1. Melissa Souter says:

    I am an aquawoman and I just got out of a relationship with a taurus and I have to say that our relationship was actually very solid. He was stubborn but at the same time incredibly understanding: He knew that some days I liked to be by myself and in general he gave me a lot of leeway which was perfect because I do not like to feel like I’m tied down. The only thing I found particularly challenging was that he was very passive and did not like change while i on the other hand thrive on debate. So I felt like a very important, argumentative, intellectual aspect of me was constantly being suppressed. The relationship can be very fun and if both people are somewhat reasonable it is actually a good match. It might have helped that we are both year of the horse but yeah, just thought I’d share for anybody who’s looking at an aqua/taurus match.

  2. I jus got engaged to a taurean man, and being an aquarian this page has increased my apprehensions about the whole thing. i know that i love my freedom and yes, i do want to be alone at times. But do you think that a relationship will depend so much on the zodiac that u are born under? i am a muslim, and we dont believe in astrology as such. its an arranged marriage scenario, so now we are getting to know each other. you have scared me about his possessiveness! so far hes been giving me all the space i need, and in a lot of ways he is giving me more freedom than what my parents gave me. sometimes i feel that he is a bit disinterested, although it should have been the other way round. i am shy by nature and he understands that and gives me time to open up to him. i hope its not as bad as you say. ;)

    1. Hey
      Marlene, I am muslim and an aqua girl as yourself, and its true that we dont believe in such things as natal charts, predictions, and zodiac compatibilities, But personalities and trats are totaly different. It only helps You understand the person before You, in a way You’d never think of. For instance if he does anything unusual in your relationship You can find the answer by looking up his taurus persona. Arranged marriages are a littel risky since You dont completley know each other, reading about his and your personality might help You when no one else can.

      Isn’t it why professionals write these detailed personality pages, to help understand and not judge?. Personally I am grateful that there are so many websites such as this one, its like a guidebook to understanding people in a general level. It helped me for sure with My own relationship with my pisces.

      You cant deny that the resemblence between people’s behaviours that are born under the same month are becouse of the shared zodiac sign, thus the same principles and same aspirations and moodswings,not to mention the moments where You think they are acting weird not knowing its their zodiac influences. As aly pointed out its not only the sun sign or the natal chart. There are other infulences such as enviournment and cultural differences that might give a twist in people’s personalities, so Your aqua-taurus relationship might work out fine since he’s understanding with You about ur freedom.

      Wish You all the best.

  3. I don’t even know if I will get a response to this but I am a sun taurus woman and just got out of a unexpectedly “short” relationship with a sun aquarius man. I think u hit home on them. My story is somewhat long but to make it short…the aqua knew I wasn’t interested in him (mostly because of past relationship issues), I didn’t want anything to do with him especially since he planned on moving out of state, I said we can be friends to him cuz distance won’t work…but oh no…he was so convinced he’d prove me wrong and it would work…somehow with his constant pursuing, reassurance with actions that matched his words, and intelligence…I opened up and let him in and my guard dropped. He was soooo infatuated so in love and even said he loved me just to become a coldhearted distant short with words baffoon…he is VERY STUBBORN, is ALWAYS right even when he KNOWS for a fact he’s wrong, and me as a taurus can be just as stubborn so talkin to him and he to I was like 2 bricks facing each other. I’m willing to compromise but mr.aqua wouldn’t compromise if it saved his life. If I mention anything emotional even now, NO RESPONSE..DEAD SILENCE..NADA! I now know it was all MIND GAMES… 2 bad for me I now have to try to get over this otherwise perfect gentleman that entered n2 my life….in summation TAURUS+AQUARIUS= NOOOO DON’T DO IT! MAYDAY! HOUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM…u get my drift…good!

    1. Melissa Martinez says:

      Thanks for your comment. Yes, people have a lot of problems with the Aquarius males..have you read my post about them? I agree with everything you say, except the mind games bit. I don’t believe they play mind games they just seem like they do, but they really don’t. It takes a lot of patience and compromise to be with one of these guys..(I have one myself) The “ALWAYS RIGHT” part is bang on the money..it’s very frustrating I agree. And no they hate to show how they feel, or rather, can’t. And find it most confusing when people ask them to explain themselves. Bless. Go get yourself another Earth sign or perhaps try a Water sign, far more suited to you Miss Taurus.

  4. JF Parker says:


    Considering this purely from a Sun sign perspective you are probably correct. However, I know from personal experience that some Sun Aquarians and some Sun Taureans can be a good match. I lived happily for 33 years with a Sun Taurus, until he died. (I am Sun Aquarian). We had disagreements and a few serious ones – but so do all couples.

    Such a lot depends on the rest of the chart – Mercury, Venus, Moon, ascendant.
    Many Sun Taureans have planets in Gemini which help compatibility with Aquarius. An Aquarius, Gemini, or Libra Moon too would help, as would Moon or ascendant in a Fire sign. There are so many possibilities.

    I think it’s a shame to discount a potentially loving relationship on Sun sign alone.

    It’s true that not all Sun Taureans would get along with all Aquarians. In my own case the ruler of my Sun, Uranus is in Taurus, which may have been very significant, and I suspect he had Aries ascending which matched my own Aries Moon.

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