1. my man now is everything to me , we had a lot of trust issues in the beginning but we always find a way to fix things between us . he makes me happy for all the little things he does . no guy has ever made me feel the way he did ; we give each other so many chances , i guess it’s because we love each other so much & there’s just no ending to our relationship

  2. Sassy Archer says:

    I met a Leo man that swept me off my feet. He is in his cold mode right now because I didn’t respond appropriately to his advances. So here I am missing him and wanting him but his feelings are hurt by my lack of affection. I do not know what it is about Leo men and Aries women but somehow we always find each other. I have only known him for 2 weeks but he made me feel like we could spend a lifetime together. Being a typical selfish and inpatient Aries girl, I am hurting just waiting for him to accept my apology. But I’m loyal so I will patiently wait for him. I secretly like his “playing hard to get” attitude. However, I will never let him know I was just waiting for him to one around. I have too much pride for that.

  3. He keeps chasing me. He loves my brains, looks, style, charm, girl next door attitude, brashness, funkiness, sophistication and not run-off-the-mill personality. He is my soulmate and we naturally connect, but I prefer Virgos due to their reliable and calm nature. It does not stop the Leo chasing. They chase and chase and will never forget.

  4. Trevor Gibson says:

    I am a Leo man and I had never encountered Aries before. It was the best part of my life. But after experiencing the most incredible closeness excitement fun the best sex ever, I have seen that her deepest fears trigger my deepest fears which trigger her deepest fears, etc. We talked everyday 5 or more times and this situation has affected me so badly I have been unable to work or focus at all. I have lost everything trying to get her back but she always seemed like she really still loved me and was waiting for me to pull it back together. There is definitely a space between us that at one time seemed unimaginable and she said I scare her. not in a violent way or anything like that. It is just my extreme depression that this situation of trying to get her back has caused since she always acted like we were really close to being back together. But on our last call I asked are you ever going to get past this and she said no ..I hung up and realized what a fool I am I am now broken

  5. Leos do seem confident and untamable. As an Aries female, I enjoy the sophistication and serenity I get from many Leo women I encounter. The talks are great and these women seem really level-headed. Eventually we go our separate ways, but we never leave on bad terms. I tend to be the one to part from these friendships, but seeing as the ones I encounter hardly keep up with my fast-paced lifestyle, I don’t feel entirely bad. Leo men make pretty good buddies, as well. Many that I encounter are handsome and smart, but the ones I encounter with pseudo-macho attitudes are always turn-offs. I find it adorable, however, that these individuals (male and female) act as if they can’t be dominated, but it seems everytime I encounter them, I’m always the lead. They seem flighty, but if you keep living your life naturally and not think much about them, many tend to return without chase. These individuals are fun, but I never try to run the risk of giving them complete control, or not taking turns.

  6. I’m an aries woman and I’ve dated 2 leo women. The first one only lasted a month because all we did was fight and she went back to her ex. The 2nd one, I feel like she’s my soulmate. We never fight. She’s extremely loyal and would do ANYTHING for me. She used to have a bad attitude and think everything was about her but I cut that power struggle mess out asap. We have our jealous ways but still give each other lots of freedom. I swear being with her is like looking in the mirror. I’m not the type to settle down but I definitely did with her, and I haven’t been any happier in my life man. Take the risk on a leo woman. As soon as you get her to realize it’s not all about her, she’ll be the best thing you ever had.

  7. im an aries he was a leo, he was chasing me and didnt like him at first but something pulled me towards him and our relationship caught fire in very little time. we were strongly attracted to each other and dropped the love bomb after 2 months. he had trust issues and found himself unable to trust me and we broke off..then within a few months rekindled and became “playmates” and then fell off again. i hope we fix things but then again i kind of don’t. we both have an overdose on that thing called pride and won’t admit that we still care about one another or that we miss each other, but instead send each other goodnights here and there to say i’m thinking about you or i miss you. maybe in the future we’ll have matured enough to handle each other, but for now who knows what’ll happen.

  8. I’ve been with a Leo for over 3 years. He is my heart, I am so in love with him and we fight like crazy but for what ever reason we always end up together again n again!! I’m always the one ending the relationship and he never let’s it go, he fights to keep what we have and as an Aries girl very strong headed , crazy , passionate and loving he always comes back for more. And in 3 years we ended it twice the 1 st time he did and the 2nd time I did we didn’t see each other for six months but he called me every day for at least 4 months with a blocked number n I knew it was him but after I got over being anger n hurt he call me and I answer and I have to say it’s the best partner , loving , understand , and best love making for both of us. So even though we fight like crazy we love each other the same way..!! For all the aries women just try it n see it’s an amazing journey.

  9. butterfly says:

    I have just broken up with a Leo after 3 years , it was a wonderful relationship and no hard feelings. Almost a week later I have starting seeing another Leo who has been friends with me for 8 years. We had a 3 month fling 7 years ago but it wasn’t the right time. We know each other inside out already but it’s still so new and exciting. The passion is overwhelming and in 8 years of friendship the flirting never stopped , our chemistry is so strong. He knows how to handle me and I love it when he asserts himself. Kissing him is like making love compared to most other men, the love making keeps me up all night. He is so tender and passionate. I am almost to much for him and we are both so tiered because the moment we see each other all the tiredness disappears and we do it all over again. I don’t know if it will work out but he’s blown me away and I wasn’t looking for another love just yet. What ever happens I know I have a friend for life. I certainly will never let him down.

  10. So many things in common we can talk about anything at any time of the day. It will NEVER get boring. Our sexual chemistry is on another level. We can just stare at each other and immediately start making love. We have Been together for almost two years. And yes we fight a LOT. He doesn’t like me even associating with other men whether it be a 2-minute conversation he gets EXTREMELY jealous. His temper gets the best of him sometimes and he turns into an asshole and says a bunch of mean shit and I take it to the heart. I’m so sensitive as a Leo that everyhing he says sometimes when he’s mad is too much for me to handle. We mostly figt about jealousy or sometimes our ego makes us fight. But other than fighting, our friendship bond is extremely strong. We always want to be with each other he comes with me everywhere. And one time I left him because I thought he cheated, and he almost KILLED himself to get me back! Aries men will do whatever it takes for love & so will Leo’s! Don’t give up

  11. We met due to common interests. It seemed our love of music, fun and film was destined. We barely fight but when we do, I expect a 5-10 minute smack down when the lion angers the ram or vice versa. Imagine a ram and lion fighting. Overall, it’s a good match. It is fiery yet loyal. It’s comfortable too, especially if you are both introverted like I am or in creative fields. There is imagination under the covers too. I also am still in love with the guy, who is younger than I am, I can’t keep my hands off of him most of the time. Both of us can also get moody, but there is a fire sign understanding between the ram and lion, that I don’t see in a Sadge-Leo relationship. I can’t say anything about Aries-Sadge. I feel always taken care of by my Aries man. He is a man too, he’ll take me out and treat me like a queen and I am proud to have him by my side. We get along so well and we can run errands like a finey oiled machine. I can’t help of kissing him right now. He makes me purr!

  12. I read all the above. I’ve had three loves in my life. 2 were Pisces and the third was a Leo. Never laughed so much or loved so hard.. The latter I realized when we were over, when he had let me down, retreated, used me and gone bck to his flirting ways.. He is since then married to woman he cheated on me with, left his children for (not me).. Anyway my point is.. The attraction is amazing. It really does feel like coming home..I’ve since met two more but they are playing hard to get. I’m too old for games I feel @ 36 to be making the first moves all the time.. I think timing is key for any serious relationship and these Leo men have to be ready to submit – and as an Aries, also another force of nature.. We can’t force things to happen or be sustained when 2pple aren’t both invested.. For all my tough talk, I am very sensitive, I don’t meet men I connect that often so when I do.. And they are dragging.. I call it a day.. I love what I have with Leo’s but maybe it’s too much for them!!

  13. So I’m an Aries girl and he’s a Leo . He was my first crush , until I fell in love with him . We grew up together , knew him since elementary . When he got into trouble with the law and ended behind bars , I was there for him . He told me he loved me , he got me pregnant on purpose once he got out. Once I found out I was pregnant I lost contact with him for 5 months because he lost his phone . He thought that I disappeared on him when I didn’t. Everytime we argue he always tell me to die , that i’ll never be wifey material , and that I wasn’t shit . This time we had a BIG AS* FIGHT because he only came to see me for intercourse so I said HELL NO THATS ALL YOU FUC*ING WANT! so I got mad , left him on the staircase and walked away , then that’s when he texted me to suck an aids d*ck and die and that he already had a wife and a kid on the way , and that we will no longer be friends with benefits that this time we’ll just be friends without benefits . Which is crazy to me because I thought

  14. crazygirl says:

    I absolutely LOVE my leo guy! he made me think differently about men. I had no trust before and he showed me how to love and understand. its been 2 years now and we argue a lot of times about really little stuff (example: he leaves his clothes everywhere lol) but in the end that’s just small stuff. we constantly encourage eachother to reach new levels. in the first 3 months of being together we both upgraded to better jobs and got a house together. i tell him that we can take over the world together and you know what i REALLY believe that a lot of times. this is the most functional and healthy relationship i have ever been in and i hope it lasts a lifetime, even though there’s no need for hope b/c i know it will. =) Good luck to the rest of you leo/aries lovers out there.

  15. leoqueenz says:

    Okay so I’m a Leo lady talking to an Aries man we instantly felt a connection from the first time we met the only problem is his roommate is his ex girl he promised he’s moving out as soon as he finds a new place so he can be closer to me were trying to take things slow so were not together yet but we know what we feel for each other . But lately he hasn’t been answering his phone and doesn’t call me back until hours later i can’t stand him not answering his phone sometimes i even get the feeling that hes still messing around with the ex we talked about this before n it seems like I’m giving my 100% n he’s giving only 90% he seems to be very serious about me I just don’t understand y he just doesn’t pick up his phone n let’s me know something instead of making me think the worst what should I do let this go or keep talking to the gye? I just feel something in my chest n it feels like fire but I berly meet this gye like 2 weeks ago how is this possible ? Help I need advice!!

  16. Firelover says:

    I am Aries and have dated a few Leos. The first one fell for me instantly so i gave him a chance. We dated quite few times and eventually had sex but I broke it off because I didnt see the warm side of his character in bed, though we got along well without a hitch; I look back now and I can recognize it as shyness. The next one I dated was mutual instant magnetic attraction. All the right chemistry; same wavelength, but I had just gotten out of a relationship so I was still vulnerable. I wouldnt have sex with him. In the end he lost patience and took it as rejection and dropped me heartlessly. I was devastated, because in a way, I played a power game with him and lost…him. Now I am dating a Leo that says he has always wanted to date me. I seriously have never been more adored! I didnt wait long to consummate our relationship… and its the best sex I have ever had! We have our challenges, and I am squirmish about commitment, I dont feel the need to stray at all! I wont quit on Leos!

  17. I'm just a guest says:

    I dated an aries for 3 years. It was definitely a love at first site situation. Although it took a while for me to allow myself to fall for him, he won! And he stole my heart. But once he had it, it felt like there was nothing left for him to “win” anymore, and he stopped trying as hard to keep the relationship working. We loved each other very much, and I doubt i’ll find a love as strong as that one again. Through all the battles, and struggles.. I will say, it was the best relationship I’ve ever had. So much love, passion, and lust. He was strong, passionate for his career and goals.. a real “man” and go getter, but very very selfish. Still, will never forget that man, or regret the amazing relationship and friendship we shared. He was my bestfriend.

  18. I’m and aries & I’ve been talking to this Leo guy for 5 months now. In the beginging I didn’t find him all that attractive & still don’t ! , but the only thing that keeps me around Is cause of his personality . He makes me laugh , feel good about myself , & knows how to turn my frown upside down . But the it huge problem I have is that he does shows much attention like he used to . In the beginging I was reciving his calls & text everyday now it’s to the point where I have to hope & pray he hits me up . We haven’t had sex yet though hmm is that a bad thing ? We talk about it but he tells me he doesn’t wants me to rush into something Im not really ready for yet because I’m 8 years younger than him . But he is charming he takes me out nice places from time to time & I enjoy every moment We spend together :) . I just need him to show more attention & will be Fine

  19. I’m an aries wife and I married a leo man. The attraction was always strong between us. I have always been outgoing and not afraid to have fun. My husband knew this before he married me. Once we got married he told me he hated my friends and disapproved of me talking to any of my male friends at times accuses me of keeping secrets. I have no clue where this came from. He is very insecure and always needs reassurance. I am not the type of person to do that. But, I did stop talking to pretty much all my friends and we moved to a small town where we don’t know anyone. So he’s insecurity has been mild. I love him but it is a very challenging relationship.

  20. I’ve been with my Aries for 17 months now. It was love at first sight. Instant connection & we discussed hopes dreams & a future together immediately. We now live together & we have a great sex life & are always going on little adventures together. It’s been great & my happiest relationship. That being said, there are constant spats over seemingly trivial stuff. It’s the 2 egos getting in the way lol. He can be temperamental & distant sometimes & at first it drove me crazy, but I think that’s just how Aries can be. Leos can be demanding & bossy too. They just need some time to themselves & its back to fun times again! They are affectionate but in a different way. Not really with lots of hugs & kisses, but he buys me little gifts & does things he knows i need or want. They show their love different so sometimes it feel like they’re cold as Leos are SUPER affectionate, but really it’s just them showing it differently. He’s very manly & the only one that can ‘tame’ me from lioness to kitten.

  21. I’m a Leo female all the way,I won’t put up with stuff I don’t need.. how does the aries man melt my heart. What I had hidden inside myself, he helped me to get over it. Let me tell you!!!! The chemistry between us, even threw the texts….. he says all the right things… but don’t cross me, my lioness nails are sharp and my bite is worse. If you can dish it, I hope you can take it

  22. loving leo says:

    our relationship was different and unexpected. meeting through her brother as children. spending so much time around the same people you start to understand how others feels and wish to please them. when our feelings were put out in the open, things weren’t exactly awkward but not fire-cracker like. but after minimal thought, we decided to take a step forwards into an advanced relationship. after the first few steps, i decided to let her know how i feel as a polygamist. shocking to her, but the relationship did not fall dead. rather, it thrives under the understanding that both her and i can express our feelings for not only each other, but for others we may come to care for. with passion comes lust and “cheating” is almost unavoidable so, to prevent this we use polygamy to not only keep our relationship from burning out, but to liven it up possibly in the future. we look at polygamy not as having more than one lover but as being able to express ourselves to more than just one person.

  23. I’m a Leo & I’m infatuated with my Arian. Although the bad is BAD when it is Bad ! The Love we have for each other is soo Powerful even we can’t control what it does to us. My Arian is a Protector & he Secretly adores me. As a Leo & a Woman i had to learn to submit to my Arian. Even though i know i run the show , i want him to feel like the King. We haven’t mastered being a Team yet , but we work well together unintentionally ! I love my Arian , thinking about settling all the way down. Discussing Marriage and Children.

  24. J with another J says:

    I had a great friendship with a Leo man, then we finally slept together after a couple of years. We always made each other laugh, but we did have our little fights. We always got over it though. Just when I thought he was starting to feel more for me, he drops the bomb on me that he’s seeing someone else. It was fun while it lasted though. I really cared for him and loved him. That was hard to get over, now I know why I’m so cautious. Well, hopefully he’s happy, because I’d hate to know that all the pain I suffered was for nothing. The sex was great though. We were really hot for each other!!

  25. Girl in the leopard pants says:

    Well … leo female, Aries male. we dated for two years then he all of a sudden bounced out. he told me he still loved me, but he needed to get his life in order. It’s been a couple of months now and … Well. Idk what to believe. I guess those things about an Aries disappearing is true. I’m heartbroken and confused and so disappointed that this is how it turned out. I thought he was the one and he told me the same. he says he wants to come back, just give him a few months and he says this every time we talk (which is less and less frequently). he had the opportunity to leave completely but still says that he wants to come back, but then ignores my calls and texts. Idk. It’s been a sad and hard couple of months.

  26. lady in red says:

    Met n August together n September proposed October he says he loves me he even says he n love he cleans cooks irons shops everything so o wont have to do shit but be under him he makes me eat I gained my weight back he helps with my kids and I still don’t believe him when he says he wants me love me and in love with me its been almost a year and I don’t love him I feel he will hurt me some way some how cause Leo men are abusive cheaters liars manipulaters whores and users but he does not treat me like tha

  27. lady aries says:

    I’m Lady Aries and I met my Loving Leo at fourteen. It’s been almost eight years now of off and on confusion. I adore this man even though he gives me no substantial reason to. I feel as if he will always come back to me despite the fact I don’t feel I satisfy the criteria of his ideal woman. In his abscence is the time I can analyze the pros and cons to our semi-relationships. The cons prevail. I conjure up the courage to tell him I will love him for life but from a distance, I’m letting us go. The second I see him I forget every reason I came, all I had to say, and everything I had planned not to do. This man takes over me (I think it’s manipulation) with no effort at all, or am I just his fool? I want this man more than I want success, and that’s what scares me. He has too much control, everything works in his favor, whatever he wants goes. I’m not ready to give up everything I believe in to be with him, but I can’t let go. Please tell me Aries ladies, how do you love and leave a Le

  28. I met my current Leo days after ending my marriage and was definitely not ready. However, he chased, insisted, and quickly convinced me. I was/am very insecure, but he is very unwavering. I fell in love quickly and continue to fall every day. He is less verbal about his affections for me than at the beginning but he doesn’t need words. For him, we just “are” and will continue to be. I have almost ruined it many times w fears, but as soon as I see him, all of that melts away. We are both very attractive and successful. Sex is like nothing i have ever experienced. We both have so many interests and have the same sense of humor. He is the only man who has ever made me feel this feminine and loved. We are both stubborn. However, it is true that the Aries woman will submit to the Leo man, and I like it that way-I trust him to be a man. He is flirtatious but I do not believe he would ever cheat. Leo men are thought as cheaters, but when are ready and find the right mate, they give their all

  29. very Aries says:

    When I met my leo man, it was fireworks and as though the universe was smiling at us. Back then, I was 5 months out of a turbulent relationship with a Scorpio and my leo man had been single for a year. We had so many common interest, and we work in the same line of creative field. The dating was amazing, we met everyday, chat everyday, and can never have enough of each other. He chased me so much – after a month, I gave in and became his gf. We can kiss for hours and the sex – wow! It’s been 10 months now and I’ve since moved in with him. Sometimes I am insecure cuz he can be very charming but he always reassure me and reminds me! It feels like a match made in heaven, it will be impossible to imagine life without him!

  30. I’m an Aries female and I have been with an Leo male for 5 months. In the beginning it was amazing it’s still amazing we have a great bond, we commuicate well, we laugh together and we have pretty good sex. When I see him I’m smittened and I believe he is to, but when we aren’t together recently he seems distance. Me being an Aries I like to know and feel I’m still wanted by my partner, but when we are together he treats me like a queen very attentive will do whatever I want basically wants to see me happy. He’s very wild, he has a natural charisma about him and has a very slick sneaky manner that kinda makes me not trust him. The way I’m is outspoken and very upfront I usually don’t leave much to imagen. I say what I say and I mean what I do. I’m also a very loyal partner and I be known for Leo’s to be unfaithful and liars

  31. Christina says:

    I’m a leo girl with an aries guy. I love him so much really and I know he loves me so much too. The problem is that at first it was just for fun. So I was a party animal and he was too. Neither of us minded. But now, that we love each other. He no longer wants me to go partying alone or with my friends. He has to be there. He also stopped me from talking to my male friends. He changed the way I dress into more modest dressing and makes me go back home not after 11 pm. It’s unbearable but I love him so much and I’m willing to do more for him, but I think I’m gonna explode of all the commands. He doesn’t do any of his commands. He talks to girls and everything. But on the other hand, he’s very sweet, makes me forget whatever I’m angry about and he’s a great listner. I can talk to him about anythingggg from fashion to major problems. He is very caring too and would literally die for me. I just can’t help but love my aries guy.

  32. When I met him I already knew we’d soon befriend each other and it happened within a month, fell in love in three. Things got bad when I came to know he’s still in contact with his Ex and even tawks for hours to her on phone.. I started secretly investigating and he proved to be a perfect liar and a great flirt… And when he came to know that I was spying on him he sed he never expected this from me and tried to make me guilty instead of accepting his mistakes. He lied to me all the time about his Ex and many many girls he was in contact with. The Truth is I trust him no more and wanna leave him but he is not letting me go.. I personally feel powerless in his magnetic power and excellent love making.. Sexually he’s wonderfully compatible to me and makes me feel like heaven wen m with him he seems so cold at distance.. I just hate this situation. I know I’ll soon get rid of him.. My experience proved Leos to be extremely selfish and big big liars flirt who always claims he’s loyal.

  33. I first had a special friendship bond with my Aries man. But after a while it got way too intense. So I had to back off.. Due to being in a relationship with a gemini. My Aries man and I have a very strong attraction. I would say we had an emotional love affair. I know if I gave in to him. He would take me with no questions asked. But because I am married to my gemini now. He is staying clear from me. The deep attraction is still there. I just think he is avoiding me completely because he don’t want to get emotionally attached again. Knowing that he can never truly have me. Because of this. I think our amazing strong friendship is gone for good this time.

  34. Well, I am an Aries woman, dated one Leo guy and it was simply awesome! We had a very good sex, good conversations, laughs, jokes. We completed each other. However, in front of others, he always kept a certain distance. Then I realized that I had two options: or I handle with it, talk to him and try to make him a better partner and risk my happiness OR I find another man that fulfills me – completely – and be happy. Of course men of zodiac and signs are not all equal! So I’ve met a Sagittarius one and I am REALLY happy! I think sometimes we need to take a break, go out, meet new people, (parties!!) and enjoy our friends! We just need to wait, don’t search, it WILL happen in the right time, just it happen, okay? Xoxo :)

  35. Katherine Myers says:

    I have been wth this guy for only 3 months & he is one of the biggest jerks I’ve ever dated. He’s almost as bad as a Sagittarius man. Ugh! The sex is magical. The first time was blah for me & heaven for him but ever time after was steamy. He completely satisfies me sexually & I know that he loves me. But when he gets upset he loses himself & starts saying hurtful and mean things to me on purpose. He claims he doesnt like arguing with me but he can’t avoid it nor does he try. He’s always the one messing up & he rarely ever sees anything wrong with what he’s done. He’s very selfish emotionally & he’s extremely arrogant. It’s disgusting. He’s also very petty & childish. I love him but sometimes I can’t handle his behavior. He provides for me financially but feels like that should excuse his hurtful words. Idk what to do. I’m thinking about just giving him his space for a while.

  36. I’m a Leo women I met an aries man on a dating site. We had a physical admiration, but it took time for us to spend time talking. He felt like a friend til he began making statements about us sleeping together. Quickly, I cheched him, I really did not want a physical relationship, plus he lived over 500 miles away, guess but it did. We had lust coming through every call, and every Skype encounter for 11 months. The new year came around I thought we would make plans to see each other, then he dropped off.My ego, pride will not let me contact him…I miss him…but if he wanted me, he would come to me….I’m Leo damn it…she said with her heart in hand…:(

  37. Thank you everyone for sharing. Aries lady here dating a Leo man for 9 months. We’ve broken up three times. We are older, both having other relationships, me married twice, him almost once. As I write, we had a falling out last week. He is very distant when not with me. I don’t suspect another female. We don’t text, or phone chat daily like normal people do.. Emailing/video calling seem to keep it together for us. He is a busy professional who is charming, cultured, loves music and plays piano. He lives in another town, not too far and we manage to spend nights together a week. Everything said about these 2 signs is true. This man has taught me what intimacy really is, its not just orgasms n hot sex. Yes, we F*** like bunnies after 2 hrs of foreplay. I’m question the relationship. I just don’t feel he is emotionally there. He expressed his love for me 6 wks into our relationship. He spoils me, spares no expense, holds my hand everywhere we go and calls me his gf. Why am I so unhappy.

  38. yes i`m dating a Leo he`s very loving and supportive but at times He can be a little over the top with things…He`s very proctive of me just a little comment from a another male can throught him off for the wrost .But he`s very loving and really takes the time to see what makes me happy,sad,mad,or cry

  39. leo woman. says:

    At a extreme loss came back in contact with my leo thought he had changed from his old ways everything was good at first laughing going out having a good time around his family things got serious I got pregnant we didn’t want agreed and he just stiped talking to me not for nothing were both grown I don’t see how you can sit in someone face and lie I’m lost but wil move on

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