1. I’m a leo woman dating my king capricorn. We have been dating for a few months now and we have hit the point were we argue ALL the time. Sometimes he can be so mean and controlling. I can also be a childish, needy leo but I love him so much. I love how much patience he has for me even though he can be mean & cold sometimes. I know he loves me very much, I just want the fighting to stop so I can love all over him and never let him go. Nobody has ever made me want to be with them forever and have kids and get married and live life forever. I think my emotions might push him away and I don’t even know how to control them I’m very passionate about us lol.

  2. I met my leo man at work, when he was in his interview I saw him and saw stars :) I was very shy around him and didn’t say much, he was the same around everyone kind of shy, and funny at times. I gave him my number (just to kick things off) 2 years and 9 months later we now live together with a baby on the way, I love him DEARLY but we do argue over minor things that other would probably surpass, our Sex is AMAZING, when they say king in the jungle that’s what they mean. He recently told me I have his soul not his heart because I’ve been very moody since the pregnancy, but he likes to make me smile and he loves me so much I can feel it in my heart and soul. This relationship is a CHALLENGE, and if your strong enough it will work. Just remember this combo works stronger together, not apart.

  3. I am a Leo female and married a Capricorn man. Our first year was really rough and I tried to dominate him, but he would not let me. We separated for three weeks and during that time, I realized my faults. We are back together and have a strong relationship. He has made changes to give me the attention I need and I made changes and stopped dominating him and giving him time to himself. One advise that I could give Leo women, if they do not want to talk, that means they want time to themselves so go do something else like read or talk to your friends on the phone. They need that time by themselves and if you give it to them willingly, they will really respect you for it. GOD I AM SICK IN LOVE WITH MY HUSBAND!!!!

  4. We have been together going on two years now. We have had our up and downs, but more ups. I love my Capricorn man dearly. He tells me he loves me too on a regular basis. He is my best friend, my lover, and my soulmate. I have never felt for another man the way i feel for him. He is all man, stern, but tender. I am so happy with him and he tells me i make him happy. Life is good now. I do believe they need to change compatibility of a Leo and Capricorn to excellent. Love his humor. He asked me to marry him, so i am taking the plunge into heaven, even though i am already there. Smiling!

  5. I’m currently with a Leo female. I’ve known her for 7 years but we just started dating about 4 weeks ago and let me tell you; there is instant attraction and crazy sparks right from the beginning. Our charming nature and their fiery nature is a very strong physical factor. We are both very straightforward and don’t like beating around the bush and playing games. Very stimulating conversations and the sex is by far the best I’ve had. The problem comes down to arguments. Caps are really stubborn. We know how we feel and we don’t feel the need to go into detail. It is what it is. Her leo is a beast that will not be tamed. She also knows why feels what she feels and cannot be swayed. Communication is very vital. They are very proud people. Strong-willed so don’t try to break it. But after our arguments are resolved they are completely resolved. We grow amazingly closer from them. Don’t expect the relationship to be a breeze. It takes work. But, so far, mine has always met me in the middle.

  6. I’ve seriously dated two Capricorn guys. And also went out on a few more casual dates with two more Capricorn guys. Capricorn guys seem to be very attracted to me, and I am to them. But, it never works in the end, because we just do not jive on the same wave length. It also seems very difficult for them to be faithful. I am not even talking about long term commitment. But if you date someone, then date just them, without any commitments to the future, just be faithful while you are in that relationship. Apparently, this is too much to ask. I also don’t quite feel comfortable in Capricorn relationships. I always feel this pressure to tone it down, whereas I only want to act as my usual, fiery self. I know exactly how to act in order to attract Capricorn guy. The problem is that I get too bored and tired of putting on this “refined”, “dignified” demeanor, to which Capricorn people seem to be so attracted to, and want to burst out with dirty jokes and crazy ideas, i.e. be my true self.

  7. Myra Casey says:

    I’m a Leo lady with a cap man. We’ve been together for 2yrs . Yes there are ups and downs but nothing we can’t overcome. He is the love of my life and he says that I’m his. Love gets stronger between us each day. He is protective, romantic, loving and oh so manly. Despite what they say about caps they are wonderful if they truly love u . They will express themselves, they’re funny as hell in a dark twisted way …he loves that I’m sweet ,sensitive , forgiving and somewhat shy. Oh and the sex is sensual and intense best I’ve ever had. Love love love my cap and for me there will never be a better love

  8. He is the Leo, and he is very headstrong and sometimes does not communicate very well which drives me crazy because communication is vital to me: but I understand him and he is loyal: I have no doubt I can trust him even 2000 miles away. He communicates with me in some way every day to let me know he is thinking about me. I believe in him.

  9. My Leo man is near perfect when I’m a gloomy Capricorn. He makes me laugh so hard I cry and he has the biggest heart I’ve ever known! He opens me up to a world of life where I prefer to see him on center stage. He is so smart and very understanding and he brings me coffee and breakfast everyday! He thinks I’m pretty without any makeup on, wearing stained sweats and a total knockout when I get dolled up for our dates! He even cooks and cleans when I’m too tired from my accounting job :-) it’s a total 50/50 relationship here! 4 years and it still feels like it did in the beginning :-)

  10. I am a Capricorn woman in love with a Leo man . We have been together for close to 10 months . He is my everything , my sweet love . I don’t think I could spend a day without him . He doesn’t fight with me , he just listens and gives his opinion . When we are apart , it feels like century’s . My boyfriend and I are very different . He tends to be lazy And I’m very impatient and compulsive . I also tend to critique him in a lot of things that he tries to do , but I only tell him the reason why I say anything is because I’m trying to make him better because I love him . I see a bright future , hopefully it stays

  11. I am a 20 year old Capricorn guy who has recently split with his 19 year old Leo girl. I am the typical Capricorn guy who likes his peace and quiet, his work, and being financially stable and sometimes in the heat of all things says things out of complete character. She is the typical Leo girl who always puts a smile on your face, makes you happy, likes to socialize with friends, and is fiesty like a lioness! My lioness is the only woman I ever loved truly and I am killing myself inside for not showing her the affection she deserved, despite our constant quarreling and clashing. I still love her very much and I know deep down inside, that she loves me too. The Cap-Leo relationship requires effort, but with mutual understanding, it can work.

  12. I’m a Capricorn and my boyfriend is a Leo. We have been together for about 7 months already. Our relationship has had it’s ups and downs but I’ve never felt the way I do about him. I think one of our biggest problems that we have is we both think we are always right..which causes arguments and disagreements. But we both have got through them all. There is no doubt in my mind that this will last. But I know that it will be a work in progress always as in any relationship. But I’ve never had a guy love me and treat me as good as my leo :) I also feel like yes, zodiac sign compatibility has a lot to do with a relationship but it also has to do with the people in the relationship and how much you really love that person. I’m drawn to his hard working ethics, because I am the same way when it comes to work and school. Last but not least I think that the Cap-Leo probably has the most intense lovemaking out of any other signs. ;)

  13. My Cap man has taught me to look at my Leo ways with new understanding. Problems arise when we are not feeling confident in ourselves. I have learned to foster a better relationship with myself, instead of relying on bolstering from external sources. I also learned to ask for what I need, instead of silently forming baseless expectations. And I would venture to say he has learned to open up, and enjoy himself a little. We push each other to attain our goals, and to be better lovers, friends, or people. Communication is easy and lends itself to laughter, even when the largest of problems is pressing. Our fierce loyalty has helped us through tricky times, but it is founded on the trust, respect, and confidence in the other and ourselves. I’m interested to see where this love takes us.

  14. We have been together for 3 years going on 4 years. It’s funny together we are like this power couple that can take on anything. We constantly pick each other up when we are down. The only bad thing I see with us is we get into arguments over the dumbest trivial things. It could be something as dumb as he left the seat cover up again. I almost fell in the toilet going to the bathroom in the middle of the night as a result, so I let him know. He will genuinely feel bad that he did, but more annoyed more at himself. It then will cause us to get into a minor tiff. I’m sadly guilty of being that way with him as well at times. We have never ever gotten into a big argument like typical couples. So I’ll take all our minor tiffs that we always end up laughing at how stupid we are. I’ll take this over having a big fight any day. We normally just walk away and a few minutes later we come to our senses. He’s the best boyfriend and soon to be husband ever don’t be scared of these big bad lion.

  15. I am a Capricorn male & I am married to a Leo. We have been together now for 4 years (anniversary on the 28th of Dec) and we have been married now for around 18 months. I think the compatibility description for Capricorns and Leos above is spot on, as I cannot honestly say what attracted us to each other either especially since we met on a dating site so I guess one answer may be that we had the same long term goals in life alhough that makes me sound like a cold Capricorn! The truth is, I fell madly in love with my beautiful leo the moment we met & I know that I never made any effort to hide this as I almost pushed my partner away I was so OTT! & I can still honestly & without hesitation say that I am still madly in love & make this known every day, we have had our rough spots lately but I know we are going to make it for the long haul & neither of us can ever imagine being apart.
    I agree with many characteristics that are placed on each star sign but I also very strongly believe that we are shaped from birth by our environment & the experiences we each have. I was brought up in a very loving & nurturing environment where I was free to express my emotions & I was taught to let love be known & to give affection to those you love every day of your life.
    Maybe I am the only Capricorn on this earth who showers his Leo with love and attention everyday!

  16. Genevieve says:

    The Capricorn is very unemotional, relatively unromantic as well. They tend to put their jobs and their hobbies above their romantic partners. They tend to become distant when under pressure which Hurts the Leo’s ego. They take a break up as just something else in their life they had to endure- as merely a stepping stone. Nothing can crack thee emotional barrier they put up around them. They rarely show affection or give the leo the attention it craves. this speaking of experience- i am a leo female and i dated a male capricorn for over a year. He was always Loyal and we never found out the reasons towards the inital attraction-it just occured. The capricorn isnt capable of supplying the leo with the love,adoration, attention that it constantly seeks

    1. Cynthia Marks says:

      I can understand your frustration with Capricorn’s lack of emotions, but, believe me, they do have them. It just takes patience. A lot of it (and this is coming from a Taurus). They have problems with showing affection, and it’s up to the other partner to give it. Over time, though, with good aging and a good career (yes, they’re workaholics) they become the romantic and affectionate, even playful people you’ve always wanted them to be. Starting a family with them helps, as they love children, but only if they’re theirs. It’s fascinating to see this transformation.

      But Leo needs this Prince Charming immediately and will wonder where he is when she wants her regular dose of love and attention.

  17. Meggan Lynn says:

    The Capricorn male I was with for 2 years did not work out. Unfortunately, love just wasn’t enough. Personalities were completely different and the way each of us handled our problems was nowhere near a compromise. He made it all about me, me, me.Literally. I should’ve known…

  18. All of the above is pretty much true, though you may want to add that Leo creates quite a problem with the Capricorn’s bank account. I never really liked this combination because I think Capricorn deserves someone more refined and well organized than a Leo. There are those cases where Capricorns can’t stand Leo’s flamboyance, but they don’t seem to mind it since they’re so busy with work, or whatever. Maybe it’s because Leo brings fun into Capricorn’s rather boring nature.

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