1. I’m Aquarius and I love Aquarius, female friends or male partners, they are loyal, kind and they remind me of Libra. But it really depends on how the person was raised regardless of zodiac signs.

  2. I was dating two Aquarius men; no more!!!! Never again I will repeat mestake. They were both verbaly abusive, I never knew what to expect, every other day there was different story and plans, couldnt rely on him. And he was playing lots of games, which were cruel, for example, our intimacy was getting very boring already after 3 months of dating, when I wanted to go to sleep he was pretending to have a horrible pain in the back and saying I will should go to sleep and when I went, he came after 5 minutes, jumped into bed like rabbit, turned his back on me and fallen asleep. So much about horrible pain in he back!!!He was trying to avoid us being intimate, what a lousy way to do it!!! But I have to mention this, he looked liek th ekindest guy in the world in the beginning, cooking for me, bringing flowers, but that dissapeared vey fast…he became rude very soon, everythin ghad to be his way or no way. We had one quarell, he sent me to hell and showed me the doors like I was a dog. And that was about it, I packed my things and left. That shocked him. Not to mention he still has some of my things and he refuses to return them, he say she doesnt know anything about them and he never had them. Nice, ha?
    By the way, one month after we broke up, he found a new girl, she is also aquarius like him and they got engaged after 2 months of knowing each other. I wish this girl all the luck in the worl, she will need it to stay with him:)

  3. i have just started dating a fellow Aquarian
    and before we dated we had the biggest connection
    and it just brought us together but i see so
    many little things in him that seem to anger me
    and everything ive read has explained us
    when we fight its like a war, we both know we are right
    and we wont give in and wont giveup
    i love him hes amazing and no matter how much i want it to work
    i have a gut feeling it wont just cause of the Aquarius curse

  4. I was married to an Aquarius Man for 10 yrs I’m also an Aquarius Feb 14th He was Jan 30th. The Sex was Lousy, the friendship was there but we drifted apart and things fell apart badly. Our Divorce was like a war that took 2yrs to finish! I’ll never again get involved with another aquarius the men are quite different from the women. He was cold and calculating and very hard to relate to. I spent a total of 13yrs with this man and I don’t know how. He neglected me totally and I felt horribly the fights were horrible and I became withdrawn as a result. He was overly moody as well never knew who I was gonna meet when I got home each day. =(

    Never again.

  5. i would have to agree that it is like looking in the mirror. My sweetie is an Aquarius and so am i. I like it though. what i like about it most is that, the things that other signs think is weird about me, he doesn’t. i feel that i can say whatever i want. I love that he listens to me and tries to help me out as much as he can. I can talk to him about anything and he is interested in everything I have to say. With us, we feel safe enough to open up to each other because we totally understand each other. If I need time to myself, he doesn’t have a problem with that. I love being in this relationship. Although we are a lot alike we have enough differences that it doesn’t get weird.

  6. hi!!!i totally agree with you!i’m an aquarious and i was with this aquarious man for almost 4 months..the relationship was great, i just felt like i was looking at the mirror when i was with him…however, we would always be competitive with each other and he was very jealous, although he would never show it!we broke up after 4 months..then we ended up being together again and then i broke up with him cuz he was flirting with girls behind my back…i was very hurt!he seemed very hurt when i broke up with him (as if he lost the control and the power that he had over me)…from the day we broke up, he’s been dating this other woman!i don’t know what to say..i would really want to hurt him!what do you think it would hurt him?although i don’t really believe that he is thinking of me now…

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