How is Taurus in love? And in Relationships?

taurus in relationships

Taurus In Relationships


Homebodies by nature, Taureans put importance on finding a partner with whom they can enjoy a steady, long-lasting relationship. Taureans are very loyal, and more than any other sign they crave security and a stable, peaceful life. However, if you are a woman involved with a Taurean man, do not expect to be lavished with romantic gifts and nights out. Taureans are not the type to sweep their partners off their feet. They prefer to take a practical and logical approach to romance. They’re slow to discuss their emotions and you will rarely see their soft side. They prefer to enjoy pursuits such as eating out and discussing day-to-day topics over the meal, rather than talking about their feelings under a starry sky. For this reason, they may seem detached and uncaring, but it is most likely this is not true. However, if a Taurean is not genuinely interested, they may continue a relationship but treat the other person as an object – so beware.

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What a Taurus likes In a relationship


Unbridled devotion.
To share good foods.
Fulfilling Promises.
Partner stability.
Feeling secure.
Receiving beautiful gifts.
Being punctual.
Being spoiled.
Spending quality time together at home.

What a Taurus Dislikes In a relationship


Messy or not very attractive environments.
Sudden and unexpected plan changes.
Noisy and boisterous party settings.
The carelessness of a partner.
The forgetfulness of a companion.
Having people tell them what to do.
Being pushed around.

How To Attract Taurus


You should never rush a relationship with the Taurus, as they are extremely patient and want their mate to be the same way. Be sure you make the Taurus man and woman life because they enjoy it and will enjoy spending time with you. Bear in mind that the way to win over a Taurus’ heart is to get into their stomachs: they love being cooked for or taken to fine restaurants. Conversations they often love getting involved in are business, finance, material possessions and money.

Dating a Taurus


Taurus partners are romantics and prefer tradition. In addition Taurus prefers quality and will probably show up at your door with roses, and hand dipped expensive chocolates instead of daises and a Whitman s sampler. If you are wooing a Taurus remember they will not settle for second best. So always choose the best restaurant in town for dinner. They way to a Taurus heart is through laughter. Taurus enjoys a funny movie or comedy act and it will put them in the mood for love and sex. Taurus also loves to talk and just sitting back and listening to what they have to say is a great way to win a Taurus. While a Taurus may seem easy going and gentle on the outside they do have a stubborn streak and it can be very hard to change their minds. Taurus love is full of romanticism and gentleness and they respond very well to those who are open, honest and gentle in return.

What It’s Like To Date A Taurus Man


Taurus men are often sensible beings – not the kind of man to sweep a lady of her feet. Like a Taurus woman, he is also down to earth and practical. He’d rather be with a high-quality woman than with someone for just a night. He takes everything in before he makes any kind of move. He is extremely patient when dealing with relationships. He’ll look at every situation to ensure the woman he is looking to offer himself to actually have something to give to him.

The men of this sign are often romantic – putting the lady he is with on a pedestal – protecting her, cherishing her. Once he’s chosen to be with a lady, he’s faithful and loyal to her. He’s not seen as boring but he doesn’t want a woman that wants excitement and adventure. Taurus men want women who desire permanence and comfort because he’s the kind of man who wants to provide. Commitment is not an issue for males of this sign.

What It’s Like To Date A Taurus Woman


When it comes to what horoscope sign is the master of seduction, the Taurus women have it down pat. This sign is patient and determined so if she wants something, she’ll wait it out to ensure she gets it. This sign craves stability and security so any man not straight with her and shows her an uncertain future will find themselves without her. She is the kind of sign that is very old-fashioned; the sign who lives the 1960’s drive-inn soda shops and restaurants.

The Taurus woman is very protective, supportive, devoted, loving and loyal. She’s the kind of person who is very down to earth. She openly shows her affection to her mate. The lady of this sign wants a man who loves to be doted on, so long as he is both loyal and devoted too. She’s got a lot of loving to give but wants the same in return.

Bear in mind that the women of this sign are ultra-sensitive even if they do not appear to be on the outside. If you really want to be with her, you need to constantly court and impress her to win her heart. Of course, if you cross her, you’ll have her temper and stubbornness to deal with. Break her trust and you may never get it back.

Taurus in Love


It may take Taurus some time to decide whom they want to date, but when they decide – watch out. Nothing’s going to sway them. Luckily for whoever it is who tracks down stalkers, Taurus usually won’t waste their time on those who aren’t showing signs of interest back.

But they’re worth the wait. These people will go to the ends of the earth for their partners and will always be the person to get up in the middle of the night if you think you left the stove on. They’re stubborn, sure – but once that stubbornness turns around to protection of their partner, it can turn into a very positive thing, as long as it doesn’t go too far.

What to look for in a partner: someone with a bit more variety in their approach to life. Not too much – you’ll most likely find that threatening – but someone like the ever-shifting Scorpio (whose sign is a phoenix, rising from the ashes) could make an interesting partner who can actually keep up with your extreme physicality.

Who is Taurus Compatibile with?

Best and Worst Qualities


Taureans, are grounded earth signs, who really are defined in many ways, by what they own, on the material level.

Best qualities: Very traditional, responsible, sentimental, stable, and loyal to mate, family, and children. Like to share what they have as a display of their affection to loved ones

Love Difficulties: Can be too materialstic and not open to genuine communication with a partner. Also, can be stuck and not interested in change or newness, on any level. (They can then become boring and too rigid in love relationships, etc.)

Love Traits


The main Taurus love trait is to be sensual and openly affectionate, making them highly attractive to the opposite sex. They tend to be very dependable in love, life and business but they need their security and roots. Given the opportunity Taureans can be decadent and will always live life to the full. Taureans are determined people who have a drive to perform. They are also great talkers and tend to be flirtatious. Taureans like to be the boss and many will also know from early in their lives what career they want to follow.

Taurus Male Love Traits:


This male can be proud and appear vain but he is also gentlemanly and magnetically attractive. Sometimes stubborn, he is always practical but might need a push to make a decision – stick with him it’s worth it. Once the Taurus male has decided on his mate he will do all he can to get their attention – and keep it. He will flirt with others but only to create a little bit of jealousy. Taurus male likes routine which can make him seem boring at times but he’s great at relationships and good husband material.

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Taurus Female Love Traits:


This female is a natural for marriage and building a family life with – and she might well start talking about these things on the first date . Don’t be too worried – it’s not Fatal Attraction, just her way. She has truckloads of personality and will use it to attract and catch her ideal mate…and will probably continue using it to flirt with all his friends! The Taurus female may well try to dominate the relationship so be prepared! On the flip side, she can be sensitive and might be easily hurt. The Taurus female is a natural mom.

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Taurus Cheater Or Faithful?


The people of this sign are usually not unfaithful to their partners and friends.  These are people who are strong in their ideals and do everything in their power to make sure that they are faithful to themselves and others. You will not see them stray that often but it can happen.

If they decide to be unfaithful to their partner or friend it is usually because there is a reason behind it. This reason usually is not because of carelessness or that they did it  without intent. It will be a situation that they sought out, and they will be very aware of  their actions. There could be several reasons as to why they would take that route, but most roads lead to the fact that their relationship that they are currently in is not going too well.

Unlike other zodiac signs Taurus isn’t one for keeping it a secret. If they are unfaithful to their partner  they will communicate this to them. Due to this fact it’s not usual for them to repeat the action over and over again. They do their best to come clean as soon as possible. They will also understand that the relationship needs to be over, because they themselves would end the relationship if there was infidelity. The truth is for Taurus to cheat the relationship that they were in has to be in Dire Straits.

Even though  other zodiac signs will react to infidelity in different ways, Taurus will always act the same way. They will do what’s right by their current partner and let them go. They will understand that the relationship can’t go on, because it brought out the worst in them.

As time goes by they will be able to reach out and talk to their former partner, but in the meantime will keep their distance so that both people can heal. Their significant other to heal from their hurting, and them to heal from doing the hurting.

With all that being said the  Taurus is considered a family loving and very faithful partner. so they are not known for being unfaithful, but like said previously if that ever was the case they will never keep two relationships going at the same time.

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