1. I’m an Aries & the love of my life you guessed it, an Aquarius.
    From the moment we met it something electrifying special. We are soul mates, best friends, lovers . I love my Aquarian’s sexy mind, body soul. He’s gentle and caring nature towards me and no one has ever bought out the best in me and calmed my fiery nature as he. We are a perfect match!

  2. sassy Irish says:

    hey, i just met this Aries guy today. We have had conversations on msn even before but today we met for the first time. and i can honsetly tell, that i was thinking : “i’m not gonna fall in love today and if i am then not too much, and if i still fall in love and TOO much then it’s pretty sure that he won’t fall in love with me.” anyways, i met him and i was totally head over heels when i saw him. He had this absoloutley gorgeous and handsome look, just my type. he ain’t even much taller than me too, just a tiny bit. he kisses good, and i had SOOOO much fun this day. Even when everything went absolutley wrong this day XD it was windy, raining, my hair was messed up, makeup was lookin shit in the end of the day, the buses always left when we got to the busstop :D even the streetlights went red :D but we didn’t care so much for it, we just laughed over it. we went to these strange places i’ve, nor him ,never been to. we were walking on railways and jumping over or in the mud puddles :D we had so much fun and we had so much to talk. even in the end of the day we talked on . Aries is curmudgeonly in a good way, atlest he is. And i’m also like that. We have much incommon also. But yeah… I kinda love him.. and i think he kinda likes me.. i hope he fell in love with me :)

  3. Who said that Aries men are not jealous is lying…I am an Aquarius woman and, this man tries to control me with mind games the accusations never end. But, when we are together it is beautiful. I can definitely admit that sexually we are very, very compatible and, we have fun when we are with one another even if we are just at home watching tv..He is bluntly honest and, tends to speak first and, think about it later. But, because of my outgoing nature and, maybe the unusual amount of attention I get he gets pretty jealous and, start accusing me of things that I am not even doing..LOL.

  4. My friend Matt (ARIES) and I get along perfectly. We were friends since the 4th grade (and still are). Most ARIES and AQUARIUS could make a real relationship, but it’s just a little arkward at first. I love in to death.

  5. Can anyone give a little in site, I have been married to an aries for over 25years, We get along great, but HIS sense of HONESTY seems a little off to me “such as telling part truth and not the whole truth is not lieing” to an aqurius thats not HONEST!! , I Love him dearly SEX is Greay Because there are NO Boundries “Who said Aqurians are not very Physical” This man lets me feel WHAT ever I Want TO FEEL {{LOVE IT}. but back to the point what is up with the “as long as I tell part of the truth thats not lying”?

    1. Dora, I would venture to guess that when he tells “half truths” it is because you asked him a question? But when he “volunteers” information you hear what appears to be the “whole truth?” As an Aries woman, I understand why he feels that he is NOT lying – I just don’t think he has explained it well (shocking.LOL). As everyone knows, Aries patience is short, so when questioned we tend to get irritated and offer the minimum amount of information in order to move onto a new topic or get you to leave us alone. When we are UNprompted for information, we will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.25 years together, Aries man with a wonderful Aquarian wife, great sex – I don’t think you have anything to worry about. With an Aries, vagueness = lack of patience/irritation.

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