Dating a Cancer and Relationships

Cancer In Relationships


Love and romance are ranked high on Cancer’s list. And while they may appear cool on the outside, they are true romantics on the inside. Others may find them as mysteriously sexy because of their changeable natures. Their feelings run deeply and in a relationship they look for security, honesty, and fidelity. Once they feel betrayed they become deeply wounded and may take longer to bounce back. Over time though, they learn how to protect themselves. Because of their love for home and family, they make very good long term partners, as long as you can cope with their emotional moodiness.

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What a Cancer likes In a relationship


Compromising in a partnership.
Security and balance.
Laughter and funny moments.
Being supported in love.
Being appreciated by their lover.
Traditional love.

What a Cancer Dislikes In a relationship


Unexpected and surprising developments.
dishonesty from their lover
Insincerity from the ones they trust.
Being uncomfortable.
To be ignored by their lover.
Never knowing how you feel about things.

How To Attract A Cancer


Cancers are not overly direct so you must be. You must make them aware of your feelings if you are to establish a relationship with them. Their biggest fear is rejection, and if you take the risk, they don’t need to worry about it. If you want a short lived relationship with them, tell them. You don’t want them thinking there is something more there when there isn’t. Hurting them can really crush their spirit.

You must build trust with them to bring them closer to you. Be sure you praise them but not overly so because they can sense when this is being done to them. You need to be sincere toward them. Cancer loves giving advice so share what issues you have with them. They love to help people out and provide advice.

These people love the culture and extravagant experiences – bring them to a play, museum or fancy restaurant. Never force them to undertake a relationship or make hasty decisions. They’ll start to shy from you. Be patient, as that is the key to winning them over. Be physical because they love the affection. Bear in mind that Cancer is overly cautious. Allow time to pass and allow things to progress slowly. Before you know it, you’ll have a fulfilling, loving relationship.

Dating a Cancer


If you are looking for loyalty than look no further than very faithful Cancer. Cancer loves to take care of others and will focus on giving you all you need and desire. However, the true way to a Cancer s heart is to grant some of their wishes. Try a quite candlelight dinner as a first date. Cancer will appreciate the calm and intimate atmosphere. Or, make some popcorn and curl up with and old movie. Cancer loves the home atmosphere and nostalgia. Nature is another favorite of Cancer so plan a picnic or a hike in the woods or a weekend trip to the mountains. Cancer love and loyalty does come with a price as they can be very jealous and possessive. But if you enjoy being spoiled and placed on a pedestal than sexy Cancer is for you.

What It’s Like To Date A Cancer Man


Men of this sign are generally not forthright with their mate. He will approach a female with cautiousness. It’s not uncommon for them to be both flirtatious and romantic, courting the lady with attention and expensive gifts.

Cancer men fear rejection, which is why they are not direct with the ladies. If you would like to date a man of this sign, you must make the move and ask him out. Cancer men tend to fall easily in love, making their mate their entire world. Once that feeling of belonging begins, he can become possessive and jealous. He worries that he might lose you to someone else, crushing his spirit.

They demand their mate be both faithful and devoted in the relationship. Of all astrological signs, Cancer men are seen as the most trustworthy. Cancer men are great lovers for any woman who loves the idea of being swept off her feet and wants romance. Cancers are extremely affectionate and demand constant physical contact.

They are all about feelings even if the Cancer men don’t show it themselves. While he may come across as cool and calm; on the inside, he’s deeply intense. They can become easily offended so don’t make jokes at their expense. You may not realize you hurt him but he will become pouty and try to decipher just what you were trying to get at.

Cancer men are seen as the ideal protectors; a knight in shining armor. If you demand to be cared for and protected – a woman who wants love and warmth, the Cancer man is the ideal man for you.

What It’s Like To Date A Cancer Woman


The women of this sign are often sensual with deep passions and emotions simmering under her skin. If a potential mate wants to be with a Cancer woman, he must be patient, tender and give her time. A potential mate shouldn’t expect an open book with a Cancer woman. She doesn’t get into relationships easily and any moves made must be done by you.

Cancer women are very intuitive so a person’s impure motives will be immediately noticed. The women of this sign see trust as the most important thing. Betray it, and you can leave. The Cancer woman demands both security and love.

A man who desires to sweep a lady off her feet can do well with a Cancer lady. She’s regarded as sweet, sensual and flirtatious. You may even do a tango together while you build a relationship together. After the foundation is built and secure, the relationship’s richness will present itself. The Cancer woman is passé and patient. If a man can provide her with what she needs, the relationship can be rewarding and long-living.

Cancer Cheater or Faithful?


There isn’t one zodiac sign that is 100% unfaithful to their partner. Unfaithfulness can happen no matter what sign you fall under, or that your partner does.

A large number of cancer natives are among the most faithful of the zodiac signs, but there’s always a few bad apples in a bunch.

Situations can happen where unfaithfulness will rear its ugly head even with them.

They could be unfaithful for any of the following reasons:

The thought of being alone: there could be a chance of slipping up if they’re with a partner that they just don’t feel safe with.

They could be unhappy: if somebody else comes along that shows them a reason to be happier or brightens their life up more than their partner.

Simple Revenge:  if their partner is going out and cheating on them, sometimes they will look at infidelity as a Revenge tool.

what they need to stay faithful:

It doesn’t take a lot to keep them faithful.

The people of this sign they need to really feel secure in their relationship. They need to feel safe beside their partner. If they can feel that safety in your arms they won’t go looking anywhere else.

They also need to find support from you as well. A lot of the cancer natives suffer from self-confidence issues. If somebody else comes along that boosts their self-confidence up a lot more so than you do, they may consider other options.

They are also people that love the idea of having a family life and a home. If they feel like their partner isn’t looking for the same thing, they may try and look for a partner that will give them that.

Cancers infidelity ( if it were to happen)  is usually only caused by being neglected.

That’s why cancers being cheaters isn’t something that happens very often, but there still is a chance. As long as they get the love and support that they need and deserve, their faithfulness will never be questioned.


Quiz: Cancer lover – What kind of Lover are you? or is your partner?

To answer each question, meditate or think about each one to get an answer of either Yes, No, or Sometimes, which ever applies best to you in regards to the question.

Yes=3 Sometimes=2 No=1

For Men

Do you consider yourself having a very nurturing nature?
Does the ocean inspire you?
Is having a big family with many children part of your dream?
Is going out for coffee or for a drink with your friends often, important to you?
Does making out with two women at the same time turn you on?
Does the woman of your life become the center of your world?
Do you keep in touch with old flames?
Do you have a great memory?
Are you patient and gifted with details?
Do you love to take care of dependants?
Do you enjoy the old traditional lovemaking?
Do you believe that you can only love one person at a time?
Do you practice any sports?
Are you attracted to trouble?
Do you worry about what people think?
Do you feel that society has lost a sense of morality?
Do you love to be the center of attention?
Does it take you a long time to get over a lost love?
Do you get hurt when other people lack sensitivity?
Do you want to be the one and only for the love of your life?

For Women

Does everything you see and hear touch you deeply?
Is romance a part of everything you do in life?
Do you feel that to have a family without children is very sad?
Can you stand a man who is unfaithful?
Do you tend to hide in your shell?
Do you prefer it if your mate takes the lead in bed (you like the secondary role)?
Do you have a tendency to get noxious and sick?
Do you like to be the center of attention?
Do people hurt you easily?
Does the ocean fascinate you?
Is sexuality important to you in your life?
Do you have a tendency to gain weight?
Do you worry about what people think?
Is it impossible for you to have two lovers at the same time?
Do you suffer from melancholy?
Do you have a tendency to be too possessive?
Are you gifted to handle money?
Do you prefer to be alone?
Do you adore antiques?
Are you a romantic at heart and believe that you cannot have sex without fantasy?


1 – 35 POINTS

You are a stronger and more assertive type of Cancer. The Moon influence is tempered by the Air element, which gives you more confidence in your way of handling life.

35 – 45 POINTS

You are a Positive Cancer. These are men and women who are very comfortable with feminine energy and also have high creativity. It is tempered by the Earth element, which makes them more practical in making their dreams more of a reality.

45 – 60 POINTS

You are a true and typical Cancer. You are dreamers and very maternal and possess all of the typical traits of Cancer.

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