1. I’ve met my Taurus man at a wedding, a friend has been trying to connect me with her husbands cousin. We finally got together and been together ever since. it’s now a couple of months and I’m happy as he is. We’ve met each other children and looking forward to our future. He’s everything and more.

  2. kharmelle says:

    I’m a cancer girl who been with my Taurus guy for 18 months now. We’ve had some disagreements but not arguments to any extreme. He’s very strong willed but I realized that that’s just who he is, so I find ways of voicing my concerns n he respects my point of view. However I’m always the peacemaker and forgives. I think in any relationship where there is genuine love there will be wars; I move my self away mentally to recoup while his hot temper cool off . In a matter of hours we’re back as if nothing happen. I love him to death and won’t trade him for any other. Most importantly he understands my moody nature and loves me for the bigger picture – stability, consistency, family oriented and financial security, this we both crave. # Taurus is the best lover.

  3. I’m a female cancer and have been dating my taurus boyfriend for a year now. I honestly couldn’t envision a better match for either one of us. We have our problems and our arguments, but even then he outshines any man I’ve ever met. We always solve our issues and he’s there to make everything better. I’ve never been so devoted to anyone and vise verse. All of my life, my closest friends have be tauruses. And now, my best friend for the rest of my life is a taurus. We couldn’t be happier.

  4. Christina Martin says:

    This Cancer man flirted with me for quite a while (over a year). I always thought he was a huge flirt and didn’t pay him much attention until last summer. He said something that made me change my mind. Things got physical fast and while I wanted to maintain the friendship, it was lost. Then he became distant. Later I heard he felt I was getting too serious too quick. Surprised me because I thought I was clear on my expectations – which definitely was NOT serious. He’s moody. Sensual, yes, but moody with a hurtful streak. Everything is on his terms. When we talk (IF we talk), if or when anything happens, always hiding behind his kids. I’m just left confused. Perfect match? Hardly. What he says and what others say are two different and polar opposites things. I’m tired of trying to figure him out.

  5. Taurus XD says:

    I met this cancer while hanging out. We have the same mutual friends, but I’ve never really noticed her until now and I see that she’s somewhat shy, cute, dresses nice, and seems like such a sweet girl. one day I decided to give her my number and we started off from there. every time we talk, it’s like we’re in our own little world together and every time I crack a joke she has thee cutest little chuckle. I can tell that she has a lot of maternal qualities, she always tells me to be careful or gives me comfort and I love that. she’s definitely better and more understanding than all the pisces girls that I’ve talked to. I sort of have a little crush on her, but I also want to take things slow. we’ll see where fate takes us. :)

  6. july13girl says:

    I am a cancer and he is a Taurus. We started dating only a few short months ago and everything was great. But somewhere along the way I began to lose trust in him. We broke up but now that we have been spending time together again I have realized that I let so many of my bad cancer traits get the best of me. The mean attitude, being needy and moody and the insecurity. He’s a great guy and I really couldn’t ask for anything better but now the ball is n his court and if I know Taurus well enough his stubborn hard headed personality is what’s keeping him from making a decision about us right now, because right now is when I want it to happen. I’m just trying to be patient because I think I love him and the short time we have been apart has made me realize I don’t want to be without my “bull”.

  7. Heaven and Hell combined. Cancer woman are extremely passionate and loving. They will make you feel alive. The mix of a Taurus’s stability, loyalty, love and dedication mix extremely well with the passionate, impulsive, spontaneous and energetic Cancer. But… that’s also the hell. They are opposites that complete each other. It was impossible for me to gather enough trust to open myself (Taurus’s are sensitive) because of her impulsive nature. She was lying and changing all the time. Constantly lasing out emotionally when things didn’t go her way while I was calmly looking for a solution that would respect us both. The sheer intensity of cancer is what drives us to them and make us go insane if they don’t have their emotions under control. This was the most painful relationship I’ve ever had because it was so good on every plain.

  8. Ive been dating a cancer on and off for the past 4 years and its been a roller coaster , he changes moods 6 times a day . But its easy to love this person and easy to hate too. We compete like crazy. In cars , looks , who gets the most #’s and attention. We are so different and we don’t seem each other type But at the same time we get along so great. Our chemistry cant be compatible with anyone else. We cant be mad a whole with each other . Is like one of us always ends up swallowing our pride. We might be no models but in our eyes we see the sexiest beast alive. And in bed every time it gets better and better . everyone doesn’t want to see us together that’s where we bump heads and we listen to others peoples opinions and we let go of each other, we both say we aren’t jealous people but we both lie to each other because we are always test each other and we end up loosing and giving in ,,, we are one weird couple but no one understands us like we do (:

  9. Gorgeous Behavior says:

    I am a cancer woman. Cancer girls…please listen and take note of this: Taurus men are extremely sensitive. You must never show your angry side to them. It is ok to be yourself but do not disrespect them because you feel so close to them that you can show them everything…even the horrific, mean and evil side of yourself. Do yourself a huge favor and always be kind, sweet and gentle with him. He is not a Scorpio and will never forget, forgive or understand why you would ever be so mean to him. Even if his non caring, overly critical and self absorbed “off- in- the- fields”attitude drives you to anger…respond by being gentle and sweet. This is the only way. I have ruined 2 relationships with Taurus men b/c I lost my temper and was mean. I didn’t hit or yell. The look on my face did all the damage. Be mindful of how you look at a Taurus. They also take a ridiculously long time to get over. If you don’t want to hurt for years…take my advice. Love you Cancers! And Taurus men are #1.

  10. I am a Taurus woman and I seem to connect really well with Cancer men. I dated one for about 6 years and am now dating another. We’ve been seeing eachother for a few months and things are going very well. I think that the core attribute of these signs match well, however each person had his or her own personality outside of their astrological sign that may not mesh with yours. I feel that cancer men are the perfect match for me.

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