1. I’m an Aquarian, partnered with a Capricorn, and I fully agree with this assessment.

    It’s been 3 years and my Capricorn partner still doesn’t know where I’m coming from. And yes, we used to spend a lot of time together in the beginning but now I’m so frustrated by the lack of social interaction that I just want to break free at times. From a personal experience, I find Capricorns a bit stifling.

  2. sheyl lynn says:

    I’m a Capricorn sun…and that’s where it seems to end. Everybody I know thinks I’m a little nuts, odd, eccentric. Not the usual description for a Capricorn. It’s probably because my moon and mars are in Aquarius and my ascendant and venus are in Sagittarius. I love to have fun! My coworker is an Aquarius. Though I don’t have an attraction to him at all, I do have to say he is not at all like the typical aquarius I’ve read about. I did his chart and lo and behold he has 4 planets in Capricorn. It seems I act more like the Aquarius and he like the Capricorn.

  3. I am a CAPRICORN married to an AQUARIAN male who is a genius, an artist, musician, builder and a modern-day Renaissance man. However, we are closer friends than sexmates. In fact, we have no sex really anymore. I’m SO JEALOUS of the one who was getting it on above! We love each other so deeply but have fought which may have deteriorated the sex part for NOW. We both want to fix it. I’m very grounded and not too serious (great sense of humor) but when we argue, he is totally NUTS and devoid of logic. I cannot get where he is coming from AT ALL. Still, I love him madly and vice versa. Hope we can get through our rough patch! I still think CAPS are the most logical sign and AQUARIANS the most illogical when arguing! PS: FOr really nuts – check out the GEMINI section : )

  4. I’m an aquarius who’s been paired with more than one Capricorn. My current Love is a Capricorn he has been my only love for the past 7 yrs. The passion is out of this world! The Love Making Is truly Passionate, Sensual, Sultry, Heated, Loving and very intense in a very good way of course! The love seems to grow more and more the fascination with each other is constant. We are never bored with each other that is certain.

    We share the best friendship and the compatibility is the best I’ve ever had with anyone ever! We even work together all day long. I think this is one match that on most every analysis I’ve ever read is totally untrue about it being a short termed relationship. I also know a few couples with the same signs who’ve been married for years and years and are still close! =) I love my Cappie he’s the best thing in my life!

  5. I’ve been involved with two Aquarius back to back. I’m a Capricorn with Scorpio rising.

    The sex is out of control! Both of them were very experimental and freaky. One was 7 years my junior, experienced but not confident, still very good. Will be GREAT when he’s older. The other 7 years older. Confident and unbelievable. Keeps getting better.

    We DO NOT get along, at all. With either of them. They are NUTS! It’s so worth it though. Fell in love with both of them. Can’t be in a relationship with them because they are bossy and dominant. I don’t take kind to orders, except when it’s beneficial to me.

    They don’t like to argue, just to be right, and they say the rudest things and expect you to not respond. Most of them study the Tao to their advantage. They’re hot but jerks sometimes. Sweet as pie but you can’t predict that. Don’t piss them off, they are very vindictive, but the best kissers and lovers in the world.

  6. I found this true to a degree although I feel long term between Capricorns and Aquarius to be a little more common than uncommon. I’m an Capricorn who was partnered to an Aquarius twelve years, we have remained close friends. I am currently involved with another. I enjoy their freedom loving side and find it goes well with my freedom loving side also.

    I think Capricorns are misclassified as well. Many people feel we are serious, and more preoccupied with status than we probably are – there is a reason we have that fishy tale *wink* we are mischievous and freedom loving as well, and the magicians of the zodiac — also mercurial.

    It’s not all about money and seriousness. :)

    Love your site too by the way, one of the best on here!

    (perhaps I’m a different cap with Sagittarius moon and Aries rising in my chart, it’s hard to say)

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