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Are Taurus and Aquarius compatible?

This is a relationship that might develop slowly, but they might find themselves dealing with a lot of issues because the compatibility between them is usually on the low side.

Aquarius usually is fixed in their thinking when it comes to issues, and the Taurus is usually Headstrong. If they find themselves clashing on some matters or issues they might find that it’s very difficult for either of them to get the other to see their point of view.

The Aquarius is very innovative, they can come across as being cold due to the fact that they don’t usually express their feelings that often. Some people also refer to them as being unpredictable.

The Taurus on the other hand likes to live a more realistic and steady lifestyle. Their day-to-day life is considered traditional and conservative. They’re known to have some tender and emotional moments as well.

So when you have two very distinct personalities coming together in a relationship sometimes it’s very difficult for them to be able to form a coupling that is there for the long-term.

In this case it will take a lot of hard work, great communication with each other to express their feelings, and a love for each other that can overcome obstacles.

How are Aquarius and Taurus in love?

This is a couple that really has completely different personalities, and they look at life in different ways. At the same time due to their characters they experience love on a different level. The Aquarius Falls more in love with the intellectual side of a person, whereas the Taurus give us a lot of prominence to their partner when it comes to their physical attributes.

In some cases there’s just enough sexual tension between the two of them to get by, but a lot of times there’s not too much of an attraction physically.

This might be due to the fact that at times when they do clash with one another their thoughts and visions are in conflict with each other’s.

Also there might be a disconnect when it comes to their closeness. The Taurus really likes to express their feelings for their partner through physical contact. On the other side of things the Aquarius likes to live a lifestyle where they feel a little bit of freedom. They like the ability to be able to tell somebody that they love them and care about them, but don’t feel like they really need to physically express those feelings to get their point across.

One way that they really can work together when it comes to their personalities is that when they have an issue or a shared problem, it’s not very difficult for them to find a way to overcome it. This is due to the fact that the Taurus can be very stubborn as can their partner. It’s like the old saying “where there’s a will there’s a way”.

Even with relationships that have compatibility that are considered on the low side, it is still something that can be worked on.

It is very important for them to sit down and communicate their feelings with each other. If they have any issues in their relationship they need to get it off their chests. It’s very important that they are both honest with their partner.

Due to the fact that they’re stubborn they can work together to overcome problems that other couples might not be able to do, as long as they have the drive to do it.

Most importantly though, if there’s a lot of love between the two of them then they can work together to create an even better relationship as a couple. Failure is only if they let it happen.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: The Water Bearer fascinates the Bull. It may take Taurus a while to get Aquarius’ attention, though it will never be undivided.

Celia: A bolt of lightning hits the deeply rooted tree. It makes its mark, the tree is changed, but it’s still a tree….

Jenn: With the easy going nature of the Aquarius, they may find it difficult to tolerate you and your stubborn and steady ways making this an unlikely but not impossible match. The Aquarius lives for the future and enjoy arguing which may upset you quite a bit. The key here is learning to accept each other as is. The two of you are very different with different ways of doing things but all in all you do have the same goals and this will most likely be the bond that holds you together.

Lidia: This relationship will be a bit of hard work, but it is worth it, as you will realise as soon as you enter the bedroom together. You shouldn’t have the same routine sexually time and time again, as Aquarius seems to be full of very different ideas on what you can try next. This can be a bit scary to begin with, as the suggestions do go a bit over the kind of scale Taurus would have previously encountered, but that doesn’t mean there is no enjoyment there!

Taurus just needs to keep an open mind and be willing to try anything once, to keep Aquarius very happy. There will be a fair amount of stubbornness from both of you and you must learn how to give and take early on to make this turn into something long-term. You should find you share the same interests and there shouldn’t be many moments where you are not together, sharing the same friends and hobbies, which will bring you closer together with time

Laura: Aquarius excels at change, whereas Taurus longs for familiarity, but this combination can be good for both, because each can compliment the other’s void. If Taurus doesn’t get in the way of Aquarius’ need to explore other people, this relationship will flow much better.

Tracy: A Taurus and Aquarius match is considered to be rocky. Taurus is often concerned with security and material possessions while the typical Aquarius focus is on developing the intellect. The practical Taurus is at odds with the unconventional Aquarius, and while Taurus resists change -Aquarius is often the most progressive zodiac sign. These two signs may have problems understanding each other and arguments are likely if Taurus is too clingy or if Aquarius is too cold and distant. Overall this combination is usually difficult and probably best avoided

Heidi: Taurus is conservative and Aquarius loves change. The Aquarius most likely can not provide the comfort and security that the Taurus seeks. Taurus is possessive and Aquarius care free. The Aquarius attitude toward love doesn’t mesh well with the Taurus approach. This partnership can become a battle of wills. Short term may be somewhat enticing, however, in a long term relationship, each may be inclined to split.

Keley: Aquarius’s” airy fairy” attitude toward life will have Taurus incredibly frustrated very quickly, while Taurus’s down to earth approach will tend to bore Aquarius after a time.

Marcus: These two couldn’t be more different. Aquarius is an air sign which translates into dreamer, and Taurus is an earth sign with feet planted firmly on the ground. They share a common thread which is that they are both patient. If there are compatible rising signs, the relationship could stand a chance

David: Dreamy Aquarius is all about ideas – sometimes fanciful. Down-to-earth, stolid Taurus is firmly in the real world. Both are stubborn. In general, this isn’t a good long-term prospect.

Taurus Man and Aquarius Woman

There is a problem with the people of these zodiacs wanting to be in a love relationship. It has been noted that the Aquarius women are strong and ambitious and so are the Taurus men. When the ambition and high standards are brought together in a relationship, it becomes almost impossible to tolerate the opposite partner. The over the friendly behavior of the Aquarius women seems to be the clashing moment for the Taurus men. Another problem with having these two zodiacs in a relationship is the fact that Aquarius women love to explore new things from around the world while the Taurus men love to stick to what is laid in front of them. Aquarius women and Taurus men, not a good combination!

Aquarius Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman in relationship with an Aquarius man not just pay attention on the romance but also about the obligations that are made to carry out the relationship. She is a kind hearted partner who has a characteristic of taking good care of her Aquarius spouse and of her home. Sometimes she is funny and sometimes obstinate but never an irresponsible person. She loves to gossip and look around the world with him but he has to be careful not to be quarrelsome with his Taurus woman as sometimes she becomes very enraged. Aquarius man does not have self-esteem problem like other men and always value his Taurus woman if she is doing better than him.

Aquarius and Taurus Friendship

When together you can both be very stubborn, however if you are both stubborn about the same things you pair can take on the world.

Taurus and Aquarius  Relationship

As lovers:

It can very easily all go wrong if you two become lovers as you will end up spending days at a time not speaking to each other.

Long-term relationship:

You may find yourselves having different views and agendas on a very frequent basis.

Short-term relationship:

In the short term you can achieve an incredible amount and pack in lots of fun and excitement.

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Aquarius and Taurus Sex

When both in a forgiving mood you can be the most tenderest of lovers.

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Aquarius Compatibility with Taurus Over all Score:

overall score 11%

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Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez

Melissa Martinez currently has 10+ years of experience helping people navigate life with the use of astrology. When not working on the website she is busy writing her first book on love and astrology.


  1. I jus got engaged to a taurean man, and being an aquarian this page has increased my apprehensions about the whole thing. i know that i love my freedom and yes, i do want to be alone at times. But do you think that a relationship will depend so much on the zodiac that u are born under? i am a muslim, and we dont believe in astrology as such. its an arranged marriage scenario, so now we are getting to know each other. you have scared me about his possessiveness! so far hes been giving me all the space i need, and in a lot of ways he is giving me more freedom than what my parents gave me. sometimes i feel that he is a bit disinterested, although it should have been the other way round. i am shy by nature and he understands that and gives me time to open up to him. i hope its not as bad as you say. 😉

    1. Hey
      Marlene, I am muslim and an aqua girl as yourself, and its true that we dont believe in such things as natal charts, predictions, and zodiac compatibilities, But personalities and trats are totaly different. It only helps You understand the person before You, in a way You’d never think of. For instance if he does anything unusual in your relationship You can find the answer by looking up his taurus persona. Arranged marriages are a littel risky since You dont completley know each other, reading about his and your personality might help You when no one else can.

      Isn’t it why professionals write these detailed personality pages, to help understand and not judge?. Personally I am grateful that there are so many websites such as this one, its like a guidebook to understanding people in a general level. It helped me for sure with My own relationship with my pisces.

      You cant deny that the resemblence between people’s behaviours that are born under the same month are becouse of the shared zodiac sign, thus the same principles and same aspirations and moodswings,not to mention the moments where You think they are acting weird not knowing its their zodiac influences. As aly pointed out its not only the sun sign or the natal chart. There are other infulences such as enviournment and cultural differences that might give a twist in people’s personalities, so Your aqua-taurus relationship might work out fine since he’s understanding with You about ur freedom.

      Wish You all the best.

  2. Melissa Martinez says:

    I am an aquawoman and I just got out of a relationship with a taurus and I have to say that our relationship was actually very solid. He was stubborn but at the same time incredibly understanding: He knew that some days I liked to be by myself and in general he gave me a lot of leeway which was perfect because I do not like to feel like I’m tied down. The only thing I found particularly challenging was that he was very passive and did not like change while i on the other hand thrive on debate. So I felt like a very important, argumentative, intellectual aspect of me was constantly being suppressed. The relationship can be very fun and if both people are somewhat reasonable it is actually a good match. It might have helped that we are both year of the horse but yeah, just thought I’d share for anybody who’s looking at an aqua/taurus match.

  3. I don’t even know if I will get a response to this but I am a sun taurus woman and just got out of a unexpectedly “short” relationship with a sun aquarius man. I think u hit home on them. My story is somewhat long but to make it short…the aqua knew I wasn’t interested in him (mostly because of past relationship issues), I didn’t want anything to do with him especially since he planned on moving out of state, I said we can be friends to him cuz distance won’t work…but oh no…he was so convinced he’d prove me wrong and it would work…somehow with his constant pursuing, reassurance with actions that matched his words, and intelligence…I opened up and let him in and my guard dropped. He was soooo infatuated so in love and even said he loved me just to become a coldhearted distant short with words baffoon…he is VERY STUBBORN, is ALWAYS right even when he KNOWS for a fact he’s wrong, and me as a taurus can be just as stubborn so talkin to him and he to I was like 2 bricks facing each other. I’m willing to compromise but mr.aqua wouldn’t compromise if it saved his life. If I mention anything emotional even now, NO RESPONSE..DEAD SILENCE..NADA! I now know it was all MIND GAMES… 2 bad for me I now have to try to get over this otherwise perfect gentleman that entered n2 my life….in summation TAURUS+AQUARIUS= NOOOO DON’T DO IT! MAYDAY! HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM…u get my drift…good!

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, people have a lot of problems with the Aquarius males..have you read my post about them? I agree with everything you say, except the mind games bit. I don’t believe they play mind games they just seem like they do, but they really don’t. It takes a lot of patience and compromise to be with one of these guys..(I have one myself) The “ALWAYS RIGHT” part is bang on the’s very frustrating I agree. And no they hate to show how they feel, or rather, can’t. And find it most confusing when people ask them to explain themselves. Bless. Go get yourself another Earth sign or perhaps try a Water sign, far more suited to you Miss Taurus.

  4. JF Parker says:


    Considering this purely from a Sun sign perspective you are probably correct. However, I know from personal experience that some Sun Aquarians and some Sun Taureans can be a good match. I lived happily for 33 years with a Sun Taurus, until he died. (I am Sun Aquarian). We had disagreements and a few serious ones – but so do all couples.

    Such a lot depends on the rest of the chart – Mercury, Venus, Moon, ascendant.
    Many Sun Taureans have planets in Gemini which help compatibility with Aquarius. An Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra Moon too would help, as would Moon or ascendant in a Fire sign. There are so many possibilities.

    I think it’s a shame to discount a potentially loving relationship on Sun sign alone.

    It’s true that not all Sun Taureans would get along with all Aquarians. In my own case the ruler of my Sun, Uranus is in Taurus, which may have been very significant, and I suspect he had Aries ascending which matched my own Aries Moon.

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