini and Cancer Friendship

Well you really wouldn’t except oil and water to mix would you.

Cancer and Gemini  Relationship

As lovers:

Very hard work.

Long-term relationship:

If there is a long term to this relationship it’s because one of you has learned to back down.

Short-term relationship:

A lot of moody emotion is flying round when you first meet, although strange at it seems to other star signs, you two will probably enjoy it.

Gemini and Cancer Sex

Despite being polar opposites you can make suprisingly good bed partners as you can use sex as a release.

gemini and cancer sexually compatible

Cancer Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 21%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. Mike Egan says:

    Three plus years I have been in love with this woman. Most of what is written in this article appears too true.

    I am the Cancer man. She is a Gemini woman, a swinger and a self declared sex addict. She loves the variety of different partners but it is more than just her natural Gemini curiosity or boredom.

    She is really at least two and a half people. “Sex girl” a self declared sex addict, with an insatiable sex drive (at 73 years old) and is paired with someone who can manipulates her mind to use her addiction for his own benefit. He twist events and beliefs in her head so she often believes the opposite of what actually occurred as the truth. All this so he can use her addiction to get himself laid by someone new. He says he will give her “emotion” (as a form of barter) if she sleeps with a man who can provide a different sex partner(woman) for him, even when she is not attracted to the person she needs to sleep with to benefit his needs. The second personality is “Love girl” who truly needs emotional sustenance and needs the bliss of love in her life to feel complete. Love girl although not usually dominant is still very resilient. She was the little girl who hid away when the personality who became sex girl was dealing with the sexual abuse. I say dealing with because sex became a way of controlling her abuser. Rather than fight or protest the abuse, sex girl wanted to prove she enjoyed it even more than her abuser….thus stealing the “power” from him and proving to her abuser that he was no longer in control.

    This tended to become a life pattern for the woman over time. Her sexual enjoyment allowed her to control the men she became involved with even if just to use them and discard them. But ever in search of the ultimate orgasm was both the curse of her life as well as the holy grail of her spiritual search. Sometimes she would fake sexual pleasure just as a means of control. But love girl was always still there, and would seek out emotional nourishment however she could. When she found it and enjoyed this nourishment sex girl would want her vengeance immediately thereafter, because “Love was never good nor ever to be trusted”. “Sex girl” would immediately go on a sexual binge to prove to Love Girl and Love Girl’s emotional attachment, that love was never to be trusted and could be trumped by sex at any time. I.E. that Love Girl always remained in control.

    I once inaccurately accused her of being an emotional vampire. Inaccurately because she was not “stealing” this emotion or love from me, but I was a vehicle to give her access to the one thing that might be her salvation or release from her torment. This love was not “mine” to give or withhold. it belonged to the cosmos or to God or Christ and was in fact destined for this poor abused being who in spite of her deflections, was ever searching for her true soul. I did not fully understand her dichotomy or that her insatiable need for emotional sustenance was driven by that earlier schism to try to restore some balance.

    The third personality (I referred to perhaps unfairly as a “half”) is this woman’s conscience……she appears to have one. Her conscience is her judgement (something she denies doing) trying to understand if there is right or wrong in her own or another’s behavior (mostly her own) And she is capable of remorse. But this remorse gets perverted (no pun intended) and becomes a path to BDSM as a way of punishing herself for the wrongs she knows or feels she has done. She gets off sexually from this, perhaps as a reward for feeling she is balancing her own Karma.

    She was sexually abused in a foster home at the age of nine and ten and threatened with much worse if she would ever reveal this. Herein lay the foundation of her schizophrenia. She became “love girl” who wanted true emotional fulfillment and “sex girl” (which as a Gemini she was somewhat predisposed to be anyway….but her needs became more driven and extreme.) I feel we might be twin souls, at times she feels the same way. On the other hand she has deliberately hurt me. She is actually a medically diagnosed schizophrenic.

    But I love her still in spite of the disdain I feel sometimes and her very confused life (at least from my viewpoint). I do believe we may well be twin souls although every Oracle or Zodiacal commentary I read on Cancer men and Gemini women would indicate this is unlikely. Whether it is her ability so summon the sexual siren at will or in fact that we are two “separated at birth” Twin Souls, I know she is ever on my mind and in my heart and soul.

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      My apologies your reply wasnt lost 🙂

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