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Cancer when they are in a relationship or in love, can be one of the most powerful and intense partners in the entire zodiac.

They certainly do have a very powerful wall that surrounds them, that they put up to insulate themselves from being able to be hurt. Once you are able to gain their trust or they start to love you, you will find that they are more than able to start obsessing over there companions more than any other sign. The only other sign that would probably be more fixated on their partner would be a Scorpio .

They can sometimes be quite secretive when it comes to how they feel about love. Which can be very frustrating or annoying to somebody that’s dating them or in love with them. You can tell by their body language that they are into you, and they will leave subtle hints. It’s up to you to listen very closely to what they’re saying. They’re not being selfish by holding their feelings in, they’re just being very private about it.

They’re not ones to kiss and tell, so not everyone outside of the two of you will know the ins and outs of the relationship that you share. If everyone else knew how your relationship was it wouldn’t be as special as it really is, would it?

What cancer is looking for in a partner

They are looking for a partner who they feel needs a helping hand or support. Somebody that’s not just sitting there asking for help, but somebody that they feel would really value having them in their lives. They love to make a difference in a person’s life. They love that feel good story, where somebody triumphs and goes from being the underdog to the winner.

They’re looking for somebody that’s able to keep a secret. To be able to share their love and relationship with a partner that Keeps it between the two of them. So that they have something very special that they share together that they don’t share with anyone else.

Take a look at the link below to check out what signs Cancer is compatible with. One to keep an eye out for as Capricorn as they both have water in both are charts.

Who is Cancer Compatible with?

Best and Worst Cancer in Love Qualities

Cancers are real homebodies who love “to nest”. They feel everything, and experience life with all the wide range of emotions at all times.

Best qualities: The real romantics of the zodiac (if balanced). Love to kiss, hold hands and show affection in all the little things, no matter what their age.

Challenges: Can be too demanding and possessive in relationships. Can also be too emotional and overly addicted to the “drama” of it all.

Love Traits

A main love trait of Cancer is to love forever – once love is given it’s for life. Typically they are kind people who love  family life. They tend to be naturally loving and caring and can also demonstrate creativity, imagination, shrewdness and caution in equal measures.   Cancer people can be a little sensitive and easily hurt but tend not to hold a grudge. Cancer is also a sexy Sign – they will know how to show their feelings towards you.

Cancer Male Love Traits:

The man who understands women – the one who is willing to go shopping with you, the one who knows how to be romantic, the one who knows how to make you feel sexy. He’ll also remember your birthday and anniversary . This guy will have lots of girlfriends (not necessarily all at the same time) but once he makes a commitment to marry someone he stays committed.  Not really the jealous type but can be a little moody for no good reason.

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Cancer Female Love Traits:

The Cancer female needs and expects total honesty and trust in her relationship – but in return will give you everything you need. She can be a real party girl yet also a great lifelong partner. She loves children and is a great comforter for them. Cancer woman needs emotional security and constant reassurance in her relationship but will stick with her chosen partner through thick and thin, providing support and encouragement when things are not going great.

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Things Cancer Needs to focus on when they are in love

They need to take care of themselves

It’s very important that they let you take the time to pamper them and take care of them as well. One thing that you’ll realize about people that are born under this sign is that they try and put others before themselves. Sometimes they need a little extra push to have things evened out.

They have to remember that there’s two people involved in the relationship, and with two people pulling their equal weight they don’t have to do everything to make things work.  Even though they will try to take the lead.

Sometimes they just have to let their partner take the lead, and let them curl them up in their arms and forget about the world for a minute. Cancer is a very emotional creature that needs their time too.

Always give them a reason to trust in you,  never give them a reason to put a barrier up between you and them. By giving them a reason to trust in you, they’ll find it more comfortable to come out of their shell to be in a relationship with you.

Be honest in their needs

When you get into a relationship with a cancer you’ll find that they try and put everything they can into it. They have a tendency of thinking with their heart first, and when they are in love they realize that their emotions matter. They really don’t care how much they have to give up in order to make things work.

The only problem is that this is not a healthy decision to make.

There’s nothing wrong with them at all putting everything that they can into a relationship. As it will be worth it to them to see how much joy and happiness it brings you both.

The one thing that they might be afraid of is to express their feelings to their true love. This is something that they really need to do as they have to be honest about what they need and want from a relationship.

If they fail to achieve this they’ll find that their relationship really is one-sided.  If they feel that the relationship is one-sided and they’re not getting what they want out of it they’ll start to lose interest in the actual partnership. They will start to feel as though their partner is truly not into them nor the situation, and will start to look at it as a match up that will not work.

Don’t let them take everything personally

Cancer is one of the most sensitive signs in the zodiac. They have a tendency to take everything personally, and can be quite dramatic when things don’t go the way that they want them to.

They have to take into consideration that sometimes their partner may have an attitude that they don’t appreciate, or they hear something that they don’t really want to hear.

They have to realize that it might not be that they did anything wrong at all that day. It could be that their partner was having a bad day to begin with, and they thought it was due to them doing something personally. They really have to try not to take everything to heart. If their partner is having a bad day they need to realize it’s not because they don’t love them anymore, or that they’re taking it out on them. They have to realize how their partner deals with life and adapts to that.

They need to take the time to understand what kind of a partner you are, so they can start to realize what they can filter out as good or bad emotions, if they caused by them or outside influences. It’s easier to have a relationship with a cancer when they don’t feel like the relationship is a minefield that they’re trying to navigate. When they see that there’s nothing to be afraid of the relationship is easier to maintain.

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