1. I’m an Aries and my girlfriend is a capricorn we’ve been together for a year now and I’ve began to understand the more we fight the strong we are my fiery attitude will stir up the fight while my girlfriend Is calm another thing I realized is our signs are identical so we have little to no trust which is a very difficult thing to deal w

  2. Britney Jean says:

    ima cap female my bf is a aries hes def a firecracker & so sure of himself i must admit i was def turned on by him & i still am we def had our ups & downs & still do i havent really figured him out yet but from wat i see so far hes undeserving but my loyalty 2 him stops me from walkin away hes a very loyal person but not enough so that we should still be hes a good liar thou & he actually had the nerve 2 tell me that he doesnt lie 2 me he just misleads me sometime hes into the family thing & also into me which means everything & more after all we were bf/gf only a month after we met somethings tellin me 2 walk away im 2 unsure of us but as of yet im still here by the way i’ll b expecting my baby boy feb 2012 & i love the fact that he gave me that unsure of wat our outcome will be im a very grudgeful person & he’ll be sure 2 return just wishing 2 avoid it all

  3. PoisonParadise says:

    I’m an Aries woman and I’m married to a Capricorn man. We’ve got 3 kids, and so far all I’ve been able to do is be a housewife and mom. I feel like I’m in a cage most of the time because I want time away from my children, but I also want more time with my husband. I get neither. There is also no passion or romance, and I like to be dominated in the bedroom, but so does he, so sex really doesn’t turn out well. He also has a fetish, that I don’t like and he keeps pushing it at me before sex, so it makes me feel like I’m not worth much unless I give in to his fetish. I believe he should be aroused by me, not some stupid fetish of his that I ended up having to give into just to get sex from him. Also he is more worried about his career than out marriage because he works his butt off for his job, but can’t change his bad behaviors in our marriage. Also, he’d rather sit at home than to go out on a date with me. My fire has been put out and I’ve been close to divorce several times.

  4. I’ve dealt with Capricorns throughout my life and they are pretty nice to be around when they cooperate and actually work. There are some whom I’ve encountered that were tactless and said practically anything that came to mind, even if it was inappropriate. I’ve worked with others that would prefer to be helped versus providing any aid in return, but got aggitated when they were refused further help. I didn’t mind being a good samaritan, but I did prefer to focus more on my own work versus constantly helping someone in something they could figure out on their own with just a little thought and time inputted. I’ve also come to an understanding that these individuals do not like to be criticized despite their complaints about your work ethics, but I always figured they did not see their own flaws because they were always trying to find yours, or they simply wanted to distract from the things they did wrong. Other than those few downfalls, my experience with these individuals was fair.

  5. I, as a Cap female, am with my Aries boyfriend for 5 months now, and the ride wasn’t smooth at all. We fight almost daily, but when we are good, we are really good. But sometimes I think we both know it can’t work out in the end due to our different characters, but we kinda close our eyes to that just to enjoy the present. Also, I think both signs are equally stubborn, but the difference is that the Aries are not so subtle when showing what they want, while Caps are much smoother at this. Besides this, I think he is much more conservative then me, and i think it is usually considered that the opposite is true in astrology, but I guess there are exceptions. Oh, and he is a typical Aries in terms of his impulsiveness, while I as an calculated Capricorn hate that. He gets so mad easily and then forgets it in the next 24hrs, while I can hold a grudge for a while even though I pretend everything is fine. Overall, it can succeed, but with a LOT of work, dedication and love from both sides.

  6. Confused Bitter says:

    My first boyfriend was a Capricorn, and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed my time with him. Yes we did have our disagreements, but in the end they would make us stronger. He put all his efforts into the relationship and really made me feel good about myself. This was in high school and as he wasn’t allowed to date and as we were going to move away for university in a few months, we decided to end it. And while it did hurt at the time, I appreciate him for insisting on the end because, now we are still good friends. I think it would have hurt both of us more if we had been together in a half-committed relationship where we wanted to give more but couldn’t. With him, and maybe other capricorns too, it’s all or nothing.

  7. i just broke up with a capricorn male while i am still in love with him! but i had to do that!he was hurting me without even know it. He never understood why i was complaining of lack of passion & excitement in our relation. he never gave me the attention i was craving for in and out of bed! in my last email i told him he does not deserve a true woman like me!he kept me mesmerized by his patieince (quality that i lack) but his patiene was too much!i could not take it more..i felt ignored.. first i thought he was the man i could be unique for by sharing all energy and enthusisam that i have for life &bring; some colour to his gray boring machinary life! i felt i could be a great company for him & make him happy ,to show him how beautiful &adventourus; life can be & its not always about assurance but risking it and being open to fly to unknown! but for him i was too emotional,unstable &selfish; , for me he was cold ,not understanding& selfish! but DAMN i miss him bad…IT S PAINFUL

  8. I am a 32 year old Capricorn woman dating a younger 24 year old Aries man. Since the moment we laid eyes on each other the passion has been really intense. We can just lay there and look into each others eyes and not say a word. This can go on for hours at a time and i love it. One thing I have noticed is that he is very expressive with his emotions and I am quite a bit more reserved. He has no problem telling me how he feels and I put up walls just like a typical Capricorn woman. My Aries man is not lazy like others have said of the Aries man. He is very driven to succeed and I like that. He wants to take care of me and I feel the same about him. I am not just talking about financially but emotionally and physically as well. I am a Capricorn woman all the way… Very driven, successful, patient, goal oriented, etc. I hope I don’t end up boring him.. But I think most men have been drawn to my lack of emotions on my sleeve. I am a big challenge for any man and they like that

  9. I was married to a Capricorn man. At first, he loved my fire and then decided he hated it. He degraded me and controlled me. We have a child together, but are now divorced. My daughter is also an Aries, which is too bad for him. He tries to control her the same way he controlled me…but she is not letting that happen and I’m proud of her. He hates that she is like me and tries to manipulate her. I try to talk her through it and tell her that he just doesn’t know how to be any different. I also try to help her keep her beautiful fire blazing. She is creative and dynamic, knows who she is and what she wants. He just can’t stand that about her and tries to make her into what he wants. I’m currently single and talking to another Cap man. He seems different, but I was fooled once before and now I’m scared. I really like him, but I’m free and I don’t think I want to give that up.

  10. I am an Aries woman ( True Aries to the absolute core) and I am implusive and fun. I met my Cap husband and he at first seemed to be very stable and calm. I liked that. Then we moved in together, got married, he became controlling with everything. My behavior, what I do, where i went. I lost my friends because it was always an argument whenever I went anywhere without him. He had no friends and he was home all the time. He was lazy and could not keep a job. I was miserable. So we divorced, he still tries to control me when we discuss arrangements for our daughter. But he begged to get back with me and try again – no thanks! I met yet another Cap man, we grew up in the same neighborhood and he is totally different ! I mean, when we are together he makes me feel calm – he is always concerned about what is on my mind – he is very protective of me- very loving, we dont even have to talk when we are around each other – its like an unspoken connection. The sex with Cap#1 was better than #2.

  11. the red head says:

    I’m an Aries down to the core, dating a very typical Capricorn. While we have our differences concerning personality and priorities we lean so much from each other. He teaches me about money and responsibity while I teach him how to enjoy life and live in the moment. Capricorns have to be inspired and view you as a muse in order to give you their all. If you’ve found that you will love him forever. My Capricorn man is incredibly good at working problems out and that includes relationship problems. We are both logical signs. We have the best complete trust in each other and learn to appreciate our qualities. It’s all about how much you’re willing to give and compromise.

  12. linda evanjielista says:

    I am an aries woman married to a capricorn man. We are fire and earth. We have been together for 8 years and married for 5 months and let me tell you it has been a rollercoaster ride. Alot of arguing alot of petty things that have been overcome, just like in any relationship. Trust was a big issue for him. In turn a big issue for me. Although at first sight we were attracted and inseperable. A year or two in of dating it was a bumpy ride, with little hope. After we were seperated and we gave eachother time to figure out what we really wanted in life as well as being miserable without each other we decided to be. We have been together ever since. We equal eachother out to where we can learn from eachothers differences. He is my rock and I am his fire. Literal astrology lol. Compromising is a huge factor as well as giving eachother space. Otherwise i doubt we could have made it this far. If you give each other their needs as long as wants it’s smooth sailing.

  13. Im an Aries and My first boyfriend was a Capricorn Man. Our relationship was like the Hare and the Tortoise. If you are an Aries woman…please stay away from this sign. The romance we expect, and the Pace we like things to flow…is not anything that the Capricorn Man can do….i dont know about other people…but he was so boring! theres nothing much exicting about him. You would sit there with him thinking about holding hands and escaping to some wonderous island…while hes sitting there thinking about his retirement plan -__- Aries…if you want a “omg theres something about him guy.”…go for a Scorpio. =)

  14. Leah Cunningham says:

    I’m a capricorn woman and my bf is aires and I can say its a hell of a match we never have a dull moment and even those have some humor in it. In some aspects I’m a true caption I say whatever comes to mind, take it or leave it and I’m very calm and controlled while he is very random and over analyzes everything but we started as friends and just recently got committed but the amazing thing about one another is the balance and understanding. Balance because yes we like to party lol but we still have responsibilities. Understanding because he can tell me how he feels all day long and get lovey dovey nd junk and I never really express my emotions and he understands that even though I don’t speak it my actions convey it because he has seen first hand if I don’t care about u there is very little u can get from me but if I care and are crazy about u there is nothing I won’t do for u with caps either u love accept and understand us or u hate us. No Grey areas and I love that.

  15. Victoria Williams says:

    I am an Aries and my name is Victoria I am dating a capper corn Hi ever our relationship can be smooth or I can be difficult I am interested in him very much and I’m very attracted to him but it seems like he wants me to chase after you And sometimes I do and sometimes it’s a turnoff But I’m getting tired because I feel as though we are not getting anywhere I feel as though he seems to be afraid of me up some what Or I’m just too damn hot for him But I try to make him feel comfortable and I’m really not good at expressing my emotions to him. I am so to not interested because I feel like I’m working too hard and I’m learning to compromise with him and try to negotiate but he goes into hiding some not understanding okay goodbye destiny

  16. Okay so I’ve been dating this capricorn man for the past four months now. Idk exactly what to make of the whole situation because it seems to change constantly. He use to call on the regular and now he hardly calls me at all….then I tell him how I feel about the lack of communication on his part and how I figure it’s ran it’s course and reassures me that is not the case. His excuse is he’s busy working (of course) and spending time with his son. If we don’t speak for a while I lose enough interest to not care as much. Which.makes it easy for me to move on…..but then we end getting back together we have spectacularly amazing sex and I’m instantly back in the loop. Lol

  17. Cap Rogers says:

    I m Capr male and have a complicated relationship with Aries female I want to happy her at any cost but whatever i did its worthless. I observed aries are highly impatient. Most of the time she fought with no reason. Even i want to help her. she is not sharing any thing even most of the time she is ignoring me but i can say love is blind because whenever she needs i was their but when ever i want to talk her she is not their so much tension between us most of the time. So i agree its really difficult to manage this relationship. A very complicated relationship i always cool and calm and give her time to think about us she is saying if you find better than me go for her. All of us please tell any single happy relation between cap and Aries I donot care for that i ll go till the end but ill never end. But quite frankly difficult but i believe not impossible if u give care attention and passion. I alwys try something new every day. whtevr happen so for i ll nvr leave her.

  18. I’m a F-26 Capricorn & He’s a M-26 Aries police officer. Been on and off with him for two years and just moved in 2 weeks ago :) I love my aries, I love that he’s this big, muscular, playful man and I’m very sexually attracted to him as well. He’s obviously my dominate but I feel we give each other what we need. We do fight some times, he act like a child and throws fits, if he yells, I might cry but then he always seems to make it right. We’ve been working on him being more cautious to what he says to me and for him to not raise his voice as well, lol. I feel like I have another child in my house or something- saying that. Also, my daughter is a 5 year old capricorn, he’s great with her as well. All in all, i think he’s the love of my life and I hope sooo! It didn’t come easy lol

  19. My Cap is my BFF. At 1st his affections came too strong too soon for me. Everytime that happened I shied away from him. I had trust issues n he stuck with me but, I broke up with him to better myself for him. He was hurt by this & wouldn’t open up to me when we got back together. He’s never been one to spontaneously express his feelings. I initiate everything which sometimes annoys me bc I have to do that with everyone. It’s hard to keep my attention as an Aries. I like to flirt but do so in a harmless way if I’m in a relationship. I’m selfish but caring; try hard when loving someone; love the chase but hard to make me stay. I’m hot headed & he knows that. So small fights happen easily, big ones are occasional. I love him, not sure we’ll work some days. Caps aren’t capable of staying your friend when all breakup. I know this as his BFF & from experience. DOESNT LISTEN WHEN MAD (most annoying thing about him).

  20. I work in a call center and me. And this caps guy have alway got on well and we started to txt each other just over two months back with flirty banter as I call it he’s 24 I am 29 and in a relationship of five years he has always blown hot then cold flirted then not flirted sed nice stuff but then we remined took it bk likes to be one of the boys and is very secretive but he is also from a strict catholic back ground and had never had a girlfriend before I am a in ya face personality where he’s more laid back quite shy and highly strung if I I’d say Oooh look at ya body show me if he’d say ya never gunna see it and he wud say one day he missed me and the other he dint then we started trying naughty pics and tell him how I wud suck him off etc he took a week off work to wank and fainter size over me then came bk sed we should be mate we texted still then about a month gose by and were due to go out with work for a friend is leaving I gave him a blow job and now he won’t speak to me

  21. We are both very stubborn and but heads a lot! We are both very passionate and fight alot! But we are so in love! We are very sexually compatable and its fireworks. I (Capricorn) tend to want more than he does. He is very funny and makes me laugh all the time. I am more serious and more of a pessimist he is more playful and more of an optimist. Tons of passion and fire works in our relationship but not always the good kind. We’ve been together almost 2 years and are expecting a (planned) baby the day after our two year anniversary. Never wanted kids until I seem him with kids. However I’m ready for marriage and he is not. Only time will tell…

  22. Aries Babe says:

    Ive been wid my cap for 3 1/2 yrs.. 2 of those yrs was friendship.. Its been a rough start bt worth a chance. Im very firey and his cold at times. i admire his ambition and calm spirit bt lord know he get on my nerves most of tha time cuz of lack of communication dats where tha problems set in. I dislike he thinks his always right and im always feel like im walking on eggshells with my cap. His very very LAZY AND A HOME BODY and im more of the outgoing person always on the move. My cap is so freaking boring ugh i try to bring him out that shell to enjoy life for da moment. But i love him and he loves me we both looking towards the future.. I say it worth a try

  23. Im a cap-woman with an aries man….it hasnt been easy but we have been together off and on for 9 years…but he is the ying to my yang…i could never see me sharing my life with anyone else..thats how much i love him…we are getting married towards the end of this year….love u baby…

  24. Marise Luisa says:

    I’m a cookie-cutter Aries. He is a cookie-cutter Capricorn. We were married in 2009, had a daughter, but our differences lead us to separate in 2013. We were just way too opposite to make it work. Think long and hard before falling into the “opposites attract” relationship. Capricorns love to control their environment, and Aries hate being controlled. I will never date another Capricorn for as long as I live!

  25. J. Jennifer Espinoza  says:

    Cap guy, aries woman here… We work for the same company, he didn’t realise I was 35 thought I was same age as him! Nevertheless it didn’t stop him texting and friending me on Facebook. Said I was very sexy and wanted to meet me. We kissed and it was amazing then we saw each other in June but he grew cold after that said he was seeing someone his own age’! I just bid him good luck! Month later I get a text from him saying he wanted to see me again and wanted to make up for last time! Me obviously besotted by him went to c him, he was good and polite only oral sex. He said he wanted to c me again but nothing till now. Although I got a big smile from him after I got back from holidays. Now he’s in the ignoring mode. Someone help!

  26. laura j. brown says:

    Cap Young Lady dating an Aries Young Man ,We’re both in our early 20s & We’ve been dating since age 14! It’s definitely been a roller coaster ride, but as we got older & became more serious with out relationship, we’ve definitely grown & learned…and are STILL learning how to work with one another…But I absolutely LOVE my Aries man. We’ve learned to agree to disagree. I’m very driven & career oriented & he’s very ambitious, but more impulsive. We’re both always considering our future & we both seem to want the same things out of life. I am very reserved & I think he would prefer for me to share my feeling for him aloud more often, but unlike the other responses, he’s not the type to tell me how beautiful I am all the time although I frequently hear it from others all the time.but I will say that I’ve noticed that he’s working on that & have been complimenting me a bit more lol.Caps & Aries can learn to get along & have great intimate relationships. U def have to learn to compromise & learn not to get so upset w/ one another

  27. I’m a aries girl who is in love with a cap boy. He is so charming and gentle all the time. the first time i saw him he made me ours laugh and I as a aries love to enjoy. Months passed by i get to know his serieus, carring side and that he likes to decide everything and the he thinks people have to be respectfull to him at all times. He loves my humor and we laugh en play for hours. He feels as my other half because he leads to en wants set goals in his life. We fill each other up. Also i have my issues that i say what i think en he gets quick affended. Me as aries im quick in fire soo thats sometimes not good because we can do things en say we actually dont want to en make a decision thats not worth the love that we have. I feel like is is my friend too and thats the most important.

  28. ms. cappy says:

    I’m a fem cap and my bf is Aries we have been together over 3 years and it feels like 30 ! Be aware of Aries men they are charming at first but that is all a front , they don’t care about anyone but themselves and are moody, liars and schemers!!! They don’t even acknowledge you! Only when theyre in the mood for sex ! And they only wanna talk about themselves me! Me! Me! That’s all they are.Keep away all you’ll have is arguments and fights they bring the worst out of capricorns , they bring out anger in you that you never knew you had .

  29. I am a 46yr old fcap dating a 39yr old aries m. Let me tell u he is best man i had n a long time. Yes we have our fights, but with good commucation, we r happy. And the sexual chemistry,oooo lala. When we r togther i feel so safe. I love him soooi much i hope it works out for us. Its only been 9 months. I hope we will get married some day.aries is good for cappy girls,it jusy takes compermise and trust.i love him so much.

  30. I’m a capricorn female dating an aries male. Like a capricorn, I tend to be cold towards guys and I love playing hard to get. When I first met my boyfriends, he was stubborn and was confrontational with me and to be honest, I was really attracted to that aggressiveness. He can be dominating but I love it. I find it a turn on when he grabs me (however it should never cross the line of disrespect). Sexual attractions are intense and hot. However, being two stubborn and sometimes self-centered signs cause a lot of arguments. I hate it when he is condescending to me and disrespects my ideas and requests. It’s a hot mess sometimes… fast paced and heated.

  31. geogyxpat says:

    This relationship is always a tricky one I find that many people & other star signs assume this will never work out based on the fact that we are complete opposites, & even when these two do prove to make it work, many people are still unconvinced. If you believe in opposites attract than this may well be the most amazing relationship you will ever have. I have been with my Aries man for 7 years. Aries men love long term relationships as do Cap women, but this doesnt go without saying we had our downfalls. If you really want to keep an Aries man you MUST BE PATIENT, you need to use those amazing cap skills to work at this relationship even though it may prove to fail severel times. Aries men bring out the fun side in a cap & the cap brings out the sensitive side in an aries. The sex is UNBELIVEBALE between the two, so much sexual chemistry its irresistable. The connection between cap female & aries male is mysterious, but truly rare & one of a kind, & defintely worth it

  32. I am an Aries Woman married to a Capricorn Man and I understand where this pairing can be a bit problematic but I don’t think that one bad experience with a sign should make you not try things out with someone just because of where their birthday falls. I love my Capricorn Man but we do have our ups and downs like most relationships I have a tendency to react before thinking things through while he is known for overanalyzing any give situation. Reading about Capricorns has given me insight into why he does/feels certain things. My best advice to any Aries woman falling in love with a Capricorn man is don’t change yourself to fit him. If it’s meant to be then he/she will love you for you. In the end when your birthday is won’t matter, you will work out your differences, besides how boring would it be to date someone that is exactly like you?

  33. I am a Capricorn male who has been in a long term relationship with an Aries woman. I’m not for the Aries bashing btw, as some of my best friends are also Aries’s but as far as romantic relationships go, the reputation for being selfish, hypocritical and dishonest is all too true for Aries women. At least from my experience. They have a knack for leaping head first without thinking things through, and often times create a mess which other people have to clean up. They’re not the most appreciative bunch either, the attitude is more like “what’ve you done for me lately? “. When people say that Capricorns are critical it’s probably because we put 100% effort into the things we do, and that includes relationships. So we expect that same level of effort from our partners, whereas Aries women seem to look for someone to idolize for the wrong reasons rather than an equal. Aries women aren’t at all submissive yet the want to be dominated, which is cool if you have the patience to be constantly

  34. As a Capricorn woman, I thought I knew all about myself. I didn’t. And I didn’t learn. I have dated several Aries men (I am obviously a slow learner) and it has never worked out. I married an Aries man. It didn’t work out. {Reading others’ comments on this page takes me back in time for sure!}
    Now, I am engaged to an Aries man. What is wrong with me?!?! Why are they attracted to me and me to them? They are sweet-talking, heart-breaking lying dogs. (bad liars to boot-not even good at it!)
    The problem is, I love him more than anyone ever. When he’s good he’s very very good and when he’s bad he’s even better.

  35. Nessa Lissa says:

    I am a lesbian Aries woman who recently had a brief HOT affair with a Capricorn woman. Her initial interest and attention to me was so spot on and touched me deeply, and she verbalized a similar feeling. i thought we had a lot in common, a love of Shakespeare’s sonnets for example. She has stopped returning my calls. Seems to like to keep me at arms length. I may hav frightened her? the last few times i spoke with her she assured me we were still friends, but she has been deeply depressed and not connecting with anybody. But I found out that she has actually been dating casually during the time in question. VERY CONFUSING THAT SHE JUST DOESNT TELL ME SHE IS NOT INTERESTED. Guess I should give up. But it is so opposite what she said when we were going out!

  36. Melissa Martinez says:

    I am a cappy girl currently dating an aries male.
    He drives me mad sometimes because he is acting like a baby, but he is the one who melt my icy exterior, being so patient and warm to me.
    I really try to understand him because it is a crazy passion between us.
    It is the only relationship in which Aries gives up its egoism and give his best to his Capricorn.
    See Holly and Hugh Hefner or Natty and Jean Paul Belmondo. Wonderful love affairs!
    I am cautious about this relationship, but I try to enjoy it as much as possible.

  37. Paige marie says:

    I’m currently dating an aries man but I’m a little catious of our relationship. When I read the compatibility match on the aries man && capricorn woman it doesn’t look too good. Should I let my guard down && give it a shot at love? [In need of some advice!]

  38. Chelsea Blackdoll says:

    I’m a Capricorn girl who’s in love w/Aries male. I like him very much, cause he is warm, generous w/his time and everything, but we fight over small things and can’t seem get anywhere. He is hard to control and it’s driving me crazy. He said that he loves me and he wanted me to be his girlfriend. The next day it’s a different story. Please can someone explain to me if therelationship between Aries and Caps work at all. Do they change their meind daily? As for Caps if I know this is the person I love and trust that will be final. No turning feelings on & off when it comes to love.

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