1. im an aries and im with a taurus and it a bad combination but i been with him and have 2 kids and it can work but we both put each other through hell

  2. Lina Damakoudi says:

    I just separated from my Taurus man we never argued we were the exact opposites of each other he was introverted looked grumpy moved slowly, I was happy bubbley extraverted did everything fast. They are not very good at showing emotions, they show love in other ways by making you something, we are cuddley people who love to touch to kiss, they are space people, only times their emotions come into play is when their cranky even if not cranky with you, you will think they are we will remain good friends cause that’s what we were like good friends

  3. Barbara Lambert says:

    am dating a Taurus man and yes we r compatible. he is an earth sign and hence a solid. it’s hard for them to easily adapt as compared to us. we fire signs are always in a hurry to I don’t know where.. we r leaders they follow. be patient and try to understand him. but also don’t allow him to be too slow Coz u may end up bored. communicate without making him bad or left out or simply not good enough.

  4. First off, I think a relationship depends on the people in them. With that being said, the Taurus that I dated was amazingly mind blowing relationship. We did knock horns a few times but we knew each other astonishing well enough to know how far we could push each other with our tempers. We had a lot in common so that helped and we was like yang and ying…our relationship was very balanced.

  5. Evelyn Price says:

    I’ve been married to a Taurus for 22 yrs. He is a great provider, hardworking, caring, compassionate, selfless and affectionate at times. He’s never cheated. He’s very much into family. The only thing I don’t like is their inconsistency in general. He is my calm tho. Ohhh the sex is amazing.

  6. Taurus man are romantic! They will open up with you! Can be a liar at times so yo can believe them .having a relationship with them is good! Depending on the man. They will spoil you. So they can get to you. …can be a cheater.you cant trust them.

  7. I dated a Taurus for four years. They’re somewhat romantic, workaholics, freaks and stubborn ass fuck… most importantly, they’ll never forget you!!

  8. Wendy Jones says:

    I’m and Aries and my kids father is a Taurus we’ve been together going on 4 years when its good its good but when its bad its bad if that makes sense

  9. I have known one Taurus. He was a good friend a good person to have a relationship. But his mind got mess up with other things in life. I cant keep getting hurt going back to him..

  10. Me and my Taurus are great, we are married. They are the most patient sign with us, in my opinion.. The battle comes when both egos are out.. You and your partner have to know when to hold them and when to fold them.. Other then that Taurus’s are amazing. They can teach you to not be so impulsive and you can teach them to be more aggressive in nature. It’s an exchange in powers.. You both just have to learn when to let one another win.. It honestly just depends on how understanding you are with one another, and how truthful you can be with one another without the worry of hurting someones feelings.

  11. No no no lol but seriously i mapped the taurus i knew my whole life thought it was love! Nope was trickery very manipulative lazy didn’t help me do anything around the house or with our children! Smart asses like us, stubborn, did nothing but fight if he weren’t sleeping like all the time!! Just all around worst decision ive ever made was marrying him! If it weren’t for my girls id regret it to the moon & back! Maybe was just my luck but… I personally will NEVER attempt a relationship with Taurus! I can not… Lol

  12. Alicen Not Ali says:

    Was with a Taurus for 9 years …….. Been divorced for 6 from him. He was my stability I have to admit and easy to talk to but a real jealous type and when I finally opened my eyes and sen him for what he really was I seen a jealous control freak that is a outrageous liar and a big cheat. Not worth the headache in the long run

  13. Me and the bull I’m talking to get along amazing he grounds me when I get carried away with my blazing nature and we challenge each other mentally physically and sexually it’s amazing

  14. Pip Williams says:

    I was married to a Taurus man the father of my kids! It didn’t work but only because I think both him and I weren’t ready to make it work. I think depending on where you are at in your life and by that I mean spiritual growth, it takes a lot of shifting personalities and characteristics to make that work!

  15. I’m totally in love with my Taurus. He is extremely supportive,loving and loyal. He can be a bit stubborn but that’s not an issue. He is the most passionate guy I’ve met. Loves to tease and hides in more than he shows

  16. Pro and con. Depends on the how much effort you put in and accept. I was married to one who was a lazy ungrateful emotionally and mentally abusive excuse for a human being. It took some time to recover after the divorce. But guess what… after finally going back out in the dating world… I’m dating ANOTHER Taurus. And it’s AMAZING!! He’s the complete opposite. My BF is kind. Ultra supportive. Understanding and most of all stable ???? I’m thankful for him.

  17. I’m an Aries. My fiance, brother and best friend are all Taurus and we all get along great. Of course we butt heads but I’ve never met anyone as loyal as these three. I’m one lucky Aries lol

  18. Nicola Stanton says:

    Every Taurus I’ve known friends family etc all have been sneaky, good with words fool most but have been just very dishonest… you cant fool an Aries though lol

  19. My best friend is a Taurus and we have a great relationship. 15 years and counting. We’ve cross the friend line many times and we are still strong

  20. My love is a Taurus and I an Aries…3 going on 4 years…have two babies together with children from our previous relationship …we balance each other out….everything 50/50… He works…I work…he cooks every night…he watches the kids when im at work. Very thoughtful….he thinks about bills and kids first…we are a sober home and been sober together and will be for life.

  21. Aries are too much of a free spirit for Taurus to handle they are way possessive and controlling. Worst relationship of my life, manipulative and abusive put me off the sign altogether

  22. I was married to a Taurus, he was the worst man ever! Controlling, manipulative, abusive!!! A little on the evil side, mean as hell!!! Im not sure about all Taurus, but i dont think i could date another!

  23. I dated a Taurus for 2 yrs. He was kind, considerate, understanding and would do anything to make me happy. He also was stuck in his ways of not wanting do anything. He would hold things in and of course personal reasons that every relationship goes through. Overall I think it can be boring and you have to work hard to keep it going..they are very settled. Not really an aries pace. Good luck though

  24. Karen Denise says:

    I had to laugh at this because I’ve dated three Taurus men and said no more. Then out of no where I met another one and been with him for 3yrs so far and I’m in love. He’s nothing like the other three and he loves me. We have our stubborn moment’s but we are very chilled and the sex life OMG

  25. I am an Aries woman and I’m with a Taurus woman and she is definitely the best thing in my life. We have been together for 5 years. She is totally my opposite, when I’m pissed and ready to hook and gut a pig bitch she is the one that will tell me I am being a hot headed cunt and I need to calm down and take a different approach. She is the calm to my storm. I guess it really depends on who you get with. Me and her have at least one major fight in the day *not all the time but most of the time* but we are so damn hard headed and stubborn that we do tend to butt heads, but once we are calmed down and actually talk about what we argued about then we usually find a resolution. I know fighting isn’t good but I appreciate our fights because when we come back to each other after it makes me feel better because it shows me that no matter what we will be there for each other.

  26. I’ve been with my husband for 4 years and counting. We’ve had our differences but I wouldn’t change a thing. You as an Aries has to keep an open mind and remember, us Aries are observant and we like to study people, well Taurus’ do too. Taurus’ are looking for someone who’s there thru thick and thin. Unconditionally. If you’re ready for it, then I wish you so much happiness.

  27. I was with a taurus for over 5 years loved him dearly we had a daughter still love him and even tho we’ve moved on and are with different people I still love him way more than my current

  28. Katerina Gk says:

    It can work. But in my opinion Taurus men once in love they will do anything for you. And as we know Aries love a challenge. So it gets boring. But a Taurus man will provide you with stability.

  29. The best relationship I’ve ever had! ?? My wife is an Aries and I’m a Taurus. I was attracted to her fire and she was attracted to my earth. Like ALL relationships no matter the signs, communication and understanding is the key!

  30. I WAS MARRIED to a taurus (as an aries) It was one of the most amazing experiences i could have ever had. she completely stabilized my energy and organized my life, and i have her the KICK she needed to move forward. UNDERSTANDING AND APPRECIATING THE DIFFERENCES IS KEY.

  31. Maria Norster says:

    Im with a taurus, been together for 4 years. Let me just say.. When it’s good, It’s great. When it’s bad, it’s horrible. Yes.. they can be verbally abusive, mine is. He says some hurtful shit sometimes. But I know that’s just his way of making himself feel like a “Man” he trys to act like a hard ass, but he has a soft side too. You just have to work really hard to get him there. It’s rare. But I love mine, either way. I know I can say some mean shit too, so I can’t be a hypocrite. If you think you can handle it, go for it.

  32. Julie Holt says:

    Great friends. Will lack passion after a while. Boring. Never admit when they are wrong and will never apologize

  33. My ex was a Taurus. It didn’t work out. He was manipulative and wasn’t willing to make me one of his priorities. Plus it’s hard getting them to open up, they’re very closed off when it comes to their feelings.

  34. My Taurus man was Possessive!!!! To the point of paranoia. I can’t, was accused of cheating, which I wasn’t doing at all, because he felt I was “too fucking friendly” on social media. Like I literally just post memes and talk shit and THAT made him think I was out with other guys. NEVER again.

  35. Jasmine Ortega says:

    it is honestly up to you and what your heart feels. I am with a Taurus male and it is honestly the best relationship I have ever had yes we both maybe stubborn but we learn how to work it out as we go we talk things out. It’s all how you connect with the person. Go with what your heart and mind tell you not what other people tell you cause we can’t choose who you date or fall in love with you have to be able to so that your self. Just some personal incite

  36. Kelly Rebecca says:

    Aries and taurus is FIREWORKS in and out of the bedroom… Passion rules the relationship. I loved the Taurus I was with. But he was a look at me look at me type. Anything for shock value. They have amazing hearts. Beautiful people. But the bullhead and wishy washy ways. He had a hard time committing. He was gorgeous and knew it. Best way I’ve always described it is Katy Perry’s Hot and Cold. We haven’t been together in 7 yrs and we are still very close. I’m the one he misses, and he checks up on me at least once a week. He still bends over backwards for me. I’m his only weakness.

  37. Jennifer F says:

    Amazing! They are bull headed but will bend for their Aries! My Taurus is absolutely a perfect fit for our family! Loyal, Sweet, and kind but firm! Don’t take their kindness for weakness because the last thing u wanna do is piss them off! My husband is quiet and observant but will bring the noise if need be!

  38. Dom Spence says:

    I see the Aries/Taurus like this: Aries is stubborn:But we’re stubborn in that we will not give up..tenacious..we Ram our heads against the obstacle,trying to move it….The Taurus is stubborn in that they dig in their heels. They will stand there and not move,and they are stuck. They dig in their heels and there is no movement. They refuse to be moved.

  39. Darin Garnett says:

    I’m stuck. I’ve been dealing with a Taurus female for awhile now, super stubborn.moody cranky an down right mean.I’m so blessed to a 4/1 king that nothing she do overwhelms me or causes me to become upset,im just so ? cool an mild mannered ,that i can tell it eats at her because of my easy goin fun loving personality.i also have 5 female friends that are all Aries.an we all enjoy our super secret hangout time they all are so possessive of me. Im so topshelf.

  40. Katherine Stroud says:

    I tried once, but Taurus likes to take things slowly and it drove me up the walls ?
    He was thinking whether or not he wanted a relationship and I was already 20 steps ahead (so I scared the fuck out of him)
    And we were both stubborn as fuck.

    If you have him, he keeps you. They’re very romantic and hold on to relationships. Unless you really did him wrong, the break up is a forever break up too. Their anger is impressive and they hold on to their grudges. So be careful with your own Aries temper. When you think you were just ventilating, he may not forgive you. Taurus likes to be cozy at home, Aries wants to go on adventures.

    A positive trait is we like personal space and taurus needs time for themselves too.

  41. We’re 10+ yrs strong. It works if you are willing to give up on a few things here and there.

  42. Ann Saunders says:

    what is with taurus men and that royalty attitude, this mysterious front when they dont want you to know something, nasty attitude but want to come to you after saying horrible things and act like they love more than an Aries??

    1. Terrry Beckwith says:

      Yeah they try to cut deep, but they don’t know that Aries are on a whole nother level of petty shit. Were not gonna say hurtful stuff, we’ll just tell you the truth lol

  43. Shaquena Crawford says:

    Beautiful as long as u can agree to disagrees. Remember both signs have horns

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