Gemini and Leo Compatibility – Air + Fire

leo + gemini

Leo and Gemini compatibility is a great union of heart and mind, where the subtleties of each character combine to make a very fun, harmonious and high energy love match

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: These two know how to have fun together. Fire and air make for roaring passion, but the Twins may feel stifled by being the Lion’s only subject.

Celia: Your charm and flattery makes you an excellent Lion tamer. But it won’t prevent every Leonine lecture on the error of your ways.

Jenn: You should enjoy the entertaining Leo. The Leo’s self-confidence and loyalty is what draws you in and keeps a hold of you. While the Leo will be enchanted with your steady unpredictable ways. This is a good match with lots of unpredictable passion and good times. The key here is to always have respect for each other.

Lidia: This is wonderfully exciting combination as Gemini is really allowed to come out their shell with a Leo, which makes this relationship a lot of fun. There should never be a dull moment between the two of you as you are both attention seeking and loud personalities when you get going. It may take a while for both of you to decide where your relationship can go, as you are always kept busy and will both forever have plans and new things to try out.

Sexually you should both feel at ease in the bedroom and able to have a good time, as well as releasing all of your passions and fantasies together. Work on getting rid of your sexual or personal inhibitions early on, to make sex even better. The only problem you may suffer from is jealousy, mostly deriving from a lack of understanding with the kind of flirtatious personality a Gemini has. Having said that a Leo can down with the best of them too!

Laura: Leo gravitates to Gemini’s quick wit and clever way with words, while Gemini appreciates Leo’s warmth, creativity and outgoing character. These two know how to have fun and will fair better if they can live together in the fast lane. Leo will usually organize the finances, as the lion is usually more responsible in that area than Gemini.

Tracy: Leo and Gemini may take time to understand one another and problems could result from Leo’s possessiveness. If both are adaptable and work to create harmony this could be a happy union.

Heidi: Each will try to excel over the other, however, Gemini may somewhat secretly enjoy the competition. Gemini may not be as loving as Leo would like, but Leo is not as tolerant as Gemini would like. They’ll share plenty of laughs together. It may not be the most smoothest of relationships around, but all in all, it is bound to be a lot of fun indeed.

Keley: This couple will get along well, and have a terrific time together. Gemini needs to remember to pay lots of attention to Leo, as approaching this romance from the intellectual side will cause Leo to feel unloved.

Marcus: Fated to be together ? Both the Big Cat and the Twins may have thought it silly until they met. This is an involvement that both will find hard to resist. The Gemini loves to hear the Lion purring happily. There is an instant, mutual magnetism between these two. Both are generous, sympathetic, and passionate.

David: These are two playful signs who truly enjoy each other. But they may compete for center stage, which Leo always needs and Gemini the conversationalist may not want to give up. Also, Leo can be loyal to a fault, while Gemini is considerably less so.

Gemini Man and Leo Woman

The relationship between Gemini man and Leo women is always wonderful and easy, and they easily take up with each other at the beginning, as they are both stimulating and amusing in nature. They both have warmth and mutual appreciation in their relationships. But Leo women need lots of attention which can create some problems for Gemini man.

Gemini men have a fickle mind and it keeps on changing. Gemini men are very friendly in nature and want their life to run smoothly without any pain. They are really smooth talkers and can talk their way out of any situation

Leo Man and Gemini Woman

The relationship between Leo men and Gemini women is very wonderful and easy at the beginning and they enjoy their time with each other. They both have a playful nature and are very amusing, and they have warmth and mutual appreciation is their relationship. But sometimes problems occur because Leo men require a lot of attention.

Gemini women are very indecisive and their mind is always changing. But they are very friendly by nature and want to be happy all the time. Gemini people practically invented sarcasm; they sneak words into conversations not always meaning what they are actually saying.

Gemini and Leo Friendship

You could be best of friends that shine in social circles.

Leo and Gemini  Relationship

As lovers:

A good match if you both want to keep the fires alight.

Long-term relationship:

Problems may be found here if one of you gets bored. To many nights just veging in front of the T.V. could be disastrous.

Short-term relationship:

You will crave each others smell, intellect and taste.

Gemini and Leo Sex

Welcome to paradise.

gemini and leo sexually compatible

Leo Compatibility with Gemini Over all Score:

overall score 82%

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