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Are cancer and Taurus compatible?

These two can really work together, and create a compatibility between the two of them that is considered high.

These two signs really like to demonstrate to each other how much they care and love their partner. It’s something that they both value highly as a couple. Love and affection to them is a huge indicator of how the relationship is going.

the cancer can bring a level of comfort to the Taurus that they are missing from their life. At the same time they can bring a little bit more practicality to their Partners life, who frequently has a hard time to be able to put a lot of their ideas into action on their own. the cancer can give them the motivation they need to TAKE those next steps.

The mood swings of cancer are well-known, but the Taurus is actually the perfect partner to come into their lives and bring tranquility and restraint needed. They can help them cope a lot better with what they’re going through, or external forces that might be bringing them down.

How are Taurus with cancer and love?

This is one of those relationships that really takes a little bit of time to get going. That doesn’t mean that the attraction isn’t there right away, it’s just that they are both known to take things a little slower and in most cases move from being friends into a loving relationship.

This is one of those relationships that there’s a good combination, with the emotional aspects of cancer, and the kindness of Taurus.

Both of them seem to share similar or common values, such as the need and desire for a balance in their lives, the respect and love for their family life and their home.

It’s those common values that will help them guarantee the ability to have a very loving relationship that is steady with a beautiful foundation.

Something that they really need to overcome though as a couple is that they can be very dependent on each other, and usually as lazy when it comes to making decisions. These are things that they both need to work on, and break themselves out of that pattern so that their relationship can become even more vibrant and active.

Even though this relationship looks really good on paper, there are possible problems that could come up that could cause a rift between them.

An example of this would be that they both have a tendency to have some drastic mood swings.

Sometimes when cancer is in an argument, they can become very critical of their partner. Especially when they feel as though their partner is trampling all over their space. On the other side of things the Taurus can be very headstrong and stubborn. They are the type that when they believe in something wholeheartedly, they will defend their point very strongly. This could cause arguments to continue on.

The fact of the matter though is that this relationship does have a very high success rate. If both parties in this relationship put in a lot of love, and understanding then anything is possible. It’s very important for them both to open up the lines of communication to make sure that there is no issues that come up during arguments that they cannot work out.

They both need to be able to learn how to understand how each other works, and gave each other a little space when needed. If they can do that and they can make for a very beautiful couple.

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Experts Discuss This Couple:

Melissa: Cancer is not only nurturing, but loves security even more than the Bull. Once an element of trust has been established, it’s true bliss.

Celia: Cancer will cook you a lovely big dinner and talk about making money. Bliss! You cope well with Cancer’s fluctuating moods.

Jenn: The two of you should compliment each other nicely. You are both domestic and loyal and will find comfort in each other’s strengths and weaknesses. You will be more than happy to take over and take care of the Cancer which makes the Cancer feel completely safe and secure.

Lidia: This is a really good match as over time you become incredibly intuitive about each other’s feelings. Cancer can have a lot of mood swings, but with Taurus you are brought back down to earth and given so much support and dedication, to make you realise it is not worth sulking! These two star signs tend to be focused on the same things in life and require only the best within the home and family environment, which makes shopping, decorating and general decisions a whole lot simpler.

Sexually, with time Cancer will begin to let out their fantasies and bring them into reality in the bedroom, but this takes a lot of confidence by a Cancerian. Matches like this begin with a great deal of sexual tension and lust and over time build the strongest of long-term relationships. The only major difficulty you will have is the jealousy you both suffer from, so build honesty into your relationship from an early point.

Laura: This a very calming, sensual and practical union. These two can acquire and hold onto possessions and wealth. Cancer will enjoy the material success and security Taurus brings. Taurus in turn appreciates Cancer’s ability to not squander wealth.

Tracy: A Taurus and Cancer pair share a mutual interest in domestic life and both love spending time in the home and with any children. Problems may arise if Taurus is stubborn and Cancer reacts by sulking. If Taurus learns to understand Cancer’s sensitivity and Cancer communicates honestly and openly, then this is a very good combination and the partners will have much in common. This is a relationship that often improves with effort and time.

Heidi: Both are home-bodies and sentimental. With a similar purpose in life, these two should be agreeable together, as well as provide each other with an indispensable emotional balance. Physically and emotionally this is usually a great match.

Keley: This is an excellent relationship, as both signs offer each other stability, security, and affection

Marcus: Combine earth and water and what do you get…some will say mud. But in this case the Crab’s intensity and hypersensitivity fares well with the solid steadfast Bull. It makes them feel safe and secure and gives the relationship continuity. Taurean’s fare well under the strain of Cancer’s mood swings…and both know how to make a house a home.

David: No problems in sight here. Taurus loves home and security; Cancer is nurturing and security-minded. Cancer is indeed a highly compatible sign for a Taurus.

Cancer Man and Taurus Woman

The Taurus woman when related to Cancer man is very faithful if she is confident that he surely deserves her time. There is much understanding and trust in this relationship. She is very tolerant and supportive in his hard times. In good times the Taurus woman has a high regard for her cancer man’s cheerful nature. The cancer man feels calm in her company due to her comforting nature. She is also very domineering and obstinate; therefore to uphold a strong relationship he has to take good care of her needs and demands. He is always there for her when she is in problem and provides her with her deserved love and respect.

Taurus Man and Cancer Woman

Deep love is the essence of Cancer woman and Taurus Man relationship. Though, Taurus may get outrageous at times but basically, Taurus man has a polite nature with a lot of determination and hard working capabilities and Cancer woman finds it easy to get along with him. A Taurus man is often not too expressive and conceals his emotions and cancer woman provides him with all that he needs to express himself.  There is only one obstacle between this couple and a happy life and that is that Cancer woman often starts fearing for nothing. Taurus man can handle such fears easily with his calm nature but still; both of them need to get over such fears.


Taurus and Cancer Friendship

A close bond will form where physical sensation and touch play a key role.

Cancer and Taurus Relationship

As lovers:

A near perfect match.

Long-term relationship:

You will probably become quite family orientated as you grow closer and may well want many children.

Short-term relationship:

Touchy, touchy, feely, feely. Lots of kissing in shop doorways.

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Taurus and Cancer Sex

Slipping into bed together will be like putting on your favorite jeans.

taurus and cancer sexually compatible

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Taurus Compatibility with Cancer Over all Score:

overall score 90%

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