Women Of The Zodiac

Aries Women


These women can look calm, cool and collected even when they’re not inside.  She could be a total mix of emotions at any time, but to others  she will look secure and confident in herself. These women are truly proud of who they are, and know what they can become. When she sets goals for herself she does everything that she can to achieve them. She has the ability to see the good in people, which can be a good thing and a bad thing at the same time, since someone could take advantage of that easily. If there ever was a woman in the Zodiac that sees things through Rose Colored Glasses this would be her.

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Taurus Women


Just like the bull, these women have very good determination and a lot of patience, which makes it very difficult to influence their decision making. They are very hard to move from the path that they are currently on. You cannot question their devotion, as they remain very deeply devoted to things, whether this is a relationship in general or a person, place or thing. If you ask her what her innermost desires are she will definitely tell you each and every one of them. What they truly want  is stability and Security in their life, and seek calm in everything that they have. The things that they do crave though, is loyalty in a relationship, comfort, serenity in life, and prefer Beauty and luxury.

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Gemini Women


These women know what they want and how they get it. Usually if they don’t get what they want from their situation, they’re off on another adventure right away.  Dating a woman from this sign can be quite daunting.  Since the Gemini has a dual nature to themselves. One side of the coin they like to have stimulation and required novelty. These women can be quite demanding. But on the other side of the coin they have a need to be catered to, nurtured and loved at the same time. They might have you questioning what type of relationship you are both in as they are very casual in nature, And sometimes the lines can be blurred between a real relationship and a friendship.

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Cancer Women


These women in a relationship can be counted on to love you unconditionally. The ladies that are governed by this sign are usually seen by other people as being quite touchy and sensitive when it comes to situations. The truth is is that they have a sensitive soul and a very caring, even if their feelings are well guarded. They like to take the time to understand you, soothe and consol you when you are upset, and nurture you back to health. They enjoy doing anything that involves caring for other people. Due to the fact that they are a water sign, they come across as a very loving motherly like force.

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Leo Women


These women tend to have a very high standard when it comes to life.  Usually taking a really amazing man or woman to meet their expectations. At the same time in a relationship they can be very loving and loyal, having one of the most passionate Souls of the zodiac sign. They have great social tendencies, and are very sympathetic to people and their causes. This lioness can be both elegant and passionate at the same time. Here’s a warning though, if this woman ever turns bitter on you she can be just as vindictive as anyone else. Her scorn can be hell.

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Virgo Women


This lady has very little tolerance when it comes to having people in her life that don’t fit within her neat little world. She might seem a little critical of others, but she’s actually more pure minded and straight to the point. These women constantly will analyze and assess details, and find practical ways to use the knowledge that they obtain. They are able to figure out the difference between the fake and the real when it comes to the information they are consuming. These women are good with their money, and have the ability to spend it wisely. They instinctively know how to please others, and like to be a Hostess whenever they want to be. They seem to be drawn towards people that need help, and will take the time to buckle down and work under any circumstances.

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Libra Women


These women make very Charming hostesses, because the one thing that they love to do is make sure that people are comfortable. They have exceptional style and taste when it comes to life. They are always constantly liking the idea of connecting with other people. They have a need for both sensual and mental stimulation from other people. They don’t mind getting into a debate or two every once in a while as well. When it comes to love these women can be as faithful as the next. When they find their mate they give 100%.

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Scorpio Women


Making an enemy of the Scorpio woman could probably be one of the worst things you could do. At the same time having a Scorpio woman as a friend, is like having a very good protector or an amazing accomplice by your side. They have no fear when it comes to making enemies or having them. They can see the weaknesses of their opponents, and analyze how they can win. They are no stranger when it comes to the subconscious mind, as they’re able to pick up on other people’s hidden agendas.

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Sagittarius Women


This woman seems to move towards a lifestyle that’s more unconventional, and she enjoys the changes that come with that type of Life. She is always on the lookout for a mate that has a lot of energy and creativity within him. Keep in mind that in order to keep this woman in your life as a relationship partner you have to keep them happy. If they ever become unhappy in a relationship or bored, they won’t take the time to fix the problem they’ll just leave and find something else. The good news is that it’s not that hard to keep a Sagittarius woman happy. Keep your relationship on the flirty side with them to keep them on their toes, take the relationship as slowly as possible and give them the freedom needed for them to be happy. This is a great woman to have since she has an amazing attitude, and always tries to stay on the go.

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Capricorn Women


They are often serious natured and quite mature. These women are definitely not ordinary in any way. Even as young women, they are looked upon as being very wise for their age. Younger women have a tendency to look older than they do, and when they get older they tend to look younger than they are. You will never catch them talking about insignificant situations or gossip. As life goes on, these women start to kick back and relax, the more that they achieve in life.

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Aquarius Woman


Out of all the zodiac signs this woman is considered the most independent. She can be very funny and smart, also having a very adventurous side to her. Most of the women under the sign are not demanding, overly emotional in any way, or jealous of anybody or anything. Anything goes with this woman, as she can be quite unpredictable and is always craving excitement. Relationship-wise she is considered old-fashioned, where she likes to be wooed. The thing is that once they have their mind made up they’ll not change it when it comes to being with somebody, if they’re not interested they won’t be interested ever. Don’t be surprised if you’re in a long-term relationship with a woman of this sign and they appear more as a friend than a lover, this is because they’re afraid they might lose their identity within a relationship seeming detached even though they’re totally into you.

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Pisces Women


These ladies are very captivating and fascinating at the same time. They prefer to have men in relationships that will protect them and lead them. They are both soft and feminine, as well as having a very charming side to them. She has The Uncanny ability to see right through men though. You will not be able to pull the wool over the eyes of this woman at all, so dont bother trying. She’s not a woman that you can lead on, and if you want to keep her in your life it’s best to be straight with her. If she catches you lying, consider the relationship over as she will just disappear. She doesn’t have time for games.

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