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aries + aquarius

Aries and Aquarius are lucky in that they get many of the positives and few of the negatives of fire and air coming together. Both signs are full of excitement and Aquarius will be happy to follow Aries’ adventurous lead – as long as Aries uses their creativity to inspire rather than boss their partner around. If Aries falls into using their blunt tongue to issue orders then they will be reminded that Aquarius, though adventurous, is a fixed sign with a stubborn streak.

Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Ram lets the limelight shine on Aquarius. Both are willing and able to meet each other’s sexual needs.

Celia: Aquarius just won’t be told, even when you know you’re right! They remain cool and detached, even when you’d like a good argument

Jenn: The two of you together are an Astrologer’s favorite! You will find the independence and easy-going nature of the Aquarius a constant challenge and always interesting. The Aquarius constant need to argue intrigues you while the Aquarius will find your creativity and enthusiasm a refreshing plus especially since you will not attempt to try and change the Aquarius. The two of you as a pair have loads going for it, and the key is not to take each other for granted. A solid friendship forms the base from which you can fearlessly explore each other’s ideas, hobbies, and hopes. This relationship stays young and open, never growing stale.

Lidia: This can be a very amazing relationship and it wont need vast amounts of effort from either side to make it work for a long time. You will seem to click very well and have similar ways of thinking about problems and general opinions in life, making you feel as if this is the type of soul mate union you have dreamed of. There will be a few problems of course, mostly stemming from the Arians’ impatience and determination to get everything done yesterday.

Aquarians prefer to weigh up situations and taste all of the choices before going with one option. As long as you ensure the reception you receive from an Aquarian doesn’t pull you down and distract you from the positive feelings you have for everything you will both survive this issue and make it into a long-term relationship. Aquarius must focus on seeing the good side of everything, instead of paying attention to bring Aries down

Laura: Aries and Aquarius will see eye to eye on independence, each enjoys a good deal of personal space. Aries’ forthright and affectionate personality can help warm up the water bearer’s cooler side, while Aquarius in turn can show Aries how to be more thoughtful of people in general.

Tracy: An Aquarius and Aries combination can be a gamble. Often unpredictable, many people born under the sign of Aquarius will test the patience of Aries, and likewise, the instability of Aries will not be taken lightly. Arguments are likely and both are very independent, with time and effort on both sides this could be a good match.

Heidi: Since both are active and ambitious people, they will have a lot in common. They make great friends physically and emotionally. However, Aries may not get the affection desired from Aquarius. Each finds the other stimulating and exciting. With a little understanding and a lot of communication these two could turn a relationship into something fun.

Keley:Aries will find Aquarius quite exciting to be with on an intellectual level, so this pairing may work well if Aquarius likes the sheer physicality of the Aries mate.

Marcus: Although at first glance, you wouldn’t think so, the Fish and the Fire are surprisingly well suited. If the kind hearted, wishy-washy Pisces doesn’t drive the take charge, full-speed ahead Ram around the bend, it just might work. One big order of tolerance and understanding should see them through.

David: Although a strong Venus/Mars tie can be a big help, this isn’t always as happy a couple as one might predict – Aquarius is always concerned with the future; Aries likes to boldly live in the present.

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Aquarius Man and Aries Woman

As an Aries woman meets an Aquarius man, there is a mutual attraction between the two of them. They can form an ideal couple if they share the common qualities of trust and love for each other. Aquarius man has an irregular nature but the humor and love for others are the characterizing features. The Aries woman loves to be free from any pressure exerted by others. She admires the intellect of her Aquarius male whereas he always tries to understand her sudden behavior. Aquarius man tries to stand apart while the Aries woman is a bit selfish and these traits of their nature can be irritating for each other. Still, compromise works fine for both of them.

Aries Man and Aquarius Woman

The Aquarius women are emotional and passionate and ultimately they need something similar in their partner. Aries men seem to be the perfect choice for them. A relationship between Aquarius women and Aries men would be full of love, appreciation and joy. There is nothing but the care between the women and men of the two zodiacs. The Aquarius women are friendly and exciting and so are the Aries men. This means that it doesn’t take much time for them to be blended together in a strong loving and respectful relationship. Both zodiacs are said to be compatible with each other.

Aquarius and Aries Friendship

Dazzling, outgoing and a perfect party popping social pair.

Aries and Aquarius Relationship

As lovers:

Enjoy mischief, naughtiness and fun together.

Long-term relationship:

If you are very well matched you will last for eternity, yet if the age difference is to large the eldest of you may see an embarrassing side of themselves in the other person.

Short-term relationship:

Even if you only last together for a week or so you will have a great time especially if you have money and the right social events lined up.

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Aquarius and Aries Sex

Naughty, adventurous with a no-holes-barred approach. Curtains not needed as you will soon steam up those window panes.

aquarius and aries sexually

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Aquarius Compatibility with Aries Over all Score:

overall score 71%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. sassy Irish says:

    hey, i just met this Aries guy today. We have had conversations on msn even before but today we met for the first time. and i can honsetly tell, that i was thinking : “i’m not gonna fall in love today and if i am then not too much, and if i still fall in love and TOO much then it’s pretty sure that he won’t fall in love with me.” anyways, i met him and i was totally head over heels when i saw him. He had this absoloutley gorgeous and handsome look, just my type. he ain’t even much taller than me too, just a tiny bit. he kisses good, and i had SOOOO much fun this day. Even when everything went absolutley wrong this day XD it was windy, raining, my hair was messed up, makeup was lookin shit in the end of the day, the buses always left when we got to the busstop 😀 even the streetlights went red 😀 but we didn’t care so much for it, we just laughed over it. we went to these strange places i’ve, nor him ,never been to. we were walking on railways and jumping over or in the mud puddles 😀 we had so much fun and we had so much to talk. even in the end of the day we talked on . Aries is curmudgeonly in a good way, atlest he is. And i’m also like that. We have much incommon also. But yeah… I kinda love him.. and i think he kinda likes me.. i hope he fell in love with me 🙂

  2. Who said that Aries men are not jealous is lying…I am an Aquarius woman and, this man tries to control me with mind games the accusations never end. But, when we are together it is beautiful. I can definitely admit that sexually we are very, very compatible and, we have fun when we are with one another even if we are just at home watching tv..He is bluntly honest and, tends to speak first and, think about it later. But, because of my outgoing nature and, maybe the unusual amount of attention I get he gets pretty jealous and, start accusing me of things that I am not even doing..LOL.

  3. My friend Matt (ARIES) and I get along perfectly. We were friends since the 4th grade (and still are). Most ARIES and AQUARIUS could make a real relationship, but it’s just a little arkward at first. I love in to death.

  4. Can anyone give a little in site, I have been married to an aries for over 25years, We get along great, but HIS sense of HONESTY seems a little off to me “such as telling part truth and not the whole truth is not lieing” to an aqurius thats not HONEST!! , I Love him dearly SEX is Greay Because there are NO Boundries “Who said Aqurians are not very Physical” This man lets me feel WHAT ever I Want TO FEEL {{LOVE IT}. but back to the point what is up with the “as long as I tell part of the truth thats not lying”?

    1. Dora, I would venture to guess that when he tells “half truths” it is because you asked him a question? But when he “volunteers” information you hear what appears to be the “whole truth?” As an Aries woman, I understand why he feels that he is NOT lying – I just don’t think he has explained it well (shocking.LOL). As everyone knows, Aries patience is short, so when questioned we tend to get irritated and offer the minimum amount of information in order to move onto a new topic or get you to leave us alone. When we are UNprompted for information, we will tell you more than you ever wanted to know.25 years together, Aries man with a wonderful Aquarian wife, great sex – I don’t think you have anything to worry about. With an Aries, vagueness = lack of patience/irritation.

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