Taurus and Taurus – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Taurus and Taurus – Compatibility in Sex, Love and Friendship

Two bulls ruled by charming Venus make a very good match. It is surprising, though, that the biggest issue facing similar people is compromise.

taurus and taurus compatiblity

5 Professional Astrologists Talk Taurus/Taurus

Melissa: There is more to life than spending it between your sensuous sheets (but, maybe that’s not too bad?) Try to get out together now and then.

Celia: Calm and peaceful – until you have a disagreement. Then you both refuse to budge.

Jenn: It will be very hard for the two of you to have a long lasting relationship since you both tend to be so stubborn. When conflicts arise between the two of you, neither will want to give in to the other and with your “wait and see approach” you will both be waiting endlessly for the other to make the first move.

Lidia: This relationship can be a great deal of hard work that will turn fruitful in the end as long as you are willing to back down and give every now and again. Taureans are incredibly stubborn and when you are both in one of those moods, you will do nothing but clash and end up getting nowhere fast. The problem with Taurus is that you can also blow the smallest of things out of proportion, in a bid to grab attention and this is what you need to learn to let go of.

Making up can also be difficult, as neither one of you will admit you have done wrong and then try and make up! Try taking it in turns to beat this problem. Sex between you is good, as you both know what the other needs and wants in the bedroom, so as long as you focus a lot of your time on this area, you will pull through in the end. Keep variety in your relationship and don’t spend too much time inside, get out and ensure you both have a variety of hobbies.
Laura: This union will be associated with sensuality and creature comforts. Both signs like to take things at a relaxed pace and neither one will forget how to stop and smell the roses. One of the two will need to give way at times, as both are prone to strong stubbornness – determining precisely who will depend on the situation. Once they work out how to compromise more often, this can be a strong relationship.

Tracy: A Taurus/Taurus couple is likely to share many traits and life will either be chaotic or very dull. Often the female will be sensible with finances and make an excellent housekeeper. In an ideal scenario, the pair will spoil one another and understand the other’s need for regular luxuries. In this relationship, problems are often linked to jealousy and this is likely to either be an ideal match or a complete nightmare.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman

When involved in a relationship, both the Taurus men and Taurus women will be really careful and no signs of impulsiveness will be found in starting a relationship. They are expecting a high loyalty from each other. Their relation is found to be peaceful and amazing one and they are mostly found to be strong and firmly determined. A Taurus man is found to be really brave and responsible who is ready to accept the burdens and duties without any troubles of being too tensed. He is able to fulfill all the physical and emotional needs of the Taurus women which make their relationship a perfect one.


Taurus and Taurus  Friendship

Even in friendship contact will be very important to you both.

Taurus and Taurus Relationship

As lovers:

A very tactile and sensitive relationship could form.

Long-term relationship:

Romance is the key to success in your relationship along with talking things through before they become major issues.

Short-term relationship:

You will both fall in love with each other incredibly easily without thinking of any consequences.

Taurus and Taurus Sex

taurus and taurus sexually

taurus and taurus sex

sex with taurus and taurus


Take a box of chocolates in with you as well as the latest movie and you two will have all the tools of foreplay required.

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus Over all Score:

overall score 87%

Taurus Compatibility with Taurus

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