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Are Virgo and Cancer compatible? *****

When these two meet for the first time they hit it off pretty well. Virgo brings a high level of intelligence to this relationship that help stem navigate life together, and the cancer brings his feelings and Sensibility that the Virgo is looking for in a relationship .

Virgo is a little bit more grounded when it comes to their feelings. Keeping that in mind they might have a hard time understanding how cancer has the ability to swing their moods back and forth. As time goes on they’ll be able to adapt to the cancers moods, and in fact be able to help them manage them more.

The cancer will bring a lot of sensitivity to the life of the Virgo at the same time. It’s that close this together that will help them forum a relationship that has a pretty good compatibility .

How are Cancer and Virgo in love?

Even though it would just mentioned that they have good compatibility, this is a relationship that at the surface lacks substance.

They get along very well as individuals, but as they get into a relationship they might find things can have their ups and downs. It’s almost like at the very beginning they lack happiness and depth in their relationship. This would be something that as things progress they would naturally work on .

insecurity is something that would slow them down as well, so they would both have to make sure that they felt secure the relationship that they were sharing. One of them needs to step up and become the decision maker between the two of them.

Cancers are very bad at handling criticism, and sometimes Virgos can be highly critical of their partners and other people. When cancer received criticism for something even if it’s done in a constructive manner they will still take it to heart.

In order for this relationship to really work out, cancer needs to toughen themselves up and be able to take a little bit of criticism now and then. On the other side of things the Virgo really need to use a little bit of tact when it comes to being critical of their partner. They need to express their feelings but do it with soft hands.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: You both love to be needed. Beneath Virgo’s neat-as-a-pin facade is a real passion-pot that Cancer can lure out!

Celia: Virgo offers peace, harmony, sympathy – and a large, clean hanky when the phase of the Moon reduces you to tears.

Jenn: With you tending to be very vulnerable, you will more than likely not find what it is you are looking for with the Virgo since the Virgo is constantly active and always on the go, you will probably end up feeling neglected and hurt by the Virgo’s lack of attention. This relationship has potential but ultimately it will be up to the Virgo to make the most effort in working things out.

Lidia: You always know where you are with a Virgo, as their emotions are so out in the open and ready to support and cherish you, so for Cancer this will be quite perfect. This is a bond that comes without much effort and can turn into something very long lasting, if you want it to. You will find you have the same thoughts on many of the important issues in life, so restricting each other at certain times should not be necessary. Make sure you keep the passion going in the bedroom, as it is all too easy to fall into a routine that you know will work.

Act on the spur of the moment and forget about what the neighbours think and you will begin to get where you want to be sexually, both of you. Get lots of days where you can go off and do your own thing too, as living in each other’s pockets will spoil your love over time. You also need a good mixture of nights in and out together to keep the sparkle going.

Laura: Cancer will appreciate Virgo’s sense of order and down-to-earth, sunny nature. With no big surprises or ego to contend with, Cancer will feel able to express himself without fear of being squelched or overshadowed. At times, Virgo’s cutting remarks, or observations will hurt Cancer to the core, but Virgo’s original intent is to try to perfect the crab. Once Virgo realizes Cancer’s limits or boundaries, a Virgo and Cancer couple can work very well together.

Tracy: A Cancer/Virgo pairing can work well though arguments may arise from Virgo’s critical behavior. A lasting partnership is possible with some effort and understanding.

Heidi: Virgo needs to protect, which sits well with Cancer, and Cancer can be dependable and loving, which makes Virgo feel good. Sharing many goals and interests, each should please the other throughout life. The two signs compliment each other making this relationship a secure and affectionate one.

Keley: These two make a very good pair, as they make up for each others shortcomings in a few key areas. Cancer can teach Virgo to get a little more in touch with their feelings, while Virgo can give Cancer the stability that they crave.

Marcus:  Virgo’s have a way of making the emotional Crab feel warm and fuzzy; safe and secure. The way he felt in the watery womb. This is all he ever wanted. The Virgin can thrive in this relationship. It wouldn’t hurt him to learn to become more emotional and less of a fuss budget. A love connection.

David:  If they can gain each other’s trust, these signs can help each other feel relaxed and secure. However, Virgo’s practicality can clash with Cancer’s sensitivity and desire to discuss feelings in depth.

Cancer Man and Virgo Woman

An intellectual mind of Cancer man always finds rest and peace in the simple nature of a Virgo woman. Mutual love is among the best traits of the relationship of a Cancer man and Virgo woman.  A Virgo woman has a practical attitude towards life and always tries to make her partner perfect in a positive way. This compliments her Cancer male. A Virgo woman likes the freedom she is given by her Cancer male. The relationship gets perfect when both the partners understand each other and they know how the other one feels at certain things. Usually, there are no conflicts and relationship is full of happiness and love.

Virgo Man and Cancer Woman

Virgo man and Cancer woman, both demand care and security from each other and both give it to each other thus forming a perfect couple, usually. A Virgo man is simple. Once a Virgo man is in a relationship with someone, he tries to give his loved one all his care and attention and this is what a sensitive Cancer woman needs. Even if there are problems, they try to force them peacefully. Sometimes, they are like those couples who can neither live together nor live separately. Virgo man needs to stay alone for some time as a part of his nature and this makes her think that she is being ignored. Such odd behavior may be the cause of conflicts, if there are any.

Cancer and Virgo Friendship

You can both bring out the best or worse in each other depending on your moods.

Virgo and Cancer Relationship

As lovers:

Can be marvelous when all is going well, yet beware if the tide turns.

Long-term relationship:

Once you really get to know each other and realize what upsets the other you will be sailing with the wind.

Short-term relationship:

Can be a stormy ride in the early days yet this will be laced with lots of laughs and memorable moments.

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Cancer and Virgo Sex

This can be a surpassingly adventurous ride for both of you. Anything goes.


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Cancer Compatibility with Virgo Over all Score:

overall score 77%

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