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Are Aquarius and Aquarius compatible?

When you have two people born under the same sign, it’s usually a relationship that takes a lot of work to make happen. There’s a lot of trials and tribulations you have to go through to see whether or not you have enough strength to survive in the relationship.

This is something that the Aquarius tandem do not suffer from. This is a couple that will get on pretty famously. So in most cases their compatibility is quite High.

That truly depends on how much they’re willing to work for it though, because they have to break down certain barriers that might keep them from making this relationship everything they want it to be.

Aquarius can sometimes come across as pretty emotionally cold, and when you have two people acting the same way it can be really tough. Another thing is that they have a need some times for frequent change and newness. Things can never be stale or one will lose interest or both.

How are Aquarius and Aquarius in love?

This is the type of couple that can get really close especially when it comes to being on the same intellectual level as each other.

This is something that works in their favour, as it keeps the friendly competition between them at an all-time high which is something that they both like.  At the same time it keeps their jealousy down because they noticed that each other is more into their partner intellectually then noticing whos around them.

This is a couple that truly likes new things coming into their life whether or not it’s new experiences or new people, and they would prefer to make sure that their relationship was the opposite of routine. They hate Boredom.

They really need something that will spice up their life all the time, which is why you often see a couple of this partnership trying to surprise one another on a regular basis.

How is the compatibility of Aquarius Man and the Aquarius Woman?

Due to the fact that they’re both born under the same sign that share the same characteristics.

Now these people can be very independent and they love to have some alone time to themselves. On the other side of the coin they are very sociable, and can be quite outgoing when they’re in the right setting.

Independence can be challenging for this couple, if they both don’t understand the need that they have for that space and solitude.

If they’re both the same type of Aquarius where they want to have their time alone, this relationship will work out a lot better because it will not only work in their favour as a couple, but it  also will be something that will strengthen them in their relationship .

Something that they might want to really work on though, within the relationship that they share is that they can be quite unpredictable. That unpredictability can be something that can cause a rift between them in their relationship .

So for them to sit down and discuss things and work things out when arguments arise due to that unpredictability they’ll find themselves on the same level.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Once you’ve tuned into each other’s far-thinking minds, you’ll find one spark after another.

Celia: A meeting of minds. It’s like looking into a mirror.

Jenn: This is quite a match. Two independent, impatient, dreamers together. It could work. With the both of you being easy going and reasonable you should be able to work out any major problems you may have. Shared goals and dreams are key here since you are both such serious idea minded people. Without something to work on together, you may end up drifting off on their own private quests.

Lidia: This can be the best relationship you have ever experienced if you play your cards right and are both willing to take your time and stay open to criticism. You both have similar traits when it comes to possessiveness and your own space, so you must ensure you pay attention to how you would feel in the shoes of your partner to come back to earth and stop yourself playing games. If you don’t listen to this advice, you will begin to live separate lives in the blink of an eye and it will be too late to work it all out. Reassurance can come in many forms, but this is not one that will make you feel any better.

Sexually, you are very well matched and your relationship will become sexual very quickly. There will be endless amounts of games and gadgets that you bring into the bedroom, knowing that you will both be willing to give anything a try!

Laura: This pairing of astrological signs will give each other enough space to exercise their fiercely independent natures without reserve. Each will love to surprise the other with an odd gadget, or novelty, or some bizarre story from another one of their worldly encounters. “Expect the unexpected” should be the Aquarius couple’s motto, because one ever knows what ideas will pop out of their heads next.

Heidi: These two get along great and share many common goals. They bring out each others great sense of humor and enjoy laughs together. Neither minds if the other has outside interests, in fact, they’ll probably share a few together. This couple will most likely agree on almost everything and have many stimulating discussions. Since both are more rational than emotional, passion may not reach great heights. However, this is not a problem to either of them, since they are both happy.

Keley: This is certainly an all or nothing relationship! These two will understand each other very well, but may have trouble surviving in the material world. Both people will demand their freedom in different ways as well, so there may be problems on the commitment level.

Marcus: Two Air signs walking side by side with their dreamy heads in the clouds of the zodiac. What better way to go through life together. And these two horoscope signs sharing a life together will be quite a sight. Aquarians love the odd and unusual, and also attract the odd and unusual from the Cosmos. They revel in it. You will understand and be compassionate to each other, and most likely will be each others best friends. Magical.

David: Great social life, idealistic causes, and a well-decorated home – doesn’t sound too bad. You’re both independent, unusual, and strongly opinionated – a truly unique couple. Mentally, you match, but perhaps not in romance. However, the great conversation may well make it work.

Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman

This is a love combination that could set examples for the people in the world. Both the Aquarius men and  Aquarius women love to have fun and experience excitement without having to worry about others. Both want to be joyful and eccentric all the time in life. Both have the same ideology in terms of living a life. They might be different in terms of style but their mentality is the same hence they get along very well. Both love to have a friendly relationship between their love interests before falling madly in love with each other. This relationship couple would be fun to hang around with. 

Aquarius and Aquarius Friendship

The one thing to point out the same sign equals same traits. So together you’ll either get along really well or burn the house down.

Aquarius and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

At times there can be lots of immaturity and two people as stubborn as each other. Most the time though it will be calm and smooth sailing.

Long-term relationship:

You both have the ability to grow together in a very strong union. All you need to do is take the time and patience that you both have and make it happen.

Short-term relationship:

You will both have a lot in common since you both have similar makeup in essence sign wise. This will help you to find common ground on most topics. In the right situation the spark needed to light up your relationship will happen quickly.

Aquarius and Aquarius Sex

You might have moments of being mind blown when it comes to the sex you share together. The passion you have will be very fiery and intense.

aquarius and aquarius sexually compatible


Aquarius Compatibility with Aquarius Over all Score:

overall score 74%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. I was dating two Aquarius men; no more!!!! Never again I will repeat mestake. They were both verbaly abusive, I never knew what to expect, every other day there was different story and plans, couldnt rely on him. And he was playing lots of games, which were cruel, for example, our intimacy was getting very boring already after 3 months of dating, when I wanted to go to sleep he was pretending to have a horrible pain in the back and saying I will should go to sleep and when I went, he came after 5 minutes, jumped into bed like rabbit, turned his back on me and fallen asleep. So much about horrible pain in he back!!!He was trying to avoid us being intimate, what a lousy way to do it!!! But I have to mention this, he looked liek th ekindest guy in the world in the beginning, cooking for me, bringing flowers, but that dissapeared vey fast…he became rude very soon, everythin ghad to be his way or no way. We had one quarell, he sent me to hell and showed me the doors like I was a dog. And that was about it, I packed my things and left. That shocked him. Not to mention he still has some of my things and he refuses to return them, he say she doesnt know anything about them and he never had them. Nice, ha?
    By the way, one month after we broke up, he found a new girl, she is also aquarius like him and they got engaged after 2 months of knowing each other. I wish this girl all the luck in the worl, she will need it to stay with him:)

  2. i have just started dating a fellow Aquarian
    and before we dated we had the biggest connection
    and it just brought us together but i see so
    many little things in him that seem to anger me
    and everything ive read has explained us
    when we fight its like a war, we both know we are right
    and we wont give in and wont giveup
    i love him hes amazing and no matter how much i want it to work
    i have a gut feeling it wont just cause of the Aquarius curse

  3. I was married to an Aquarius Man for 10 yrs I’m also an Aquarius Feb 14th He was Jan 30th. The Sex was Lousy, the friendship was there but we drifted apart and things fell apart badly. Our Divorce was like a war that took 2yrs to finish! I’ll never again get involved with another aquarius the men are quite different from the women. He was cold and calculating and very hard to relate to. I spent a total of 13yrs with this man and I don’t know how. He neglected me totally and I felt horribly the fights were horrible and I became withdrawn as a result. He was overly moody as well never knew who I was gonna meet when I got home each day. =(

    Never again.

  4. i would have to agree that it is like looking in the mirror. My sweetie is an Aquarius and so am i. I like it though. what i like about it most is that, the things that other signs think is weird about me, he doesn’t. i feel that i can say whatever i want. I love that he listens to me and tries to help me out as much as he can. I can talk to him about anything and he is interested in everything I have to say. With us, we feel safe enough to open up to each other because we totally understand each other. If I need time to myself, he doesn’t have a problem with that. I love being in this relationship. Although we are a lot alike we have enough differences that it doesn’t get weird.

  5. hi!!!i totally agree with you!i’m an aquarious and i was with this aquarious man for almost 4 months..the relationship was great, i just felt like i was looking at the mirror when i was with him…however, we would always be competitive with each other and he was very jealous, although he would never show it!we broke up after 4 months..then we ended up being together again and then i broke up with him cuz he was flirting with girls behind my back…i was very hurt!he seemed very hurt when i broke up with him (as if he lost the control and the power that he had over me)…from the day we broke up, he’s been dating this other woman!i don’t know what to say..i would really want to hurt him!what do you think it would hurt him?although i don’t really believe that he is thinking of me now…

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