1. Gloria Ward says:

    I am a full born Aries, my love is Aries our relationship is hot when we are in each other company there’s no patience when we are in each other company.

  2. HeavenSent says:

    I once dated an aries. (I was 22, he was 26). We dated for a few months. Our first date was one of my favorites… he planned the whole day and I honestly had a really nice time. (one of his perks was definitely planning fun dates/birthdays)… other than that… I’m gonna have to pass on aries. lol. We just didn’t click… I tried to look past everything but it was like he was toxic. As if something was saying “this isn’t for you” I was very sexually attracted to him (not because he was super attractive)… hmm. But the relationship ended bad… not saying it 100% has to do with him being an aries… but when I read more about it… boy does it make sense.

  3. Im currently dating an Aries man, he is sending me mixed signals, hot one minute and cold the next, our whole relationship is controlled by him as to when? where and how we will see each other. I have confronted about being cold and how it is bruising and affecting me emotionally and his response is that i choose to bruise, his says we choose how we feel and i chose this life when i decided to be him, he says he is like Popeye “I am what I am” he wont change or do anything to make me feel at ease with him, im totally in love with him but he”s broody and moody when we are together. The reason we have lasted this long i think its my ability to stand up for myself and be able to tell him where to get off when i feel he’s too much, he will sulk but he always comes back and i have also matured enough in the process to deal with his cold ways and have learnt to see humour in some of his candor that we end up laughing together when i mimick his actions and we move on.

  4. Aries female with a cancer guy ,Its been almost 2 years i’m with my cancer and i can say i totally love it.we have our drawbacks coz he seems so insecure and dependent at times but i jus understood we learn from each other and he is worthy changing my wild temper for him. he is very caring,loving and romantic,making me feel like a princess.on the other hand i push him towards decisions and make him feel more confident.i think we are pretty good balanced

  5. Happygurl says:

    My cancer man & I have been together over a year now; it was difficult at first making it this far, but I’m thankful for it. He is very sweet, however insecure but I try to help him gain more confidence which makes him more happy. After about 8 months we really settled down on the arguments and gained much more trust in each other. I know Cancer and Aries are an off match, but it is what you make of it. I’m very happy with my cancer & how he makes me feel very safe & secure & cares for his mother deeply. Can’t wait for our future together & what will happen. Also, the sex is amazing. Very romantic.

  6. mary mary says:

    Ok so this is more of a friendship experience more than a relationship. So as a Cancer I naturally hide my inner emotions, why? Because I don’t want to be judged and I hate it when people know what I rely feel. So I’m with my Aries friend and I actually start opening up to him. You know you have managed to gain a cancers trust once they open up to you. So I tell him about me not liking to show deeply deep true emotions. The response I received might as well have moved me from one side of the world to the other. He told me that what I had just told him about my self was complete bull ****. As pig headed as ariesians are, nothing changed their opinion about something. So I ask him why he doesnt believe me. Once again his response pissed me off. He is full on convinced that I’m bull ******* about hiding my emotions, because He believes I make it up to gain attention. Any one else have this problem with Aries? After this Event I don’t think our friendship or trust will ever be the same.

  7. aries suck, i’m sorry bt there’s no other way to say it. they don’t share anything about feelings it’s all action, no talking and you can’t trust them because they’ll never say what’s really going on in their head. Plus they aren’t patient enough for cancer women. So get out while yo can if you’re hesitating, don’t leave the breakup up to them. He won’t have a problem cheating on you or pulling off worse case scenario stunts that will tear your heart apart. You’re better off breaking up when hesitating, if you still want him en you give minor signals he’ll want to chase you all over again anyway. But don’t be too easy, he’ll won’t even bother the chase or will get bored in a minute. These are my own experiences.

  8. crabby baby says:

    i fell in love with a aries man ……love is not a new thing….but we havent meet each other yet….he is from a different country………first omegle then facebook…and SKYPE ……he is a romantic boy who speak every thing to make my heart beat fast and gasp……i don’t know how i fell in love but now the problem is he doesn’t opens up……he sometime is a best man..but sometime(more frequently)this days……..ignores me…..i love him so i want to make our relationship last longer..he do loves me but..its too difficult to maintain a relation between two countries and with a red planet man………………he is good at ignoring…and don’t understand my feeling…thing which are so important he take them as simple issues..it hurts when he is acting like an a**hole………i think not knowing his personally well is another main issue in our relationship….

  9. cancer woman says:

    I was in a relationship with an Aries man we lasted seven years due to my patience dealing with him, but he definitely ran our marriage when,who, and what arrogant always the I look good and smell better than u always cold as he could be when ever he pleased yeah definitely not a great match for me

  10. I was in a relationship with an aries girl. Im an Cancer girl july 18 to be exact. When we first started talking it was Amazing it was as though we’dknown each other in a different life. I fell completely in live with her. She was strong passionate ambitious. But as the relationship progressed our differences came out. Shes aggresive and mean. Whereas Im calm and introverted. We had the potential to drive each other nuts. Nonetheless shes the first girl Id jumpthe broom with. I was willing to fight for our love she wasnt. People got in her head and added to the confusion in her head. I did everything in my power to make her happy and it just wasnt enough. Its never enough for Aries. Its either too much or too little. We broke up yesterday and Im beside myself her? Shes fine already put single on her instagram and shes on to the next sucker. As a cancer I feel like we always get the short end of the stick. Other people leave move un and we’re left holding the bag wondering what happen

  11. Aries Teen says:

    I’m an Aries girl who has been dating a Cancer guy for 3 months. We’re both teens but we attend different schools. During the first few weeks of knowing each other, there was a strong attraction. Since his approach of chasing was a bit slow for my liking, I was the one who helped us get to the next stage of our relationship. We totally enjoyed each other’s company and we were generally honest & possessive of each other. Cancer is very affectionate and loving and brought out my femininity. We’ve had a few heated fights where Cancer ended up calming me down. Although, he finds it hard keeping up with my energy both sexually and my desire to do different things; both reasons have made me lose interest recently and resulted in me hooking up with a Libra guy, who made up for what Cancer lacks, behind Cancer’s back (he still doesn’t know). Cancer is in love with me, but I’m not in love back and I plan to end it with him soon. Personally, amazing start but interest rapidly decreases for Aries

  12. aries girl says:

    Well, my experience is a friendship one. My best friend is a cancer. At the beginning I swear I couldn’t stand her, too sensitive for me..and I felt like she wasn’t being herself when she was with me, it was a strange feeling and I didn’t like it. But then after like a year, we started to get close…and she started opening up to me, and showing her real self and well, that’s when we started getting close. Then I started considering her my best friend, and I started telling her everything, as the Aries I am (we love sharing things with our best friends). Of course we fight because of our many differences, but we always make up 🙂

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