Men Of The Zodiac

Aries Men


These guys like to be the breadwinner, and really prefer to have a woman that is ready to stay at home while he does the work. That’s one thing about Aries men is that they always want to be in control of situations. This can sometimes be a hindrance to anyone dating them. They are known for keeping their word though, and they will fulfill any promise that they make as long as they can do it. They are determined men, and usually won’t let anything get in their way. They don’t usually give in to pressure easily and they will take insults quietly. They have a really good ability to keep their feelings about things hidden. Even though this gentleman has nerves of steel, they are known to actually be quite gentle and can have a pretty good romantic side. He is a very careful person when it comes to how he deals with life, it doesn’t matter the size of the obstacle he will not fall easily.

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Taurus Men


This is another man of the zodiac that likes to keep the promises that he makes. Even though he comes across as a tough guy, he is considered a romantic at heart when he needs to be. When it comes to relationships, they have a tendency to gravitate to women that they get along with really well. He can be a calculated saver when it comes to money, but he does have a tendency of showing his true feelings for somebody through purchasing things. These men can be just as sensual as they can be physical. One of their greatest weaknesses is lust. When it comes to love, the gentlemen of this sign truly do love life and sharing it with someone, and the thought of Love itself.

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Gemini Men


When this guy is interested in a woman he flat-out comes out and asks her, it’s one of those do you want me or not situations. If he’s interested in a woman he won’t beat around the bush. The men of this sign seem to always have a young sense to them. It’s like they don’t emotionally or physically get older as time goes on. They really do enjoy their freedom, and they hate to live life in a routine. They also seem to love their exercise. These are gentleman that do have a pretty good sense of humour, and if you try and burn them , you will usually get hit with an amazing comeback. They do enjoy partying, and have the ability to provide some really good company. They have a love for all types of people being around them. You probably never have to explain things twice as they have a quick understanding when it comes to life and situations.

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Cancer Men


These gentlemen are like the quintessential Ladies Men. They have the old school nuanced but with a 21st century touch. That is because they can be very polite and courteous. They prefer to be in a relationship that is safe, and have a lot of love for traditional values and family. One of the traits that these men cannot stand is infidelity. They do have the ability to forgive unfaithfulness, but at the same time most of them can never get over it. It’s also not hard to fall in love with a gentleman of this sign, because they do have a highly sensitive side to them. The flip side of the coin is that they can be suspicious of your actions, and sometimes it’s tough to deal with their frequent mood changes and possible anxiety situations. One thing though that can be said about these men is that they can be very extremely passionate. If you can get them to trust you you have a really good man on your hands.

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Leo Men


Even those Leo is considered a lion in life, these men are actually warm, playful and cuddly to the touch. At the same time if anyone comes in and tries to take over their domain they are fiercely protective over everything. They strive to be very creative in life, whether it’s leading others, acting, or artistic design. They also have a need to be the best at what they can do. You’ll notice bthat they have a tendancy to be very good at caring for themselves both on the inside and out. This isn’t because they’re vain, it’s because they want to be the best they can be for the people that they’re with.

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Virgo Men


This man has the ability to detect flaws in people when it comes to relationships, which makes him quite picky when it comes to finding somebody. He fears being in relationships where he can’t control the situation to some degree. He really wants to take his time checking out his prospects before he makes a move to be in one. They can be quite demanding to an extent and are critical of people. The one thing that’s for sure is they do not enjoy Mysteries at all when it comes to life. These guys know exactly what they need to do, and where they stand when it comes to circumstances. Even though they’re more analytical than being sentimental, they can also be shy and modest at the same time. They do have a tendency to be more romantic than intellectual.

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Libra Men


These men like to live in situations where they have a lot of comfort, and are surrounded by beautiful things. They believe in Fair Play and that Justice plays an important role in life. They are kind, courteous, and very social with other people. Even though beauty is important to him, he is often a man who takes great care in his looks, how he dresses and to make sure that he is always smelling good. He is fairly refined, and hes made up of an interesting combination of humour and sensitivity. A gentleman of this sign possesses a lifestyle that is equal to his partner, good harmony with others and within himself, and great aesthetics.

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Scorpio Men


These guys are quite powerful when they put their minds towards something, this is a trait that they use to achieve whatever goal they’re looking to make happen. They like to compete with themselves, because they always want to strive to do better. They have a tendency to have plenty of love affairs, as they have a strong sexual side and a lot of lust. They can easily be affected by emotions that are not only from within their own heart but from the hearts of others. Even though they can come across as being too strong, they do have an ability to have deep sensitivity. They possess a lot of intelligence, which they use to get further in life.

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Sagittarius Men


This is the guy that loves the thrill of the chase, and sometimes it’s really hard to pin him down long enough to keep him in one place. They are not known for being very romantic, but they can be very sincere when they’re interested in somebody. Keep in mind that even though they’re being sincere to you, they’re also being sincere to other women. For women that are fearless or adventurous this is the ideal man for you. Women that are looking for this type of man should appear modest when it comes to love, and avoid commitment related conversations till a later date.

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Capricorn Men


These guys seem to spend most of their free time at home, because they prefer environments that are quiet and peaceful. They also take great satisfaction in owning beautiful objects. They have a fascination with how things are constructed, so it’s not surprising to find them around construction sites or looking at plans, taking a peek to see how things are going without getting bored doing so. When it comes to conversations with these gentlemen they understand things easily and clearly. If you’re having a bad day or need to talk these gentlemen make really good listeners.

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Aquarius Men


This is a man that has the ability to love deeply, but won’t always show it physically. He’s not overly romantic, and usually keeps the romantic gestures under wraps. Even though he won’t vocalize it, he would be willing to give his life for his partner. He does love displays of affection though. He is a great friend to have as he’s always ready to lend a hand, and he cherishes the relationships that he makes with people. Often willing to sacrifice things for his own friends. They have very kind hearts, and tend to attract people with their intelligence, a pair of beautiful loving eyes, and humour that can keep people laughing.

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Pisces Men


This is a gentleman that seems to live his life in a Dreamland, and he’s always looking for a woman that can keep him grounded. It’s almost like he needs to be dominated but subtly. He needs to be with a woman that is sensitive, compassionate and generous. They are considered ultimate Romantics when it comes to love. They are sensitive men that can completely understand the woman that they’re with. So this is a guy that’s perfect for a woman that’s looking for somebody that is not insensitive. The only problem is it they have an idea of romance that’s unrealistic. That’s why they need a woman that will ground them, and make them see that relationships have their ups and downs and there is no such thing as a perfect woman.  They’re looking for perfection, and they need to understand that nobody is perfect neither man or woman.

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